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  • Amateur Porn Model Wynter Mac
  • Amateur Porn Model Wynter Mac
  • Amateur Porn Model Wynter Mac
Amateur Porn Video : Panty Try On

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Panty Try On

This BBW is back for you panty pervs enjoyment! Stroke your dick while you watch me try on 4 different pairs of panties and model them for you, showing off my fat ass and cute belly

Amateur Porn Video : Panty Stuff

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Panty Stuff

I've been asked to many times before, but here I am finally doing it, a panty stuff! I pull off my wet look thong and start masturbating with my hitachi to get myself nice and wet! I then slowly push the thong inside of my tight, tight pussy and then masturbate, squeezing it in and out of my cunt with my pussies contractions!

Amateur Porn Video : So Many Panties

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So Many Panties

I have a serious panty addiction! I have soooo many panties, watch me try on just a few pairs and explain why I like them! So many more panties- which ones would you like me to try on for you ?

Amateur Porn Video : other options smoke clip

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other options smoke clip

I remember that I have other options in my ever-failing quest to quit smoking ! I forgot how much smoking from my pipe makes me cough! Coughs go into gags- but I just keep smoking despite all the coughing! Not as much gagging as a full on fit, but some gagging and spit ! mp4

Amateur Porn Video : o smoke

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o smoke

close up's of my cute face while I smoke an unfiltered, handrolled cigarette. I show off with a series of sexy french inhales with my face very close to the cam. I let the cigarette dangle between my luscious lips as my beautiful green eyes stare at you.

Amateur Porn Video : bubblegumgrabbag

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Over time I've lost track of a few of my clips! I've also spent a lot of time practicing bubble gum! Some of these are recorded shows, other are bubble gum practices that may or may not have a story line!!! This one is titled "Orange bubble gum in a leopard print shirt" Enjoy your grab bag!!!

Amateur Porn Video : Oiled up piggies and legs

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Oiled up piggies and legs

watch as I drip & squirt coconut oil all over my legs and feet! My feet and lower legs dangle right in your face as I rub the oil in using my legs and big feet, watch my little piggies get oily !! I wiggle my piggies in your face and show off my gorgeous oil covered legs! (my feet are size 11 !! )

Amateur Porn Video : Nurse Roleplay Foot Worship and Trampling POV

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Nurse Roleplay Foot Worship and Trampling POV

I'm roleplaying the naughty nurse, and you're just the patient I'm going to take my bad day out on... I see you staring at my heeled feet- I make you get on the floor to worship them, lick them, love them, and then I start grinding my feet into your face, trampling you! You love it so much I'm sure you'll make another appointment.... (recorded cam show)

Amateur Porn Video : Nurse Hits and Coughs

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Nurse Hits and Coughs

I'm all dressed up in my nurse outfit as I take some hits, cough, and repeat!

Amateur Porn Video : Eating Noodles with My Belly Out

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Eating Noodles with My Belly Out

Slurping down some noodles when I decide to let my belly out of my tight tank top! Watch me swallow some noodles whole!

Amateur Porn Video : Nomming on some pie

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Nomming on some pie

chocolate creme pie that is ;] Watch me devour & enjoy this tasty handheld snack! Close up on my face, you can hear my bite the flaky crust and lick up the creme!

Amateur Porn Video : Smoking

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Watch me smoke my handrolled cigarette from my favourite chair with no glasses! Full made up, just no glasses. Lots of my cute face, french inhales, close up inhales, close up exhales, mouth fetish, lip fetish, some dangling

Amateur Porn Video : Nighttime Peeping Tom Gets an Eyeful

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Nighttime Peeping Tom Gets an Eyeful

Wynter's creepy neighbor is peeping on her again while she takes out the garbage cans late at night, after work in a skimpy outfit! Wynter spots him and gives him an eyeful!

Amateur Porn Video : Night Before Chastity JOI

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Night Before Chastity JOI

It's the night before I lock you up in chastity for, gosh, I don't know how long! You've been so good all week, I treat you to one last wank! I describe how I want you to touch yourself, and what chastity is going to be like for you.

Amateur Porn Video : Fatty Shows off New Knee Highs

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Fatty Shows off New Knee Highs

I show off my brand new pair of stripey knee highs- kicking my legs up in the air and folded up in a chair!

Amateur Porn Video : Nerdy Redhead Smokes While Chatting

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Nerdy Redhead Smokes While Chatting

wearing my glasses, I smoke while in free chat on one of the cam sites I work at. I idly chat while inhaling my handrolled cigarette.

Amateur Porn Video : Lady Giant is Gonna Beat You UP

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Lady Giant is Gonna Beat You UP

this isn't my first beatdown video- as a lady giant apparently a lot of men would like if I beat them up like the whimps they are! I mean, what kind of real man wants to be beat up by a lady? I get into detail about how I'm going to fight you, beat you down with my knuckles and size 11 feet!- and how you aren't going to be in a pretty state after. graphic language.

Amateur Porn Video : Cake Batter WAM fun and Masturbation

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Cake Batter WAM fun and Masturbation

I love getting wet and messy!! I mix up this cake batter (with rainbow sprinkles) just to dump and rub it all over me, it's so cold and sticky, but so sensual! I can't help myself and end up masturbating covered in cake batter- covered EVERYWHERE!

Amateur Porn Video : American BBW Pig Votes For Pizza 2016

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American BBW Pig Votes For Pizza 2016

Politics are so confusing! Wynter has been confused for so long on who to vote for.. but she's made up her mind- it's such an important decision... Wynter is voting for pizza! Pizza has never let Wynter down, and if there is anything Americans can agree upon is a big ol' pizza with a two liter of high fructose corn syrup- I mean soda! Wynter jams a big cheesy, greasy piece of pizza into her face, moaning hedonistically. She makes a huge mess, and that only turns her fat American pig self on even more than just the pizza! Wynter breaks out her pink b.o.b. lust rechargeable wand and sits on it, grinding her clit against the toy while she continues to stuff her face. Eating and masturbating- two American past times at once! Wynter cums hands free like the lazy American she is AND with pizza in her mouth like a true American glutton! Vote 4 pizza 2016!

Amateur Porn Video : Gained so Much Weight I Rip My Clothes!!

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Gained so Much Weight I Rip My Clothes!!

I am moving soon, so I have a whole lot of clothes to go through! Over the years I've lived in this house there is one thing that is most certainly true- I've gained weight and grown much fatter!!! On my almost 6ft frame it's taken time to show but damn, is my tummy big now. Not just my tummy but even my back has more rolls, my arms are bigger and of course my ass is bigger. I begin by trying on some old panties a lover bought, they get destroyed by my big ass. Next a crop top is tried on, and I rip it off in pieces, mad it doesn't fit me anymore. I even tear a pair of jean shorts with my fat ass! Will my belly be defeated by -any- of these clothes?!?

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