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Joined Jun.02, 2015
Height 5'3"
Weight 420 lbs
Body Type BBW
Bra Size 44DD
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Other (dyed)


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Call me Wood! *:・゚✧ I'm a nonbinary fat babe who loves experimenting with new fetishes and fucking myself with pretty things or in pretty places! ✿ Switch - They/Them - Cryptid Fucker - Fat Fetish - Fantasy Dildos ✿ Tip 30 tokens for my premium snapchat!

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Piggy Pleasure video by Wood

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Piggy Pleasure

BBW piggy Wood is all alone in her bed with a big stuffed belly. Outfitted in her pig ears and nose hooks, subby Wood looks for a way to pass the time before her Dom is back with even more food. Knowing they won't be back in a while, the oinker plays with and inspects her piggy belly. It's become nothing but flab, and she comments on her girth and how its undeniable what a greedy pig she has become. She lists all the food she has been eating, though it's obvious without the list just how much she's fattened up recently. She gets so worked up playing with her fat gut and talking about the weight she's piled on that she has to get off with her body wand vibrator. She's so stuffed, but she wants so bad to be hungrier so she can eat even more. She moans and reaches around her soft belly to hold her vibrator against her fat pussy. Her thighs and gut really jiggle when she comes multiple times, and there are many closeups of her soft pussy, with her bushy, fuzzy FUPA and shaved lips.

Fucking My Werewolf Teammate video by Wood

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Fucking My Werewolf Teammate

When chubby Wood sees how a fellow benchwarmer teammate has suddenly transformed into the star athlete of their lacrosse team, she knows something is not adding up! Luckily, she had her natural BBW powers of seduction to get the truth out from them! Maybe they can help her be a better athlete -- not so out of shape and forced to sit on the bench every game! Wood corners her teammate when she invites him over, playing with her big belly and teasing him in only her tiny jersey, panties, and socks! But it turns out that the answer is far sexier than expected! He transforms into a sexy werewolf before her very eyes and immediately she is stricken with lust! She touches herself as she studies the lycanthrope -- especially his huge, knotted cock. She can't help herself, she needs to get her mouth on it and see just how much she can fit in it! Once she finishes giving her werewolf teammate a super sloppy blowjob, she finally gets the workout she's been waiting for! She rides the thick werewolf dick, struggling to hold herself up at some points and soft chub jiggling everywhere. Then she finally hilts that huge knot! In a mix of pleasure and pain she grinds on it until she can't help but cum from the filling sensation. She turns around so that her ass is front and center, and fucks herself from behind and shows off how her pussy ties with the knot. BBW fantasy dildo fucking and sucking! Featuring a huge werewolf dildo, lots of jiggling chub, teasing, out-of-shape fatty dildo riding, and a great big knot!

Fat Babe Foursome video by Wood

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Fat Babe Foursome

When Wood, Ivy Davenport, Reenaye Starr, and Jalisa Elite all get together there's no denying the sexual tension and chemistry they all share. Luckily, Wood had picked up a dozen glazed donuts for a snack and at once the other BBW's know exactly what to do. The clip starts off as the three other girls begin to tease and worship Wood's chubby body. They explore her curves, asking her if she wants to get even fatter. They talk about how much she has been eating and gaining recently, and once Wood is all worked up thinking of how fat she wants to get, the donuts come out! SSBBW Ivy begins to feed her the glazed donuts all while Wood moans as she is played with by the other two fat babes. Finally, Reenaye Starr brings out the hitachi and Jalisa Elite her big dildo, and they proceed to fuck her and make her cum so hard that she squirts everywhere! A sexy play session of feeding, fattening, and fucking with four fat babes! Featuring SSBBW Ivy Davenport, SSBBW Reenaye Starr, and Jalisa Elite!

Get Me Pregnant video by Wood

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Get Me Pregnant

Wood desperately wants to you to get her pregnant. She shows off her belly to you, talking about how her body will change once shes pregnant and about how much that turns her on. She teases you as she dirty talks all about you impregnating her. Pumping her fertile body full of cum and making with her. Don't you want that? She gets so horny at the thought that she fucks herself with her realistic dildo, begging for you to make her pregnant. Then, the cumming dildo cums inside her as she continues to fuck herself with it, the fantasy of it all driving her crazy with lust. Impregnation fantasy with lots of dirty talk and a cumming dildo!

