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  • Amateur Porn Model Nikki Nevada
  • Amateur Porn Model Nikki Nevada
  • Amateur Porn Model Nikki Nevada
Amateur Porn Video : Cheating Stepmom Blackmailed by Stepson

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Cheating Stepmom Blackmailed by Stepson

Thinking that I am all alone in the house since my husband is out of town and my stepson is with friends, I've invited a friend of my own over. I love my husband but he is quite a bit older and unable to fully satisfy all of my slutty whorish needs so I have a few guys that I like to have cum over when he is gone. Unbeknownst to me my stepson has returned home early. Hearing strange noises from his father and stepmother's bedroom he knocks on the door. I'm startled. I take a moment to compose myself thinking that it is probably just the housekeeper who I know from past experience will keep quiet. Unfortunately it is my stepson, who hates me. I try to lie but he isn't stupid, he knows exactly what is going on. I beg him not to tell his father. He won't, but now it seems he wants his turn at stepmom. Not wanting sloppy seconds he will not fuck me (this time). He wants to watch me fuck myself and have me give him jerk off instruction/encouragement. Ok, I will do whatever he wants as long as he doesn't tell his father what a cheating whore I am.

Amateur Porn Video : Hopefully My Son Won't Remember This Tomorrow

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Hopefully My Son Won't Remember This Tomorrow

Hearing a knock at the door late at night I wonder who it could possibly be. It's my son. He reeks. He had attended a party and apparently had too much fun. Well, I guess I need to help him to bed. Since my bedroom is downstairs and the closest I take him there and help him up on my bed. While undressing him I can't help but notice the bulge in his underwear. I peek. Even soft his cock is huge. I know that I shouldn't but I'm getting so turned on that I can't help myself. I stroke on it a bit. He moans and stirs but doesn't wake up. I begin to suck on it. Finally unable to control myself any longer I undress and straddle his big cock. I ride it until I feel him shoot a nice big warm load of cum up into my pussy. Uh - oh. Hopefully he won't remember any of this tomorrow. And hopefully I won't have some explaining to do in 9 months (Solo simulated with dildo)

Amateur Porn Video : Pleasuring Mommy Is My Son's New Job

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Pleasuring Mommy Is My Son's New Job

Being a single mom is hard. I rely on my son to help out. So he has a list of daily and weekly chores to do such as take out the garbage, load the dishwasher, clean his room, etc... Well he hasn't been doing them. I've tried everything to get him to do his chores but nothing works. So as of today no more allowance. That certainly got his attention. He comes to see me right away. Ok, I tell him, since he didn't want to do his chores to earn his allowance then he will have to earn it an other ways. Mommy is very lonely without a man around (except for him of course). And I know he is no virgin, I can hear him and his girlfriend in his room going at it. He is a smart young man and quickly realizes where I am going with this. Starting today he will earn his allowance by pleasuring Mommy. He can begin now by licking Mommy's pussy. And then Mommy wants to see (and feel) just how big his cock is since I hear his slut of a girlfriend screaming "It's so big!" all the time. Maybe if he is really good (and big) he can earn a little extra allowance. (Solo - pov - no actual penetration shown, only implied)

Amateur Porn Video : Can't Get Out Of Bed Without Cumming First

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Can't Get Out Of Bed Without Cumming First

I decide that I need to cum before I get up out of bed for the day. I need a really good start to my day. So pulling my nice big tits out of my robe, I pinch and squeeze on them a bit before laying back on my bed. Opening up my robe further exposing my nice shaven pussy. I begin to furiously rub my clit. I need to cum, which I do several times. What a great way to start the day!

Amateur Porn Video : Mommy's Diary Was Just Fantasy, Or Was It?

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Mommy's Diary Was Just Fantasy, Or Was It?

Mommy awakens to an early morning surprise that she doesn't like. She wakes up to find herself tied to the bed. There is little doubt as to who has done this to me. My son is naked on top of me fondling my breasts. I demand to know what is going on. But he ignores me. His cock is getting hard. He rubs my pussy through my panties. I can feel myself getting wet for him. My own body is betraying me. He slides my panties aside. He continues to ignore my pleas for him to stop. He slides his big hard cock into my tight wet pussy. Has he been reading Mommy's diary? My diary entries were just fantasy, I didn't mean for this to actually happen, did I? My son fucks me and cums in me 3 times while I beg him not to because I am ovulating and do not want to get pregnant by him. Well, I guess we will find out if he has succeeded in getting Mommy pregnant in a few weeks.

