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Amateur Porn Video : Auntie Makes You Cream Your Jeans

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Auntie Makes You Cream Your Jeans

You’re in my room first thing in the morning, telling me you had a bad night because you had an embarrassing dream…come on, nephew…tell Auntie all about it…Auntie sits in front of you, sexy in her long white lace nightie…smoking her morning cigarette and asking you lots of personal questions. Before you know it, you have a raging boner and your aunt is rubbing her bare foot against the tent you’ve pitched in your pjs.Auntie’s going to help you, sweetheart…just sit right there…and you can help Auntie, too…let’s make sure that we both sleep well tonight.Your aunt reaches out her long bare leg, pressing and rubbing harder and faster against your hard-on…you can feel it throbbing, burning…wanting to jizz right there in your pajama pants. But Auntie’s talking so dirty, smoking that cigarette and rubbing your cock…next thing you know she’s spread her legs to expose her wet shaved pussy…That’s it, nephew, let Auntie get you off with my foot while I show you how a woman gets off. I’m going to rub my clit while pressing against that big hard bulge…don’t cum in your pants, baby…

Amateur Porn Video : Cuck Clinic - Cum Eating is your JOB

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Cuck Clinic - Cum Eating is your JOB

You think that being a cuckold is all about watching a guy with a cock bigger than yours fucking your’re a voyeur…but you haven’t thought it all the way through, have you?Your wife sent you here to learn what it’s really like to be a cuckold. And that means that you have to acquire a taste for cum.After that big-cock stud has fucked your wife and shot his load deeper inside her pussy than you ever could…she’s going to be wet…drippy…sticky. It’s your job as a cuck to press your face between your wife’s swollen pussy lips, stick out your tongue, and suck out all that hot, thick bull cum. Are you really prepared to swallow another man’s cum?We’re going to find out today, because your wife made a date for tomorrow night…and you can’t embarrass her by being a bad cum eating cuckold, can you? You have to prove, right now, right here with me, that you’re willing and able to eat cum…as much as is necessary…to do your job properly.I’ve collected four large cum specimens, from men you’ve never met - big, hung bulls with huge cocks and full balls ready to fill your wife’s pussy - and saved them…just for you. Now cucky…open wide…and swallow.

Amateur Porn Video : Sick Mommy

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Sick Mommy

Come in here, son. Mom needs you…You’re getting ready for school when Mom calls you into her bedroom. She says she’s sick…but she sure doesn’t look sick. Mom’s beautiful, and you love her so very much, so you want to help when she says she’s not feeling well. Mom asks if you’ll help her feel better, like she does when you’re sick. She wants you to rub some medicine on her chest, which embarrasses you, but your mother explains that it’s not weird because you’re her good boy and it’s completely normal to want to help Mom feel better.You start to rub the menthol medicine into her chest and Mom starts to moan - it must be feeling better already - exposing more of her breasts and telling you that good boys who love their mothers do what they’re asked.Then Mom (who really doesn’t seem sick at all) tells you that her tummy hurts, too, and that good boys also rub Mommy’s tummy. She closes her eyes and guides your tentative hand to her stomach….lower and lower….until you’re caressing the edge of your mom’s writhing mound while she tells you how good it feels. You’re beginning to think that something’s going on with your mother, but you want to please her…she’s been such a loving mom, and must be really feeling bad.Even though you love your mother desperately, you’re shocked when she tells you that next you have to take her temperature...and she wants you to put the thermometer in her butt, the way she does for you when you’re really really sick. You’re sure that something’s going on with your mother now - she’s never done anything like this before - but you still don’t want to make her feel worse, so you take the thermometer from her and follow her directions, slowly inserting the thermometer into Mom's buttonhole when she pulls her legs apart to show you where. You can’t believe that you’re seeing your mom’s pussy and asshole up close; this is so strange. The whole time you’re holding the thermometer in Mom’s butt, she’s squirming and moaning…maybe she really is sick…After mom tells you to pull the thermometer out of her butt and hand it to her, you’re hoping that she’s going to let you leave now - Mom’s being super weird - but then she asks you to give her a massage, to help her relax.Mom says that if you rub her just right that she’ll feel all better.Again, your mother takes your hand and makes you touch her in a place you’ve never touched any girl before…right on the crotch of her panties. Telling you that it’s okay, and that as long as neither of you tell anyone else it’ll be fine, she shows you just how she wants her son to rub her pussy. You do what your mom tells you, rubbing your hand back and forth across her soaking wet panties while your mother moans and encourages her boy’s touch. Unable to control herself any longer, Mom pulls aside her panties and orders you to rub her right on her wet spot…right on her pussy hole. “Stick your finger in Mommy’s wet hole, son. Stick it all the way in….that’s my good boy. Now push it in and out of Mommy’s pussy, baby. Mmm, yes. Faster, baby….faster and harder…rub Mommy’s pussy as hard as you can. Shove another finger in there, baby, stretch Mommy’s pussy. You’re going to make your mother yell, baby, and it’s okay…Mommy’s going to feel much better soon."** Mommy cums especially hard with your fingers buried in her pussy - watch my cream squirt out when you do it just right. **

