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  • Amateur Porn Model Wynter Mac
  • Amateur Porn Model Wynter Mac
  • Amateur Porn Model Wynter Mac
  • Amateur Porn Model Wynter Mac
Amateur Porn Video : American BBW Pig Votes For Pizza 2016

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American BBW Pig Votes For Pizza 2016

Politics are so confusing! Wynter has been confused for so long on who to vote for.. but she's made up her mind- it's such an important decision... Wynter is voting for pizza! Pizza has never let Wynter down, and if there is anything Americans can agree upon is a big ol' pizza with a two liter of high fructose corn syrup- I mean soda! Wynter jams a big cheesy, greasy piece of pizza into her face, moaning hedonistically. She makes a huge mess, and that only turns her fat American pig self on even more than just the pizza! Wynter breaks out her pink b.o.b. lust rechargeable wand and sits on it, grinding her clit against the toy while she continues to stuff her face. Eating and masturbating- two American past times at once! Wynter cums hands free like the lazy American she is AND with pizza in her mouth like a true American glutton! Vote 4 pizza 2016!

Amateur Porn Video : Gained so Much Weight I Rip My Clothes!!

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Gained so Much Weight I Rip My Clothes!!

I am moving soon, so I have a whole lot of clothes to go through! Over the years I've lived in this house there is one thing that is most certainly true- I've gained weight and grown much fatter!!! On my almost 6ft frame it's taken time to show but damn, is my tummy big now. Not just my tummy but even my back has more rolls, my arms are bigger and of course my ass is bigger. I begin by trying on some old panties a lover bought, they get destroyed by my big ass. Next a crop top is tried on, and I rip it off in pieces, mad it doesn't fit me anymore. I even tear a pair of jean shorts with my fat ass! Will my belly be defeated by -any- of these clothes?!?

Amateur Porn Video : The Whole Bush

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The Whole Bush

Wynter went "all natural" over 6 months ago. Including growing out her bush! She shows off the length, density, and even trims some to show what a thick bush it is. Certainly the biggest bush Wynter has ever had!

Amateur Porn Video : Beautiful Agony With A Little Help

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Beautiful Agony With A Little Help

Wynter is all wound up and needs little help from a friend with getting off. She has her new favorite toy, a pink b.o.b. rechargable wand- lust. She also has a friend to play with her DD tits. Wynter's tits are super sensitive and she's been wound up for some time. The breast nibbles and the wand together create huge orgasms for Wynter and within minutes she can hardly speak right.

Amateur Porn Video : American Beauty Beaten

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American Beauty Beaten

18 year old Billy Nyx has been up to no good- as usual. Azure Goddess makes Billy walk through an old yard with tall grass, tiny ditches and most importantly- the hugest blackberry bramble ever- it's over the fenceline. Billy is told to find a nice sturdy bramble, made to chose the implement that she'll be punished with then coerced back through the yard, her tall heels making her thin, shapely legs look even longer. Once back in the house, Azure Goddess has Billy lay down, stripped, ready for her punishment. Azure surprises her with a new toy besides the bramble- nearly a whole rose bush with full blossoms to beat Billy's bum with. The roses explode as Billy is flogged with the bush- petals falling all around her nubile body and on her tight, young ass. The rosebush is just the beginning- or is it? Billy's poor ass is already marked up, scratched- will Billy be able to take the blackberry bramble? It's so fun having such a young pain pet! (both Billy Nyx & Azure are Deadly Babes)

Amateur Porn Video : Grab Bag Recorded Show #3

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Grab Bag Recorded Show #3

I ALWAYS record my live cam stream! Since I recently lost a lot of data- I don't remember what all these shows are!!! I'm adding them to my store anyways, grab bag! What will you get?!?! Here's a hint: this one is titled "recorded cam show dildo ridin' dirty talkin'" It's 8 minutes long, by my estimations I surely cum multiple times. I promise my filthy mouth is the best around ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Dildo Suck & Fuck RCS

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Dildo Suck & Fuck RCS

This hot little show will have you blowing your load before you know it!Watch as I talk dirty, suck my dildo just like I'd suck YOUR dick and then fuck it!!! You love watching my fat pussy fuck this cock, don't you baby?

Amateur Porn Video : Recorded Cam Show: Quick Fatty Strip

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Recorded Cam Show: Quick Fatty Strip

I get taken to private, I know y'all bbw fetishists just love when I strip down. I talk about how you love my big, wide, fat ass and my big hips. As usual as soon as my 42dd's are shown- the load is busted, yours will be too ;]

Amateur Porn Video : Grab Bag Recorded Show #5: Masturbation in Pigtails

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Grab Bag Recorded Show #5: Masturbation in Pigtails

I have so much footage from recorded cam shows! I like to call these "grab bags"! Obviously, I masturbate in pigtails, looking cute as can be as I cum for you!

Amateur Porn Video : Lick My Pussy & My Ass, Upclose! RCS

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Lick My Pussy & My Ass, Upclose! RCS

I want you to lick my sweet pussy and ass until I cum all over your face!!! upclose footage of my beautiful, fat cunt and my tight asshole! (rcs =recorded cam show)

Amateur Porn Video : Ball Kick and Twist CBT

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Ball Kick and Twist CBT

I'm in a bit of a sadistic mood so I call My pig over to sit on down- I have him take off his pants and boxers before doing them and then I instruct him to spread his legs. I start kicking his nuts with My size 11 feet, swinging harder and switching to stomping them between the chair and My big toes! I also use My lovely manicured hands to squeeze and twist his balls- digging My nails into them as I do so! I've been keeping piggy in chastity and I remind him of this as I tease his cock, kick his nuts and totally deny him any pleasure what so ever!!!

