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19 yo. bisexual sadomasochistic switch. tip 33 tokens or buy anything off my wishlist to get my Snapchat for life or email me at about custom videos!

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Amateur Porn Video : Slavegirl Audition Part 2

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Slavegirl Audition Part 2

In part two of Slavegirl Audition, I pick up where I left off - requesting to clean my Master's boots with my tongue. Before I begin though, my Master offers me a gift - one that will ensure I don't fuck up my job. At first I think it's only a collar, and am ecstatic that my Master has decided to collar me, but I soon find out there's a secret. It's an electric shock collar, and any time I don't fulfill my duties correctly, I'll be shocked until I get it right. I don't complain though, as my Master surely knows what's best, and I get to work licking up all the dirt from his boots, with lots of continued face slapping and even kicking my face with the tough, rubber soled boots. Once I've licked my Master's boots to his satisfaction, he gives me one final test - to suck his cock. I'm so happy just to have a chance to please that I allow myself to be degraded, facefucked roughly, and slapped around even more before my Master cums and tells me to get to work on the rest of my new duties.

Amateur Porn Video : Slavegirl Audition Part 1

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Slavegirl Audition Part 1

I want you to be my Master, and I'm more than willing to prove myself. I mean, I wouldn't expect you to accept any silly slut as yours, would I? I start off on my knees in a cute schoolgirl outfit, telling you all the ways I'll serve you if you'd accept me as yours - I'll clean, service you sexually, anything you want. That's all I could ask for. And don't worry, I know my place - I regularly degrade myself throughout, slapping myself and repeating whatever cruel names you call me. When you ask me to strip for you and dance, so you can examine my body more closely, I do it happily - anything for my Master! And yes, I'm a little embarrassed to spank and spread myself for you, but I wouldn't dream of saying no. I need to belong to you more than anything in the world, Master - there's nothing you could make me do that would change that. (This was originally a custom but no names are used as I call you Master throughout the clip)

Amateur Porn Video : Slow Jams Striptease

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Slow Jams Striptease

A sensual striptease to two songs, back to back. You watch from the bed while I dance for you, moving slowly and hypnotically. Enjoy my little body writhing and bouncing for you - I love to put on a show. Slowly, I let my silk robe drop off my body... then my bra, and finally I wriggle out of my panties. I keep dancing in front of you, caressing myself and even spreading myself wide open, all for your viewing pleasure.

Amateur Porn Video : Pinned

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Clothespins are one of my favorite household pervertables, and I'm happy to cover myself in them! I start with my tits, putting a few clothespins on each one before groping, squeezing them and slapping them, causing even more pain. Soon enough I move onto my hairy pussy, placing pin after pin while I squeak and squirm in pain. I tease my cunt a little - a tricky feat, considering how covered in clothespins it is! There's one last clothespin I want placed - the last one goes on my tongue, making me drool and wince. Finally I get to making myself cum, rattling the clothespins on my pussy while I moan, excited by the pain and pleasure. Eventually I have an intense orgasm, but the most fun part is yet to come. I take off the pins in the same order I put them on, starting with my tits (ouch) then my pussy (REALLY ouch). I slap everywhere I take the pins off to maximize how much pain I feel - what a little masochist slut!

Amateur Porn Video : Let Me Take Care of You

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Let Me Take Care of You

I enter the room, nude except for a robe - I tease you a little bit before crawling onto the bed with you and pulling your cock out to give you a slow sensual BJ. I just want to make you feel good. We can go slow... that's just more time I get to spend enjoying you. Let me work you nice and slowly - does that feel good? Please let me take care of you. (note: this is a custom video and the name Ardavon is used several times)

Amateur Porn Video : Nina's New Fucktoy

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Nina's New Fucktoy

You wanna be my new fucktoy? That's cute. Lots of people want to be on the receiving end of this dick though... you're going to have to prove that you're worth it. If you can prove that you're the sluttiest, cock hungriest plaything around, I'll keep you around to fuck. You can start by letting me facefuck you until you gag and gasp for air. If I take a liking to the way you look with a cock in your mouth, maybe I'll decide to try out your ass too. God, you really do want this dick, don't you?

Amateur Porn Video : boot bitch

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boot bitch

Doc Martens are hands down the sexiest shoes - I slip on my calf high white pair, immediately turned on by the supple leather and look of them. Dirty as they are, I lick and suck on the white leather until I'm lost in the taste and feel of them. One thing leads to another and soon enough I'm playing with myself, first just with hands and then humping my Hitachi until I have an intense orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : sweet little slut

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sweet little slut

How do pathetic little sluts like me like to cum in their spare time? Probably with lots of whimpering, gagged and teased and properly fucked. I warm myself up by playing with my tits and pussy until I'm desperate to be used. Then I slip on a ball gag - my moaning doesn't get any quieter, but at least I can't speak! It feels so good to shut up and be a good little bitch. I put my nipple pumps on, upping the sensation a little more before. Soon my pussy is dripping wet and desperate to be filled - I oblige myself with my favorite glass dildo. When I get close to cumming, I take off my ballgag so you can hear what a desperate, pathetic, slut I am for you - and I love every second of it!

