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Penny Trait

About Me

Joined Aug.07, 2016
Height 5'3"
Weight 140 lbs
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 34D
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette

Penny Trait

My Bio

Existential, pansexual, sapiosexual Taurean MILF I love taboo role-play and dirty talk is my specialty! *All my vids are buy 3 get 1 FREE*

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All I Want For Christmas Is Everything! video by Penny Trait

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All I Want For Christmas Is Everything!

It's simple. All I want for Christmas is YOUR everything. We both already know your aching to buy this video so you can once again be mesmerized by my sensual yet greedy voice. There's no escaping once you lay your desperate eyes on my perfect milf body. I look so amazing in fishnet pantyhose! Not to mention my sweet erotic voice is impossible to get out of your head isn't it? LOL So go on....get your wallet ready know what I want from you~EVERYTHING!

Cock For Christmas video by Penny Trait

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Cock For Christmas

Milf Goddess Penny Trait knows what you really want for Christmas~and she knows it's thick and veiny and you want it in your little cockwhore mouth! Ha! You can't deny your bi and you've been craving big juicy cock to perfect milf Penny Trait~she knows exactly whats at the top of your Christmas list you naughty boy!

Obsessed With Milf Tits And Ass video by Penny Trait

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Obsessed With Milf Tits And Ass

Admit it~you've been obsessing about perfect milf Penny Trait. She has perfect big natural tits and her adorable ass is so sexy! Her milf curves drive you wild plus her sensual voice stays stuck in your head for days. Your obsessed with Penny Trait and you know it so buy this video already and don't forget your wallet (your going to tribute) $illy $ubbybutt

Seduced By My Sensuality video by Penny Trait

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Seduced By My Sensuality

You know you can't get enough of perfect milf Penny's Trait's amazing sensuality. Her luscious curvy milf body mesmerizes you just as much as her sweet and relaxing erotic voice does! You know you need more. You yearn to serve and obey and above all~PAY perfect milf goddess Penny Trait!

Pay Penny's Shiny Pantyhose video by Penny Trait

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Pay Penny's Shiny Pantyhose

Your perfect milf Goddess Penny Trait looks great in anything she wears but she really looks amazing when humiliating you while covered in nylon head to toe! Penny flaunts her sexy body showing off her fit legs in shiny pantyhose while her erotic voice puts you into a soothing sweet trance. Keep your wallet close-by Loser, you'll need it!

Sweet And Sinister CEI video by Penny Trait

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Sweet And Sinister CEI

Your a loser and you know it. You have to pay to get off and lately you've been fantasizing about sucking cocks and tasting cum. And milf Goddess Penny Trait is happy to verbally humiliate you with her sweet and sexy voice. She teases you to the point of orgasm with her luscious body and big natural milf tits. Guess whose swallowing? NOT PENNY

Barefoot Furry And Wet video by Penny Trait

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Barefoot Furry And Wet

Watch your favorite milf Penny Trait soak her adorable natural bush as she fucks her pretty pink pussy with a very big realistic dildo! Listen to her moan and see her adorable little pink feet as she creams and cums on this huge toy

Penny Trait Your Mind video by Penny Trait

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Penny Trait Your Mind

My newest hypno-domme video may be my best! But at this point it doesn't matter much what clip I post~you'll buy it. This one is no different, in fact it's special. Why? Simply because I say so and c'mon get real~you already know you can't resist already know you NEED me to Penny Trait your mind!

Ripped-Off By Penny Trait video by Penny Trait

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Ripped-Off By Penny Trait

You know you can't stop thinking about me. My sensual voice keeps running through your head...when you close your eyes my sexy curvy body is all can you see. You know you've been yearning to get ripped-off by Penny Trait....wait no longer my sweet up $

A$$MERIZED video by Penny Trait

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You can't help yourself from spending more on Penny once you get assmerized by her sensual and seductive feminine powers! Her sexy and erotic voice lures you in as her luscious curves keep your eyes glued to the screen one hand on your cock the other on your wallet~you're ready to're ready to $PEND

Sweet Humiliation video by Penny Trait

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Sweet Humiliation

You're a fucking loser and you know it. You actually get off on hearing me say it don't you? So go ahead and buy this video already so you can listen to fifteen gloriously mean and mesmerizing minutes of my sweet and erotic voice telling you what a pathetic disappointment you are. Because you are. You know it so pay up and shut up.

Sweet-Voice Seduction Part 2~Cum For Me video by Penny Trait

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Sweet-Voice Seduction Part 2~Cum For Me

$ Very good. You found Part Two....ready to cum? You know what to do $

Sweet-Voice Seduction video by Penny Trait

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Sweet-Voice Seduction

Allow yourself to surrender to milf Penny Trait's soothing and sexy voice as she teases you with her beautiful nylon and lingerie covered body. She leads you deeper and deeper into an erotic trance with every sensual word she says to you. Teasing you, relaxing you, enticing you to give her more. Her voice is so soft yet so seductive you can't help but want to PAY PENNY MORE!