Amateur Porn Video : Mommy Fucks Her Pussy and Ass While You Jerk Off

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Mommy Fucks Her Pussy and Ass While You Jerk Off

You lucky boy! You've walked into Mommy's bedroom. I'm on the bed in sexy lingerie that I picked out especially for you. I knew you would like it. Mommy wastes no time in seducing you. I quickly convince you to undress and stroke your cock while I undress and play for you. I pick up a glass dildo and suck it while encouraging you to jerk off for Mommy. Then I lay back on the bed and fuck my tight little pussy with the toy while you continue to jack off for Mommy. Finally to push you over the edge and make you cum for Mommy, I slide a toy into my tight little asshole. I beg you to cum for Mommy. Good boy! Next time it is going to be your cock I use instead of these toys.

Amateur Porn Video : Mommy Rubbing Her Clit and Having a Good Orgasm

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Mommy Rubbing Her Clit and Having a Good Orgasm

Mmmmm .... imagine your peeking into Mommy's bedroom and you see Mommy laying on the bed wearing sexy lingerie. You know you should softly close the door and walk away but you just can't. You have to stay and watch, you can't help yourself. Mommy has no idea anyone is watching much less her son. Thinking she is alone she begins to touch herself. Her hand slowly slides down to her panties, pushes them aside, and begins to rub her clit. Mommy rubs faster and faster until her body begins to shake and her eyes roll back. Recovering for a moment and then sitting up looking directly in your direction she licks her fingers tasting her yummy pussy on them. Oh my, did Mommy know you were there the whole time????

Amateur Porn Video : Nikki - The Mommy Every Boy Wants

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Nikki - The Mommy Every Boy Wants

Mommy really wants to reward her son for being such a good boy. Mommy knows that he's been secretly watching and wanting her. So Mommy seduces him. Teases him with her sexy body. Strips, sucks and fucks a dildo, and gives him jerk off instructions. Mommy gives great closeup views of toys going in her pussy and ass. Lots of moaning. Lots of sloppy wetness. What son could resist blowing a nice big load for a Mommy like this?

Amateur Porn Video : Masturbating Up Against The Wall

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Masturbating Up Against The Wall

Totally naked and leaning up against the wall I fuck myself with my glass dildo. A nice quick orgasm. Hear the sloppy wetness as the dildo plunges in and out of my tight wet little pussy. Don't you wish it was your cock and you were banging this sexy milf up against the wall? And last but not least watch me clean off my toy and see the long strands of saliva coming out of my mouth.

Amateur Porn Video : Sloppy Wet Glass Dildo Fucking

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Sloppy Wet Glass Dildo Fucking

I really love my new glass dildos that Santa brought me for Christmas. I can't stop using them. And I love sharing the experiences I'm having with you. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoy filming. In this video you get a great closeup view of the dildo going in and out of my tight little pussy yet you also still see my big beautiful breasts and lovely face at the same time. You get to hear how sloppy wet my pussy becomes and hopefully see the wetness on the toy. Cum join me for some fun.

Amateur Porn Video : JOI With Glass Dildo In Pussy and Ass

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JOI With Glass Dildo In Pussy and Ass

Do you like a beautiful sexy woman telling you how to stroke your cock? Do you like sexy older MILFs with big breasts and seductive voices? Do you like watching a woman fuck her pussy and her ass with toys? Then you will love my latest video. With gorgeous new red sheets on my bed wearing sexy white lingerie I encourage you to watch me while giving you jerk off instructions. I strip down, suck and fuck my glass dildo, and then fuck my tight little asshole with a glass dildo all while telling you to stroke your cock and cum for me. Nikki wants your cum, don't disappoint me.

Amateur Porn Video : Fucking My Friend's Pregnant Mom

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Fucking My Friend's Pregnant Mom

Ooops I "accidentally" walked in on Ms Nikki, my friend's mom, while she was in the shower. Wow, that gorgeous pregnant MILF was peeing in the shower. I loved watching the stream of pee shoot out from between her beautiful legs. Oh no, she's seen me. I thought she would be furious but she wasn't! In fact she started to tease me in that sexy voice of hers and actually invited me to join her in her bedroom. How lucky am I! Still naked she climbs up on the bed and teases me with her big milk engorged breasts. Licking and sucking on them. Then oh my she picks up a dildo and begins licking and sucking on that too. Telling me how she wishes it was my cock she was licking and sucking on. Just when I think I can't take any more she lies back on the bed and slides the dildo into her tight wet pussy and fucks the hell out of herself begging me to cum all in her pregnant pussy. Man, I hope my friend doesn't find out. (solo video)

