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Nicki Sunshine

About Me

Joined May.13, 2015
Height 5'6"
Weight 170 lbs
Body Type A few extra pounds
Bra Size 36DD
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brunette

Nicki Sunshine

My Bio

Full time naked person and part time cat lady. I've been undressing for the internet since 2013. My goal is to produce beautiful, high quality content that can be enjoyed by many types of people.

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Lust Garden: Femme Fatale video by Nicki Sunshine

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Lust Garden: Femme Fatale

Nicki's just gotten back from a swingin' party down at the Speakeasy. She's come back to find Henry but he doesn't seem to be in his study. She lights up one of his cigarettes to pass the time, but gets a bit curious and finds a smut mag in his desk drawer, along with a dildo! Turned on by the pictures in the mag, along with the naughtyness of being in his study without him, she begins to lick and suck the dildo to ready it for her pussy. She slinks out of her gown and gloves and puts the dildo inside of her. Golly, it feels so good to be bad! 1080 HD. 9:57 mins. Music is 'Trouble Trouble' by Betty Roche. 9:57 HD 1080p

Cock Tease Cumshot video by Nicki Sunshine

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Cock Tease Cumshot

It's a lazy weekend afternoon and I'm feeling particularly frisky while I'm laying on the couch. My boyfriend decides to come over and join me, hovering over me while he strokes his cock. I help stroke him and tease until he cums all over my belly. Then I play with the cum, running my fingers up and down my body. 7:10 HD 1080p

Body Comparison with Chubby Chickadee video by Nicki Sunshine

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Body Comparison with Chubby Chickadee

Ever wondered how Chubby Chickadee's body and mine compare? We have lots of fun measuring each other and talking about the differences. After we weigh ourselves, we compare our bodies topless while squeezing and jiggling each other. Top nudity only. 11:02 HD 1080p

LustGarden: Spring Fever video by Nicki Sunshine

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LustGarden: Spring Fever

Spring has sprung - have you? A floral, flirty journey from a sensual striptease to hot masturbation with a glass tentacle. Shot by LustGarden. Note: Video does not have music throughout. 12:07 HD 1080p

Nicki the Uniporn video by Nicki Sunshine

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Nicki the Uniporn

This frisky little unicorn uses a butt plug, hot pink dildo, and hitachi to bring herself to orgasm after teasing you with how cute and seductive she is. Lots of spanking in the beginning! 9:53 HD 1080p 30fps

Play With Me: Easter JOI video by Nicki Sunshine

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Play With Me: Easter JOI

In my first joi game, we'll see if the odds are in your favor. Each Easter egg has an instruction on it, and only one will allow you to cum. How long will it take and what will you have to do before then? Be sure to have your butt plug ready, just in case! Note: This vid is mostly non-nude, with just a little nipple. 7:42 HD 1080p 30fps

Pussy Pumping video by Nicki Sunshine

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Pussy Pumping

I give my new pussy pump a try for the very first time! After turning on the vibrations, I grab a glass toy and slide it into my ass. Once I need more vibration, I switch to my hitachi and cum while still fucking my ass with the toy. 8:04 HD 1080p 30fps

Bushy Bunny Fucks Herself video by Nicki Sunshine

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Bushy Bunny Fucks Herself

This horny little bunny just wants to play! Dressed in pastels, uses her treasured purple dildo to fuck her hairy pussy. After adding her hitachi, she cums once missionary, and then cums a second time cowgirl and riding her dildo. 9:54 HD 1080p 30fps

Scarf Teaser video by Nicki Sunshine

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Scarf Teaser

Want to get a feel for me and my videos before committing to something longer? Watch me tease you with what's under my crop top and panties before playing with my bright purple dildo! (There is no orgasm in this teaser.) 4:34 HD 1080p 30fps

Leopard Print Tease video by Nicki Sunshine

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Leopard Print Tease

A booty-centric striptease in my favorite leopard print bra and panties. Music used is "Enthusiast" by Tours. 6:03 HD 1080p 30fps

Black and Blue video by Nicki Sunshine

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Black and Blue

I slide in my cute blue butt plug and give myself some spankings before fucking myself with my huge black dildo. I tease myself with my fingers a bit and add in my hitachi at the very end for 2 explosive orgasms. 14:19 HD 1080p 30fps

Bubble Bomb Bath Cum video by Nicki Sunshine

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Bubble Bomb Bath Cum

I slip into a relaxing bath with purple rose petals and my first bubbly bath bomb. I trickle water down my chest and ass before getting sudsy with the orange scented bubbles. I tease myself a bit with my purple dildo before laying back to unwind with the shower head positioned right on my pussy until I cum. 10:08 HD 1080p 30fps

Look But Don't Touch JOI Ass Worship video by Nicki Sunshine

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Look But Don't Touch JOI Ass Worship

After asking you to come home with me from the bar, you thought you were going to get laid. Little do you know, I don't actually want to have sex. I want something more exciting. I want to show you more of my ass that you adore so much but I'm not going to let you touch it. You listen to my commands as I tease you before giving you a final cum countdown. Now clean yourself up and get out. 9:36 HD 1080p 30fps

Bleu Erotique video by Nicki Sunshine

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Bleu Erotique

A raw and intimate time masturbating with my fingers and clear glass toy. See every detail of my wet creamy pussy as I bring myself to orgasm in my lacy blue lingerie. 11:00 HD 1080p 30fps

Your Goth Submissive video by Nicki Sunshine

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Your Goth Submissive

I'm yours for the day and the only question is: What will you do with me? I start of by sucking your huge cock before you fuck me from behind. Then we switch to missionary so you can see my face as I masturbate to having your cock inside me. Lots of dirty talk! 16:31 HD 1080p 30fps

Rose Petal Agony video by Nicki Sunshine

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Rose Petal Agony

A gorgeous beautiful agony style video starring my hitachi and I. Two amazing orgasms and lots of boob playing. 6:45 HD 1080p 30fps

Valentine's Pillow Humping video by Nicki Sunshine

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Valentine's Pillow Humping

Dressed in my sexy Valentine's lingerie and red heels, I tease you with my perfect ass before grinding my bare pussy on a heart-shaped pillow. After grinding away, I use my hitachi to cum and then continue to tease you with my curvy body. 8:50 HD 1080p 30fps

Be My Naughty Valentine video by Nicki Sunshine

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Be My Naughty Valentine

It's Valentine's Day and I have been so horny thinking about all of the dirty things I want to do to you. I just can't help stripping out of my clothes and playing with my hot pink dildo pretending it's your cock. Includes jerk off encouragement and lots of dirty talking! 13:00 HD 1080p 30fps

Masturbating with Dolly Leigh video by Nicki Sunshine

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Masturbating with Dolly Leigh

Dolly Leigh and I whip out our toys on the hotel couch and cum next to each other over and over. (Price reduced due to minor audio quirks in the beginning.) 16:11 HD 1080p 30fps

Santa's Naughty Helper video by Nicki Sunshine

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Santa's Naughty Helper

Even though I've been super naughty this year, I got a special treat in my stocking - a cordless hitachi! I show it off for you and test out all of the vibration patterns and speeds and end with an amazing orgasm. 10:19 HD 1080p 30fps

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