Amateur Porn Video : Waiting For Silence

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Waiting For Silence

I'm so annoyed, I go to film and there starts to be a bunch of loud cars going by... Fine, I primp and turn the camera off for a minute. I turn it back on and the cars begin again, I place my hands on my hips, tapping my fingers impatiently until I begin a very candid, very annoyed rant about my loud neighbors !

Amateur Porn Video : Wynter & Layla Have A Chugging & Burping Contest

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Wynter & Layla Have A Chugging & Burping Contest

The two BBW's are sitting on their bed, sipping big glasses of root beer. It isn't long until Layla is burping LOUDLY from the fizzy drink! Wynter tries to compete with her- thinking her burps can get bigger- but Layla DOMINATES this competition- not even needing to drink very much soda at all to make some of the loudest burps Wynter has ever heard in her life!! Layla sounds like a friggen walrus ! Wynter tries to chug as much soda possible, almost 2 liters!! Does her burps get bigger, or does Layla's massive burps from her huge lungs win? Either way, both girls get huge, bloated bellies from the soda chug!!

Amateur Porn Video : Blowjob in Bed

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Blowjob in Bed

Blowjob in bed is the jist of it! I'm so horny that I crawl towards your cock, so eager that I reach my tongue out before I get the rest of my body close enough to put your cock in my mouth. I know you want to fuck my throat, and I gladly let you furiously thrust your cock into my throat- I gag, I love gagging on your cock so much. Will you treat me with your cum this time?

Amateur Porn Video : Worship My Worn Out Converse, foot perv! 2

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Worship My Worn Out Converse, foot perv! 2

I know you're a total foot perv, and I know you are obsessed with My worn out converse all stars!! I know you just wanna get close to them, don't you? Well then, come closer and I'll put My sneakers up in the air so you can view every little detail of their soles! Such a nice pattern, most of it worn down by now. I know you love how they smell, so go ahead take a deep sniff! Smell that rubber, smell that canvas and smell My sweet sweat through them! I tease you, knowing your dick is getting hard. I urge you to try not to touch yourself- but by the end I know you are too pathetic and My big feet are too strong for you to hold out! you know the deal- that you'll have to pay to cum, don't you foot perv? If you're lucky.... I'll let you smell the inside too!

Amateur Porn Video : Converse & Barefoot Slideshow

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Converse & Barefoot Slideshow

Goddess Azure did a custom photoset for a foot bitch, featuring her bright blue real converse all - star low tops! She slowly unlaces, takes off her socks and reveals her soles through this nice photo-only slideshow for you to worship! no audio.

Amateur Porn Video : Church Cunt

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Church Cunt

you know that one girl at church who has a bad reputation ? Well, that's Wynter. You've caught this little church cunt in an empty sunday school room, smoking with her stockings off, her long legs and very short skirt riding up. You're such a good boy, always listening to your parents- she teases you, mocking the services you actually pay attention to! She starts tearing out pages of the bible, throwing them at you, obscenely rubbing a crucifix against her pussy! You don't even know what to do, frozen in shock all you can do is sit and watch as Wynter bad mouths your entire faith. You're getting more and more turned on and more dubious of this whole bible nonsense while you watch her curvy body writhe in her short dress. How about every sunday you just come down to this empty room with Wynter? She'll be your new religion - and you won't be waiting for marriage to lose your v-card anymore either!

Amateur Porn Video : Bratty Sister Steals Your Stash!

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Bratty Sister Steals Your Stash!

Your younger sister is home alone. Like the brat she is, she's gone through your room and found your stash! She giggles, loading the water pipe and talking about how she's for sure going to get away with it! She coughs, this stuff is a lot stronger than what she's used to! Soon enough she's all floaty and horny as hell- she checks to make sure the door is locked... but accidentally unlocks it in the process. She pulls her shirt up revealing her full ripe titties. She starts rubbing her pussy, grabbing her tits- until she hears your motorcycle! She convinces herself it's too early for you to get home, so she continues playing.... She doesn't even notice you walk in at first! When she does she covers her tits up- flustered, surprised and paranoid! She's worried you'll tell your church group since you can't tell mom and dad. She can't have her reputation ruined, not by her own brother! She makes a deal- you can watch her cum if you don't tell a soul!! While she's masturbating she teases you about how she knows you've always wanted this and encourages you to stroke your cock and even cum with her! ...now you two have even more secrets!

Amateur Porn Video : Gonna Rupture your Nuts or Break this Device!

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Gonna Rupture your Nuts or Break this Device!

I found your phone, I know all about your gal on the side! How dare you treat -Me- like this? It's unacceptable, and to think I was going to let your disgusting, lying hands touch Me! No sexy night for you, but it will be VERY sexy for Me to put you in this ball crusher- a vice basically- and keep tightening and tightening until one of two things happen- your balls rupture or the device breaks, shatters and neuter you anyways! Shouldn't have been such a lying bastard- now I'll have My CBT/castration revenge and you won't ever want to stray without nuts!

Amateur Porn Video : Transformed into a BBW by a Magic Curse!

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Transformed into a BBW by a Magic Curse!

I wake up, stretching out in my bed- god, I really hate mornings and have such a busy day ahead of me! Oh well, at least I have time to lounge around in my underwear and cami!! I try pulling on my panties and they don't fit right! I seem to have gotten bigger, or something. I try pulling on my cami- what the hell!!! I look in the mirror- holy !!! Yesterday I was a size ten and this morning I wake up a BBW!!! I was cursed! I was cursed by an old fat witch at an occult store!! I explore my new body, pretty soon discovering that I like it... I've always wanted to be with a bbw, now it's my chance!! I masturbate in my new body, cumming harder than I ever have!! I sure hope this curse doesn't reverse.

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