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Nina Chrome

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Joined Mar.07, 2016
Height 5'5"
Weight 115 lbs
Body Type Slender
Bra Size 32B
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black

Nina Chrome

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20 yo. bisexual sadomasochistic switch. tip 33 tokens or buy anything off my wishlist to get my Snapchat for life or email me at about custom videos!

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Begging for Anal video by Nina Chrome

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Begging for Anal

Pretty please will you fuck my ass? I start the video off lightly teasing you, already naked except for fishnets, a collar, a latex garter belt, and my huge platform boots. I grope myself and rub spit on my tits before spreading my legs and teasing my pussy a little. But it's not my cunt I want you to fuck... Spreading my ass for you, I finger it a little to warm myself up. Soon enough I'm sliding my cute dildo into my ass, begging you to use my asshole. There's lots of cute submissive dirty talk while I fuck my ass for you. I love being your butt slut so much - it doesn't take too long before I'm begging to be allowed to cum on your cock with the help of my hitachi

CBT Instructional JOI video by Nina Chrome

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CBT Instructional JOI

I saw your dick pic - not too bad! But I can't say I wanted to fuck it, looking at it. No, I had some other ideas of what I'd want to do with you... I start off the video teasing you gently and stripping out of my black bodysuit, leaving me in only thigh highs. I tell you all the painful things I want to put your cock and balls through, using just your hands and a water bottle or glass. Hurting you turns me on, and since you've been so good, I guess we can cum together! I only have two rules - every time I slap my pussy, you slap your balls. Nice and hard. And when you come, ruin it for me by punching your dick, hard. Think you can do that? Then watch me play with myself while I tell you all about how to hurt yourself for me

Sex Therapist - Foot JOI video by Nina Chrome

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Sex Therapist - Foot JOI

You have a secret foot fetish that's been causing you problems since forever. So many of the girls you date think it's weird, and you just want to be rid of it! So you meet up with a sex therapist to find help - but you quickly get distracted at the beginning of your session by her feet, wrapped in fishnet pantyhose and dangling out of the tallest of heels. She notices you ogling them and laughs. It seems your foot fetish is here to stay, so why not enjoy a different kind of treatment? She encourages you to lose your shame around feet, slipping her shoes off for you to see her size 7.5 soles and toes wiggling around for you. The therapist invites you to take off your pants and stroke for her, giving you a gorgeous close up of her feet while she encourages you to sniff and lick her soles and you jerk yourself off. Originally a custom but no names are used

Gas Mask Orgasm video by Nina Chrome

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Gas Mask Orgasm

Nothing is better than hearing your own breathing echoing in your ears while coming hard in a gas mask! I start the video off my slowly stripping out of my dress to reveal that I'm wearing nothing underneath. Now dressed in only stockings, boots and my gas mask I grab my Wartenberg wheel and tease myself gently, running it over my tits and cunt. I squirm and giggle at the light pain before switching out the wheel for my rabbit vibrator, fucking myself in a few positions before giving you a nice close view between my legs while I cum hard

The Sweetest Homewrecker video by Nina Chrome

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The Sweetest Homewrecker

You can do it, if you really want... leave everything behind for me that is. Your wife doesn't need you, the way that you need me. Wouldn't you be lost without me? Give up on your old life, and be my good boy. Spoil me whenever I want, and I will keep you at the edge of bliss forever. I tease you in all the ways I know you like, weakening your resolve not to throw everything away for me, before finally ending by producing a gift for you that will make you mine forever - a glass of my hot, fresh piss. Originally a custom, the name Nate is used several times

Sex Therapist SPH video by Nina Chrome

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Sex Therapist SPH

Welcome back! I'd like to review what we talked about in our last session. You mentioned having a... smaller than average penis, a masturbation addiction and a hard time talking to women? Well, first off, please pull down your pants for me. I need to see just how small we're talking about. Oh don't be shy! If you can't be honest with your therapist who can you be honest with? Oh... well I certainly see what you mean now. No problem however - I have just the treatment plan for you. Originally a custom video but no names are used