Amateur Porn Video : Trust Your Mother

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Trust Your Mother

Hi baby…how was your night? Wait…what’s the matter? Why are you crying, son? Come sit down and tell Mom everything..Hmm, just as I suspected…I knew that little slut was no good. Broke up with you, did she? Oh sweetheart, I know how awful it can feel, and you seem so very upset. Why don’t you let me give you one of Mom’s special things that I take when I’m feeling upset and nervous and need to calm down. Here…swallow this….trust your mother.It’s probably a little strong for you, but they make mom woozy too…lie down son, and I’ll rub your chest until you stop crying, like I did when you were little..Starting to feel a little more relaxed now, baby..? Mmmm…you look relaxed…most of you, anyway. What a nice big cock my son grew up to have…don’t resist me, son…trust your mother. Just let the nice thing Mom gave you take effect….lie there and enjoy how good it feels when Mom kisses your chest…down, down, down your woozy body to your cock. It’s hard, son…your cock is hard in spite of what you took, and this stuff makes me horny, doesn’t it you?Let Mom help you get over that awful girl, son…let me and my little woozy-making helper take away all your cares. Mm-hmm, just like this, baby…Mom’s just going to slide my soaking wet, dripping pussy right down onto your cock while you lie there, practically helpless to resist, and ride you baby.Did you hear me, son? Are you able to pay attention to what Mom’s saying right now? I’m going to fuck you until I cum on your cock, and then I’m going to keep fucking you until you shoot your big load of cum right up into your mother’s pussyhole. Do you like mom’s medicine now, baby? Yes….of course you do. Now, trust your mother, baby….give Mommy all your cum…good boy. Now, go to sleep sweetheart…you probably won’t even remember this, tomorrow.

Amateur Porn Video : Say yes maam

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Say yes maam

You’re going to do exactly what I tell you, and no matter what I say, your reply will be, “yes, ma’am”…Understood?yes, ma’am…Do you like my cock?yes, ma’am…Do you want my cock in your asshole?yes, ma’am…Think you can handle it?Don’t lie - you’ve never been fucked really…really hard before. Mmm, baby…I’m not good at being gentle. Maybe I’ll just stick the tip in…right here. Just the head of my cock…can you handle that?yes, ma’am…Before long, I’ll be balls deep in your asshole and you’ll be yelling my name, but I’m going to start with…one…little…finger.yes, ma’am…Then two…deeper, harder…til your tight little asshole is ready for my cock. You’re going to beg me to stop, then beg me to fuck you harder…you’re going to do exactly what I say - bend over, spread your asscheeks, say….please.yes, ma’am…

