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Joined May.22, 2015
Height 5'0"
Weight 130 lbs
Body Type Curvy
Bra Size 34D
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Other (dyed)

Talia Satania

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alt model - godsgirl - stoner princess I enjoy making different kinds of content: fetish, boy/girl, solo, dominant and submissive. I also make custom clips! Message me to order yours. Snapchat and kik subscriptions available, just ask! @taliasatania on Twitter and Instagram Contact: taliasatania@gmail.com

  • Amateur Porn Model Talia Satania
  • Amateur Porn Model Talia Satania
  • Amateur Porn Model Talia Satania
  • Amateur Porn Model Talia Satania
  • Amateur Porn Model Talia Satania
Amateur Porn Video : Tinder BBC Hookup

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Tinder BBC Hookup

A new Tinder message sparks a whole lot of face fucking! After messaging back and forth with someone that recognized my videos, we meet up for me to gag on their huge cock a bit. I mess up my makeup and even throw up a bit all for some super hot blowjob action.

Amateur Porn Video : Anal Desires

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Anal Desires

I don't have anal as much as I'd like, so I ask you for some help stretching me out! Watch me beg you to fuck me and fill my ass with your cum as I tease you with my perfect ass.

Amateur Porn Video : Caught Jerking Off JOI

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Caught Jerking Off JOI

I catch you jerking off, so I decide to humor myself and give you some instructions and encouragement. Originally a custom video request

Amateur Porn Video : Valentines Day GFE

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Valentines Day GFE

I've been waiting for you all day to get home from work so we could spend some time together on Valentine's Day. After being a patient, good girl, I beg you to fuck me until I cum all over your cock. How romantic

Amateur Porn Video : Farting in a tight black dress

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Farting in a tight black dress

I know how badly you've been wanting to sniff my beautiful ass and farts, so today I finally give into your fantasy

Amateur Porn Video : Gagging on a huge cock

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Gagging on a huge cock

My favorite blowjob video I've made to date. Super rough blowjobs are my favorite, can you take a guess why? I find my happy place sucking and being abused by a perfect cock. After lots of saliva and gagging, I get a nice facial ending to really make me smile.

Amateur Porn Video : Schoolgirl Blowjob Punishment

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Schoolgirl Blowjob Punishment

I love having my pussy filled, even if it's with a dildo. Watch me watch myself get fucked in multiple reflections of pleasure in this video filmed in a fuck hotel.

Amateur Porn Video : Smooth Rider

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Smooth Rider

I love having my pussy filled, even if it's with a dildo. Watch me watch myself get fucked in multiple reflections of pleasure in this video filmed in a fuck hotel.

Amateur Porn Video : No Lessons Learned: Chapter One

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No Lessons Learned: Chapter One

** Chapter One of our series No Lessons Learned: a school girl & head mistress roleplay ** Talia has broken the rules one too many times. Too often chastised for her disregard for the dress code with no change, Professor Leona decides to take matters into her own quite capable hands. She bends Talia over her knee and flips her skirts over her ass, hand spanking her until her bottom is as pink as her panties. Leona then strips her student down to the garment that violated the dress code, a bright pink bra. A final round of flogging rounds off this encounter with a well-spanked Talia promising to be more well-behaved in the future... Shot in HD.

Amateur Porn Video : No Lessons Learned: Chapter Two

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No Lessons Learned: Chapter Two

** A continuation of Leona Sadira and Talia's school girl/Head Mistress roleplay series No Lessons Learned ** After being found sucking another classmate's cock in the stairwell, Domina Leona Sadira has to teach Talia another lesson in her office. Leona bends Talia over her strong knee for some spanking to remind her of the last time Talia had to visit Leona's office. Once Talia's ass is nice and red, Leona surprises Talia with her real punishment for her slutty mistakes: some mouth fucking. Shot in HD.

Amateur Porn Video : Afternoon Cocoon

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Afternoon Cocoon

** Directed by The Lust Garden -- Featuring Nicki Sunshine ** In the dramatic afternoon light, Talia Satania wraps Nicki Sunshine up in cling wrap from top to bottom until she can't move. Of course, Talia made sure that Nicki's Hitachi was wrapped up tightly with her. After pleasuring herself and cumming from within my sticky cocoon, Talia kindly cuts the wrap off to reveal Nicki's body glistening in sweat.

Amateur Porn Video : Sugar, Spice & Everything Thrice

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Sugar, Spice & Everything Thrice

** Directed by The Lust Garden -- Featuring Ember Burns & Nicki Sunshine ** Talia, Ember, and Nicki are in for sticky mess. Talia has a rainbow dick pop to share with her two friends. She unravels it slowly and wets it with her tongue before sharing it with them. They all go down on the sticky cock, giggling and kissing each other in the process. Talia rubs the wet cock on her chest and lets Nicki and Ember lick off the sticky mess. Talia, high on all the sugar and cuteness, begins an epic pillow fight. The women go at it together before Ember discovers that there are three more cocks hiding beneath them. They sword fight with the cocks before deciding they deserve to be wet as well. After sucking on the cocks, they sit back next to each other and insert them simultaneously. They moan in unison, and a playful threesome symphony of cum erupts. 14:09 minutes HD.

Amateur Porn Video : Sugar Dick

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Sugar Dick

Your gothy girlfriend has a little birthday treat for you. Enjoy some cupcakes and one hell of a blowjob.

Amateur Porn Video : Shaved into Submission

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Shaved into Submission

Leona learns to fully devote herself to Talia, mind and body. With a pair of clippers and some scissors, dominance is shown and some thick hair is shed all over a bound Leona.

Amateur Porn Video : Secretary Ass Worship

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Secretary Ass Worship

After watching you, my boss, stare at my ass in the office, I decide to seduce you. I slowly tease myself to you before teasing my biggest asset. I pull my skirt down to reveal pantyhose and thong before teasing you with my bare skin.

Amateur Porn Video : Something New

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Something New

I'm tired of doing the same old thing with you, so I thought we'd try something new this time! My tits are just as nice as my mouth, and I'll prove it to you soon enough. Shot in HD

Amateur Porn Video : A Little Punishment

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A Little Punishment

I misbehaved while going out with my friends last night, so some punishment is in order. I spank myself over and over until my ass is red and sore. For taking the punishment so well, I'm rewarded with some hitachi torture over my sheer black thong. I cum super hard thanks to my nipple clamps and ball gag! Shot in HD.

Amateur Porn Video : Smokin'

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Watch me relax and unwind with a green cigarette. Smoke falls out of my perfect red lips and clouds the air. Shot in HD.

Amateur Porn Video : Sucker

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Jealous of that lollipop, are you? Shot in HD.

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