Amateur Porn Video : You Heard About Your Mommy and Your Brother

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You Heard About Your Mommy and Your Brother

You heard about your mommy and your brother. Now you want your turn. Your brother was bragging to you about the things he and Mommy did. He tells you how he's seen Mommy naked and fucking her tight little pussy with a big toy. And how she encouraged him to strip down and masturbate with her. How she gave him gentle and loving encouragement to cum for her. You want to play with Mommy too! So, today when Mommy comes home from work you are the one to slip quietly into her bedroom. And there she is wearing sexy lingerie relaxing her in rocking chair. She is so happy to see you. Mommy wastes no time in seducing you too. You enjoy Mommy's gentle loving instructions and seeing Mommy rub and fuck her pretty pussy for you. You've dreamed about this for so long and never thought it could possibly happen. Dare you dream that maybe, just maybe, next time you will finally get to taste and touch that beautiful pussy.

Amateur Porn Video : Sloppy Wet Finger Fucking

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Sloppy Wet Finger Fucking

A short closeup video of me rubbing my clit and then inserting 3 fingers into my pussy making myself nice and sloppy wet for you. You can tell by the sounds just how wet my pussy is. Then after I cum you can see the wetness that I lick off of my fingers.

Amateur Porn Video : Quick Suck and Fuck With My Big Black Dildo

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Quick Suck and Fuck With My Big Black Dildo

One of my biggest fantasies is being with a black guy. I've never had a BBC before. So one of my favorite dildos is this big black one. I love sucking and fucking it pretending it is the real thing. Maybe someday I will get to suck and fuck a real life BBC until then I will just have to use my toys. Do you have a BBC you would like to give me?

Amateur Porn Video : Mutual Masturbation With Mommy

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Mutual Masturbation With Mommy

It has been such a long day. All I want to do is change into something more comfortable, sit down in my favorite chair, and relax. Awwww it feels so good. Then in comes my son. I can tell he is surprised to see Mommy sitting here in her lingerie. But obviously pleasantly surprised judging by the growing bulge in his pants. I've been noticing lately how my son is growing into quite the man. And as naughty as it is I can't help but fantasize about him quite a bit. So here is my opportunity to make it more than just a fantasy. I gently tease him about being turned on by Mommy and how her big beautiful breasts look in the sexy lingerie. It doesn't take long before he and I are both stripping down and masturbating together while I give him jerk off instructions to cum for Mommy.

Amateur Porn Video : Strip Search At The Mall

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Strip Search At The Mall

I work at the local mall part time. The other day during my lunch break I was casually browsing through one of the other department stores when I was approached by mall security. The mall cop asked me to come with him. He led me to a back room of the department store. Closing and locking the door behind us he informed me that one of the salespeople claimed to have seen me slip something possibly costume jewelry into my pants. He proceeds to pat me down. Finding nothing he asks me to strip down so he can be sure I am not hiding anything. I'm shocked. I have done absolutely nothing wrong. And I really need to get back to work. I'm already in trouble with my boss for being late so much. And if I'm late coming back from lunch today I could get fired. The mall cop seeing my mall name tag in my pocketbook has also threatened to call my boss which I really don't want. So grudgingly I comply. I slowly strip out of my clothes. Then once naked ask to be allowed to put my clothes back on. That is when I am informed that he needs to do a cavity search. Really!!! Ughhhh I have got to get back to work. So I just go along with it. I lay down and allow him to probe my pussy - with his cock of course. (Solo video simulated with dildo)

Amateur Porn Video : My New Glass Dildo In My Tight Little Ass

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My New Glass Dildo In My Tight Little Ass

This is a pretty rare video because I simply do not film a lot of anal masturbation videos. But I received this new toy which just screamed to me "Stick me in your tight little asshole". So long story short I did. And it went in far easier than I imagined and had gone in further than I would have ever thought it could before I knew it. I love this new toy and I bet you will see many more videos of me fucking myself in the ass with it.

Amateur Porn Video : My New Glass Dildo

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My New Glass Dildo

Omg I just love this new glass dildo I received. It looks exactly like a real cock with balls except it is glass. I love the way the cool glass feels inside of my hot pussy. I suck and fuck this beautiful new toy. It brings me a great orgasm while I give you jerk off instructions so you can cum with me.

Amateur Porn Video : Pulling Panties Aside To Masturbate

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Pulling Panties Aside To Masturbate

Short video of me wearing only my bra and panties, laying back on my bed, pulling my panties to the side while sliding a dildo into my tight wet pussy. A quick fuck so I can get off. Everybody needs these a couple of times a day.

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