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Hi, I'm Queen Ruune (and you will address me like that). My favorite thing to do is belittle men and help them realize they're inferior to women, very often by hypnosis. My ass will make you weak and My eyes will have you submitting to Me completely. I do custom clips too, the stranger the request, the better. I was born to be worshiped and you were born to serve Me.

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  • Amateur Porn Model Queen Ruune
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  • Amateur Porn Model Queen Ruune
Amateur Porn Video : Stroke it to My perfect ass, loser!

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Stroke it to My perfect ass, loser!

feedback from the loser who ordered this custom:"Sweet Jesus. That just blew my mind. Can't thank You enough, and I couldn't be happier with what You did with it. Thanks so much!" This is a custom clip I made for johnny. His name is used throughout. Watch Me oil up My perfect ass as I tell you to stroke it.This is all you're gonna get to see, a loser like you should consider himself lucky enough to even look at My ass. I give you a 10 second countdown and tell you to blow your pathetic load to My perfect ass.

Amateur Porn Video : Mesmerized into ignore fetish

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Mesmerized into ignore fetish

With this clip I make you love being ignored. We all know you get off just looking at Me and My attention is a privilege to be earned. Only by worshiping me in every single way can you become My best slave. Which is what you want; what good is a slave if he's not fully committed? Take the next step and watch this clip.

Amateur Porn Video : Mesmerized into My ATM

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Mesmerized into My ATM

Your only use on this planet is as My personal ATM. You live for the pleasure of giving Me money. You give Me whatever I want. It's why you have a job, idiot.

Amateur Porn Video : My ass owns you

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My ass owns you

Let's face it, there's nothing you want more than to bask in the glory of My beautiful ass. I'm giving you the chance to worship it, rubbing it in your face... you're so weak for My ass. It owns you and there's no resisting it. Don't even try.

Amateur Porn Video : Dirty feet

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Dirty feet

This is one for My footslaves! I show off My dirty feet in different positions and spit on them to make them even more dirty. Of course SOMEONE is gonna have to lick them clean...

Amateur Porn Video : Turning you into My money spending robot

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Turning you into My money spending robot

This is a custom clip, the name David is used. I brainwash you into a mindless robot. You have no will of your own and your mind is completely blank. Now that youre all Mine to control, I turn you into My moneyslave. I will install triggers that will be of use to Me at later times but also every single day. Some everyday actions will trigger you to spend money on Me. You dont realize what Im doing to you because youre My robot, My money spending robot. Lucky you, if I didnt install those triggers, how else would you know how to spend your money!

Amateur Porn Video : Follow this loser's example

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Follow this loser's example

My moneyslave is setting a good example for all of you weak losers. Hes living the dream now that hes buying Me presents, making Me happy. he gets the pleasure of knowing that I wear these leggings and he made it possible. Its the only way to really show your gratitude. Stop being such a waste of time and start paying.

Amateur Porn Video : your life is meaningless without Me

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your life is meaningless without Me

You keep coming to Me with your financial domination fantasies, but you never follow up. You're all talk. You talk and talk and talk My fucking ears off and I'm sick of it. Bitches like you need to pay for a woman's attention, especially for Mine. This is your last chance, either you man the fuck up and start paying tribute like a REAL moneyslave, or you'll never see Me again, You're worthless unless you become My moneyslave. Let's face it, there's nothing in your life that's worth living for. That's why you need Me! If you don't have Me in your life, it's just an empty, loser life. Are you going to continue living your unfulfilling pathetic life?

Amateur Porn Video : Mesmerized into telling Me your biggest secret

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Mesmerized into telling Me your biggest secret

I'm super bored, so I'm going to play a little game with you. You can't pass up any opportunity to look into My beautiful eyes, so of course you don't even think twice about playing along. Make sure you are ready to send an email because I am going to tell you EXACTLY what you're going to do! You will tell Me your biggest secret. You will email it to Me. You need to get this off your chest. Aren't I such a helpful Goddess? Where would you be without me? Nowhere you fucking dipshit. So do as I say or lead an empty life without Me.

Amateur Porn Video : Fucking up your health pt 2

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Fucking up your health pt 2

Now that you really enjoy smoking thanks to Me, lets improve your life a little more! Youve been cutting sugar out of your diet and I say its time for you to stop being so ridiculous. Eat all the sugar you can! Candy, cookies, insane amounts of soda You will report back and thank Me, I just know it.

Amateur Porn Video : Jerk it to My perfect bikini body pt 1

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Jerk it to My perfect bikini body pt 1

First I mesmerize you into complete obedience. Then I show off My perfet body in a nice leopard print bikini while giving you instructions. But of course you need My permission to cum... But when will I give it? See for yourself...

Amateur Porn Video : Mesmerized into leaving your wife

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Mesmerized into leaving your wife

You've had issues with your wife for a long time now. You've been begging Me to help you and because I'm sick of your whining, I've come up with a solution: you will be leaving your wife to be with Me. It's easy to convince you... you are My slave, after all. Why would you try to displease Me?

Mesmerize, Homewrecker, Goddess Worship, Femdom

Amateur Porn Video : Jerk it to My perfect bikini body pt 2

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Jerk it to My perfect bikini body pt 2

Of course you can't help yourself, you NEED to cum. You'd do anything to cum to My perfect body

Amateur Porn Video : Fucking up your health

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Fucking up your health

You don’t smoke and like to stay as healthy as possible. Too bad I’m gonna fuck it all up hahaha! I don’t give a fuck about your health, it’s all about My pleasure. I’m blowing smoke in your face and make you smoke with Me. After only one toke you’re coughing your lungs out. I hope you get really sick from this.

Amateur Porn Video : Lured in by an evil Queen

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Lured in by an evil Queen

My eyes are so powerful and have made many losers weak already, but I never have enough. Those who are already buying My clips are on the right path, those who don't have a desire to be Mine, they just don't know it yet. But that won't take long. I'm at a bar when I spot My next victim: you. You're in your forties and I can tell you're loaded. Of course it doesn't take much more than a little bit of skin to get your attention and after not even 5 minutes you want to come home with Me. Sure, why not? Little do you know that I will have you under my control in less than 10 minutes. I sneakily mesmerize you and before you know it, I own you. I have some very evil plans with you... You will be totally ruined after this and you'll thank Me for it.

Amateur Porn Video : Therapy gone wrong

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Therapy gone wrong

You've been watching mom/son porn for a long time now. You're very ashamed that you're into this and want to get rid of this kink. Naturally I can help you. What you don't know though, is that I'm an utterly evil therapist. I firmly believe that indulgence is the only option, so I mesmerize you into wanting to fuck your own mother. You're gonna love it.

Amateur Porn Video : Hiccups

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This is a rare/special clip in the sense that I'm very laid back, looking cute while hiccuping. There's quite a few. Quiet ones and louder ones. Enjoy!

Amateur Porn Video : I'm the boss now

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I'm the boss now

My boss left his phone at work. Me being the perfect employee that I am, I of course kept it for him. But I couldn’t resist checking his messages… That filthy little fuck has a girlfriend! I wonder if his wife knows? I bet he’d do anything to stop me from calling his wife and telling her about his dirty secret. Guess I’ll be sitting in his office from now on!

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