Late Night At The Office - Star Nine

Late Night At The Office - Star Nine

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Star Nine is on the phone with her coworker. She's trying to talk her into coming down to the bar for after work drinks. Star just wants to get home and take her pants off. She is not a fan of "casual Fridays". Star's coworker tells her how they are all talking about her over drinks, making fun of her for wearing dress pants instead of Jeans.

Star hangs up, obviously there's no way she'll be heading over to their stupid sports bar now . . . perhaps a glass of wine & a book. She has to get some work done first . . .

Star turns to her computer and starts typing. She sighs and takes her glasses off, shakes her hair out of it's bun. She dangles & removes her heels, revealing her RHT nylon feet. She stretches, placing her nylon feet up on the desk. Rubbing them together.

Star reaches to remove her restrictive pants, then remembers to lock the door, just in case. Pants removed, she crosses her legs & tries to get back to work, but her hand runs up and down her exposed nylon thigh. Pants are like a chastity belt for nylon lover Star, and now that they are off she just can't stay focused. She leans back in her chair, making herself cum in her coffee pantyhose, then again. Finally she decides to call it a night & slips her pants and heels back on.

Includes pantyhose masturbation, RHT pantyhose, coffee pantyhose, pantyhose under pants, dangling, nylon feet, secretaries

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