Amateur Porn Video : Fuck Me While Dad Moves Out

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Fuck Me While Dad Moves Out

Baby, I’m sorry you had to hear all that yelling….but I did it. I finally did it - I told your dad to move out! He’s packing right now.Of course I didn’t tell him about us…he’d be in here killing us both, right now. But I did tell him that I want a divorce - and a real man in my bed. I just didn’t tell him that I already have one…and that it’s you, our son.Mmm, baby, I’m so horny right now…let’s fuck while your dad packs his bags. Don’t worry, baby…he’s not going to come in here…fuck your mommy, baby, like you do…so good. Just lie there, son. I’ll straddle your young body, slide down my panties, and slip your big hard dick right up into mommy’s pussyhole. Be quiet!Mm-hmm….that’s mommy’s favorite cock…feels so good inside me. Oh no, baby…I’m going to cum…riding your dick while your dad’s right outside the bedroom door. Fuck, baby!Ohgod, you feel so good…fill mommy’s wet pussy all the way up with your fat dick, baby. Mmm…I know what mommy’s good boy wants…you want me to turn around, don’t you? So that you can watch my ass bounce up and down, right in your face, while I pump the cum out of your balls. I’m going to ride you until you explode, baby…your dick is so hard…your balls are so fucking tight…that’s it, son…give mommy the cum. Careful baby, you’re going to make me cum again, too….oh god, oh god…he’s going to hear us. Fill mommy up, baby! Yes!Wait, it’s awfully quiet out there now…do you think he left? Do you think it’s just you and me, alone in the house now, son? Because if your dad’s already left….mommy can make all the noise I want…and I want you to fuck me in the ass, son. Hard.

Amateur Porn Video : Why Moms Panties Smell SO Good

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Why Moms Panties Smell SO Good

I’m already running late this morning, son, so let’s cut out the lies…where are my purple panties? Do not lie to me today; I don’t have time for it. We both know you steal my panties…I even caught you sniffing them in the bathroom once. And now I know…anytime my panties go missing…they’re somewhere in your bedroom. Where are they?Are you wearing Mom’s panties right now, son? Beneath your underwear? Take them off…let me see. You are wearing my panties! - but those aren’t the ones I’m looking for. Tell me why you like to sniff my panties so much anyway…do you really love the smell that much?You know what that smell is…don’t you son? That’s the smell of your mother’s pussy…that’s the smell that you’re jerking off to. Mom’s hairy pussy. Come here, son…sniff my pussy. Tell me if that’s the smell that’s gotten you in so much trouble today…mmm, you like that don’t you? That’s right, shove your nose right into Mom’s pussy, son…breathe it in>You what? You want to lick it? Mymy…you do love your mother’s pussy, don’t you? Go lie down on your bed, dirty boy, and I’ll show you where that yummy smell comes from.Mmm, baby…look how wet Mom is…see how slippery my finger is? Open your mouth…lick your mother’s pussy juice off my finger…good boy. You like it? Mmm….then stick out your tongue, son…and lick Mommy’s pussy. Mm-hmm, like that baby…lick Mommy’s clit hard…stick your tongue in there and lick all the wet out.Ooh baby, look how hard and drippy your cock is - you’ve been such a good boy that I’m going to jerk your dick off for you, baby….until you cum in Mommy’s hand.