Cum To My Ass JOI video by Nina Chrome

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Cum To My Ass JOI

I've decided I want to help you cum - I tell you to get your cock out of your pants and direct you on how to start stroking, stripping down slowly and teasing you as you go. First, I tease you with my tits, then flash my cute floral panties at you and watch you get harder for me. By the time I slide my panties off my wet little pussy I've told you to stroke faster and faster, pushing you closer to orgasm before I beg you to cum for my ass and onto my asshole, using it as a target for your load

Deepthroat Quickie video by Nina Chrome

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Deepthroat Quickie

Exactly what it says on the bottle - a quick tease where I show off my body and tell you how I want you to fuck my throat before I get down to it, enthusiastically fucking my little face until I'm drooling like a water fountain

After a Long Day video by Nina Chrome

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After a Long Day

I wake up surrounded by sex toys after a long night of playing with myself. I try to clean up the mess I made quickly, but one toy seems to be missing - a gem buttplug! Where could it be? I find out later while I'm out that I had it in me the whole time. I flash the buttplug outdoors to Snapchat, shyly exposing my ass in public. For the rest of the day I can't focus, nervously waiting to get home. Once I do, I'm more than ready to play more, though not too eager to take a good long time about it, teasing my body until I can't wait any longer. I suck and fuck my dildo with the buttplug still inside me, edging a few times before I pull out my Hitachi and cum so hard you can see my pussy and asshole pulse

Blackmailed By My Brother video by Nina Chrome

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Blackmailed By My Brother

You come home to find your sister Nina relaxing on the couch and... smoking? You've never seen her do that before, and you know your parents would be pissed if they found out she was doing it in the house. You start to say something, and Nina jumps, startled - she begs you not to tell your parents. Sensing an opportunity, you tell her you'll keep her secret if she does a little something for you. First, you ask her to strip down, showing off her little body for you and even spreading her ass. She reluctantly obliges, but you're not done with her yet. The last thing she'll need to do before her secret is safe is to suck you off, and not gently either. Nina gets down on her knees to suck you off, dirty talking the whole time, in disbelief that she's sucking her brother's cock. You can't blame her - who'd have though you'd be using your sister as a cumrag

Smelly Spit and Ass video by Nina Chrome

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Smelly Spit and Ass

If you like the smell of spit and ass, it's your lucky day. Dressed in nothing but my black stiletto heels, I spit into my hands, sniffing it deeply while I rub it all over myself. I talk about how it smells - and how strongly! - before flipping over and spreading my ass. You want to smell that too, don't you? I wink my asshole at you while encouraging you to bury your face in my ass and forget about clean air - all you need now is the smell of my ass. (originally a custom but no names are used )

Anal Creampie in Latex video by Nina Chrome

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Anal Creampie in Latex

I got all dressed up for you! In my skin tight latex jacket and wet look mini skirt, I tease you just a little, rubbing my pussy and showing off my cute bubble butt. Then I spread my ass for you, giving you some nice close ups as I first finger my ass, then take my lube shooter to squirt some lube inside me to keep me nice and wet. The sensation of it sliding into my ass makes me squirm, and I size up to my cute pink buttplug, using it stretch my ass wider so I can fit in my bad dragon dildo. I fuck my tight little asshole with the toy in doggy for a while, whimpering and moaning at how full I feel, then grab my Hitachi. I leave the toy buried in my ass till I cum hard and loudly, when it pops out. After a few cumdrunk giggles I grab the toy and start fucking my ass again with it - this time it leaves a nice sticky creampie in my ass

Merciless Tease video by Nina Chrome

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Merciless Tease

I test out my new Wartenberg wheel in red lingerie and thigh highs, sliding it over my smooth skin. I start out on my chest, teasing my neck, ribs, and tits, before sliding lower to roll it across my ass and pussy. The delicate pain on my soft spots make me whimper and I can't help but play with myself a little, still rolling the wheel over myself. Before too long, I'm overwhelmed by teasing myself with pain and pleasure, and grab a glass dildo to fuck myself into squirming, masochistic oblivion, having one of my most intense and genuine moments on camera ever

