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Joined May.13, 2015
Height 5'6"
Weight 160 lbs
Body Type A few extra pounds
Bra Size 36DD
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Multiple

Nicki Sunshine

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Full time naked person and part time cat lady. I've been undressing for the internet since 2013. My goal is to produce beautiful, high quality content that can be enjoyed by many types of people. Get 1 month of snapchat free with the purchase of any 2 videos! Just message me after your purchase with your name and I will add you! :)

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Amateur Porn Video : Merry Makeout

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Merry Makeout

Nicki and Miss Velvet don't need any mistletoe to have their own sensual makeout session. 9:09 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : All You Want For Christmas

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All You Want For Christmas

I know exactly what you want for Christmas. My ass. Surprised? You shouldn't be - I see you staring. I shake my big jiggly ass in your face before doing exactly what you've been wanting. I slide my fingers into my ass to warm up before fucking myself with my candy cane dildo. I finish off with my hitachi while my candy cane pushes me over the edge. 9:39 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Prepster

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Prepped up and always sensual Nicki is ready for a little fun. Teasing you with her fingers and tits, she slowly undresses, revealing her gorgeous curves from underneath her cardigan. She turns around to give you an amazing view of her ass and starts moaning with pleasure as she finger fucks herself. Then, sneakers in the air, she massages her clit until she's writhing in orgasm. And, of course, she makes sure to get a little taste. 8:48 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Flannel

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Winter is here and I'm all bundled up in my comfy red flannel and beanie. Relaxing with a bit of hot chocolate, I tease and strip before giving my ass a good spanking. Then I use my hitachi for an explosive orgasm. 10:31 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Sensual Domme

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Sensual Domme

Miss Velvet plays with Nicki Sunshine for the very first time. Sensual kissing turns into spanking, as Miss Velvet makes Nicki's ass more and more red. Nicki cries out, saying "thank you" each time she is struck. Then Nicki assists Miss Velvet in putting on her strap on before obeying by sucking and gagging on it. Last, a little final sensual kissing for Nicki's good work. 8:24 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Lust Garden: Prairie Perversions

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Lust Garden: Prairie Perversions

Nicki is feeling frisky and decides to go on a nature walk. She loves taking in the sun, seeing all the beautiful flowers, and hearing the birds chirp. After exploring the prarie for a bit, she gets pretty turned on. She considers playing with herself and eventually the idea of being naked and masturbating in public gets her so wet she can't resist. After a lot of tease, she gets off next to the pond, not even trying to quiet her elated moans. 6:16 HD. Music by Noise Witch.

Amateur Porn Video : Caution: Dildo Fucking

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Caution: Dildo Fucking

Wrapped in clingy caution tape, I tease and work my way out of my panties. I stroke the dildo beside me before I'm dying to have it inside me. My moans get louder and louder as I ride this giant cock and rub myself to orgasm. 7:51 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Caution: JOI

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Caution: JOI

Your cock is so hard from watching me, so I'm going to show you exactly how I want you to stroke it. Keep doing as I do until I give you your countdown to cum. Then, if you're feeling adventurous, I want you to taste it for me. Did you do it, or were you too scared? 7:22 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : PJ Masturbation

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PJ Masturbation

Can you guess what I love even more than lounging around in my cute giraffe pajamas? Masturbating! I slowly unzip my pj's while playing with my tits and curves. Then I slide my hand down to tease my wet pussy. I start with my hitachi and then add in my glass dildo, while losing my pajamas along the way. I cum hard with my glass dildo inside me and my hitachi pressed up against my sensitive clit. 7:56 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Sugar Fix

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Sugar Fix

I've got a sweet tooth for penis shaped candy and there is only one cure! A sensual up close look at my teeth chomping off little penises from my candy necklace before I upgrade to a big penis-shaped lollipop. I treat myself by sucking and spitting all over the lollipop, tasting how sweet and fruity it is. The only place other than my mouth that it might look better is sliding in between my tits. Headphones recommended. 10:56 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Pleasured by Petra