Amateur Porn Video : Muting Mom

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Muting Mom

All you wanted to do today was sit around and watch television, but as usual your Mom comes in bitching about something. She immediately turns off the TV and starts asking you where her other shoe is - like you know! - and just keeps standing there, in front of the TV, complaining. You pick up the remote - you’re just going to turn the TV back on whether Mom likes it or not, but she starts threatening you and telling you not to. So, as a joke, you aim the remote right at her face and hit *MUTE*…It worked! Oh my god, the mute button actually worked on your Mom!! You push the button again, and she just keeps right on bitching…so you hit *MUTE* again…and she’s silent.This could be fun…You decide to see whether the other buttons work on your Mom, too, so next you hit the *PAUSE* button, and sure enough…she freezes. This is so cool! You could literally do anything to her right now……and she’d never even know…or be able to stop you…oh shit, you could do…...anything to your Mom right now.You’re a horny teenager, and your Mom’s hot as fuck - this is a once in a lifetime chance to squeeze your mom’s tits and play with her ass. But what happens if you get caught? Fuck it….this is too good! You unbutton your Mom’s sweater, pulling her bra down to expose her tits…shit, you love seeing those things swaying in the morning while she makes your breakfast…you squeeze them, and feel your cock start to grow.You decide to play with your Mom, pressing *PAUSE* over and over again, so that you have access to all her hot mom parts while she’s frozen in place. You’re getting hornier for your Mom by the second…and then you have a great idea…what if you could ‘change the channel’ on your Mom? You press the *UP* button, and, sure enough, your Mom’s standing in front of you giving the weather report with her tits out - oh my god! You press the button again, and your mom’s a sports commentator. Finally, you decide exactly what you want to do with your Mom next…you want to fuck her. You want to fuck your Mom. No, wait…even better….you want her to fuck you.*CLICK* - and your Mom’s a porn star, gyrating in front of you, grinding her ass down on your stiff cock, and telling you about how she’s always wanted to suck you off. Shit! This is the best channel EVER!! Your porn channel Mom drops to her knees and starts licking and sucking your balls…stroking your cock with her tits…fuck, feels so good. Then your Mom tells you that she’s going to fuck you - the best you’ve ever had - and she’s going to do it every day from now on….she wants her son’s cock all the time.Mom turns her great ass around in your face, spreads her cheeks so you can see how wet her pussyhole is, and sits down right onto your stiff cock….Mom takes it all in, all at once, and immediately starts to bounce and grind on her son’s cock, telling you how good you feel inside Mommy’s pussy. Before you know what’s happening, your Mom cums right on your dick. You can’t fucking believe how good it feels.Then she’s right back on her knees, saying she needs your cum in her mouth…in her pussy…in her asshole…oh, fuck…she’s sucking you off….she’s going to make you cum right in her mouth……you’re going to explode right into your Mom’s mouth, and she’s telling you what a good little boy you are, all grown up, and about to spurt into your horny-as-fuck mother’s mouth.You feel it coming…feel it pumping…feel it shooting into your Mommy’s waiting mouth…and you can’t fucking believe what she does next.

Amateur Porn Video : Teacher Cures Your ADD

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Teacher Cures Your ADD

Sit still and listen, young man! It’s just that kind of fidgety, hyperactive behavior that’s landed you in this mess. If you can’t get yourself under control during class, you’re going to end up in the place where boys who pull girls’ hair go…the Slow Class.You heard me right, mister. If you don’t learn to sit still and stop bothering others then I’ll have no choice but to transfer your butt right out of my classroom. You’re not even paying attention to me right now, are you? And what are you doing with your hands in your lap? Are you fiddling with your penis right now? Bad boy! That’s exactly what I’m talking about - you need to calm down. Fast.Teacher’s going to teach you, right here and now, how to pay attention. You’re going to look directly at me, on your best behavior, while I test your attention span with a number of different stimuli. And I know exactly what kinds of things stimulate boys…oh yes I do.Keep your eyes on me, young man, while I show you things you’ve never seen before. Have you ever seen a girl’s titties? Not even your mom or sister’s? Keep your hands where I can see them…mmm, good boy. You get a gold star! But can you pass the next test?Can you pay very close attention when Teacher pulls her panties aside and teases you with her pussy? You’ve never seen one of these before either, I’ll bet. Come closer, baby, get a good look… Now here’s the biggest test of all - I want you to wrap your fingers around your dick and play with it while I come. But you have to pay attention the whole time - watch while Teacher’s legs tremble and her legs shake - watch while you stroke your dick faster and faster (don’t cum!) - watch while Teacher reaches a shivering, shouting orgasm right in front of your young, impressionable eyes. ** Remember : Boys who cum too fast end up in the Slow Class. **

