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i'm the sexy, smart girl next door - super horny and wanting to share my sexual adventures with you! i absolutely love making sexy videos and expressing my scorching hot sexuality in every way possible! i love getting sexy with myself. i love playing with my hot lady friends. i love my man's glorious cock. i love fetishes! CUSTOM VIDEOS! i love to make your fantasy cum true.i adore meeting and making new fans, so get in touch & enjoy my vids!

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Amateur Porn Video : Creampie Coupling

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Creampie Coupling

i'm looking in the mirror when my man comes up behind me, and i feel exactly what he's got in mind. . .he starts kissing my neck and touching me softly and i start feeling all the tingles. soon he's eating my ample ass and making my pussy drip. then i'm on my knees, and he's sliding his big, 8 inch cock into my mouth, and i'm sucking and tonguing his balls. then i ride his cock, forward and backwards, and he fucks me deep and blows his massive load inside my pussy. . .it oozes out in a beautiful display!

Amateur Porn Video : A Rough Face Fuck

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A Rough Face Fuck

this video is exactly as titled: Drake ManO'War has his way with my face using his big fucking dick. he starts by throwing me onto the bed and using my mouth as his fuck hole, slamming my face down onto his dick over and over again. he gags me with it, shoving it deep down my throat, getting my spit all over the place. then he grabs me by the hair and roughly turns me over, fucking my throat while i'm upside down, smacking my tits while i feel my pussy getting super wet and sticky. he grabs me by my hair and pulls my face over to the camera, making me show off what a mess i am, and what a good, obedient slut's face should look like. he then puts my head against the wall a rams his big cock into my mouth, nearly making me lose it over and over again, tears streaming down my face as he uses my mouth to get his dick off. once he's ready to cum, he sprays his big load all over my face and mouth as i gasp for the air he's been denying me. *this was a very consensual face fuck, no sluts were actually harmed

Amateur Porn Video : shiney ass worship

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shiney ass worship

I have two lovely, sexy ladies with me who just loooooove my big, giant ass. i'm wearing a teeny tiny g-string and nothing else, and my gorgeous love slaves are down on their knees behind me just adoring my voluptuous booty. they stroke my juicy cheeks, squeeze my thick butt, and shake my ample ass. after a while though, they decide only one thing can make it look even better than it does already, and pour oil all over it. now it's a big, wet, and oily booty, and they continue to worship it while i bounce it for them!

Amateur Porn Video : Kissing Indica

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Kissing Indica

Share i have wanted to make a kissing fetish video for a long time now, but the problem is i never know if a girl is going to be a great kisser or not! i mean, you can't tell just by looking at her. i need a really great kisser if i'm going to make a super hot make out scene. i met Indica at a fetish convention and i immediately loved her look, her energy, and her enthusiasm. i really wanted to shoot something with her! so i asked her if she liked making out really deep, with big open-mouthed, tongue-caressing kisses and she said she did. i asked her to do this kissing scene not knowing if she'd be good, just trusting her word, and WOW! she is amazing! big, wet, delicious kisses with open mouths, lip sucking, lip smacking awesomeness. and talk about chemistry!!! i guess i got lucky, cuz she's one of the best kissers i've ever met! if deep, lesbian kissing turns you on, buy this clip!

Amateur Porn Video : All Oiled up

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All Oiled up

Courtney Trouble and I are at it again. . .this time with lots and lots of oil. We take turns rubbing it all over each other: me sliding my hands over her big, juicy tits; her gliding her hands over my large, bubble ass. We slide our hot bodies together and against each other, fingers sliding in pussies and nipples rubbing on clits. Our shiny curvy parts are smoking hot together!

Amateur Porn Video : What I'd Do To You

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What I'd Do To You

I made you this video while you're gone to let you know what i would do to you if you were here. . .I'm all dressed up in my new bra & panty set just for you. i touch myself all over and tease my pussy, before i have a big orgasm for you to watch. I hope you like it. See you soon, I've got big plans for next time. . .

Amateur Porn Video : The Brother In Law

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The Brother In Law

So, dear husband, I've figured you out. You left your email open (like an idiot), and I found out that you've been cheating on me for quite a while now, while I've been faithful to you despite your boring lack of skills in the bedroom. Well, I'm done with that. Your hot brother has always given me looks and I've definitely noticed him noticing me, so when I called him to come over, he was eager to oblige, as long as you never find out. I decided to film us while I sucked his big, gorgeous cock and he fucked me in some very satisfying positions before blowing a massive load on my face. So now I have a new fuck toy with a much bigger dick than you, and believe me, I intend to keep it a secret for as long as I can. . .since I sincerely enjoy spending your money. . .

Amateur Porn Video : Lesbian Massage Studio with Star Nine

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Lesbian Massage Studio with Star Nine

the gorgeous Star Nine is on my massage table today. i get her nice and oiled up, running my hands all along her sweet back and cute ass. then i turn her over and grease up her luscious tits, before bringing out the hitachi and providing her the ultimate relaxation. . .a powerful orgasm!

