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Height 5'4"
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  • Amateur Porn Model Sammie Cee
  • Amateur Porn Model Sammie Cee
  • Amateur Porn Model Sammie Cee
Amateur Porn Video : Taking advantage of the intruder

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Taking advantage of the intruder

An intruder breaks into my home and follows me around, watches me lotion my body, make my way upstairs to get changed, sees me play with a toy in my bed, but then I catch him and make full use of him. I suck his dick, ride it, make him watch me cum without touching him self and treat myself to a nice mouthful of cum to swallow before I throw him out

Amateur Porn Video : Public Flashing

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Public Flashing

This was made as a custom for someone who wanted to see me do some outdoor public flashing while asking if you're jerking off to me :) Watch me flash my boobs by the side of a busy road, show my butt in a busy town, spread my pussy in a park with people walking past etc All very exciting

Amateur Porn Video : Maid Masturbates And Pees In Kitchen Sink

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Maid Masturbates And Pees In Kitchen Sink

This naughty maid knows you're watching so she puts on a show, she teasingly cleans the surfaces, hops on the counter, rubs and flashes herself at you before revealing her boobs and taking her panties off. As she starts to finger herself her pussy is getting wetter and creamier by the second, it's not long before she has to get her glass toy the fuck herself with. After a while she stops to spread her pussy and pee in the kitchen sink!! And then carries on dildoing until she cums... and then pees again! Filmed from multiple angles and positions. Very creamy and long pee filmed from two angles

Amateur Porn Video : Outdoor Nude POV BJ Cum On My Tits

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Outdoor Nude POV BJ Cum On My Tits

Whilst out for a walk I strip off and wander around a field naked. I come over to you and tease you a little before getting your cock out. I'm licking and sucking it up and down, giving you lots of eye contact, before you come all over my boobs

Amateur Porn Video : 5 Finger Pussy Fuck

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5 Finger Pussy Fuck

Dressed in my bright blue lace leotard and fluffy blue shoes, I tease and show off my boobs, pussy and arse. I start fingering my pussy before spinning around a fucking myself from the back, I slowly slide more and more fingers in, it's so tight but feels so good. I soon have 5 fingers fucking my pussy and rub my clit until I cant hold back any longer. I end by stretching my pussy open as far as I can for you to see

Amateur Porn Video : Messy Lotion 8 Inch Dildo Fuck

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Messy Lotion 8 Inch Dildo Fuck

Wearing my sheer white top and panties I cover myself in lotion, massaging it all over my body while slowly stripping. I get my 8 inch realistic dildo out and start riding it whilst covering myself in more lotion. Watch me fuck myself in several positions/ angles before cumming all over the dildo.

Amateur Porn Video : Anal 3 Fingers - Big Toy - Gape

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Anal 3 Fingers - Big Toy - Gape

Dressed in my mini dress and heels I tease my panties off. I start teasing my asshole with 1 finger, then 2, then 3, slowly stretching it open. I reach for my big blue toy and fuck my ass in multiple position, angles and lots of close ups until it's nicely gaping open for you. I cant hold off any longer I'm rubbing my clit and fucking my asshole until I cum. I show you my gaping asshole again after

Amateur Porn Video : Double BJ

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Double BJ

I fancy a little more fun for this video so get a little practise in on what it'd be like sucking two cocks and getting a double messy facial. After teasing a little I'm ready for a cock in my mouth, I suck and lick until it's nice and hard, it's not long before I'm ready for the second one, I suck them in turns, making sure they both get lots of attention from my mouth and hands, I even manage to suck them both at the same time. I'm already getting messy with lots of saliva dribbling down my chin onto my breasts, but no where near as messy as I am with two cumshots on my face! *This is filmed with a real cock and a realistic ejaculating dildo

Amateur Porn Video : Nurse Fucks Her Patient

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Nurse Fucks Her Patient

This sexy nurse knows how to make someone feel better in no time. After checking in on my patient I see he's not doing great.. I could get the doctor's advice but he's very busy today so I decide to give a bit of my own medicine. Nothing like a good blowjob and fuck to get the heart racing. After a good cock sucking and riding and cumming all over my face he's on top of the world. Lots of positions, angles and close ups

Amateur Porn Video : Lingerie Dildo Ride

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Lingerie Dildo Ride

Dressed in some of my favourite lingerie I do a striptease for you until I'm just left wearing my suspender belt, stockings and heels. I start fingering my pussy but it's not long until I'm yearning something more, so I suck and fuck my realistic suction cup dildo, letting it stretch my pussy and tasting my juicy that it's covered in, I cum nice and hard while bouncing up and down. Lots of angles and close ups

Amateur Porn Video : Anal Fuck With ATM

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Anal Fuck With ATM

Dressed in a pretty purple outfit I start warming up my asshole with my finger then moving onto a jewelled metal buttplug, I get made to suck the buttplug before my asshole gets filled with a nice big cock. I get fucked from behind, taste his cock then start riding it, my asshole getting stretched open, hear my moans of pleasure. Watch my ass get fucked as I lick his cock clean, when he cant take anymore he cums over my face and mouth. Lots of positions, angles, ass fucking & ass to mouth