Latex Sluts Playtime video by Nina Chrome

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Latex Sluts Playtime

This little latex slut is ready to serve! Dressed up in a latex hood, thong, gloves, and dental gag I begin by teasing you a bit, groping myself, fingering my mouth and spreading my plush little ass to reveal the buttplug nestled in my asshole. I then grab my hitachi and sit on it while drool falls out of my gagged mouth and I squirm and whimper. Desperate to be allowed to cum, I remove the gag and suck you off, telling you what a good girl I'll be if only you'll let me have an orgasm. I guess my cocksucking skills pass the test, because you soon allow me to put the hitachi back on my clit and ride it until I cum - provided I don't stop sucking

Black Leather Gloves video by Nina Chrome

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Black Leather Gloves

Who doesn't love the feeling of soft leather on skin? I slip on a pair of black leather gloves, running them everywhere over my body and giving you a nice close view of everything they do - squeezing my tits, groping my soft thighs, holding my hips and finally running down between my legs to play with my pussy. My cunt gets wetter and wetter as I rub my leather clad fingers over it, still groping myself with the other hand. Eventually I get out my Hitachi and cum hard, letting you watch every last spasm that goes through me

Partygirl video by Nina Chrome

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I just want to have fun - in my neon saturated room, I twerk and bounce my ass for the camera, slowly stripping off my bikini bottoms. Then my top comes off and I start to get handsy with myself, rubbing my pussy a little before I flip over to slip in my sparkly buttplug. I give you a little show with that in, bouncing my ass again so my cheeks show off little glimpses of the buttplug. I grab my double ended dildo and get it wet before sliding it into my pussy and fucking myself hard in multiple positions till I'm moaning and yelping with pleasure, finally cumming visibly and loudly with the buttplug, double ended dildo and my hitachi

Sadistic Nurses Cruel Experiments video by Nina Chrome

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Sadistic Nurses Cruel Experiments

Welcome to Nurse Nina's clinic! You came here for an experimental penis enlargement procedure, and the anesthesia is just kicking in... You start to feel woozy and relax into darkness. But when you wake up, something is strange. Nurse Nina looks very different, and she's acting oddly too. And what are all those scary looking tools? As you continue to awaken the nurse explains something to you - you were never going to have a penis enlargement. She's lured you here because she HATES little dick bitches like you - and she has a plan to get rid of you altogether. But before her plan is complete, Nurse Nina is going to have a little fun with you - with no anesthesia. (Video includes Femdom, Verbal Hvmiliation, Nurse Play, Medical Fetish, Torture, Dental Gags, SPH, Virgin Hvmiliation, Nipple Play, Anal Play, Violet Wand, Speculum, Ass Stretching, and Spit. The music in the preview is not in the video

Watch Your Cheating GF Suck Cock video by Nina Chrome

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Watch Your Cheating GF Suck Cock

You adore your sweet, hot girlfriend but one day you walk in on her naked in bed with another guy! Even though she's been caught she continues, stripping down before sucking his cock - all the while telling you about why she chose this, why you would never be enough, and how much better she feels with him. Mesmerized, you can't do anything but sit and watch as the girl you love turns into a cruel, dirty slut right before your eyes

Messy Blowjob in Latex Hood and Gloves video by Nina Chrome

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Messy Blowjob in Latex Hood and Gloves

11 minutes of sloppy cocksucking in my latex hood (with pigtails) and latex gloves! Video begins with teasing as I warm up to the feel of latex on my skin, sucking on my fingers and running them all over my body. When I'm done showing off my tight little body for you I get out my favorite dildo and suck eagerly on it. My mouth waters uncontrollably and I drool all over my dildo and tits, occasionally sucking it back up just to let it out again! I switch between sweetly teasing the cock and roughly facefucking myself with it - I love it all

Ice Cream Covered Facefuck video by Nina Chrome

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Ice Cream Covered Facefuck

Dressed in a rashguard and black latex gloves to show off the mess I make better, I facefuck myself with a double ended dildo for 10 minutes. I smear vanilla ice cream everywhere - on my face, my mouth, my chest, and all over the dildo so I can suck it off and drool it back over myself. Before long, I'm a complete mess, but my slutty sweet tooth has been satisfied

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