Amateur Porn Video : Mommy's Little Fucker

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Mommy's Little Fucker

Sweetie, we need to talk about something, just for a minute…okay? Mommy loves you very much, and I know that you’re trying very hard to be a good boy, but I’m a little disappointed in you. I don’t think you’re doing your best, son.Mommy wants you to be the very best at everything, so that one day when you’re out on your own you’ll succeed…and lately, well…You haven’t been making Mommy come very hard at all…last time we fucked I almost didn’t have an orgasm at all, baby.As much as I love your little dick…it’s not that big, baby. Maybe one day it’ll be bigger, but right now…well, you’re going to have to fuck extra hard and extra long to make Mommy’s pussy happy.See how wet my pussyhole is sweetheart? It knows we’re going to fuck in a few minutes, and it’s already dripping…I love it when you fuck me, son. You just have to try harder….here, let Mommy show you.See how big my finger is, baby? That’s about the size of your cock. And when you cum inside Mommy too soon, your little cock hasn’t had time to make ME come yet. Understand, son? Listen to the noises I make while I finger my pussy for you…fuck myself to orgasm, so you can see and hear, and understand…Mommy likes to get fucked hard, baby. And long.And this is what it sounds like when I come…mmm, yes….just like this….fuck!Oh no, son - you weren’t supposed to cum too. Now Mommy’s going to have to lick up that son-spunk and wait for you to get hard again. You’re going to fuck your Mommy right this time, baby.

Amateur Porn Video : Revenge on Your Asshole

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Revenge on Your Asshole

You want forgiveness? I have eight inches…right here, baby.You said you’d do ‘anything’, didn’t you? Anything for me to forgive you after you fucked up so badly? I hope you meant it, because tonight I’m going to take my revenge…on your asshole.Don’t look so shocked, baby…you fucked me over, now I’m going to fuck you…going to plunge this long fat cock into your tight little asshole until you beg me for forgiveness. Until you cry…until you scream…until you cum. And baby, I’m going to keep fucking you. I’m going to fuck you until I feel better…until I’m satisfied.And until your little asshole is raw. You’re going to get fucked harder than anyone’s ever been fucked before, baby…and I’m going to enjoy every second. Bend over…it’s time to be forgiven.

Amateur Porn Video : The Things Your Wife Won't Do

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The Things Your Wife Won't Do

You thought you’d chosen the perfect wife - young…cute…sweet - but she’s not the same anymore, is she? Remember when before you married her? She’d suck your cock like she really liked it…but not anymore. She used to go out of her way to be sexy for you…but hasn’t in a long time. There are lots of things she won’t do, aren’t there?Mm-hmm…you know you made a mistake. You know you shouldn’t have chosen someone who’d stop riding your face as soon as you married her - but you did, and that’s why you’re here with me now. You want someone who’ll do all those things that your wife won’t…don’t you, baby?You want me to strip seductively for you…tell you exactly what I want you to do to me…moan while you fuck me from behind…mm-hmm baby. You want me to strip for you…confidently…without worrying about my body, or whether I’m mad at you for something that happened days ago. You want me to tease you with my tits, shake my ass in your face…look you right in the eye and beg you to fuck me…hard.That’s right, baby…I’ll do all those things your wife won’t…your young, cute, sweet wife. Aren’t you sick of her already? I am..

Amateur Porn Video : Show Teacher Your Cock

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Show Teacher Your Cock

I’m a little surprised you showed up…you’re awfully forward for a schoolboy, aren’t you? Come in…there wasn’t anyone else in the hall was there? Let me close the classroom door so we’re not interrupted - it’s time for your private tutoring.I want you to know that I’ve never done this with a student before…can’t believe I gave you my phone number…and all those dirty dirty texts you’ve been sending me. You’re so mature for a boy your age…and so handsome. I just, well..I can’t help myself. I’ve been sitting here all school year, looking at you across my desk and thinking, “I wonder what his cock looks like.”Show me - show me your cock. You’ve been teasing me…telling me all the things you want to do to Teacher….show me. Take out that young hard cock and rub it for me, right here in the classroom.Mmmmm, yes baby…just like that for Teacher. You’re making me so wet, and I’m not wearing any panties under my pantyhose…mm-hmm, I’m going to touch it just a little, okay baby? Mmm, fuck…want me to spread my legs…show you my pussy up close in my pantyhose? Stroke that beautiful young cock while I play with my mature pussy for you..spreading my lips, showing you the pink inside…wet for you…my student.Rolling my pantyhose down to finger my pussy while you jerk off…reaching out to stroke your dick…wetter and wetter, until I just can’t take it anymore. Come with me, baby…come with Teacher…tell me how much you want to fuck me right here in class. Shoot that big load, little boy…it’s the best thing Teacher’s ever seen…mmm, and it tastes so good.