Amateur Porn Video : Stroke It For Me, Ryan

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Stroke It For Me, Ryan

hi Ryan, i made this horny video just for you. i want you to watch me as i strip out of my sexy bra and panties, and i want to watch you jerk off to me. it makes me so fucking hot when you stroke your cock to me. my pussy gets super wet and i play with my thick, blue dildo and fuck myself while i watch you jerk it. will you cum with me, please Ryan?

Amateur Porn Video : Tied Up and Forced to Cum

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Tied Up and Forced to Cum

My Master has bound me to a chair in a masterful way: arms tied up, ass sticking off the edge, and legs tied spread open. I'm struggling and dealing with the tight ropes and the discomfort they have me in, when he shows up and begins spanking my ass and pulling my hair, fucking with me. Then i hear the buzz of the hitachi and I know i'm really in for it now. . .

Amateur Porn Video : Kissing & Clit Penetration Ela Darling

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Kissing & Clit Penetration Ela Darling

Ela Darling is staying over one night in my guest room. I cannot resist knowing that she's in there naked, so i creep in and slide on top of her, wearing my sleek black pantyhose. We begin making out deeply, lots of tongue and licking, neck nibbling and sucking. Finally I remove my nylons and suddenly my clit starts to grow, to the point where I'm penetrating Ela with my throbbing clit. it feels amazing for both of us, and we cum together. Afterwards I hold my hand tightly over her mouth and touch her body all over.

Amateur Porn Video : Earning My Extra Credit

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Earning My Extra Credit

i've kind of been slacking off in my college class, and now if i don't pass the test i'm going to fail and lose my scholarship! i can't flunk out of college, i just need another chance! luckily, my smoking hot professor has an idea of how i can earn myself some extra credit. . .i have to admit i've always fantasized about him, so really, it's a win-win!

Amateur Porn Video : A Sexy Video for my Girlfriend

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A Sexy Video for my Girlfriend

my girlfriend Renee has been feeling a little neglected lately. i don't blame her: i've been away getting all this other pussy! but, i still do love her so i want to make her a hot and sexy video of me in some new lingerie and stockings i bought special for her. i describe to her how i imagine feeling her all over me while i play with my pussy and have a beautiful orgasm just for my special lady.

Amateur Porn Video : Jeans Fetish: Make Out & Grind

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Jeans Fetish: Make Out & Grind

it was a hot summer day when my friend Mia Li came over wearing these super tight grey jeans. fuck, she looked so hot in them! she got me so horny i just couldn't keep my hands off of her. i wanted to feel her body pressing into my pussy, and grind mine up against hers. we got so steamy and sweaty making out and grinding into each other until we finally both came in our tight sexy jeans. i think i need to invite her over again. . .

Amateur Porn Video : Hold Your Load, Cody Jerk Off Instruction JOI

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Hold Your Load, Cody Jerk Off Instruction JOI

oh, cody. i see you staring at my ass. i know you watch it bouncing around all day. well here's your chance for a real show. i want you to jerk off, cody. watch me peel off my panties, watch my big, bouncy booty shaking up and down. when you're ready to cum, you're going to wait for me to count you all the way down before you blow your load all over my huge ass.

Amateur Porn Video : Honeymoon Hawaii Fuck POV

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Honeymoon Hawaii Fuck POV

Mr. Drake Man O'War and i got married on November 21, 2015. We spent our honeymoon in Hawaii, and while in Maui we decided to share some of our sexy time with you! Put yourself in his shoes as i put on my sexy new lingerie, suck cock, and ride the dick, before i get fucked from behind and receive a big load all over my ass and back!

Amateur Porn Video : Sweaty Strip Booty Shakin'

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Sweaty Strip Booty Shakin'

i need a quick workout, but it's so damn hot in my apartment. so i strip out of my clothes and do some jumping jacks and lunges, before i decide to just dance it out. i put on a good beat and twerk, shake, and bounce my giant white ass to the music for a long time. this makes me super sweaty and smelly, i start fingering my pussy and my ass hole for you to watch. i get more into it, and i want you to put your face right up in my ass hole and smell. . .i want you to smell all the scents my body gives off. . . lots of big white girl ass in this custom made video!

Amateur Porn Video : Foot Fuck with Lazy Lover

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Foot Fuck with Lazy Lover

i'm spending the night next to my sexy girlfriend, Mia Li, and i wake up to realize she has been rubbing her wet pussy on my feet while i slept! i wake her up, but she's so lazy! well, i'm going to get mine on her feet too. she happily but lazily complies to my foot fucking desires. . .she's so turned on by my hot feet she tries to rub one out, but i won't let her! this foot fuck is for ME!

Amateur Porn Video : Close Up Pussy Eating

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Close Up Pussy Eating

this one is pretty simple and very straight forward: i'm eating the beautiful pussy of miss Star Nine, and you're invited in for a super duper close up view. this is practically a how-to video on cunnilingus, so pay attention!

Amateur Porn Video : I Found a Better Fuck Than You, John

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I Found a Better Fuck Than You, John

Oh, John. You're such a loser. and I'm SO done fucking you. I've found a new fuck toy. His dick is bigger and he uses it better, and he makes my pussy feel awesome. I love sucking his big thick cock. And I'm breaking up with you. My final gift to you is this video of my new toy fucking the shit out of me and coming all over my face. BYE!

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