Amateur Porn Video : she's a grower: transformation fantasy

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she's a grower: transformation fantasy

Nina's friend gave her a bowl to smoke, but something tastes a little off about it... oh well, she's not one to turn down a free smoke! Whatever it is, it's strong, and soon she gets sleepy and lies down for a nap. When she wakes up, something's a little different - she grew a cock! Surprised but not unhappy, she does what any girl who's just grown a cute new dick would do, and gets to work stroking it, enjoying the new sensations and how sweet her new cock looks bulging out her panties. Turns out Nina's a grower, and her soft little dick soon turns into an enviably thick cock...

Amateur Porn Video : riding you POV

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riding you POV

14 minutes of POV dick riding in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, 2 orgasms, plus a little dick sucking just because

Amateur Porn Video : spit facial facefuck

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spit facial facefuck

10 minutes of hardcore facefucking and covering myself in drool and slime. In the first half, I let all my spit fall out of my mouth and onto my black rash guard, which I'm wearing so you can see how wet my mouth gets for you as spit slowly covers it. Halfway through, I hang my head off the edge of my ottoman to let all the spit and snot I'm letting out roll over my face for a gorgeously messy spit facial. I gag and blow bubbles in my own mess as it slides into my hair, but I barely notice - the dick in my throat is all I care about right now.

Amateur Porn Video : led astray

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led astray

Sister Nina is new to the convent, and still has certain bad habits from the outside. While the other sisters are at Mass, she sneaks off to a quiet spot to smoke. But her mind clouds and one sin leads to another - soon enough, she's half naked and playing with herself, still enjoying her joint. The smoke intoxicates the young sister, and lust overtakes her. Desperate for satisfaction, she grabs her crucifix off the wall to fill herself with...

Amateur Porn Video : facial focus (beautiful agony)

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facial focus (beautiful agony)

I lay with my face towards you so you can see every expression that crosses my face while I get myself off with some clothespins, my Hitachi and a dildo. My eyes roll back and cross in between making intense eye contact with you while I whimper and giggle. I cum super hard, and my o-face definitely shows it.

Amateur Porn Video : ruined makeup facefuck

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ruined makeup facefuck

Almost 11 minutes of just me facefucking myself with a dildo until my makeup is ruined and smeared across my face, and the rash guard I'm wearing is completely soaked from gagging and drooling all over myself. I'm only satisfied once I am completely destroyed and covered in my own mess. As I'm wearing the rashguard so you can see the spit more clearly, this video is non nude and shot from the waist up.

Amateur Porn Video : mean brat makes you eat her ass

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mean brat makes you eat her ass

You're hanging out with Nina when she announces that she's bored. You fail to provide any interesting ideas, so Nina decides to take control. She pulls your cock out of your pants, chiding you for being shy, and sucks you off for a little. Just as you're starting to feel really good, she stops and says you'll have to do some work if you want to cum in her mouth - she spins around, pulls down her panties and demands that you eat her ass. Otherwise she'll just leave you hard, horny and completely alone. Maybe if you're a good boy, though, she'll finish you off...

Amateur Porn Video : slap happy

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slap happy

A very personal video where I show off my masochistic side! I hit myself all over, slapping my face, tits, thighs, pussy and most of all, my ass, using my hands and my paddle. Watch as I turn my cute butt red, hitting nice and deep so I stay sore and bruise. I whimper and beg for me, occasionally letting out a few "Thank you"'s as I beat myself. This is a pretty raw video without much of a script - I just wanted to hurt myself until I was satisfied. Of course spanking myself so much turns a pain slut like me on, so I decide to cum like a good little slut should. I put on my Whitehead dental gag and clover clamps and ride my Hitachi, moaning and drooling all over myself till I cum myself into oblivion.

Amateur Porn Video : i just love sucking dick

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i just love sucking dick

A video purely to celebrate my neverending love for blowjobs! I start off teasing you a little, showing off my body which is nude except for a simple rope harness, before getting to what we're both really excited about - a nice messy blowjob with lots of drool! I show you how much I love to suck cock, switching between sweet and sensual tease and deep throat fucking till I gag. Once you get close I beg you to cum all over my face and mouth, just how we both like it.

Amateur Porn Video : aggressive masturbation

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aggressive masturbation

I like it a little rough, even when I'm playing solo. In this video I energetically get myself off while slapping my ass, tits, face, and pussy, even clipping some clothespins on my tits before I cum. I fuck both my cunt and my mouth until I'm teary-eyed, gagging, and happy as can be about it. PS this video was filmed during a power outage, so it's a little darker than usual - I've taken a few dollars off the price because of this, but it was too good to scrap entirely!

Amateur Porn Video : warm fuzzies: fuzzy sock sockjob

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warm fuzzies: fuzzy sock sockjob

hey, what do you think of my new socks? they're not my usual style but they're so soft - oh wow, I guess you really like them. includes lots of dirty talking and ends with a cum countdown. mostly non nude, but if you look closely you can see my pussy under my skirt - no panties here.

Amateur Porn Video : tongue bath: a petplay video

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tongue bath: a petplay video

Little kitten Nina needs to get clean! I lick my paws, sucking on my fingers and drooling all over myself. As kittens do, I soon reach back and play with my fluffy tail plug, massaging it deep inside me. Soon enough I'm interrupted by an unfamiliar scent. I look around to find a new playmate - my Cole the Dane bad dragon toy!

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