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Joined Nov.23, 2015
Height 5'6"
Weight 115 lbs
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 32C
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Hi, I'm Velvette, like the texture of my tongue. Thank you for visiting.

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My First Foot Video 2 video by Velvettelux

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My First Foot Video 2

This video has an alluring foot tease, slow motion oil drizzling, and my lil booty.

Fishnet Tease video by Velvettelux

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Fishnet Tease

When I was a girl, I thought that fishnet stockings were the epitome of adult sexuality. When I wear them, I feel like I ooze sex appeal. Watch me watch myself, feeling myself, feeling like a big girl.

LIPSTICK video by Velvettelux

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I'd love to suck your cock but I just did my makeup for our dinner date... but it looks so mouth watering... I'm going to worship this cock with my mouth, and milk it with two hands until my face is dripping with cum.

I spy.. *DISCOUNTED* video by Velvettelux

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Peek a boo, I can feel you watching me.... I'm unaware of your gaze, but I catch on pretty quick. This isn't a masturbation video, it's for the voyeurs voyeur that takes pleasure in watching me in the comfort of my own shower. And for those who would enjoy seeing my soapy, wet, soft, naked body.

Yours Truly video by Velvettelux

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Yours Truly

Luring you in with an alluring striptease, you're addicted to my pussy. Watch me pleasure myself with a black Sasha Grey glass dildo and bring myself to an earth shaking orgasm with a Hitachi wand at the end. All close up, all very juicy.

Babe Stuff video by Velvettelux

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Babe Stuff

Just me! In my bedroom, I'll show you a strip tease... then I put on my latex corset and drip hot candle wax down my nipples and breasts.. finished off with a nice, slick baby oil drip and rub on my tits. Peep my bedroom eyes and get in the mood with me.

Touch me *DISCOUNTED!* video by Velvettelux

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Touch me *DISCOUNTED!*

Compilation of my solo videos from my private Tumblr, dating back to when I first started camming and was super horny all the time.

Clean Laundry video by Velvettelux

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Clean Laundry

I love the smell of clean laundry. Watch me cum just how I like to. I hope you enjoy.

Spit On It video by Velvettelux

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Spit On It

You can see how I like to suck. Long and deep, hard and fast. Rubbing his cock on my tits. Stick around until the very end and see what I look like smiling with a face full of cum.

Bewitching orgasm video by Velvettelux

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Bewitching orgasm

Watch me cum, from start to finish... and my camera man can't keep it in his pants. A quick, deep fuck after I orgasm makes me all jumpy and out of it. He cums in my hair, and everything is right with the world once again.

POV foolin' video by Velvettelux

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POV foolin'

Watch us fool around and test out our cool new headcam! Was a quicky, but managed to get some great rubs, blowjob, and a cum shot!

Outdoor romp video by Velvettelux

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Outdoor romp

Watch me worship his cock on my knees in the wilderness of Washington. I am collared, and am rewarded by his cock when I just can't take it anymore.


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