Amateur Porn Video : Talk Mommy Into It

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Talk Mommy Into It

Hi sweetie, I’m surprised to see you home in the middle of the afternoon…umm, well…I’m dressed this way because I was expecting company. But he cancelled. Anyway…Why are you home? Girlfriend broke up with you? Oh honey, I’m sorry…you too, huh? Well, thank you son…I feel silly now for getting all dressed up for nothing. What? Well…that’s a little personal, honey, but yes…I was planning on having sex today. Oh - you too? Wow, I guess we’re both going to be left lonely today.What? Son, that’s crazy! Why would you say something like that? We can’t do that…let go of my hand, sweetheart…it’s, well…you’re so grown now, aren’t you?No, it wouldn’t be right…let go of mom’s hand, baby. No…don’t touch yourself there….wow. Umm…I can’t believe this is happening baby. I can’t believe we’re even talking about this…can’t believe I’m about to admit how wet my panties are right now.You want me to touch you? Oh god, son…I didn’t realize you’d gotten so…big…so hairy…so hard.It feels so hot in my hand, so…mmm, so good baby. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but..I want to suck your cock, son. I want it right now, so bad I can’t stand it.God you taste so good baby - my panties are soaked through…put your mouth on mommy’s panties, baby…taste what you’ve done to your mother.Mmm…fuck! Your tongue feels so good, baby…let me take these wet panties off so you can plunge your tongue into mommy’s dripping pussy…oh god, baby…yes.I’m going to cum on your face, son. Mommy’s going to cum on your face…That was so amazing, baby..I can’t believe you made me cum so fast with just your mouth…and mommy’s all ready for that thick young cock now…see? Mm-hmm, that’s it baby…slide your dick into your mommy, deep. Stroke me….mmm, yes baby….just like that….fuck mommy’s pussy like you’ve always wanted to.Oh baby, your balls are so tight…your cock so hard inside me…you’re going to cum, aren’t you son? Oh god, baby…put it inside me…pump it as deep inside my pussy as you can. I want to feel you empty those balls into me…fuck! Cum inside your mommy, son….right now.

Amateur Porn Video : Mom's Sick Sonfuck Fantasy

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Mom's Sick Sonfuck Fantasy

You thought you were just going to eavesdrop on Mom’s telephone conversation…you never could have imagined what you’d hear..Crouched down, behind the clump of plants in the den, you can’t believe your eyes - or your ears - when you realize that your Mom…is…ohmygod…having phone sex. You’ve never seen your mother like this…dressed sexy, voice low and husky, writhing around on the sofa. You’ve always known she was pretty; she takes good care of herself…but this is nothing like your Mom. You’re horrified to have to witness this, but you’re stuck behind the plants - if you try to leave now she’ll surely see you. Trapped, you watch the scene unfold..Mom’s obviously talking to someone about her new boyfriend…telling how hard he fucked her last night. But wait…then she says that he’s been fucking her for years - that can’t be the new guy, he’s only been around a few weeks. Now you mom’s telling whoever is on the phone that the guy who fucks her lives with her. That’s weird…nobody lives with your Mom but you..While you’re trying to figure out who she’s talking to, your Mom…well, your Mom starts touching herself. She rubs her breasts, slides her hand down between her legs…clenches her thighs around her hand..damn. This is hot.Before you know what’s happening, you feel your cock start to twitch - you can’t believe that you’re getting aroused by your mother, but you can’t help yourself. You look on in horrified arousal….feeling sick and twisted…when she says it:”Yeah baby? You want me to tell you all about how he fucks me? Want to hear about how my son fucks his mother?”What?! Did she just say ’my son’??What is your Mom talking about? You’ve never fucked her - she’s never fucked you - you’ve never fucked! But there she is, rubbing her pussy and telling someone on the phone about how she climbs into bed with you every morning before school and sticks her nipples in your mouth..”Mm-hmm…I slide right in beside him…wake him up with my mouth on his cock. He loves to wake up with Mommy’s lips on his dick.” She’s pulling out a dildo - sucking it while she describes to - it must be the new boyfriend? - how she’s been fucking you for years…has you trained to please Mommy’s pussy…how you make her cum every time you fuck her..Even though you’ve never thought of it before, the sight of your mother fucking her wet pussy with that big dildo….while she describes fucking you til you cum deep in your Mom’s cunt…fuck…she wants you to fill her pussy up with your spunk - she wants to get pregnant by her son! Damn…you can’t help yourself. You’re going to pull your dick out right now and jerk off to the image of your Mom plunging that cock in and out of her pussy…mm-hmm…try to cum when she does…try to imagine fucking your mother…until you really can. Soon. She wants you…and now, you want her too.

