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Joined Jun.05, 2016
Height 5'1"
Weight 90 lbs
Body Type Slender
Bra Size 32A
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Other (dyed)


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Window Fuck video by Zazzizard

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Window Fuck

I live in a nice conservative neighborhood with NOSY neighbors. I thought I'd give them something to gossip about and fuck my dildo right on the window! I had a lot of fun making this as you'll be able to tell while watching it as I bounce my buns against the glass and cum. Of course I wouldn't forget to clean my toy off afterwards.

Butt Stuff video by Zazzizard

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Butt Stuff

Hey, we're gonna do some butt stuff today! It's been a super long time since I've put something awesome inside my ass, so this is kind of a big deal. I begin by warming up with my most loved plug, then on to a nice realistic cock. I had forgotten how amazing putting a dick in my ass feels and cum somewhat quickly, even after trying to hold it back for a couple minutes. I hope you enjoy watching this as I did making it.

Foxhole video by Zazzizard

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In my recent efforts to train my butthole, I decide to play with my cutest plug with a fox tail attached! It's been a while since I've put something in my ass, so the sensation is very intense for me. Using a vibe on my clit while the plug is in, I cum real nice before removing the plug. I show you my hole after and it still looks pretty tight! It looks like I've got plenty of room to grow!

Cinching My Corset video by Zazzizard

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Cinching My Corset

Watch me cinch my already teeny tiny waist in my black 18" corset. I tighten my laces a little at a time, making my tummy smaller and smaller. Once it's laced as tight as it will go, I show off my beautiful curves for you!

A Spirited Ghost Fuck video by Zazzizard

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A Spirited Ghost Fuck

I love all things paranormal, so I decide to summon the ghost that I believe to be haunting my house. I light a candle and invite my spirit pal to have some fun with me. It starts with a few playful pinches and then evolves into full-on astral fucking!

BOOlooner video by Zazzizard

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Oh no, it looks like you have a ghost problem! This spooky spirit blows up a pretty purple balloon, making it bigger and bigger... Until it POPS! It makes a scary loud sound and spooks the cute little phantom away.

My Favorite Jeans video by Zazzizard

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My Favorite Jeans

The perfect jeans are hard to find. So when I found jeans that fit me great and hug my hips and legs just right, I had to share with you! You'll see me show them off from all angles, standing and sitting, bending over for you and giving you a lovely view of my ass in denim.

DR Pepper Burps video by Zazzizard

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DR Pepper Burps

I consume about 1/2 a 20oz soda pop in this video. You get to see me take nice big gulps of DR Pepper and about halfway through, I start to burp! At the 4 minute mark, I have a really nice big belch. There's plenty of cute little burps and some bigger and louder ones throughout the rest of the video!

Tuck Me In Daddy video by Zazzizard

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Tuck Me In Daddy

It's time to put your Princess to bed! I need my Daddy to tuck me in and help me get sleepy. You know what I want, don't you? I want Daddy's big cock to tire me out so I can get a good night's rest. Will you fuck your Princess to sleepy town?

Princess And The Bear video by Zazzizard

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Princess And The Bear

When you're away I still need to play! I strap up my Teddy bear with my dildo and play until I cum. I know a plushie is no match for you, but I'm so horny and can't stop imagining how I want to ride your cock!

Bad Princess video by Zazzizard

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Bad Princess

Your princess has been naughty... Of course, I deny doing any wrong, but you know better because Daddy sees everything. I was bratty and made myself cum without permission, so I have to listen to you, Daddy. I spank myself as punishment and then play with my princess parts, but you won't let me cum!!

Good Princess video by Zazzizard

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Good Princess

I've been a very good princess for Daddy! I ask for the impossible from you: I want a unicorn. Being the great Daddy you are, you humor me and hand me a beautiful glass dildo that looks just like a unicorn's horn! Oh Daddy, I love it and I'm going to show you just how happy you've made your little princess!

Goth BJ video by Zazzizard

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Goth BJ

For the first time ever, I give my largest toy a blow job! I'm not even sure I can fit it past my teeth at first, but once I manage, it's all fun and sloppy! Watch me push it down my throat as far as it can reach while I gag and drool. It takes a lot of spit to make a cock this big fit!

3Fold Familiar video by Zazzizard

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3Fold Familiar

Even a witches familiar needs to cum sometimes! I'm too horny to bother removing my panties and use my magic wand to cum 3 times! Magic always happens in threes.

Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet video by Zazzizard

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Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet

You thought you could get away with offering me shitty candy?? I don't think so, gross old man! If you think you can trick ME with that gross crap, I'm going to make you smell my stinky feet! This ought to teach you a lesson about the Halloween spirit.

Mouth Inspection video by Zazzizard

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Mouth Inspection

Ever wanted a thorough tour of the inside of my mouth? Let me show you ALL my teeth! I get right in there with my fingers, pulling my lips apart and prying my jaw wide open. You'll notice I have zero fillings and zero cavities, something VERY rare to witness.

Daddy Loves My Tiny Tits video by Zazzizard

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Daddy Loves My Tiny Tits

Are you sure my tits aren't too small for you, Daddy? Not at all? Oh Daddy, I'm so happy you love them! Let me touch and play with them for you. I'm so happy that you love my tiny little tits!

Tiny Tummy Worship video by Zazzizard

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Tiny Tummy Worship

I know you've been admiring my cute little tummy. It's perfect, isn't it? Now's your chance to give my beautiful belly the love it deserves! I pose for you so you can see from different angles. If you pay attention, you'll notice my ribs sticking out and my abs come to the surface. I even treat your eyes to a little oil rub to really highlight how amazing my belly is!

Cum for Me Daddy JOI video by Zazzizard

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Cum for Me Daddy JOI

I want to see you jerk off for me, Daddy. Your little girl wants to see you make yourself cum! Please Daddy, just show me how you do it and I'll talk you through it. I'll even touch myself a little to get you more worked up. Can you cum for me on the count of 3? We'll see...

Real Human Flesh BJ video by Zazzizard

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Real Human Flesh BJ

In this lovely POV video, I do what I love most and suck on a real live cock! Licking, sucking, drooling and lots of eye contact is what it's all about, folks. PLEASE be aware this video does NOT include ejaculation. Just me having a great time!

30 PhotosSheer Romance photo gallery by Zazzizard

Sheer Romance

A sexy boudoir shoot taken in front of a cozy and crisp white background. I show lots of my adorable feet while teasing and undressing in my sheer lingerie. This is my most sensual set ever!

23 PhotosPretty in Pink photo gallery by Zazzizard

Pretty in Pink

I have a pretty new set of cute pink lingerie and I want to show it off to you! I pose and strip down to nothing at all and reveal to you what else I have that's pretty and pink!

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