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She wolf. Nerdy/geeky cam girl. Purveyor of smut. Lover of Wizards, Witches, Muggles, Vampires, Werewolves, Jedi Knights, Robots, Ewoks, Vulcans (Spock), Pikachu, Eeyore, Rainbows and Unicorns. I'm fabulous lol. No, seriously I'm just a really cool down to earth chick who is super nerdy and would sell my soul to discuss time paradoxes with the Tenth Doctor/David Tenant

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Pumpkin Pie Stuffing video by Lillian Isley

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Pumpkin Pie Stuffing

Watch as I stuff myself silly with 4 pieces of my favorite seasonal pie. I mash the whipped topping onto each piece then suck the fork clean before devouring each piece, I have some water after eating each piece and surprisingly burp after every piece too. I rub my stuffed tummy a couple times throughout and my bodysuit even gets tight to where it barely covers my boobs anymore

Vinyl Glove Fisting video by Lillian Isley

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Vinyl Glove Fisting

My first fisting attempt ever. First, I play with myself over my panties then strip out of them and then I use my wand to get more aroused after I feel wet enough I get a vinyl glove and my lube then very carefully try to fit my whole fist into myself. I don’t quite get it all the way in but I do fist myself until I have a huge orgasm *My dog barks towards the end so if you’d prefer to mute the video you can*

The Locket video by Lillian Isley

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The Locket

I find an antique locket on my bed and decide to wear it while I nap but once I put it on I get super horny and need release so I grab my wand and use it until I orgasm several times

A Night with Dick video by Lillian Isley

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A Night with Dick

After a night on the town with my friend Dick, I take him back to my place. I start off by sucking him then titty fucking and finally end with riding him until I cream all over and lick him off

Big Booty Droid Dream video by Lillian Isley

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Big Booty Droid Dream

I believe this is the droid you’ve been looking for, in your dreams anyway. R2 comes to your fantasy as a big booty woman and rides your cock reverse cowgirl until she cums. Full of teasing and giggles

Masked Beautiful Agony video by Lillian Isley

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Masked Beautiful Agony

Shot in a side almost full body Beautiful Agony style, I stimulate just my clit while wearing a blue surgical mask that covers about half of my little face. Most of my expressions can only be seen in my eyes and heard in muffled moans while I play with my big boobs/nipples. I orgasm quite a few times as well

The Horizon video by Lillian Isley

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The Horizon

Shot in a mostly prolific angle. I use my Hitachi to masturbate while you can watch my every breath and moan leave my body and my breasts heave with every orgasm, I move my arms and hands around a lot also a few added toe curls. I orgasm a few times and squirt a little although that isn’t shown

Spy Cam Sexy Neighbor video by Lillian Isley

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Spy Cam Sexy Neighbor

You've been eyeing your sexy little neighbor for quite sometime so one day when she's out unbeknownst to her you set up a spy cam in her room just to see if you can catch her undressing or something of that nature but what you do capture is something greater than you ever thought and you slowly realize she's a damn freak. At first she just does some stretching showing off how flexible she is and then she strips outta her tiny shorts and diddles with her clit over and under her panties after that she grabs a dildo and Hitachi using them to cum before taking off her panties and stuffing them in her tight pussy before cumming on them and sniffing them/rubbing them on her face after that she flings them away almost taking the camera out

Smell and Lick My Sweaty Bits video by Lillian Isley

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Smell and Lick My Sweaty Bits

I just worked out and I'm so sweaty and hot. I decide that I know you're going to like smelling and licking my sweaty bits so I strip out of my shorts and just pull my top up over my boobs then I practically shove my sweaty ass in your face and ask you if you like smelling and licking it along with my pussy. I sit up and shove my sweaty boobs in your face next then my armpits. I show you all the sweat from my various bits and loads of dirty talk

Shhhhh video by Lillian Isley

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Done in a hushed orgasm style, I try to see how quiet I can be. I start off real quiet at first but then I get a tad loud thankfully I have my ball gag at the ready although it doesn't seem to make a difference so I use my hand/fingers at points too. I get superbly loud when I squirt but then I decide maybe I should have another orgasm so I keep going until I cum again

Polish and Toes video by Lillian Isley

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Polish and Toes

In this cute and giggly, wiggly video I start off by teasing you with my tiny and chubby toes wiggling them and showing my soles after that I make them nice and smooth with a little to a lot of lotion. I get some nail polish nearby and paint my toe nails with a pretty sparkly blue color first in one coat then after letting that dry doing another coat and showing off the finished product by wiggling my toes and shoving my soles in your face

Plastic Tease video by Lillian Isley

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Plastic Tease

Congratulations! You've successfully made a female droid but a cross in her wires she's become a sex droid. While your out getting more outfits for her she decides she's gonna dance around and tease herself. A genuinely quiet video so you can listen to your own music or watch as is

Plastic Super Squirt video by Lillian Isley

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Plastic Super Squirt

Your very own personal sex droid has found her way into your toy chest and pulled out a peculiar toy that in a matter of seconds unlocks a totally new feature you didn't know she had. She squirts and it goes every where on the bed and her then she uses the juices too ride the Hitachi while sucking her fingers clean

Pink Panty Squirting video by Lillian Isley

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Pink Panty Squirting

Squirting and soaking my neon pink panties and consequently my bed using just my Hitachi. I play with my nipples and drag my nails down my wall the orgasm is that intense

Pajama Party video by Lillian Isley

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Pajama Party

I'm having some very naughty thoughts during a pajama party so I decide to silently masturbate at first but then I just can't help myself and start getting louder and more into it the longer I go, I eventually just throw my pants aside and just keep going until I can't take it anymore and finally burst into a puddle of cum then I lick my fingers clean. I moan, squeal and swear a bit

Natural State video by Lillian Isley

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Natural State

Shot in a full body Beautiful Agony style. I masturbate in a completely natural state, naked with very little to no make up on and with just my fingers. I don’t change position much but I do lower the camera so my bush is fully visible halfway through. Since this is a natural type video these are my general real reactions during actual sex

Masseuse Blackmail Pt 2 video by Lillian Isley

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Masseuse Blackmail Pt 2

In this continuation of the previous session I do three of the blackmailing techniques I discussed. First, I take a pic of your penis and intend to email it to your company with the tagline "Small dick Johnny" then I've already called your wife and told her that this is where you've been spending most of your free time and finally I deprive you of any pleasure while pleasuring myself. In the pleasuring myself bit I suck and lick on a dildo then take my wand and bring myself to a squirting orgasm which I use as lube to fuck myself with the dildo until I cum again all while talking about how you wish you were doing to me

Masseuse Blackmail Pt 1 video by Lillian Isley

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Masseuse Blackmail Pt 1

As one of my regulars you should know that breaking my rules has consequences and in this session it's blackmail, maybe if I make your life miserable enough you will never ever break another rule of mine again. I discuss various ways I plan to humiliate you mostly involving your work and personal life. I use the name Johnny a few times

Little Pain Slut video by Lillian Isley

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Little Pain Slut

Everyone knows I'm a little masochist and love to push my pain threshold which I do by subjecting myself to several painful things such as pinning my nipples, paddling my clamped nips, boobs and clit/pussy, pain anal, double penetration and finally wax play. *WARNING: There is a moment where I scream so I'd advise not having the volume on full*

Lily Ignores You video by Lillian Isley

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Lily Ignores You

You come into my room to ask me a question but have neglected to realize that I'm reading and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you interrupt me so I make you squirm as I read a couple pages then light up a smoke and purposefully blow smoke in your face then I stretch and nearly put my ass squarely in you crotch afterwards I lay back down and am ready to answer your question

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