Amateur Porn Video : Cuckold Cumshot Cocktail

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Cuckold Cumshot Cocktail

Hi honey…you look like you’ve had a long, hard day at work; why don’t we have a cocktail in bed…hmm?I want to talk to you about something…well, thank you, I put this on just for you. I wanted to look as sexy as possible to tell you… tell you that I did it. What we talked about last night, when we were fucking. I met a stranger today…and let him fuck me.You said last night that it would be so hot to know that your wife got fucked by some big-cock stranger, right baby? Well, it happened. I didn’t even ask his name - told him I didn’t want to know; he made me cum over and over again, baby…my pussy is so fucking raw and drippy right now. Mmm…Remember what else you said, honey? Remember how you said that you’d do anything if I let some stranger fuck me…that you’d even eat his cum if I asked you to? Does that still sound hot to you today, with the sun up and your dick dry? Still want to taste cum from the man who fucked your wife today? Do you, baby?…Good. Because I saved it for you. You heard right…I saved his spunk. It’s right here….and I’m going to feed it to you…through this fat strap on dick. You’re going to suck my cock, baby…just like it’s some strange man who’s just fucked your wife…and you’re going to taste his cum…mixed with a little vodka, so I can get you drunk…and stick this cock in your ass.Open wide, honey…eat cum.

Amateur Porn Video : Bathtime Sex Talk with Mom

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Bathtime Sex Talk with Mom

Sure, I’ll talk to you son, but it’s been a very long day and Mom’s going to take a long, hot bath. Maybe later? Is it really that important? Well okay…go ahead and talk…but I’m getting in the tub anyway.Why does that bother you? Don’t be silly, son - I’m your mother. Now start talking…what’s the problem?That girl broke up with you already…I knew it. What did she say? You weren’t good in bed? Well, maybe that’s your fault…and maybe that’s her fault. Did she tell you how to make her cum? No…of course she didn’t, because girls that young probably don’t even know yet.Do you know where the clit is, son? Because if you don’t, you’re never going to please a girl. Here - let Mom show you…Don’t be embarrassed - just look and learn. As a matter of fact, there are probably several lessons you need to learn…and now that Mom’s tickled her clit…well, let’s make this sex talk a Sex Lesson.

Amateur Porn Video : Casual Encounter Massage Fuck *Highlights*

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Casual Encounter Massage Fuck *Highlights*

There is no end to the dirty, naughty things a girl can find herself involved in after just a short search of the personal ads..This morning, I asked hubby to arrange a massage for me - a simple, innocent request, made in the genuine interest of having a nice, relaxing rubdown. I had no idea he’d found some nameless, big-cock stranger in the personal ads and told him that he’d let him fuck me in exchange for a back massage.It was pretty apparent, when the doorbell rang, and the young and very handsome guy who walked through gave me a sly half-grin while he checked my body out. I thought, “This might just be interesting…let’s see what happens.”I led the ‘massage therapist’ upstairs, followed closely by my lucky cuckold hubby…where I dropped my robe and lay nude across the bed. He immediately oiled my body from tip to tip, working my muscles but concentrating most of his energy on my ass. It was obvious that he was eager to get past the massage and onto fucking, but I lay there, relaxed and knowing, while he fingered me from behind…letting orgasm after orgasm wash over my body…before finally rolling over, sucking his cock, then fucking him right then and there while hubby filmed.** These are a few of the highlights from today’s hour-long stranger massage fuck. **