Online Girlfriend is Too Fat to Fuck! video by Wood

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Online Girlfriend is Too Fat to Fuck!

Wood is a mutual follower of yours on tumblr and has a pretty popular blog showing off lewd pictures of herself in little clothing. You, too, are very tumblr famous and decided that Wood would make a great online girlfriend. However, when you meet for the first time, you are shocked to see that all the pictures she posts on her blog are old and out of date! She has to be over a hundred pounds heavier in real life than what her pictures suggest! Even when you try to fuck her she can't perform -- she's took out of shape to ride you and her belly is so stuffed and full of food that she burps and gets cramps from moving around. So, you tell her that she needs to be punished, and to record it and send it to you as proof. She starts out explaining why she is getting punished while she puts on a pig nose and ears and oinks and snorts for you like the piggy she is. She then has to do her exercises so she can get back into fucking shape -- she practices the movements of riding a dick but soon gets exhausted, she does as much as she can, but her stuffed belly and heavy frame stops her short. She apologizes for how incredibly fat and out of shape she's made herself, but says that she hopes these exercises will help and that maybe, someday, she can even be your IRL girlfriend! Pig play humiliation roleplay clip with some exercise!

Chunkier Every Day video by Wood

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Chunkier Every Day

Wood has lost all self control! After a particularly gluttonous and indulgent week, they decide that it would be a good idea to document just how flabby they are now. They talk about their recent gain, what it feels like to be so big now, and how they've been eating to make them this way. They talk about their attempt at "taking it easy" and subsequent failure at it, all while teasing you in a t-shirt dress that hugs every curve and fold. They show off their body and points out every new, fatter part. They jiggle their booty, belly, and tits for you to see just how much they've grown, shaking and creaking the bed as they do so. Weight gain update with lots of views of their chunky body and tons of dirty fat talk!

Wood's Cum Inflation Fantasy video by Wood

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Wood's Cum Inflation Fantasy

Wood needs your cum. She wants to be pumped full of it, she needs gallons of your cum to fill up her belly and make it so big, taut, and round. She first sucks her realistic dildo and moans at the thought of being filled up with your cum. She then shows off her empty tummy, then begins to fuck herself. The dildo is huge and she takes some warming up to it, but then she really starts to pound her pussy. She begs you to cum inside her, to fill her up with it all. Then, of course, you cum and cum until she can't hold any more in her belly. She shows off her creampie, and then her huge inflated belly. Cum inflation fantasy ♥

Piggy Play Custom JOI video by Wood

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Piggy Play Custom JOI

Wood is your pet piggy. She snorts like a pig, jiggles her fat body, and tells you to stroke your cock for her. She even slips in a pig tail butt plug in and shakes her booty for you. She wants you to jerk it to her fat piggy body. Oink oink oink! ♥

Fucking and Riding Echo video by Wood

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Fucking and Riding Echo

Wood is thrilled to use her new toy for the first time! It's a pretty multi-colored bad dragon dildo called echo, and it hits all the best places! She starts by teasing herself, stroking her hairy pussy and getting super soaked. But she's too excited, and she can't wait to get herself off with the dildo. She uses the dildo in a couple different positions, fucking herself a couple different ways on her back and then taking him from behind with her ass to the camera. You can hear just how wet she is as the dildo slides in and out of her, and finally she cums. ♥

Ex-Jock Aesthetic video by Wood

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Ex-Jock Aesthetic

Watch Wood really work up a sweat on this hot sunny day! She wants to show off to you, show off her soccer skills as well as show off how fat she's gotten. Watch as Wood does a couple warm up exercises with her soccer ball, jiggling around as her fat plops out of her clothes. Then she tries to do some tricks and cuts for you, only to find out that t feels a lot different with such a bigger body! She tries to do some of her exercises she did as a keeper as well. Needless to say, she gets super out of breath! You'll love this clip if you love sexy fatties showing off just how out of shape they've gotten. RETIRING

BBW Feedress Needs You Fatter video by Wood

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BBW Feedress Needs You Fatter

Wood is your sexy, dominating Feedress that will do anything to make you fatter! She explains just how she plans to dominate you and control your life so that you gain epic amounts of weight. You are her piggy, after all, and she knows you love being a submissive fatty to her. She's just doing what's best for you, and that's making you let yourself go and blow up to massive sizes. Gender-neutral domination clip focused on feedism and weight gain. ♥

