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Summer Hart

About Me

Joined Jan.03, 2017
Height 5'2"
Weight 133 lbs
Body Type Curvy
Bra Size 32DD
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red

Summer Hart

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Hi there! My name is Summer, and I'm a cam model for, and a clip maker. I love making fun videos, and I'm always making something that turns me on, and I hope it will turn you on too. I love BDSM, roleplay, and being a switch! My goal: make quality, HD (where possible) content with all of the realness that comes from being an amateur. Enjoy!

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Tight Squeeze video by Summer Hart

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Tight Squeeze

This almost hour long clip includes footage of PearTV, Isabel Dresler, Paige Pierce, SummerHart and Alex Coal taking part in fisting three different girls! Dozens of incredible orgasms, dripping wet girls, behind the scenes footage and candid sex scenes. Spanking, fisting, finger fucking, pussy licking! This video includes all footage shot at the party

Make a Bet video by Summer Hart

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Make a Bet

I bet you that you can't handle 10 minutes of teasing from me. There's no way you won't cum if I jerk you off and tease your cock! You're really hard already! I stand over you, rubbing my butt against you...licking the tip of your dick. I poke a little fun, this is tough, isn't it? I'll make you a deal though, hold out just 10 minutes and I'll fuck you. Bu there's no way you can!

Spoiled Supper video by Summer Hart

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Spoiled Supper

I plan a romantic date, with a home cooked meal, light candles all over my apartment. I even dress up, silk stockings and garters and nothing else under my apron to surprise seems like he stood me up. When he doesn't come home, I start to have a little fun of my own...until I get caught!

Double Trouble video by Summer Hart

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Double Trouble

Jane Colburn and I tag team in this double blow job scene!

Cock Tease Count Down JOI video by Summer Hart

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Cock Tease Count Down JOI

KissingHigh and I kiss and touch each other, and we'll let you watch if you promise to be a good boy and follow all our instructions. Wait for us, while she makes me cum! No cumming yet, not for you! We'll let you cum if you're a good boy! Just keep stroking...

Can't Get Enough video by Summer Hart

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Can't Get Enough

Mike Panic bends me over and finger fucks me, spanks me, and puts a plug in my ass. He dirty talks me about how I'm such a dirty little slut.

Two Girl Blow Job video by Summer Hart

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Two Girl Blow Job

Ember Stone and I blow one lucky guy, tease with our tongues in between jerking him off while we kiss each other. You're sure to enjoy this clip!

This is not a Slumber Party video by Summer Hart

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This is not a Slumber Party

I lick CodiVore's pussy as Teeg fucks me hard with a strap on. I cum really, really hard! Live recording!

Boy+Girl Anal Creampie video by Summer Hart

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Boy+Girl Anal Creampie

I'm spanked, plugged, and played with until I'm ready...I get a POV Creampie during anal sex!

Girlfriend Skype Call- JOI video by Summer Hart

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Girlfriend Skype Call- JOI

I've really been missing you. I call you on skype and I have a request. I just want to see you jerk off for me. Don't be shy, I'll cum for you too--and encourage you to orgasm. Just watch me wriggle out of my cute little dress, you wouldn't believe what I'd do to you if we could really be together...for now you'll have to settle for letting me see the cock I want so bad.

Lick it! Face Sitting POV video by Summer Hart

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Lick it! Face Sitting POV

I sit over your face, teasing you with my ass and pussy. I grind on your face, and smother you with my butt cheeks! *Close up and personal views in 4K HD*

Forced Orgasm at Public Event video by Summer Hart

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Forced Orgasm at Public Event

A live recording where I am touched, rubbed, forced to orgasm at a public cam event!

Sorority Hazing video by Summer Hart

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Sorority Hazing

Layla Savage and Alex Coal find the pledges Summer Hart and Rose slacking on their chores and teach them a lesson, shoving their faces into each other's pussies, spanking them, and teasing them.

Voyeur Get Embarrassed-JOI video by Summer Hart

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Voyeur Get Embarrassed-JOI

I catch a little creep watching me shower! Ugh! What a pervert you are! Now you've seen all of me, time to show me yours then. Don't be shy, creep! I tell you to take out your cock and stroke it for me. I might even cum too...

Study Buddy video by Summer Hart

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Study Buddy

I come over to help you work on a project, but you seem really distracted. You can't seem to focus at all. In fact, you just seem to be staring at my ass and tits. Well, lucky for you, I know how to fix this problem of yours! If you can't get a hold of yourself, I'll just have to give you a hand job. I pull out my tits, and tease you with my ass. This what you wanted to see so badly, right??

Nothing but Butts video by Summer Hart

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Nothing but Butts

This clip takes you on an up close and personal tour of my butt in stunning HD. Booty shorts, panties, and a healthy dose of oil. Shaking, hand-spanking, squeezing, an ass lover's delight.

Double Dip video by Summer Hart

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Double Dip

I bounce and ride on my favorite bad dragon dildo that really cums! I take a creampie in my pussy and then get adventurous, fingering my tight little butthole, and then trying to fuck myself with my big dildo! Do I succeed in an anal creampie too? Watch to see!

Desperately Wanting video by Summer Hart

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Desperately Wanting

I dirty talk and beg for cum in this boy + girl facial video.

Anal Training- Part 1 video by Summer Hart

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Anal Training- Part 1

I am told to practice for getting fucked, and use two butt plugs, working up to my squirting toy, giving myself a nice creampie. 3 orgasms in this one!

Wet and Wild video by Summer Hart

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Wet and Wild

I play and ride in the tub, fingering and my realistic dildo.

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