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Height 5'0"
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Rizzo Ford

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I've been performing in porn for the past five years, working for sites like Burning Angel, Crash Pad, Wood Rocket, Sweetheart Video, and more. A petite, heavily tattooed queer with a penchant for all things weird and nerdy. My smirk gets you interested but my fun personality and tight body keep you coming back for more. All tips of 10 or more tokens gets you a signed 8x10!

  • Amateur Porn Model Rizzo Ford
  • Amateur Porn Model Rizzo Ford
  • Amateur Porn Model Rizzo Ford
  • Amateur Porn Model Rizzo Ford
  • Amateur Porn Model Rizzo Ford
Amateur Porn Video : Lesbian Roommates Part 1: Strap On Threeway

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Lesbian Roommates Part 1: Strap On Threeway

Poor Amanda, her douchebag boyfriend just broke up with her and she's been moping around the apartment for days about it. Lucky for her that Sinn and I are pretty much the best roommates ever and know just the trick to put a smile back on her face: double team her with our strap ons! Watch as we spit-roast Amanda making her suck my cock while Sinn fucks her from behind. Then we switch and Amanda rides my cock. We end by taking our turns with her in missionary while she cums over and over with a hitachi on her clit.

Amateur Porn Video : Orgasm Games with Dixie Comet

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Orgasm Games with Dixie Comet

New game! Each girl holds a hitachi to the other's pussy, first person to reach orgasm is the loser! Since the winner still needs her orgasms, she gets to sit on the losers face. This clip includes lots of orgasms, face sitting, booty shaking, giggling, and even foot shots. What's not to love?

Amateur Porn Video : Jerk It for Us, Loser!

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Jerk It for Us, Loser!

Sinn and I are just trying to have some quality girl talk and then BOOM, here you are standing in front of us naked with your pathetic body. How do you even think that's okay? I mean, if you're gonna stand there naked and stare at us you may as well jerk it for us. Don't worry, we'll tell you how to do it since you're a pathetic loser and don't even know how to stroke your own cock properly. I hope you're not expecting us to get naked either because that's just insulting. We may shed an item of clothing just to see your dick quiver but there's no way in hell we'll get fully nude for a chump like you.

Amateur Porn Video : She Makes Me Feel with Joules Opia

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She Makes Me Feel with Joules Opia

Joules and I start off making out and teasing each others mouth with our tongues when she suggests something a little extra to enhance our senses, Much to my surprise she present me with a nasal cannula. She places it in my nose and around my ears and instructs me to breathe in real deep while she does the same to herself. A sense of euphoria rushes over me and before I know it our clothes are coming off, Joules is putting on her latex gloves, and proceeds to make me cum over and over. Originally shot as a custom video.

Amateur Porn Video : Sinn Sage's Hitachi Chicken

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Sinn Sage's Hitachi Chicken

The rules are simple: both girls must have one hand on the hitachi at all times and the first one to cum is the loser. But what does the winner get? Well, she gets the pleasure of having the hitachi placed on their clit FULL BLAST so they're sure to cum in no time. Watch as Sinn Sage and I try our hardest not to cum when we both want to soooo bad. Screaming orgasms a plenty!

Amateur Porn Video : Foot Freak JOI with Joules

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Foot Freak JOI with Joules

We see you lying there at our feet, waiting to get a taste of our sparkly heels, begging us to let you lick them and rub them all over you. You keep asking but we keep denying you. Listen to us talk about my tiny size five and a half feet and Joules' long, beautiful size nines. You can't help but to have a hard cock so we tell you just what to do with it, and if you're lucky we'll let you blow your load on all four feet. But you better lick it off when you're done, you disgusting little foot freak!

Amateur Porn Video : Strap On Sex with Mona Wales

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Strap On Sex with Mona Wales

Mona Wales is a babe, and when she's bent over wiggling her pretty little ass at me I have no choice but to come at her with my big ol' strap on. I pound her beautiful pussy until she squirts all over me. We start in doggy and go through a variety of positions until we she ends it with sucking all of her pussy juices off of my cock. Damn, do I love fucking this woman.

