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Joined Feb.15, 2016
Height 5'8"
Weight 120 lbs
Body Type Slender
Bra Size 32C
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette


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Artist, cam girl, dancing machine. Being goofy on the internet since 2014. I also have Snapchat (which I LOVE) for 20tkns a month or 65 tkns for 6 months - Lots of snaps of me being goofy, my cat, and various art and cam things I work on.

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Amateur Porn Video : Mystery Potion

2 Loves

Mystery Potion

I drink a questionable bottle and something comes over me so to speak. Mystery Potion has a little bit of (bad) acting, a strip tease to music, and then a blow job tease on a realistic-style glass toy (2.5 minutes with the toy). Full nudity with a full bush (not the highlight though) and lots of black lipstick!!! This is an older custom made in fall 2015, which I reworked a bit for public release.

Amateur Porn Video : Bushtastic Fantastic

2 Loves

Bushtastic Fantastic

This video has been heavily requested and is finally here in all its glory! Wearing my glasses, my favorite t-shirt, and a fully, untamed bush and a bunny tail (bush in the butt), I relax at the end of a long day by masturbating my cares away. I start off with some teasing and tugging on my panties, then fingers, and then graduate to my new pink glass dildo to reach orgasm. There are a few different angles in this video and one super close up with some light gaping while I am playing with my glass dildo. This video is very bush-centric with no exposed breasts (just my super rad t-shirt). I'm a bit chatty but mostly just a lot of happy sighs and moans. As usual for my videos, it comes with a little goofy bonus during the end credits too and music is only heard during the introduction and end credits.

Amateur Porn Video : Cleopatra Cummin' Atcha

8 Loves

Cleopatra Cummin' Atcha

Cleopatra has bid you to come visit her in in private chambers under the cover of night. Dancing, teasing, and leading you to a treat of watching the Pharaoh pleasuring herself. There is some music during the dancing and teasing segments but mostly just me making noise and having fun. If you have seen me in 'The Lovesofa' you'll be pleased to know this is even more explicit, with a more full on view of my fingers and one toy being put to good use. I think this is my best video yet! I hope you enjoy it too.

Amateur Porn Video : Late Night Toy Test

9 Loves

Late Night Toy Test

I'm my goofy, glasses wearing self in this video as I wiggle around on my bed a bit a talk to you about using my new toy that just arrived in the mail. We test it out... and needless to say it goes quite well! Different frontal positions with most of the video shot from a higher angle, but there is a bit shot from very very close up (closest I've ever shown). This video is semi chatty and shows a lot of my personality. It somewhat reminds me of YouTube 'review' videos but not quite, you'll know what I mean when you see it. Music is only in the intro, the rest is just my voice and happy noises. Bonus: Also includes a few little bloopers at the credits!

Amateur Porn Video : The Lovesofa

6 Loves

The Lovesofa

Watch me as I slowly strip out of my new lingerie, warm myself up with my fingers, and then use two different toys to bring myself to orgasm. Complete with some wet sounds & giggles near the end. This soft n' mellow video was shot on my living room sofa with natural daylight and is my first ever explicit video for sale (but not my last).

Amateur Porn Video : Leia Busts-A-Move

1 Loves

Leia Busts-A-Move

In this cheeky strip tease Princess Leia gets her groove on during a brief moment to herself while enslaved by Jabba the Hutt and his cronies. Totally soft-core and totally fun.

Amateur Porn Video : Red Riding Hood

1 Loves

Red Riding Hood

Starts out like the classic Red Riding Hood story we all know, however after Red is victorious, she puts on quite the show stripping out of her clothes. The story builds up for a few minutes, there is a showdown with a scary wolf, and then 3 classic songs are stripped to. This video is soft-core and is a striptease down to nude. This is the first video I ever shot for the public and has a lot of creative goodness, goofiness, and sexiness in it.

Amateur Porn Video : Striped/Slip/Strip

1 Loves


Soft and a little bit saucy, this striptease video has me slowly dancing out of a beautiful slip and features my body contoured with eye catching light. Shot from a low angle to highlight my hips, butt, and mini bush.

Amateur Porn Video : Hot Pants

2 Loves

Hot Pants

I'm the best kind of Devil in this dusky video. Shot at the perfect butt/bush angle, I strip to three songs that are a little bit classic rock and a little bit old country. I am nearly bare near the end... fully nude below and tassel pasties up top.

Amateur Porn Video : Poison Ivy: Under Your Spell

1 Loves

Poison Ivy: Under Your Spell

Body painted as Poison Ivy from the Batman comics, I slink around to one of my favorite songs that has come out in the past few years. I created this version of Poison Ivy in homage to one of my favorite artists, Degas, so I look a bit different from comic book iterations. Filmed after spending 10 hours on cam hanging out and painting myself, it's the 2nd video I ever made. I'm fully body painted on the front and bare in the back, plus there is my older, full bush... it's painted but still very visible.

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