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Joined Aug.07, 2016
Height 5'3"
Weight 130 lbs
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 34D
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette

Penny Trait

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Existential, pansexual, sapiosexual Taurean MILF I love taboo role-play and dirty talk is my specialty! *All my vids are buy 3 get 1 FREE*

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Strawberries And Slut-Juice video by Penny Trait

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Strawberries And Slut-Juice

My newest release is a very dirty ASMR oral tongue and mouth fetish delight! Watch my cute pink mouth lick and suck sweet sugar off strawberries, drooling and suckling as my slutty mouth waters. My big natural tits catch the spit as I lick and drool making lots of juicy noises with my pretty mouth. I get so turned on teasing you that next I make a big creamy slut-mess all over my big toy. If you like ASMR or even just a good oral tease you’ll enjoy this video! Lots of moaning, drool and very hot squirt finish!

Enjoying BBC Porn video by Penny Trait

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Enjoying BBC Porn

I have a major BBC fetish! Watch me as I enjoy one of the best BBC compilations I've ever seen! I get so turned on watching BBC porn~those big beautiful cocks drive me wild! I have to fuck myself with the biggest and blackest toy I have! I can't get enough of my huge dark dildo as I cream and make a slutty mess all over it! Lots of dirty talk too as I tell you about what I'm watching, describing the scenes and wishing it was me getting drilled by those perfect black dicks! *I'm also wearing a cute jeweled-butt plug because I'm a cute anal-whore!

Tit-Fucked By Teacher video by Penny Trait

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Tit-Fucked By Teacher

Your hot teacher Penny always wears the sluttiest outfits and today she’s got her huge natural D-cups on display for the whole class to see. You try to quickly snap a picture but after school she asks you stay after class to discuss something. Busted? Maybe, but what if she just happened to pull those big tits out and continued to jack your hard dick off all over her big beautiful boobs. Mmm….you had no idea when the day started that your hot teacher was gonna be licking and swallowing your cum today!

Tasting Mom And Her Pantyhose video by Penny Trait

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Tasting Mom And Her Pantyhose

Your sexy stepmom Penny catches you spying on her while she’s pleasuring herself. But instead of scolding you, she invites you in for a better look! She’s so incredibly hot in her black pantyhose, she spits and makes a big slutty mess all over her hose and big natural milf tits. Things really heat up when she tells you to pull out your cock and stroke for her while she lets you taste her, giving you orders to lick her spit and juices off her soaked black pantyhose. Next thing you know your watching your mom anally fuck herself hard until she’s begging you to cum inside her milf whore-ass!

Schoolgirl in Sneakers Squirts video by Penny Trait

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Schoolgirl in Sneakers Squirts

Love watching me fuck my perfect pink cunt with my big toys? In my newest filthy release I'm your slutty schoolgirl in sneakers~watch how creamy and wet I get while pumping my toy furiously into my tight schoolgirl cunt until I cum and squirt all over it!

Slutty Sister Sucks And Fucks Brother video by Penny Trait

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Slutty Sister Sucks And Fucks Brother

Penny is your slut sister and she's grounded for the weekend so instead of sucking off the football team she settles for her little brother's thick cock instead! She sucks you, talking dirty and making lots of eye-contact before tit-fucking you with her big natural boobs and finally riding your cock until you cum inside her, a huge messy load right int your slutty sister! I bet your hard just reading this description~don't wait any longer~buy this filthy taboo role-play video

Summer Toes video by Penny Trait

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Summer Toes

In one of my very first videos ever filmed get a voyeuristic view of me cooling down my sexy pink toes with my garden hose. I also take the opportunity to cool down some other sexy pink parts too!

JOI From Professor Penny video by Penny Trait

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JOI From Professor Penny

Your sexy professor Penny has asked you to stay after class to help her with a social experiment. You agree and the next thing you know, your professor has her big tits out and her mouth on your hard cock. She coaxes you talking dirty and titty-fucking and licking your cock until you cover her face and tits with cum.

Cum on Slutty Stepmom's Tits video by Penny Trait

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Cum on Slutty Stepmom's Tits

You are caught staring at your slutty stepmom's big tits again, this time she surprises you by taking them out and teasing you with her hot spit dribbling down her big natural tits. She bounces, squeezes and spits all over her nice milf tits until she finally lets you unload a huge load all over them! *Lots of dirty mommy-talk, sexy eye-contact, and of course big natural tits bouncing plus lots of yummy spit

Sucking & Titty-Fucking Robert video by Penny Trait

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Sucking & Titty-Fucking Robert