Amateur Porn Video : I Dream of...Mom

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I Dream of...Mom

Long story short : You went out with your girlfriend tonight. You were making out at her house…it was getting really hot…she reached out and grabbed your dick through your jeans…and you came. Fuck! Humiliating!!So now you’re at home, in your bed, still un-fucked…embarrassed…blue balls…and falling asleep. You just want to talk to your Mom about it - she’s so helpful and understanding…and beautiful - but you’re way too embarrassed to ask your mom how to keep from cumming in your pants every time a girl touches your dick. You drift off with confusing thoughts of girls, humiliation, fucking, and your mom’s sweet face, all swirling in your head……there’s your sexy-dreamy Mom, hovering above you…it’s an out-of-body experience…and the best thing you’ve ever felt.Sweetheart, you’re never going to keep a girlfriend if you can’t control your cock and balls; girls want a boy who can make them cum over and over again before he does. Lie still, baby…let Mom teach you how to control yourself…Let Mom stroke your big, beautiful cock…the cock I gave you, after all..and show you how to keep that yummy cum in your balls until it’s time to pop. Mm-hmm, that’s it, son…slow and easy…Now listen closely to Mom - when you start feeling your balls tighten and your young cock throb…stop what you’re doing, just like this…see how Mom alternately strokes and stops, strokes and stops? Feels good, doesn’t it, babyboy? Mm-hmm…I see you twitching and humping…Mom knows what that means. I’m going to just massage the head of your cock now, baby…it won’t make you cum, but it’ll feel SO good. I’m going to edge your cock until you’ve learned some control.That’s Mom’s good boy…keep that big load of cum in your balls til Mom’s finished playing with your cock, son…let Mommy get all the pleasure she needs from your dick before I jerk it out of you with my expert and loving touch. Explode now, baby…it’s time.Some dreams you never want to end…

Amateur Porn Video : Single Neighbor Needs a Favor

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Single Neighbor Needs a Favor

Thanks so much for coming by! I’m sure you’re busy at home but I could sure use some help…you see, I have a leak. Well, more like a drip. It’s down in a very tight spot and I can’t seem to get to it myself. Do you think you could take a look? Maybe take a minute and see if you can stop that annoying drip?…You’re handy - and cute, too - I’ll be your wife just worships the ground you walk on. She doesn’t? Hmm…if I had a handy man like you around the house…well…he’d be very happy.Oops - did I just accidentally touch your tool? Mmm, why don’t you let me help you - hand you things - while you search out my leaky spot? Oops, there I go again, touching your tool. Maybe you’ll let me play with it a little while you work under my sink? I won’t tell your wife…I won’t tell anyone.That’s it, you deserve it; working hard to help a single neighbor in distress while your wife waits for you at home. You should at least get your dick sucked, right? And she’s not going to do it, is she? Mm-hmm, that’s what I thought…and it’s been so long since I sucked a nice dick like yours. Just relax and enjoy it - that drip can surely wait a little longer.I can’t take it anymore; I’m going to fuck you. Shhh, just lie there and let me climb on. I’ll slide your cock inside me and ride you like I know you haven’t been ridden in years; I’ll do things with my pussy that your wife’s never done, and you’ll love it. Ooh fuck, I’m going to cum..I guess that means it’s your turn now - it’s only fair - you fix my drip and I fix yours…neighborly. Yes, fuck me…fuck me more…but don’t cum inside me! I’ll suck you off, make you cum hard, all over my face…when does your wife do that, huh? Yeah, never….but I will.** My first ever Virtual Sex / Simulated Cumshot - INSANE, messy, all-over-my-face cum splatter. Your pipes must’ve been clogged, too! **

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