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20 year old New England punk with a passion for sex, drugs, and radical revolution. Capricorn Sun/Leo Rising/Libra Moon. Show off. I like to talk too much about music (my favorites are punk, local DIY, and hip-hop), movies (horror makes me wet), and Russian Literature. I like to masturbate a lot. Solo, G/G, TG/G, and B/G videos! Currently not taking custom requests.

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Rosie Makes Ramona Moan video by Ramona Ramone

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Rosie Makes Ramona Moan

Watch as Rosie introduces me to her extremely long tongue for the first time! We start by kissing passionately and caressing each other's soft skin. She kisses down my neck and breasts, teasing my pussy with her fingers over my panties. I gasp and moan as she strips my panties off to lick my swollen clit. She moves on to fingering my G-spot while she licks me and my moans grow louder. Even though it's our first sexual encounter together, Rosie makes me cum hard and in record time. You don't want to miss it!

Inversion Blowjob with Akrysta Kore video by Ramona Ramone

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Inversion Blowjob with Akrysta Kore

Akrysta got a new inversion machine, and Ramona's been dying to try it out! She's a little afraid to hang by her ankles, but once Akrysta helps her in, Ramona realizes just how much fun she can have upside-down - especially with a cock in her mouth and a hitachi between her legs!

Fucked in the Ass by Akrysta Kore (First Ever Anal Video!) video by Ramona Ramone

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Fucked in the Ass by Akrysta Kore (First Ever Anal Video!)

In Ramona's first EVER anal video, she and Akrysta Kore get down and very dirty! Ramona has always been a little hesitant about anal past a finger or a small plug, but after some making out, stripping, and a little cocksucking to warm things up, Akrysta is able to get deep inside Ramona's ass, and it doesn't take long for her to love it! In fact, anal newbie Ramona gets so excited that she's just begging to taste Akrysta's cock after, resulting in another first: ass to mouth!

Ramona's First Creampie! (HD) video by Ramona Ramone

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Ramona's First Creampie! (HD)

Some mornings, Alabaster and I just can't control ourselves - especially when there's a camera already set up! We love showing off and decide to leave the camera rolling as we indulge our pre-noon fantasies. But Alabaster has something special in store for me this time... watch as he fucks me every which way before exploding inside my pussy - my very first creampie! Thank goodness I had my camera and could get a nice close up shot of my cunt all shiny with his cum dripping out of me after I'd been freshly fucked! (Originally made as a custom video.)

Hip Kid Converse Cum (HD) video by Ramona Ramone

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Hip Kid Converse Cum (HD)

Sometimes you're too horny to bother taking your shoes off! Watch me use my fingers and vibrator to bring myself to a wild orgasm, showing off my beat up old converse for you the whole time, in multiple positions. You can even buy the converse for a $50 tip, if you're a real shoe fanatic!

The Magic Apple (HD) video by Ramona Ramone

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The Magic Apple (HD)

Snow White is getting tired of just sitting around the house while the dwarves are at work, but a kind old lady stopped by and gave her a shiny red apple to cheer her up. What Snow White doesn't realize, is that this apple is enchanted, and with every bite, she gets more and more horny! There's only one way to break the curse...

Fun With Whipped Cream (HD) video by Ramona Ramone

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Fun With Whipped Cream (HD)

Everyone knows that Ramona and Poppy love getting dirty and tasting each other, but what happens when you add whipped cream into the mix? Ramona's got a full can, and she and Poppy take turns covering each others' boobs, bellies and butts, using their tongues to clean it all off between kisses.

Anything for the Answer Key! (HD) video by Ramona Ramone

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Anything for the Answer Key! (HD)

Ramona needs to pass this test if she doesn't want to fail school, but her tutor, Poppy, could get in a whole lot of trouble for giving away the answer key. Good thing Ramona is desperate and willing to do ANYTHING for those answers!

Experimenting Sisters Part 2 (HD) video by Ramona Ramone

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Experimenting Sisters Part 2 (HD)

Now that she's home from college, Poppy has already shown her little sister Ramona how good being with a girl can feel. But Ramona still has a lot to learn - including how to eat pussy! Watch Poppy instruct her younger sis on the joys of lesbian sex, including the best position: 69!

Let's Play Cards JOI & CEI (HD) video by Ramona Ramone

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Let's Play Cards JOI & CEI (HD)

I know you're my friend, but we've been sitting here forever and I'm getting bored. You know what would be fun? Why don't you take your cock out and we'll play a little game - I've brought a pack of cards which will help me have a little fun with you. If you agree to listen and follow my instructions, you'll get to see me take my clothes off, but only if you do exactly as I say! And of course, I've always wanted to see a guy eat his own cum. After nearly twenty minutes, I wonder if I'll let you finish or ruin your orgasm... I'll guess you'll have to play and see!

Sex Kitten Gives a Sloppy Blowjob (HD) video by Ramona Ramone

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Sex Kitten Gives a Sloppy Blowjob (HD)

Your good little kitten Ramona knows just what to do with a big hard cock. In this B/G POV video, I show off my white tail plug before proving just how good I can lick and suck a big cock, getting myself all messy in the process while I gag and take it as deep down my throat as I can. But your little pet still looks cute, even when she gets a big mouthful of cum!

