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Sinn Sage

About Me

Joined Feb.02, 2016
Height 5'5"
Body Type Curvy
Bra Size 34B
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brunette

Sinn Sage

My Bio

i'm the sexy, smart girl next door - super horny and wanting to share my sexual adventures with you! i absolutely love making sexy videos and expressing my scorching hot sexuality in every way possible! i love getting sexy with myself. i love playing with my hot lady friends. i love my man's glorious cock. i love fetishes! CUSTOM VIDEOS! i love to make your fantasy cum true.i adore meeting and making new fans, so get in touch & enjoy my vids!

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Yoga Pants Make Me Hot video by Sinn Sage

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Yoga Pants Make Me Hot

Oh, David. Mmm, I've had such a sexy yoga session in my super tight yoga pants. While I was bending over in class, my big, round ass was in so many faces, and my face was in so many tight asses, i couldn't help but get so fucking horny. I couldn't wait to come home and touch my sexy body, feel all my curves, and play with my vibrating toys until i came so hard for you. I'm so glad you're watching me, David. . .

POV BBC BJ with Cum Play video by Sinn Sage

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POV BBC BJ with Cum Play

you're the sexy black bellhop i saw downstairs! i'm so horny, and my boyfriend has left me here all alone while he works all day. i can't seem to satisfy myself. what i really need is your giant black cock in my mouth to entertain me! i suck it, gag on it, choke on it, jerk it, spit on it, tease it with my ass, and when you finally blow your giant load in my mouth, i play with it and make bubbles! hurry though, my boyfriend will be back any minute!

Mirror Masturbation video by Sinn Sage

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Mirror Masturbation

I got so horny seeing myself wearing this sexy man's shirt and tie, i felt so sexy underneath it. . .i just had to touch my feminine body . . . feel my soft curves. . .rub my aching clit . . .and then i had the hardest real orgasm. . .my cum was all over my fingers. . .and i got to watch myself the whole time. SEXY

Lesbian Massage Studio Cheyenne Jewel video by Sinn Sage

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Lesbian Massage Studio Cheyenne Jewel

i can't help it: i'm a pervy massage therapist. my sexy friend Cheyenne Jewel is feeling tight all over, and it is absolutely my pleasure to give her a good rub down. i have to be naked too though! i love getting her all oily and working out the kinks in her tight muscles, and spending extra time on her amazing, perfect ass. i finish her off with a Hitachi massager in all the right places, and she has one of the most

Horny On The Couch For You video by Sinn Sage

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Horny On The Couch For You

I'm so glad you're here. . .I've been so horny for you and I need to jerk off, but I want so badly for you to watch me. . .

Making Out With The Plumber video by Sinn Sage

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Making Out With The Plumber

i'm having a terrible problem with my sink, so i call the plumber. who do they send over but the incredibly sexy Star Nine? i try to resist, but i just have to call her back so i can see her again. when she arrives, i have to confess: she looks so good in those jeans, i just wanted to make out with her! she is happy to oblige. . .we kiss and grind into each other in our jeans until we're both super hot. . .our passion and desire really begins to heat up, as the wet kisses and tight jeans start to get us really hot and bothered. i bring the sexy plumber into my bedroom where we take off our shirts and bras and have a good titty grope fest. we kiss each other's necks and suck some nipples before i can't take it any more and grind us into orgasm through our tight jeans.

Fun Face Sitting video by Sinn Sage

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Fun Face Sitting

You're always staring at my ass! Well, I'm a good sport, so I'm going to give you what you've always wanted and sit on your face. My big, juicy bubble butt hovers over you in my white lacy thong, before coming down directly onto your face! i give you a good grab of my luscious booty before sliding off my panties and sitting on you some more. You get a REALLY close up look at my ass hole with your face buried between my cheeks!

The Casting Couch video by Sinn Sage

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The Casting Couch

I'm just an innocent young college girl and I need money to help with school books. So I've decided to start modeling on the internet, and this is my very first solo shoot. I'm so nervous! But I really want to do a good job. The director is so cute, and he makes me feel really comfortable. But then he gets a big hard on, and suddenly he wants to offer me more money to do more. . .do you think i should do it?

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