Surrender To My Small Ass video by Penny Trait

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Surrender To My Small Ass

Most men love big asses, and some guys love small asses too! Mmm...that's YOU right?! That's how you found me, searching for small ass. You found it. Now sit back, unzip and stroke that dick to my adorable cute little butt!

Expel The Sin~JOI + CEI video by Penny Trait

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Expel The Sin~JOI + CEI

You've been busted with some nude photos of your girlfriend and Headmistress Sister Penny Trait is here to put an end to your perversions. Her techniques are not usual but are always successful! She scolds you than humiliates your small dick and your pervy pathetic ways before making you undress and stroke for her. That's not all she's got planned~Sister Trait watches you desperately make your dumb little dick cum before making you eat every last drop!

The Interrogation~Pantyhose Trance + Cock Sucking Coercion video by Penny Trait

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The Interrogation~Pantyhose Trance + Cock Sucking Coercion

Like spy movies with your smut? Well than you'll love my latest Halloween release! In this POV pantyhose trance and cock-sucking coercion video, you get to be a double agent in the US military, caught and interrogated by the super sexy Sergeant Major Penny Trait, a psychological operations officer sent to put you into a trance and get all the answers you've been hiding! Penny knows most of your secrets already, she knows all about your nylon and pantyhose fetish and to your surprise she also knows about your secret desire to suck dick...yes...big and black throbbing gorgeous dark dick! Sergeant Major Penny Trait is specially trained to interrogate scum bag double-crossing spies like you and believe me she has VERY special and unorthodox techniques to getting the answers she needs! (Don't forget to grab a big toy so you can play along!)

CEI For Grumpy~A Cuck Fantasy video by Penny Trait

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CEI For Grumpy~A Cuck Fantasy

Snow White is fed up with Grumpy's bad attitude so she sits him down to find out what's wrong. She really wants to help Grumpy cheer up and she has the perfect filthy plan to make Grumpy smile! She knows he's been craving hot sticky cum so she gives him a taste of exactly what he needs and she calls Doc in to the room and after sucking him dry in front of Grumpy she lets him eat the tasty cum right out of her sexy slutty princess mouth! Snow White really would do ANYTHING for her wonderful friends!

Barefoot Milf Cums On BBC Toy video by Penny Trait

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Barefoot Milf Cums On BBC Toy

Watch milf Penny Trait cum on her biggest toy while flaunting her cute bare feet for you! Lots of moaning, sexy pink pussy and adorable pink feet

Strawberries And Slut-Juice video by Penny Trait

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Strawberries And Slut-Juice

My newest release is a very dirty ASMR oral tongue and mouth fetish delight! Watch my cute pink mouth lick and suck sweet sugar off strawberries, drooling and suckling as my slutty mouth waters. My big natural tits catch the spit as I lick and drool making lots of juicy noises with my pretty mouth. I get so turned on teasing you that next I make a big creamy slut-mess all over my big toy. If you like ASMR or even just a good oral tease you’ll enjoy this video! Lots of moaning, drool and very hot squirt finish!

Enjoying BBC Porn video by Penny Trait

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Enjoying BBC Porn

I have a major BBC fetish! Watch me as I enjoy one of the best BBC compilations I've ever seen! I get so turned on watching BBC porn~those big beautiful cocks drive me wild! I have to fuck myself with the biggest and blackest toy I have! I can't get enough of my huge dark dildo as I cream and make a slutty mess all over it! Lots of dirty talk too as I tell you about what I'm watching, describing the scenes and wishing it was me getting drilled by those perfect black dicks! *I'm also wearing a cute jeweled-butt plug because I'm a cute anal-whore!

25 PhotosNude photo gallery by Penny Trait


This is my one and only full-nude pic set. It's self-shot and was completely spontaneous and it turned out to be one of my favorite sets I've ever created. Completely nude~no clothes, no make-up, my hair is still damp from my shower. The bright morning sun's strong rays are shining upon me, I feel vulnerable and exposed yet beautiful.

9 PhotosCocooned photo gallery by Penny Trait


Nylon fetish? Me too. Enjoy this amazing set shot by camgirl and erotic cinematographer @Owyn_Loxley. One of my all-time favorite sets and truly a stunning work of art, see me cocooned in a large nylon encasement.

12 PhotosSoft White photo gallery by Penny Trait

Soft White

Love a soft pretty tease? Sweet and mild no full nudity or explicit shots in this set but it's a popular amongst my nylon and lingerie fans. I'm wearing a sexy white see-through nylon dress/stocking set while lounging on my bed, relaxed and feeling sexy and feminine. Oh and boobs. Lots of sexy see-through boobs.