Happy Valentines Day, Babe (HD) video by Ramona Ramone

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Happy Valentines Day, Babe (HD)

It's your first Valentine's Day with your favorite girl, and I want it to be absolutely perfect. I bring you into my room, where I've set up soft lighting and candles, and of course, I've picked out new red lingerie just for you. I have a very special night planned, but I have to get you all warmed up first, so I invite you to start stroking your cock while I show off for you with my fingers and g-spot dildo before taking you into my mouth and sucking you off POV-style. Finally it's time to pull out my big surprise: a sex candle! I drip the purple wax all over my torso as I play with myself and tell you just how excited I am for our big night.

Breaking in the Lounge: 1st BG Sex Vid (HD) video by Ramona Ramone

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Breaking in the Lounge: 1st BG Sex Vid (HD)

I just got a new lounge for my cam room, but I need to make sure it's tough enough to handle me getting down and dirty in my shows and videos! What better way to test the new furniture's resiliency than to fuck on it? Thankfully, Alabaster has no problem lending a hand - or a cock. Watch as I kiss him and he makes me gag on his cock before fucking me hard in multiple positions and shoots cum onto my back and ass! (This is my first boy/girl sex video EVER made!)

Bathtime with Poppy Tart HD video by Ramona Ramone

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Bathtime with Poppy Tart HD

BBW MissTart and her cute eighteen year old pal Ramona got very dirty at the bunny house, so they decided to take a bath together! Watch them kiss and soap each other up, eventually touching each other's pretty pussies!

Santa's Naughtiest Reindeer HD video by Ramona Ramone

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Santa's Naughtiest Reindeer HD

I've been a bad little helper to Santa, and stole gifts from his workshop, so he decided I needed to be punished. But once I'm gagged and left all by myself, I can't help opening one more box - how lucky that it happened to contain a Hitachi! And what's that falling out of my panties? Looks like this little reindeer snuck a glass anal toy past dear old Saint Nick!

Bad Girl Home Alone HD video by Ramona Ramone

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Bad Girl Home Alone HD

A girl like me thinks school is for losers, so I'm playing hooky! I put on my uniform, but instead of getting on the bus, I sneak back in once my parents have left the house. I've raided the liquor cabinet and smoke the secret bowl I had hidden in a hollowed out book, I even tried on my mom's fancy heels (she'd be furious if she found out if been in her closet!) But no day off would be complete without giving myself a loud orgasm with the Hitachi I keep hidden under my pillow!

Warm and Wooly HD video by Ramona Ramone

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Warm and Wooly HD

It's getting colder and colder up here in the Northeast, so I cuddled up in bed wearing my big hand knit sweater and thigh high knit socks. Once I'm all warmed up, my hand starts to wander down to my unshaven pussy - I've been letting the hair grow for over two weeks! I have fun playing with my little trimmed mound and fingering myself while showing off my long legs in my adorable socks. Finally I can't take it anymore, and cum for you using my newest g-spot dildo, still wearing my socks and sweater!

Good Vibrations HD video by Ramona Ramone

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Good Vibrations HD

A much better quality reimagining of my 420 Masturbation video (which was made in my first month as a camgirl, before I had an high-def webcam.) I'm alone in the apartment and have just done an entire five hour cam shift - I need to relax! I light a bowl while admiring my unusually fuzzy pussy, starting to finger and stroke myself between hits. Eventually, I pick up my Hitachi, and vibrate myself to a literally body-shaking stoned orgasm!

HD An Explanation of Multiple Orgasms video by Ramona Ramone

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HD An Explanation of Multiple Orgasms

I've decided that I want to show you exactly how I like to masturbate, and explain what I do that makes me feel good. I start out with just my fingers, teasing my pussy and clit (which I have up close to the camera) before moving on to my Hitachi Magic Wand and my bullet vibrator. As I play with myself, I tell you exactly what I'm doing and how it feels (lots of talking!) as I edge and tease myself to the first orgasm, trying to keep talking to you and maintain control as best I can while on the edge. After I finally allow myself to cum, I prove I'm not finished! Using my fingers, I bring myself to a second orgasm, then a third with my vibrator, until I'm a shaking mess. Dialogue and description throughout entire video!

HD Feelin' the Bern video by Ramona Ramone

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HD Feelin' the Bern

Nothing gets me wetter than a politician I can stand behind. I start off by explaining (simply) why I, Ramona Ramone, support presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, then I strip down from my Bernie tee to just my bright red heels, and show off in honor of the Bern. Watch as I fuck myself with my dildo, write his name on my body in bright red lipstick, and even stuff my lace g-string into my pussy and retrieve it by pulling on my "Bernie 2016" pin. Who knew politics could be this sexy? (ALL PROCEEDS - minus the 25% cut which goes to AmateurPorn - will be donated to Bernie Sanders' campaign for presidency.)

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All my boy/girl content in one place and at a discount! ;)

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Barely Legal Basics

My first ten videos from when I was only eighteen! Hitachi play, dildo fucking, and even boy/girl content!

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