Amateur Porn Video : Pigtails And Glasses BJ And Facial

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Pigtails And Glasses BJ And Facial

Dressed in my cute little pink teen outfit, glasses and pigtails, I playfully suck and tease your cock until you cum all over my glasses

Amateur Porn Video : Spitty Ballgag Masturbation

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Spitty Ballgag Masturbation

Wearing a sexy little outfit with my thigh high boots and ballgag, I rub and tease myself whilst getting covered in my own spit. After fingering my pussy I use my black vibrator, teasing my clit and pussy until orgasm. I rub my spit all over my boobs and tummy and play with it with my fingers

Amateur Porn Video : BJ In Abandoned Building

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BJ In Abandoned Building

Dressed in my stockings, heels and long white coat I wander around an abandoned graffitied building. After unbuttoning my jacket to reveal my pert tits and well trimmed pussy I suck, deepthroat and gag on his big cock. Every second is risky in this building as I am completely unable to see anybody coming and could be caught at any time, I don't let this distract me though and he finally cums in my mouth before I swallow every drop. Shot from multiple angles including POV

Amateur Porn Video : Messy Milky Orgasm

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Messy Milky Orgasm

Stripping out of my corset and panties I'm left wearing just my stockings and heels, after a little teasing I slowly start covering myself in milk, watch it roll and drip off all my curves. While finger fucking my pussy, milk is pouring and splashing all over. It's not long until I reach for my glass gspot toy and fuck myself until I orgasm. To finish off I cover myself in more milk, pour it from my mouth over my breasts and taste every drop of my pussy

Amateur Porn Video : DP With Two Toys

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DP With Two Toys

I start of teasing you with my body and slowly stripping. I finger both my pussy and ass before getting my anal toy which gets my very excited, it's not long until my pussy toy joins in too. You can see how much I'm enjoying it by the cream that's coming out my pussy. I taste both toys throughout the videos. With both toys in me I climax with my whole body shaking, and end with slowly teasing both holes a little more.

Amateur Porn Video : Teasing & Peeing In My Pink Bikini

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Teasing & Peeing In My Pink Bikini

Wearing my little pink bikini I start of teasing you, giving you little glimpses of my boobs and pussy. I start rubbing my bikini bottoms over my pussy, can you see that wet patch forming?! I pee through the panties squating down and then flip over to doggy style.. pulling the pants to one side every so often so you can see the fountain... there is so much pee!!! Then watch me tease my pussy whilst squatting over the pee puddle!

Amateur Porn Video : Playing With My Hairy Pussy

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Playing With My Hairy Pussy

For those that know me I always shave a landing strip/ triangle, for once I grew my pussy hair for a few weeks and thought I'd share it with you guys before I shaved it off again :) This is my only 'hairy' video. I start of with a little striptease, rubbing my hairy pussy and teasing before fucking myself with one of my favourite toys and cumming all over it. Includes teasing, close ups & hairy pussy rubbing.

Amateur Porn Video : Soak My Panties Before Stuffing Them

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Soak My Panties Before Stuffing Them

Whilst outside I tease and show you my favourite Calvin Klein panties under my skirt, I play through and under them before I pee through them, I take them off and carry on peeing on them until they are soaking wet. I then take you indoors so you can watch me stuff them in my pussy while I rub my clit. When I've cum on them I pull them out and squeeze my wee and juices over my pussy.

Amateur Porn Video : Super Tease BJ & Facial 45 Minutes!

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Super Tease BJ & Facial 45 Minutes!

This is my longest video yet. Dressed in some black & red lingerie, let me slowly tease your cock with my mouth before rubbing it over my nipples and pussy.. but never letting you quite fuck me. You're dying to cum but I'm in control, just when you think you can I stop and tease some more. Eventually (after 45 minutes!!) I let you cum all over my face.. such a big load!

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Workout Strip

Dressed in my skin tight leggings and crop top in the garden, I get very sweaty while doing my weights.. only one option for it ;)

104 Photos

Fishtail PVC Skirt Outdoor Striptease

Whilst visiting a derelict church I decide to do a little striptease for you. See my pert little breast peak out from under my croptop, the fishtail PVC skirt showing off all mu curves before I take it off to show off my naked body to you.

31 Photos

Up Skirt & Thigh High Boots

Want to see up my skirt? See if I'm wearing panties or not? See how long my legs look in my thigh high boots? Then this is the set for you :)

42 Photos

Sexy Nurse Striptease

Want to see what a sexy nurse gets up to behind closed doors?!

59 Photos

Double Trouble

Dressed in my little black outfit and thigh thigh boots I undress in front of the mirror so you can see me from all angles, I then ride my big red dildo on the mirror.

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Basque & Stockings

See how long my legs look while wearing my sheer black stockings and heels. I slowly strip out of my basque and panties and finger my pussy.

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