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Joined Nov.12, 2015
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs
Body Type Slender
Bra Size 34A
Eye Color Blue
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Hello! I'm the girl next door. Netflix and chill. I can make any pizza into a personal pizza. Tip 20 tokens for my private twitter!

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  • Amateur Porn Model Norma Chomsky
Amateur Porn Video : Sound and Light

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Sound and Light

A beautiful tease video with original music. I plan to submit an piece to the Berlin Porn Film Festival next year and this clip was a visual sketch for a long form piece I'm working on.

Amateur Porn Video : I Made This for My Boyfriend

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I Made This for My Boyfriend

In a flurry of increasingly erotic texts, I made a spontaneous teasing video for my boyfriend. It's nothing fancy, but the energy was so reeeeal. Now I'm sharing it with you all. Amateur porn in it's truest form. I had to put my glasses back on halfway through in order to selfie-film this thing.

Amateur Porn Video : Mutual Excitement on a First Date

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Mutual Excitement on a First Date

You know when you click effortlessly with a person? First meeting and you're both alive and awake and your blood is pumping? And you want to tear each other's clothes off and fuck like in the movies? But instead it's awkward and you're exploring a new body and the best you can do is laugh, because even if it's awkward, your stomach is still doing backflips with excitement? ... Yeah, me, too. :]

Amateur Porn Video : Know Your Norma: Ep 1

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Know Your Norma: Ep 1

The sexiest thing about me is my personality and voice. This is the first in a series where I'll share my secrets, thoughts, and idiosyncrasies.

Amateur Porn Video : Cold Bathroom Floor

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Cold Bathroom Floor

I lay on the cool bathroom floor and work my hips against my toy. I turn on the vibrator and edge a couple of times before I climax.

Amateur Porn Video : Idle Hands

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Idle Hands

My first collaboration ever, and it's with the fantastic Freshie Juice! An ASMR video to tingle your scalp and spread goosebumps from the back of your neck, over your shoulders, and down your arms. In this video, I brush and braid Freshie Juice's hair into a tight crown. If you've ever enjoyed some one playing with your hair, scratching your scalp, or pulling your hair, you'll enjoy vicariously relaxing through this video.

Amateur Porn Video : At the End of a Record

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At the End of a Record

A new person. You're crazy about each other and you barely know one another. Laying in bed and listening to records, but at the end of this record, you can't tear yourself away from the bed long enough to flip to the B side. Staying in bed all day, learning about each other. Don't forget to grub hub some sustenance. In this video I strip out of my comfy clothes. Soak up the warm sunshine and smile at you. I was thinking about that bliss you experience with an exciting new person. A record's end plays on loop under the video.

Amateur Porn Video : Deep Down in the Darkness

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Deep Down in the Darkness

I hope this video makes you feel upside-downsy-lost-in-flesh-weebly-woobly. I writhe on my bed and use my glass dildo to bring me to orgasm. At the end I sit up and smile at you. White flesh and pink toes.

Amateur Porn Video : Sunday Brunch

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Sunday Brunch

Dirty talk a little story where we come home and you get on your knees for me. If you love a full bush in the glittering sunlight, this is your dream video.

Amateur Porn Video : The Freckles on my Shoulders

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The Freckles on my Shoulders

Beautiful Agony style video, but you're laying next to me. Quiet panting until I cum. Smiling while I use my favorite toy.

Amateur Porn Video : In the Heart of the (Norma) Sea

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In the Heart of the (Norma) Sea

No spoken words. We explore my body and play with soap. It's kind of intense.

Amateur Porn Video : Our First Time

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Our First Time

You know how some people write poems and make art for ex-lovers? Well- I made a pornographic short. I was feeling so much heartache, I needed an outlet. I play on my couch while I recall the first time we had sex. Gentle and loving, with laughter, ecstasy, and bittersweet memories. I hope this makes you smile and gives you goosebumps.

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