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Joined Oct.15, 2015
Height 5'5"
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 34DD
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Multiple


My Bio

I'm just a (not so) secretly kinky college girl who enjoys a good tease. On the outside I'm sweet, friendly, easygoing, and nonnude... but underneath I love ropes, whips, spanks, and learning about all the fun fetishes there are! I enjoy playing the role of both domme and sub, and I'm quite happy to make custom content. Contact me with any questions as I love to please.

Too Bad video by SaphiraCourt

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Too Bad

You dream of getting to pamper your goddess and to get a peek at all her lovely body.... but it takes a lot to please me and I just don't think you can live up to that. Oh well! Maybe you'll enjoy hearing about how inadequate you are though? (includes humiliation, hints of SPH, and general femme domme)

Sunscreen Voyeur video by SaphiraCourt

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Sunscreen Voyeur

You watch from the bushes as I settle down to sunbathe, slowly taking off my clothes to reveal a sexy swimsuit and then lathering up with sunscreen, showing off my curves as i do so.

Summer Toes video by SaphiraCourt

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Summer Toes

I clean off my old polish and paint my toes a lovely dark blue that shows them off perfectly in the summer sun.

Distracted video by SaphiraCourt

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Hysterical Literature style.... I tease myself to orgasm while attempting to read a short story.

Sick Day video by SaphiraCourt

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Sick Day

I've caught a nasty cold but I still have to go to class. Instead of bothering my classmates with the sniffles, I sneak off to the bathroom to share it with you. Lots of nose blowing, coughing, and a rough voice.

Maroon Mood video by SaphiraCourt

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Maroon Mood

I dance around in a lovely maroon outfit before stripping it off slow and steady to really tease you.

Part 2: Tease video by SaphiraCourt

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Part 2: Tease

After stripping down I decide to tease you even more, showing off my oral skills using a cock-shaped lollipop.

Part 1: Strip video by SaphiraCourt

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Part 1: Strip

Dressed like the perfect schoolgirl I decide to enjoy some sexy music and strip down for you. The longer I dance the more my confidence grows!

Schoolgirl Spanks video by SaphiraCourt

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Schoolgirl Spanks

When Sir finds out I got a bad grade on my last test, he gives me a call.... and orders for a punishment. I may have enjoyed it a bit too much though, since I go on to strip down and spank myself all over again.

Pampered Pedicure video by SaphiraCourt

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Pampered Pedicure

After a long day I've settled in to freshen up my toenail polish. I take off my old purple polish and replace it with a catchy red one before rubbing a bit of lotion into my soles to soften them up.I talk a bit throughout about my lovely long toes and my tiny toenails.

Rose in Rope video by SaphiraCourt

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Rose in Rope

Dressed as Rose Lalonde, I turn on some music and begin to wrap myself up in bondage ropes, turning to show off all angles as I tug them into place. Once I have them on I grab a lovely silk scarf and roll around sensually for the camera, teasing the viewer with my curves and swaying a bit to the music.

Self Gagged and Tied video by SaphiraCourt

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Self Gagged and Tied

I gag myself with a handkerchief, loop a belt around my wrists, and tie them off behind my back. my face shifts from defiant to desperate when I realize just how snug the ties are

Fresh Feet video by SaphiraCourt

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Fresh Feet

After showering I settle down in just my undies and silently rub lotion all over my smooth legs and feet, paying close attention to my soles and showing off how pretty they are.

Toe Sucker video by SaphiraCourt

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Toe Sucker

My feet are mildly dirty from wandering around the dorm barefoot so a viewer requests that I lick them clean, paying good attention to my toes. So I do! (this is a recorded clip from a show)

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