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Tina Heart

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Joined Oct.08, 2015
Height 5'3"
Weight 127 lbs
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 34B
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Multiple

Tina Heart

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I'm Tina your Sensual Fetish & Tease Goddess... I specialize in Ass Worship, Balloons, Bubble Gum, Burping, Domination, Femdom, Findom, Humiliation, JOI, SPH, Teasing, and many more...

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Slow Pillow Humping video by Tina Heart

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Slow Pillow Humping

I am so horny... I grind & hump & booty shake on my pillow... I even get off on my pillow a little...

July 4th Bubbles video by Tina Heart

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July 4th Bubbles

Happy July 4th... I wanted to celebrate today with blowing bubbles instead of firecrackers... I am playing music in the background... At first I thought I wouldn't be able to blow any big bubbles but after I chewed the gum so much that I started making bigger bubbles... So much that one scared me...

Slow Wind video by Tina Heart

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Slow Wind

I am wearing a tank & thong and winding my hips & putting my ebony ass close to your face...

Stroke For Your Freedom video by Tina Heart

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Stroke For Your Freedom

You love stroking your cock don't you... Instead of stroking to anyone stroke it to me & be owned by a powerful Ebony Goddess... Keep stroking to me & be completely free...

Burps, Bellies, & Fun video by Tina Heart

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Burps, Bellies, & Fun

Jessie Minx and I were drinking our favorite sodas and we were burping like crazy... We had a lot of fun making this clip for you guys and we even showed off our bellies for you too... We jiggled our fat bellies and you can even see our bellies contract while we burp...

Mustard Top JOI video by Tina Heart

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Mustard Top JOI

I know you love my small top and of of you love that this cute mustard top falls down at any time... I tell you exactly how to jerk off to my small tits & huge nipples...

Bubble Gum Big Bubbles video by Tina Heart

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Bubble Gum Big Bubbles

I love blowing big bubbles and trying to get them as big as my face lol... I am wearing a black shirt that is long enough to be considered a dress... There's a catch no panties...

Lotion Butthole video by Tina Heart

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Lotion Butthole

I love teasing you with my ass... I start off getting my butthole all lotioned up and start playing in my booty...

Tina Heart Makes Kristi Maxx Scream video by Tina Heart

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Tina Heart Makes Kristi Maxx Scream

I love playing with Kristi and making her scream my name just from giving her head alone was a goal of mines...

Clear Shoe & Leg JOI video by Tina Heart

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Clear Shoe & Leg JOI

You guys who love my legs are in for a special treat... My legs feel so soft and smooth... I know exactly how much you've been wanting to stroke to my legs and cum all over them.....

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