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Princess Mei

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Joined Feb.22, 2017
Height 5'0"
Weight 115 lbs
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 36C
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black

Princess Mei

My Bio

Hi, I'm Mei! I am a cam girl from Europe ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ If you have any requests you can email me at Tip 50 tokens if you'd like to buy my panties/pantyhose/socks. Add 15 tokens if you'd also like a polaroid photo of me wearing them. Please message me afterwards!

Up Close video by Princess Mei

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Up Close

Fingering and masturbation. Only video that focuses on my pussy this close.

Asian Belly Button Fetish video by Princess Mei

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Asian Belly Button Fetish

Hey study buddy, we're meeting up today because we have an exam coming up so we've got lots of work to do! But you kinda suck at hiding your belly button fetish. And it's even harder for you because you are really into Asian girls, and you can't resist me. Damn... You can barely control your hard on. You know what? Studying can wait, let's have some fun first ;)

Ew, you loser video by Princess Mei

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Ew, you loser

I cannot believe I've been paired up with a loser like you for this assignment?! I'm like the most popular school and I refuse to breathe the same air as you, let alone work with you. I'll just have you do everything while I talk to my boyfriend over the phone about how pathetic this whole situation is. I tell him you're so awkward and freaky and that you're probably a virgin, and that you'll die as a virgin too. While saying all this I laugh out loud. I catch you staring at me and start to strip and tease since you'll never be this close to a girl this hot ever again. I'm wearing a sporty lingerie set but won't show any more skin because you're just a dumb loser who doesn't deserve to see all of me.

How much I love white dicks video by Princess Mei

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How much I love white dicks

Hey, it's your girlfriend here. I have been wanting to be honest with you and tell you how much more I love white dicks than Asian ones. I still love yours, but there's something white guys have that you don't have. While I tell you why I prefer white dicks, I get horny and start to touch myself with the imagination how a white dick satisfies me so much more than you ever can.

Plugged and Fucked video by Princess Mei

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Plugged and Fucked

I've been waiting for you to come home. Horny. I start off by giving you a gentle blowjob. Then I take my top off and tease you while I insert my buttplug for you. And after that it is time to ride you. This video gives a continuous closeup view of how I ride you.

Lingerie Fashion Show video by Princess Mei

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Lingerie Fashion Show

I show off 14 of my lingerie sets while seductively dancing for you.

JOI Edging Workout video by Princess Mei

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JOI Edging Workout

In this video I'm giving you the best edging experience while I heavily tease you in my fitness wear. I'm going to tell you how to touch yourself... And when to keep your hands off. I'm only going to show you my assets when I think you've been a good boy and have earned it. Can you hold your cum until the end? You're only allowed to cum when I say so. My instructions are vague sometimes and it might leave you confused, but as long as you make sure you don't cum when you're not allowed to I will take a piece of clothing off. Slowly, one by one.

Shy Girl video by Princess Mei

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Shy Girl

A very quiet video except for the moans here & there and the 'damn' I say at the end. But it has a lot of innocent smiles tho. I start by teasing you and flashing my boobies and butt. There's no continuous nudity in this video, hence the title 'Shy Girl'. This unicorn wand is so damn strong!! *__*

Naughty Play Time video by Princess Mei

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Naughty Play Time

If you liked my video The First Time you're going to LOVE this one! I start off by giving a very innocent look whereafter I dance and strip for you. The rest of the video shows you how I pleasure myself by rubbing and fingering my puss. No talking, but lots of heavy breathing and moaning. This is my longest video (20 min)!!

Purple Pleasure video by Princess Mei

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Purple Pleasure

Dildo (medium sized) fucking on my bed! No socks in this one.

Jerk Off Instruction video by Princess Mei

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Jerk Off Instruction

A video in where I tell you exactly how to touch yourself, while I strip my clothes off and play with myself along the way. I am slightly mean, but in a playful way, you know? Let's cum together. But... You cannot cum until I have counted from 10 to 1.

Nothing But A Tease video by Princess Mei

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Nothing But A Tease

Doing what I do best: teasing you in my cutest way possible while wearing my comfiest hoodie and a super mini skirt. However, while dancing, I'm getting rid of the hoodie soon enough to show you what I've been hiding for you. To make it worse I'm giving you a closeup view of my vag as well. Yes, you'd wish I'd at least touch it for a bit. But nah, I'm not. After watching this you'll be craving for more... But the video ends right after 1 hard spank. Nothing follows.

Boobs Lotion Play video by Princess Mei

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Boobs Lotion Play

A whole video dedicated to boobz! I start the video by taking off my top and my bra and I massage my boobies with BOTH a smooth aloe vera gel and a very thick and white lotion.

The First Time video by Princess Mei

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The First Time

A very straightforward video and my first masturbation video. The video starts and ends with a little tease and in between I cum twice while touching and fingering myself. Lots of heavy breathing as well!

Sensual Strip Tease video by Princess Mei

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Sensual Strip Tease

While I dance to the song Body Party by Ciara, I slowly take off my clothes... except for the skirt. Although the suspenders on the skirt fail to completely cover my nipples...

1 PhotosSnapchat Compilation 2016-2017 photo gallery by Princess Mei

Snapchat Compilation 2016-2017

Has 393 photos from the past year! Lots of (silly) selfies and teases. The zip file will be sent to you through email.

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