I love sucking cock, looking into your eyes while I try to swallow your thick rod down my throat. I cough and gag and make quite a mess! I have such great natural tits to jack you off with too. Watch me enjoy a sloppy, messy, spit and dirty talk BJ, complete with a filthy cum ending in my mouth (from my squirting dildo)

Titty-Fucking Michael video by Penny Trait

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Titty-Fucking Michael

Watch me make a sexy mess all over my big natural tits as I titty-fuck Michael! Lot's of dirty talk, eye-contact, spit, drool, and a nice cumshot all over my tits from my squirty toy

Sucking Marty video by Penny Trait

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Sucking Marty

In my latest addition to the Sucking Series, I'm sucking and titty-fucking Marty! Lot's of eye-contact, dirty talk, tit-play and an awesome and nasty cum-shot all over me from my squirty toy

Shiny Pantyhose DP Cum video by Penny Trait

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Shiny Pantyhose DP Cum

Penny's amazing legs and ass look so good in shiny pantyhose. You can see her wet-spot clearly visible through the sexy hose as she gets wetter by the minute! She's got something filthy to show you! Watch how creamy she gets for you as she gives herself an amazing double-penetration orgasm

Mom Lets You Cum On Her Ass video by Penny Trait

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Mom Lets You Cum On Her Ass

Your mom catches you staring at her ass and first she humiliates you before making you pull out your little dick and stroke it to her hot ass. She shows you how much of a nasty anal whore Mommy can be when she reveals a huge butt-plug. She pulls it out to show you her gaping hole than makes you lick it clean. You get so turned on that you cum all over your mom's ass!

Milf's Creamy Dildo Fuck video by Penny Trait

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Milf's Creamy Dildo Fuck

Watch your favorite naughty Milf Penny make a yummy creamy mess as she dildo-fucks herself hard! Listen to her sexy and sweet moans as she brings herself to an amazing orgasm while making quite the creamy mess

Daddy James video by Penny Trait

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Daddy James

In one of my favorite customs I suck my Daddy James off until he unloads all over my pretty little slut face! POV style with lots of eye-contact, dirty talk and an awesome facial cum shot from my squirty toy

Wedding Night Denial video by Penny Trait

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Wedding Night Denial

Oh you thought because I married you I was going to fuck you? Ha! NEVER! Be humiliated on your wedding night as your new bride Penny the gold-digger explains how she's using you for money and will never fuck you. Let this bratty bride put you in your place, beneath her, like the pathetic small-dicked LOSER you are. Filmed by porn actress and fetish producer Allie Eve Knox @allieeveknox

Emasculated By Your Girlfriend video by Penny Trait

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Emasculated By Your Girlfriend

Penny's not only your girlfriend, she's your greedy fiancee! Yup, she agreed to marry you but she regrets it now that she's met your awesome, confidant and sexy SISTER! Yup...losers like you are even beta to the women in your life. Listen to Penny rant about what a pathetic beta bitch you are and how hot your alpha sister is

Sweaty Stepmom Tit-Obsession + Blackmail video by Penny Trait

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Sweaty Stepmom Tit-Obsession + Blackmail

Your stepmom Penny is such a bitch but she's so hot and always makes your dick so hard! This time she catches you staring at her as she does yoga. She takes advantage of the situation and tricks you into jacking off on her tits again! And as expected, she's got her own agenda, Penny blackmails you again threatening to tell your Dad!

Penny's Pissy Pantyhose video by Penny Trait

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Penny's Pissy Pantyhose

At last, a very naughty pee-fetish vid for my perviest piss and pantyhose loving fans. It's short but sweet and if you love watching Sexy Milf's piss themselves, you're gonna love this one and as always with Penny, probably end up wetting your own pants! ***Be sure to give this video some love (heart it!) if you wanna see more nasty hot piss vids from Penny

25 PhotosNude photo gallery by Penny Trait


This is my one and only full-nude pic set. It's self-shot and was completely spontaneous and it turned out to be one of my favorite sets I've ever created. Completely nude~no clothes, no make-up, my hair is still damp from my shower. The bright morning sun's strong rays are shining upon me, I feel vulnerable and exposed yet beautiful.

9 PhotosCocooned photo gallery by Penny Trait


Nylon fetish? Me too. Enjoy this amazing set shot by camgirl and erotic cinematographer @Owyn_Loxley. One of my all-time favorite sets and truly a stunning work of art, see me cocooned in a large nylon encasement.

12 PhotosSoft White photo gallery by Penny Trait

Soft White

Love a soft pretty tease? Sweet and mild no full nudity or explicit shots in this set but it's a popular amongst my nylon and lingerie fans. I'm wearing a sexy white see-through nylon dress/stocking set while lounging on my bed, relaxed and feeling sexy and feminine. Oh and boobs. Lots of sexy see-through boobs.