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Jamie Page

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Joined Jan.29, 2016
Height 5'10"
Weight 121 lbs
Body Type Slender
Bra Size 34B
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blond

Jamie Page

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Sorry, currently busy seeking the local taco stand. (✿◠‿◠) ・゚✧ Smut enthusiast, topless tuesday veteran, aspiring medicine woman, excessive tea drinker, another babe in love with the moon, yogi, usually folded up in a pretzel position with a joint hanging out of my mouth & a podcast playing in the background. Let's trade conspiracy theories. I've seen Robert Plant play live. Tip 13 tokens for my NSFW snapchat ☯ Email:

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Taco Tuesday: A Public Blowjob video by Jamie Page

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Live Deepthroat Suck & Fuck video by Jamie Page

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Live Deepthroat Suck & Fuck

Almost two hours of live sloppy throat fucking and point of view sex in various position decided by our fans in the live show. Foot play, reverse cowgirl, doggy style and more. No cumshot but plenty of opportunities for you to blow your load

Double-shot video by Jamie Page

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Home alone for the afternoon... I pull out my new glass dildo to try it for the first time. Bring yourself to the edge with me as I milk my pussy until it creams. I pull out my favorite hitachi wand and make myself cum until I soak my bed.

Fucked in my Chucks video by Jamie Page

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Fucked in my Chucks

I teased him while we were out skating by wearing my little shorts that my ass hangs out of. When we got home I pull his pants off and start giving him a sloppy, wet and deep blowjob. Jack flips me around and finger fucks my pussy, making me feel like I might squirt all over his hand. I climb onto his cock facing away from him so he can watch my ass move as I ride him, he grabs my sneakers as he guides me up and down. I ride his cock in two different more positions before he couldn't take my pussy milking his cock any longer and he has to pull out and cover my bush in milky thick cum

Dressing Room Cum Walk video by Jamie Page

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Dressing Room Cum Walk

I find a stranger and ask him him for his opinion on something to wear in a dressing room but get a little distracted... I suck him quietly until he comes on my face, then I walk through the store with a face full of cum. Even passing by a security guard :-)

Smoking Blowjob video by Jamie Page

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Smoking Blowjob

In this video we start off smoking a joint on the couch and I slip my hand into Jack's shorts. Once he's nice and hard I pull his shorts down and service his cock until he covers my face for a very messy facial.

The Great Outdoors video by Jamie Page

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The Great Outdoors

It's been absolutely beautiful out lately so Jack and I seized the day and went for a hike in the woods. I love any chance to sneak in a blow job in situations where we might get caught, so in the middle of the trail I take to my knees and go to work on Jack's big hard cock... completely naked. Watch me as I deep throat all eight inches of him and pump him until he covers my face in a thick creamy load.

Beautiful Agony video by Jamie Page

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Beautiful Agony

Watch my body shudder and eyes roll back as I orgasm intensely, gripping the bed as I ride my hitachi.

Afternoon Delight video by Jamie Page

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Afternoon Delight

Jack just got home from running errands as I'm checking things off of my to-do list... it looks like the next thing on the list is to milk his cock. After pulling his pants off and priming his cock, I sit on top of this big cock and ride it until he bends me over the side of the couch. I get pounded bent over on the couch until I pump his hot load all over my face and glasses, making a big mess. Includes a bonus slow-motion clip of the cum shot at the very end.

Winking Asshole video by Jamie Page

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Winking Asshole

Watch my pretty little asshole pulsate and "wink" as I cum to the heavy vibrations from my hitachi wand.

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