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Hey there! My name's Tai, and I'm a 20 year old queer trans girl who's waaaay kinkier than you. Big fan of intense spankings, big butt plugs, and Nutella.

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Impromptu Panty Pissing video by Tai Crimson

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Impromptu Panty Pissing

Tried to make it free, but apparently I can only go as low as $1 on here – please give a heart if you enjoy! As someone with a huge omorashi kink, every now and then I'll randomly decide to start holding in my pee. This was one of those days. Features some wet spanking & wedgies for good measure.

Spoiled Daddy's Girl Grilled and Face-fucked video by Tai Crimson

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Spoiled Daddy's Girl Grilled and Face-fucked

Poor Tai – she made the mistake of trusting the administrator at her Catholic school, Eden Alexander, to give her a ride home. All that Eden's concerned with is getting Tai to give up her rich daddy's credit cards and PIN, and she's in no mood to be gentle. Bondage straps keep Tai in an uncomfortable ass-up-face-down position while the humbler around her sensitive bits keeps her from wiggling around too much. Riding crops, electricity, rubber bands, mean clothespin zippers, tit torture... if none of these do the trick, then Eden's more than happy to declare herself Tai's new daddy (a duty that Eden seems to think involves vigorous throatfucking with plenty of drool)!

Facesitting with Emu video by Tai Crimson

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Facesitting with Emu

At long last, two horny trans girls with bubble butts meet and promptly smother each other with them. Emu Chaton and Tai Crimson engage in some supremely gay facesitting, with plenty of ass eating and cock teasing mixed in!

Double Blowjob for Daddy video by Tai Crimson

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Double Blowjob for Daddy

Rage Fyre and Tai Crimson are trans brother & sister who surprise daddy Dominic Rystan with a long, thorough blowjob. They eagerly take turns passing daddy's huge dick back and forth – because sharing is caring. Rage & Tai keep teasing their dick for nearly half an hour until it leaves a mess all over both their faces!

Adventures in Rubber Sleep Sacks video by Tai Crimson

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Adventures in Rubber Sleep Sacks

Elise Graves pops Tai Crimson's rubber cherry with a cozy sleep sack, keeping Tai warm and helpless while the electric butt plug fucks her ass. Tai writhes around while Elise teases them both with her vibrator – a dildo down Tai's throat to keep her from screaming too loudly.

Interrogated video by Tai Crimson

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Rival hacker Nimue Allen has broken into Tai's home armed with an array of tools to get her to give up the encryption key. What will it take to break Tai? Vicious face and tit slapping? Intense verbal humiliation? The threat of sharp needles? All of the above and more? (Hint: it's the last one.)

Breath Play and Bastinado video by Tai Crimson

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Breath Play and Bastinado

Elise Graves has a new plaything to toy around with, and toy she does. She starts by tying rubber tubing around Tai's neck and up to the ceiling, keeping her struggling to breathe during the events that follow. After applying electric clamps to Tai's newly sensitive and puffy nipples, Elise turns to the main attraction: Tai's poor vulnerable feet, spread apart and eagerly awaiting a caning & whipping.

A Figging Punishment for Tai video by Tai Crimson

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A Figging Punishment for Tai

Tai's been spending all semester sticking things in her butt instead of studying, and Nimue Allen is none too happy with her resulting report card. It seems this anal fixation requires a bit of aversion therapy. Thankfully Nimue's got just the thing: a fresh sprig of ginger to make Tai squirm at the burning inside her ass. Once she starts to show some contrition, it's time to cool things down with a number of ice cubes going... well, you know where.

Heavy Domestic Spanking video by Tai Crimson

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Heavy Domestic Spanking

You'd think after the intense faceslapping Julie Simone gave her, Tai would start to behave. But alas, frolicking with boys past her bedtime has earned her an extremely mean spanking from her mother. Julie uses her hand, hairbrush, and paddle to teach Tai a lesson that she won't be able to forget. If you're as much of a slut for bruises as Tai, you'll enjoy seeing how bruised & bloody her ass ends up once Julie's done with it!

Faceslapped over Stolen Lipstick video by Tai Crimson

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Faceslapped over Stolen Lipstick

When Tai decides to "borrow" mom Julie Simone's lipstick without asking, she is faced with some swift corrective action. Julie switches between smearing the lipstick Tai wanted so badly all over her face & slapping her so very hard that tears start to well up in her eyes! It doesn't take long for her cheeks to become as crimson as her name, but Julie is far from done.

Bound and Tickle Tortured video by Tai Crimson

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Bound and Tickle Tortured

Did you know that Tai is incredibly ticklish? So ticklish, in fact, that Nimue Allen had to tie her down to the bed frame before torturing her. Tai helplessly writhes against her bondage as Nimue uses her hands and a nasty feather to turn Tai to mush.

Vibrating Plug Control Panel video by Tai Crimson

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Vibrating Plug Control Panel

Rage Fyre and Tai Crimson both have the same wireless phone-controlled vibrating butt plug, which provided a perfect opportunity for Dominic Rystan to torment them both with just the swipe of a finger.

Pleading for a Hit video by Tai Crimson

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Pleading for a Hit

Little girls certainly aren't big enough to use a lighter on their own... but that doesn't mean Tai can't beg Nimue Allen for a hit! Nimue shotguns each hit into Tai's mouth before covering it, leaving her swimming in smoke and unable to breathe until Nimue allows her to.

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