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Park Heckie

About Me

Joined Oct.16, 2016
Height 5'7"
Weight 200 lbs
Body Type Curvy
Bra Size 38DD
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Other (dyed)

Park Heckie

My Bio

Ultra cute transboy, here to fulfill all your greatest fantasies. A little Dominant, a little submissive, ALL BRAT. 420 friendly ☆ kinks: rope, bondage, spanking, hair pulling, biting, petplay, orgasm control, & many more~

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Growing Cock Jerk Off video by Park Heckie

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Growing Cock Jerk Off

My cock is bigger and hungrier than it's ever been! In this POV I show you how sexy it is when I jerk my cock for you. The longer I go, the more desperate and slutty my moans and whimpers become, until I have a nice, grunty cum.

Horny Goth Prince video by Park Heckie

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Horny Goth Prince

It's the middle of the night and my boicock is throbbing for attention. In order to please myself, I tease you, suck my nipples, and play with my growing dick. I cum once before slipping off to bed, happily satisfied.

pajama sexcapades ep o1 - tease transslutpuppy video by Park Heckie

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pajama sexcapades ep o1 - tease transslutpuppy

(15+ minutes) it's a slow sunday morning; video games, tea, cuddles. but she's hella horny and i'm in the mood to be a bit of a sadist and tease, so we decide to have a little fun! lots of making out, biting, sucking, scratching, spanking, and jerking off hot girlcock. guest starring my fabulous roommate, @transslutpuppy~ ("pajama sexcapades" is a series of raw and unedited videos that give you a fly-on-the-wall perspective into my real, personal sex life)

Jiggle and Squish video by Park Heckie

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Jiggle and Squish

A five minute tribute to my beautiful fat! Lots of shaking, humping, and wiggling to get my body moving just right. I start off by revealing my wonderful belly and the delicious way it dances. Soon after, I do away with my shirt, adding my chest to the pile of soft squishiness. In the second half, I begin to finger my juicy, plump boypussy, which is just as thick as the rest of me. The video ends as I smother you between my breasts.

Best Butt You've Ever Seen video by Park Heckie

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Best Butt You've Ever Seen

A generous video of me displaying my best asset: my ass. I tease, shake, and spank for your enjoyment. Includes: spanking, pillow humping, thongs, short shorts, asshole flash, boypussy flash.

boy curves 4 life

if you love my curves and fats, this is the ultimate package for you! two videos and 107 photos that showcase everything i have to offer ... well, with my clothes off, anyway. ;)

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Total Video Length 12 min 40 secs
# of Photos 107
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park + transslutpuppy = yum

get all of my work with transslutpuppy to date! in all content, i Top her and it's really fucking hot!

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Total Video Length 16 min 24 secs
# of Photos 44
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30 PhotosDark Waters photo gallery by Park Heckie

Dark Waters

even in the bath, i am your ready and eager toy. just for you, i show off my curves, growing cock, and tight, hairy holes. the pitch black water swallows my pale skin, inviting you to touch what's hidden beneath the surface. a bath worthy of your sweet goth prince. my first new photoset since starting testosterone!

15 Photos1ooo chaturbate followers - thank yooooou photo gallery by Park Heckie

1ooo chaturbate followers - thank yooooou

just a cheap, sexy, & dreamy photoset to celebrate one thousand followers on chaturbate!

44 Photosunder my control - ft transslutpuppy photo gallery by Park Heckie

under my control - ft transslutpuppy

i tease, torment, and cuddle in this sensual rope bondage photoset. my bottom, transslutpuppy, submits herself to me, her delicious girlcock dripping with excitement. my leather boots dominate her where she's most vulnerable (light CBT). unlock 44 photos in glorious 1080p HD. you are under my control.

15 Photosred corset photo gallery by Park Heckie

red corset

alone, all dressed up, and wanting you. a set of 15 softcore, low-fi bites of me in a lovely red corset. see my curves in all their glory. featured shots of my luscious ass and breasts. a little treat just for you~

50 PhotosCocoNUT All Over Me photo gallery by Park Heckie

CocoNUT All Over Me

Hoping to keep my chubbiness as soft as possible, I covered my body in coconut oil. Watch me rub it into my chest, arm, stomach, legs, and ass. I get so turned on from rubbing myself and taking pictures for you that I even start fingering my boypussy~

27 PhotosSelfie Boyfriend photo gallery by Park Heckie

Selfie Boyfriend

Holy shoot, I take a lot of selfies! But these are just for you, baby~ Take a sneak peak into a world where you have the sexiest boyfriend ever (that's me!) and he's sexting you 24/7. Lots of fat, boypussy, booty, bush, and boobs. It doesn't matter how far apart we are, I'll always do my best to tease and please you! ;) 27 HD photos shot in 1080p. Please be sure to leave a review & tip if you enjoyed!