Amateur Porn Video : Joules Shows Me Her Masks & Gloves

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Joules Shows Me Her Masks & Gloves

Joules has quite the impressive gas mask and rubber glove collection! We took a short break from fucking each other so she could show me all of her goods. Watch as I test out some of her vintage gas masks and medical grade latex gloves. I love how all the rubber feels on my body and I never want to take any of it off!

Amateur Porn Video : Cum Princesses 2 Face Sitting Boogaloo

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Cum Princesses 2 Face Sitting Boogaloo

Now that we know the cum contest ended, it's really only fair that the winner gets to sit on the loser's face and have even more orgasms! Originally shot as a custom, but Joules and I are being generous and sharing the face sitting hotness with everyone!

Amateur Porn Video : Dual JOI with Joules

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Dual JOI with Joules

Instead of cumming for you this time, Joules and I wanna watch YOU cum for us. Stroke that long, thick cock for us, but don't cum too quick. We want you to save that load and blow it all over our soft tits.

Amateur Porn Video : 4-way Lesbian Orgy

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4-way Lesbian Orgy

When four hot queers get together there's nothing stopping us from stripping down and fucking each other every which way on a king sized bed. Watch as Nikki, Nenetl, Arabelle, and I suck, fuck, lick, kiss, and finger each other until we cum over, and over, and over again. There's never a dull moment to be had!

Amateur Porn Video : POV Strap On BJ with Joules

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POV Strap On BJ with Joules

Whether it's the real thing or silicone, I just just love the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth. Joules was s such a dear and inserted her Feeldoe for so I could give her one of my stellar blowjobs. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

Amateur Porn Video : Orgasm Party

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Orgasm Party

Nikki and Arabelle think they're sooo cool with their fancy Hitachi wands that they bring everywhere. Who needs a vibrator when I have Nenetl's pretty little face to grind my pussy on! Watch us cum over and over and decide for yourself who had the better idea.

Amateur Porn Video : Cum Princesses

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Cum Princesses

Silly Joules thinks that she's the Cum Princess. HA! Doesn't she know that since I have the bigger tiara that automatically makes me the Cum Princess. We decide to solve this argument once and for all with a good old fashion cum off! Watch as we masturbate side by side, and whoever can go the longest is crowned the winner!

Amateur Porn Video : Now You're Playing with Power!

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Now You're Playing with Power!

What can I say? Nintendo posters and wall boobs make me horny! I start you off with a striptease and then rub and finger my pussy just for you. But I really cum for you when I fuck my tight pussy with my dildo.

Amateur Porn Video : Sexy Smoking Threeway with Nikki & Arabelle

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Sexy Smoking Threeway with Nikki & Arabelle

Smoking is much more fun when your friends are around. French inhales, smoke rings, shotguns, not mention making out and fondling each other's breasts. I hope you enjoy watching us smoke as much as we enjoy sharing a smoke together.

Amateur Porn Video : Tied Up & Forced to Cum with Arabelle, Nenetl, & Nikki

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Tied Up & Forced to Cum with Arabelle, Nenetl, & Nikki

Arabelle and I were enjoying a nice afternoon nap when Nenetl and Nikki snuck into our room, dragged us off the bed, and tied us up to each other. They forced us to cum over and over and over again until we finally started to enjoy it like the sluts we are.

Amateur Porn Video : POV Switch with Kelly Klaymour

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POV Switch with Kelly Klaymour

I fuck Kelly's ass with a strap on, she fucks my pussy with her cock; it's a win/win!

Amateur Porn Video : Happy Hooded Blowjob

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Happy Hooded Blowjob

Oversized hoodies are awesome and so is blowing Kelly Klaymour! Making out is fun and all but what I really want is her 8" cock in my mouth and between my tits.

Amateur Porn Video : Open Wide

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Open Wide

Take a deep look inside my most accessible hole, my mouth! Watch my plump tongue wiggle, pulsate, and lick all over my teeth. Then I stretch my lips so you can get an even better look at all my mouth has to offer. Don't worry, I won't bite ;)

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