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My name is Ruby and I have an insatiable desire to be watched. I enjoy filming myself in different fetish type scenarios and love to have a fun erotic time online. I regularly cam on MyFreeCams and Streamate. Often I will record myself masturbating and stimulating myself. Please feel free to contact me if you have custom video requests. Hope to make you CUM soon!

  • Amateur Porn Model Ruby Dimples
  • Amateur Porn Model Ruby Dimples
  • Amateur Porn Model Ruby Dimples
Amateur Porn Video : Belly Rub and Finger fuck

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Belly Rub and Finger fuck

I'm out of control when it comes to what it takes to reach orgasm. I love to touch myself all over, while I fill my fat pussy with my long slender fingers. I'm insatiable and will always love a toe curling orgasm. I'm a sexual person with a deep love for getting myself off. In other words self love is the best kind of love. xo

Amateur Porn Video : Jerk off Instruction and Masturbation Encourgement

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Jerk off Instruction and Masturbation Encourgement

I'm a person that loves to encourage and instruct a man to jerk his penis off. I like the control and I feel best when I can effectively bring a man to a rock solid erection that results in a cock that cums so much his testicles shrivel up. I'm a flirty tease with a filthy mouth. Enjoy this video. :)

Amateur Porn Video : SPH and Jerk off Encourgament

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SPH and Jerk off Encourgament

I understand how much you enjoy me telling you how hilariously pathetic your tiny dick is. I like to see you jerk your cock while I ruin your self esteem with my terrible language. Take the abuse loser.

Amateur Porn Video : Crotch-less Panties Cum

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Crotch-less Panties Cum

I went to my favorite lingerie store and wanted to model my favorite crotch-less panties. They fit snugly on my hips and leaves my vagina out on the open. The snugness turns me on and just excites me more. Watch me twist, turn and edge myself to a deliciously loud orgasm. xo

Amateur Porn Video : Long loofah against my big thighs

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Long loofah against my big thighs

In order to properly clean myself I like to use my long loofah to get near the spots that are hard to reach. My belly is big and thighs are gigantic. Watch as I pull the loofah from side to side to properly moisturize my inner thighs.

Amateur Porn Video : Soapy rub down

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Soapy rub down

In the shower I like to take time with my body and every inch deserves tlc. I like the feeling of the soft soap and the aromas that come from the soap. My favorite is Almond and coconut on my body. Enjoy the curves and all the soap. Admire me!

Amateur Porn Video : Full Body oil rubdown

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Full Body oil rubdown

I'm a sexy confident fat girl that loves to accentuate every round sexy curve I posses. My body glimmers and shines showing my round belly and tits. I love to have soft skin for my lover.

Amateur Porn Video : Belly Sag and Hang

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Belly Sag and Hang

To show off all the awesome gaining I've been doing I walk around showing how far my belly hangs. It's hanging so low it might just be covering my vagina in months. My hips are wide and my belly is long. Devour the stretch marked and cellulite ridden tummy of mine. Its so pretty!

Amateur Porn Video : Belly Fetish 2

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Belly Fetish 2

As the fun continued I couldn't help but bring the camera closer. You needed the best view of my stretch marks and cellulite. I rub, lift and squeeze my overwhelmingly large belly. Every time I do this a tingle runs up and down my spine. Its borderline orgasmic.

Amateur Porn Video : Belly Fetish Fun

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Belly Fetish Fun

I'm a confident ssbbw that loves to model her very large frame. I like to show my stretch marks, cellulite and persistently hanging belly. The curves, the roundness soft and sweet to the taste. Admire my belly from different angles and adore it.

Amateur Porn Video : tiny dick

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tiny dick

Your dick is useless and a sorry excuse of manhood. I verbally give you the truth and make sure its clear. Your dick is a bored and unsatisfied with you.

Amateur Porn Video : Small Penis Humilation

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Small Penis Humilation

Take the verbal abuse and humiliation my lover with the tiny puny cock. I'm here to humiliate and shrink you down to size. Take the goodness of my verbal humiliation tiny dicked man! You've got a sorry excuse for whats suppose to represent your manhood and its unsatisfactory.

Amateur Porn Video : to the man with the small cock

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to the man with the small cock

A sultry video message that lets you know how pathetic I think your cock is.Often when you've been at your worst I take great pleasure humiliating you for the poor excuse of manhood you have left. You jerk that tiny dick incessantly and I just keep pointing and laughing. Enjoy the verbal abuse!

Amateur Porn Video : Big Butt Jiggle Worship

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Big Butt Jiggle Worship

I tease you with my bare ass and I dance to make you cum. Worship my ass baby because its all over your face! It twists, turns and bounces up and down. My booty is all yours!

Amateur Porn Video : Fatty Dancer

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Fatty Dancer

Watch me from the ground as thats where you belong. Worship my big thighs, stomach and legs! Fat Admirers must have.

Amateur Porn Video : Breast Expansion

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Breast Expansion

A short time ago I found out that I had special powers. With these special powers all I simply had to do was blow up my cheeks and my breasts would get bigger and bigger. It's not an easy process by any means but I love when they get bigger and dig into my bra. I like the long and defined red marks from my breasts swelling up. I was so out of breath after exhausting my special powers

Amateur Porn Video : Ballon Blowing continued

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Ballon Blowing continued

I loved my balloon blowing session last time and I decided to go again. I love to purse my lips and hang on to that plastic. I blow with all my might and blowing my air fast. Enjoy my balloon blowing exhaustion!

Amateur Porn Video : First balloon vid for a looner

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First balloon vid for a looner

Today was the day and I wanted to blow as many balloons as possible. I blow into different colors and sizes. My cheeks blow up big and have a slight tint of pink. I love exhaling into these plastic toys of delight.

Amateur Porn Video : Hairy Armpit Shave

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Hairy Armpit Shave

I'm take a nice relaxing bath and feel prepared to shave my arm pits. I make sure to give myself a nice lather and moisturize my arm pits. I take my razor and gently graze my hairy arm pit. The end results are smooth underarms that sting slightly from razor burn.

Amateur Porn Video : SSBW after shower voyeuristic view

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SSBW after shower voyeuristic view

I'm such a clumsy, innocent cam girl. I forget when I keep my webcam running and you get to see me at my most vulnerable. I have a very large body, you see the curves, the rolls, cellulite and the very best stretch marks. Gawk at me, crave me and remember I'm your fat dream girl xo

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