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Height 5'5"
Weight 180 lbs
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Bra Size 38C
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Sweetheart Lou

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Hi there! I'm Lou, your plump playmate and confident. I love producing erotic content and am so excited to share my kinks, fantasies, and curvy soft body with you.

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Chubby Babe Degrades your Dick video by Sweetheart Lou

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Chubby Babe Degrades your Dick

I brought you back home thinking we’d hook up… until you took your pants off and showed me your tiny dick. What the fuck did you think am I supposed to do with that thing? There’s no way I’m letting you anywhere near my p*ssy. I’m a big girl, and I need a real man with a big dick to fuck me. Fortunately for both of us, I know some other ways to get pleasure out of your useless little cock. I want to tease you with my perfect, plump body and watch you jerk off that itty bitty cock. Show me how you milk your small penis while I tantalize and degrade you.

BBW in Tight Shiny Lingerie video by Sweetheart Lou

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BBW in Tight Shiny Lingerie

I never realized how fucking hot my body looks in metallics until I put on this outfit. My curves POP in this video as I tease and tantalize with my ass, tits, and belly. As always, I remind you of My superior position and maintain control of your cock and pleasure. Keeping your hands away from your cock will be next to impossible if you have a chubby belly or ass fetish; I jiggle and display my round, delicious gut and show off my ass. BBW lovers beware, this video will have you hooked on worshipping this Goddess.

Chubby Wifey Smothering video by Sweetheart Lou

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Chubby Wifey Smothering

You are such a good, obedient little husband, working all day to come home to your plump pampered wife. You know that I love using you for my own pleasure, and teasing you with my curvy chubby body. I love sitting on top of you, putting all the pressure of my weight on you and showing off my belly and ass without letting you touch. I instruct you to worship, ever reminding you of what a good little husband you are for you spoiled wife. After thoroughly teasing and watching you get nice and hard, I reveal your favorite part, my big jiggly belly, and let you cum while I rub and shake it in your face.

Homewrecker Blackmail video by Sweetheart Lou

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Homewrecker Blackmail

All this time we've been seeing each other and you neglected to ever mention that you're married. Are you stupid? Did you think I would never find out? Well, I have and I'm pissed off. I'm angry. It's not that I'm jealous of her, I don't a fuck if you're happily married. But I really do not like being lied to. What would happen if I called to tell her about our relationship? Would that ruin your entire life? Go ahead, jerk your cock and think about what would happen if I told your wife everything about you.

Gentle Introduction to Blackmail video by Sweetheart Lou

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Gentle Introduction to Blackmail

I know about you. Soft, curvy women make you so hard. But there's something else that excites you, isn't there? The looming threat of exposure. Don't worry pet, I wouldn't *really* divulge your secrets. Would I? How about you sit back and enjoy watching my plump Goddess body, play with your cock. Maybe when you're nice and horny you can write me a little note. Tell me your secrets. Give me a little information about you. Don't worry, your fantasies are safe with me... right?

Pantyhose Worship for Virgins video by Sweetheart Lou

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Pantyhose Worship for Virgins

I know you've never had sex with, but don't worry, I adore you for it. For now on you are going to be My virgin boy. Instead of worrying about dating women or how you'd preform during sex, you just have to worship Me... Isn't that a relief? All I require from you is your adoration, devotion, and worship. Fall deep in love with Me, your Goddess. We'll start with a little game. you worshiping Me in pantyhose, keeping your hands away from yourself until I tell you you can cum. Worship My feet, My ass, even My plump belly. When I'm satisfied, I'll let you cum all over yourself.

Enforced Chastity video by Sweetheart Lou

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Enforced Chastity

I'm going to give you a lesson in self control. I know that you've been sneakily masturbating, even after I've forbid you to touch your disgusting cock without My permission. you can't help it, because My curvy plump body makes you weak and your cock twitch. Well, bitch, it's going to be very easy for you to please Me now, because I'm keeping your cock under lock and key. you have a lot of making up to do, we'll see when you next get to cum...

Fishnet Body Worship video by Sweetheart Lou

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Fishnet Body Worship

I need a good sub like you to worship my entire chubby body. Become mesmerized by my curves and chub in fishnets and sheer bodysuit as I direct your attention to each part of my body. I instruct you to touch your cock to my sweet, plump tummy, tits, and ass, becoming increasingly turned on as you watch and stroke.

Goddess Worship video by Sweetheart Lou

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Goddess Worship

For the first time, I've brought you to My fantasy world. Here it is it is only you and Me. Together alone, at last. Here, I am the only thing that matters. I've completely mesmerized you, addicted you. All of your attention is focused on Me. you exist to serve Me. In this video I teach you how to worship and instruct you in your prayers to Me: i love You Goddess Lou, i'm ready to serve You Goddess Lou. you yearn for my plump body, My delicious curves. But I will never let you touch Me. Instead you will seek out the remnants of Me, jerking off with My dirty panties pressed to your face while I watch. Watch this video, worship Me and stroke to Me, again and again.

Worship Lou's Feet in Fishnets video by Sweetheart Lou

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Worship Lou's Feet in Fishnets

you didn't even have to tell Me that you're fascinated by my long, size 10 feet. I figured it out on My own because I can see right through you. You can't keep your eyes off My feet whenever I take my shoes off. And because you've been such a good boy in chastity for Me, I'm going to let you worship my feet. First I tease you in My high heeled shoes before taking them off and instructing you to jerk off to My perfect, long soles.

Cum to My Ass video by Sweetheart Lou

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Cum to My Ass

My belly and tits have been getting a lot of attention, but my luscious ass has been neglected. Now I want you to worship my ass. First, watch my my ass in shiny satin panties while I instruct you to stroke your cock. After you've worshipped my properly, I pull my panties down to reveal my fat pale rump, commanding you to stroke until you cum all over my ass

Lou in Thigh Highs video by Sweetheart Lou

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Lou in Thigh Highs

Sometimes I really just need to get off on camera. I love knowing you're watching and it turns me on so much. I was already feeling so hot from filming intense fetish clips, so I took a break to cum in my thigh highs and black lingerie. Enjoy a single shot, non-edited clip of me bringing myself to orgasm sitting on my set floor

BBW Pantyhose JOI video by Sweetheart Lou

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BBW Pantyhose JOI

When your boss asks you to step into the office you know you better do as you're told. I found out that you have a pantyhose fetish, but that it's not just anyone in stockings that gets you off. You love BBWs in pantyhose, don't you? I show you my plump body encased in nylons and instruct you to jerk off for me right there in my office, ending with a orgasm countdown before sending you back off to work.

Lou's First Balloon Experience video by Sweetheart Lou

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Lou's First Balloon Experience

I've never played with balloons before and Daisy was an amazing instructor. She picked out a series of balloons for me to sit on and pop, including two 36 inch big balloons! I had no idea how much I would enjoy bouncing up and down on balloons, or how fun it is to make them pop! Feeling the latex stretch under my body is incredible. Watch me giggle with nervousness as I put all my weight on one balloon after another, not sure of which bounce will finally make them blow.

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