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Viola V

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Joined May.12, 2015
Height 6'"
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 36H
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Black

Viola V

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Hi, I'm Viola, an Australian dilettante pornographer, mouth enthusiast and linguistic hussy. Sex and eroticism are my pet interests. I specialise in fetish videos and I'd love to turn your fantasies into reality through the magic of video.

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Recitation Lessons: The Story of the Eye - Chapter One video by Viola V

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Recitation Lessons: The Story of the Eye - Chapter One

In this exercise in masochistic discipline, I read the first chapter of Bataille's The Story of the Eye out loud, as W. Zero tests my resolve by means of a riding crop to my ass. The result is a gorgeous DSLR video, offering not only a POV angle of my ass as it's whipped, but a close-up on my face for every word, whimper and sob. This video is intense and intimate, perfect for lovers of literature, discipline and heavy impact play.

GFE: Oral Hygiene video by Viola V

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GFE: Oral Hygiene

Did you know that dentists recommend you brush your teeth for a full three minutes? As an avid mouth fetishist, oral hygiene is very important to me. I made this video exactly three minutes long, so that you can download it to your devices and use it as a timer to ensure that your teeth are deliciously clean, as you watch me spitting, gagging and dripping thick, sticky, white foam on my H cup breasts, as I brush my teeth naked along with you. Part of my ongoing GFE series.

A Beautiful Agony  video by Viola V

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A Beautiful Agony

I want to watch you watch me. More than seven minutes of eye-contact as I masturbate on my bed in full HD. Watch me bite my lip, giggle and moan as I look into your eyes, watch me play with my 36H breasts and lick my wet fingers after I come.

28 PhotosEn Plein Soleil photo gallery by Viola V

En Plein Soleil

It's been a long winter, and the Sunday afternoon sun dappling my bed sang to me. An intimate series of natural self-portraits, bare-faced in white lingerie. Sun and shadow play across my body as I stuff my white cotton panties in my mouth, and slide my njoy pure wand into my wet cunt. HD photos, shot on DSLR.

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