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Pleasured by Petra

Petra Vaca is so great at giving head, so I wanted to see her to go down on my huge 10 inch strap on. She sucks, gags, and spits all over my cock while I play with her hair and tits. 5:38 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Navy

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What starts off as a relaxing morning, quickly turns into some naughty play time with my dildo and new blue vibrator. Wearing nothing but some black knee high socks (not even makeup,) I play on my bed in multiple positions before I'm writhing in orgasm. 9:48 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Anonymous

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I don’t have a lot of time, and this is just going to be a one time thing... A mysterious woman has agreed to give you a blowjob and it’s probably the best you’ve ever gotten. She sucks and spits all over your dick until you’re just dying to cum. Where? Who cares. Hurry up so I can get on with my day. 5:48 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Milky Kitty Gets Spanked

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Milky Kitty Gets Spanked

Nicki gets into big trouble when she finds several cartons of milk that she can play with. She starts pouring them all over her body - the milk flowing over her curves. After going through all three cartons, she's discovered by Jalisa Elite who isn't too happy about the mess Nicki made. Miss Elite bends Nicki over and starts to spank her ass. Moving down to the floor, Miss Elite continues to spank Nicki with a paddle and flogger until Nicki finally learns her lesson for making a big mess. 10:53 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Lust Garden: Belly Kisses

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Lust Garden: Belly Kisses

Rococo Royalle is obsessed with Nicki's cute belly. They slowly strip down while teasing each other. Rococo lays Nicki back and leaves lipstick marks all over her tummy while telling her how cute it is. Then Rococo moves down to Nicki's pussy, bringing her to orgasm. Then for a little more making out in Nicki's post-orgasm bliss. Shot by The Lust Garden. 14:32 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Lust Garden: Afternoon Cocoon

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Lust Garden: Afternoon Cocoon

In the dramatic afternoon light, Talia Satania wraps me up in cling wrap from top to bottom until I can't move. Of course, she made sure that my hitachi was wrapped up tightly with me. After pleasuring myself and cumming from within my sticky cacoon, Talia kindly cuts the wrap off me to reveal my body glistening in sweat. Shot by The Lust Garden. 18:02 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Double Double Oil and Trouble

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Double Double Oil and Trouble

Nicki gets sensual with Ember Burns as she gives her a tender back massage. Nicki pulls out the oil and drips it all over Ember, slowly massaging it into her back. Tender kisses turns into naughtier pussy eating as Nicki brings Ember to orgasm. Shot by The Lust Garden. 8:09 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Lust Garden: Sensual Smear

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Lust Garden: Sensual Smear

Nicki and Rococo Royalle unwind in the bathtub with some chocolate after a long day. They playfully kiss and feed each other before starting to ruin each others' lipstick. They get messier and messier adding more lipstick to their faces. Nicki pulls out her dildo and sticks it to the side of the tub to ride while she eats out Rococo, who is soon writhing with pleasure. 28:22 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Lust Garden: Sugar, Spice, & Everything Thrice

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Lust Garden: Sugar, Spice, & Everything Thrice

Talia, Ember, and Nicki are in for sticky mess. Talia has a rainbow dick pop to share with her two friends. She unravels it slowly and wets it with her tongue before sharing it with them. They all go down on the sticky cock, giggling and kissing each other in the process. Talia rubs the wet cock on her chest and lets Nicki and Ember lick off the sticky mess. Talia, high on all the sugar and cuteness, begins an epic pillow fight. The women go at it together before Ember discovers that there are three more cocks hiding beneath them. They sword fight with the cocks before deciding they deserve to be wet as well. After sucking on the cocks, they sit back next to each other and insert them simultaneously. They moan in unison, and a playful threesome symphony of cum erupts. Shot by The Lust Garden. 14:09 HD 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Lust Garden: Do Not Disturb

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Lust Garden: Do Not Disturb

A sensual, steamy shower followed by a dip in the spacious bathtub with a glass of wine. The spray handle looks too good to resist. Pretty soon, I'm up in the windowsill dowsing tits and pussy with the water until I cum. 16:06 HD 1080p

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