Trying on New Panties video by Wood

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Trying on New Panties

Thanks to the Victoria's Secret sale i was able to buy some super cute new panties! Watch me try on four different types of panties, some tighter than others, and show off my chubby body and big booty. I shake my butt in your face and jiggle my body. I look so sexy in these panties, you have to see! ♥

Goth BBW Squirts From Monster Dildo video by Wood

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Goth BBW Squirts From Monster Dildo

Watch as Wood, dressed in all black, begins to tease themself by rubbing their pussy, making sure they're nice and wet for their girthy Reptilian dildo. Sufficiently soaked, they take their monster cock and starts to fuck themself with it. They moan in pleasure as the ridged shaft hits all the right places. They can't help but give a huge, shaking orgasm where they squirt all over their new favorite dildo. Watch it get soaked! ♥

Feed Me, Fuck Me video by Wood

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Feed Me, Fuck Me

Wood is incredibly horny, and nothing gets them hornier than the thought of being fed and fucked at the same time. They start off with fingering herself, talking about the fantasies they have about you feeding them tons of food and fucking their brains out. They describe different scenarios of how they'd like to be fed -- hand fed, face down in a cake, with a trough -- and how they'd love to be fucked while stuffing. They then use their hitachi and continues the dirty talk until it turns them on so much that they cum hard. Then they use both their hitachi and their glass dildo, fucking themself and begging for you to feed them and make them fatter. If you love feedist dirty talk, you'll love this. ♥

My Hairy Armpits video by Wood

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My Hairy Armpits

Come and worship my cute, hairy armpits! I talk about how I've been growing my armpit hair out for a while now and how much I like them! I love having cute, soft hair to play with. I talk about how my armpits feel, smell, and show off the differences between the two! ♥

Wood's Dorm-Room Hookup video by Wood

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Wood's Dorm-Room Hookup

For the first time on camera, Wood blows and fucks their college fuckbuddy! They first start off by sucking his dick, starting off slow then working up to a faster pace, deepthroating and gagging on it. Then they travel to the bed, and Wood starts off by riding him and bouncing up and down on his dick. Then they switch to doggystyle, and Wood gets pounded from behind, moaning loudly until they cum! Then Wood returns to sucking cock until he finishes all over their face, mouth, and tits. ♥

Zebra Cake Cum video by Wood

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Zebra Cake Cum

I love Zebra Cakes! So when a fan sent me tons of boxes in the mail I just couldn't help but stuff my face nonstop for a week. In this video I decided to see just how many Zebra Cakes I could eat before I cum. I masturbate with a pretty pink glass dildo, teasing my chubby pussy as I eat my delicious treats. I know that you love to watch me eat, so I eat and eat for you all while fucking myself. ♥

Pam Poovey's Belted Belly Stuffing video by Wood

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Pam Poovey's Belted Belly Stuffing

Pam Poovey is a big eater, and it shows in how she ignores her work more often than not and ends up stuffing her face instead, And here is one of those times! Watch as Pam looks over a package of brownies, seeing just how many calories there are in each. Then she sits on her desk, it creaking under her weight. She stuffs her belly and she moves her tight belt so that it's around her belly. Just look at how it bulges around the belt, sploosh much? Includes a ton of belly play and sexy burps! ♥

Sploosh! Pam Get's Off video by Wood

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Sploosh! Pam Get's Off

Working late at an International spy agency can be incredibly stressful. Thankfully, no ones around and Pam has a totally sploosh-worthy pink dildo. She starts off by shaking her big booty, her sexy curves turning her on as she slowly strips down. Then she sits on her desk and begins to fuck her wet, chubby pussy! She gets off, and after she cums the first time she switches positions and rides her dildo, getting her desk soaked! Holy shitsnacks, does that feel good! ♥

Fat Babe Butt Plug Cum video by Wood

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Fat Babe Butt Plug Cum

This fat slut loves having both of their fuckholes filled, it turns them on so much. They begin by teasing you in their undies and tight, outgrown t-shirt. They shake their booty, then begins to strip and then slip in a butt plug. They booty shake even more and then use a pink dildo to fuck themself until they come! Lots of sexy moaning and teasing! ♥

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