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Amateur Porn Video : Your Nasty Southern Auntie

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Your Nasty Southern Auntie

You’ve heard about your Auntie who still lives down South where your mom’s from, but you never imagined you’d be sent to stay with her. She’s HOT…man, way hotter than your mom’s friends or even any of the girls you know…and almost as soon as you come in the door, your Auntie starts talking about some really crazy stuff....about all the ‘games’ that family members play together, and how it’s an Auntie’s job to teach a nephew things.Sex things. But you’re a virgin…and you don’t talk about stuff like that at your house, ever.In front of your eyes, your Auntie starts stroking her cleavage…asking you dirty questions....she reaches out to touch your dick and asks whether your Mommy ever touches you there. You can’t believe this is happening, and your little pecker starts to get stiff in spite of your terror.Auntie tells you that she thinks her sister sent you here on purpose…so she could do sex stuff to you…because your Mommy knows how much Auntie likes to touch little boys.She makes you play a stripping game with her…she pulls out one of her big grown breasts and then tells you to take off your shirt. She tells you that you’ve been left here on purpose…to learn to fuck…and that there’s only one way she’s letting you go. Strip!Now Auntie says she’s going to show you her ‘tummy…down really low’, but before you know it she’s pulled her skirt down lower, and lower…and lower…until you can see her, well….her grown-woman pussy. It’s all covered in hair and wet-looking and Auntie spreads it wide to show you where she wants you to put your dick.She pulls down your pants and tells you to rub it, right there in front of her, while she’s rubbing her pussy in your face. Aunties reaches out and strokes your little cock, telling you to do it ‘just like that’ for her….it feels good, so you do it. The more you look at your Auntie’s up-close hole the harder you get, and your little balls start to twitch.Auntie fingers her pussy and feeds you the wetness off her fingers while telling you what it means to cum and why your little dick is dripping right now.Then your aunt bends right over and puts her mouth on your dick…It feels so fucking good that you’re not even afraid when, next, Auntie leans back, spreads her legs, and tells you to stick your dick in.Saying, ‘your Mamma wants you to, baby…your Mamma wants you to’, your aunt guides your little pecker to her pussy, and helps you stick it right in. It feels so good in there….so wet and squishy inside your Auntie’s cunt…you can’t help but rub back and forth, fucking in and out of it…making your little cock feel better than you ever thought it could. She reaches around and pulls you into her, grinding against your dick until you get the rhythm and start fucking her like a big boy. She tells you to pump your little ass faster and faster until you make her cum, but that you’re probably not old enough so there’s nothing to worry about. Just in case though, Auntie makes you take your cock out right after she’s done cumming…so you don’t cum, for the very first time, into your nasty Auntie’s cunt. You have all summer, after all, and there’s a LOT to learn.

Amateur Porn Video : Gradeschool Masturbation Fantasy

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Gradeschool Masturbation Fantasy

Can you remember how old you were when you started having erections you couldn’t control?Remember sitting in class and hoping so hard that you wouldn’t get a boner because the cute girl smiled at you or because the teacher’s legs were pretty….Remember?Looking back now, wouldn’t it have been great to be able to slide your hand down under the desk…with nobody noticing…and rubbing your throbbing dick through your pants a little? Mmm…what if that hot-as-fuck older teacher kept giving you peeks of her panties…would you have reached down and unzipped your pants…pulled your hard as a rock dick out and touched it, right there in the classroom?It’s like you’re there again, and that teacher is pulling her panties aside and fingering herself right there at her desk while you whack away furiously under your desk…you can hear the wetness of teacher’s cunt from your desk as she plunges her fingers into her pussy again and again, encouraging you to rub yourself hard and fast while none of the others can see…She wants you to cum….right there in the middle of class….while she fingers her cunt with those pink panties pressed aside, and all the girls are right behind you, and…..fuck….you’re going to cum. Right there at your desk in gradeschool.

Amateur Porn Video : Dont Cum Yet Baby

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Dont Cum Yet Baby

You keep saying that you need help…you need to control your orgasm…not cum so fast.But you always jerk off the same way. You know what makes your dick feel good and you never lose any time getting to it. I’m going to help you learn to play new games with your cock…and with me…that’ll keep your balls full and tight so much longer, baby. Let’s touch ourselves together…I’ll show you what I’m talking about….see? Mmm…that’s it, just like that, baby….now take your hand off your cock before you cum. And just watch me….listen to me…get ready for your next chance to cum…Maybe you weren’t able to wait, and your cock’s spurting into the air right this’re not getting out of it that easily, baby. Spit on that dick and get hard again…you’re going all the way to the end with me, baby.Mm-hmm…wrap your finger and thumb around the base of your balls…squeeze them while you stroke yourself and watch me slide my hand inside my lace panties to finger my dripping-wet pussy while you try so hard not to cum.Stop right before you do, baby…don’t let it cum yet…don’t miss this. You’re going to want to be hard when I take these panties off, lick them, and wrap them around the base of your cock to keep you from popping instantly…to the sloppy, wet sounds of me fingering my pussy. You can hear that, can’t you?…see my slippery fingers plunging in and out while my pussy smacks and slurps away, eventually having my own intense, creamy orgasm while ordering you to unclench your balls and cum with me, baby…finally. Mmm…fuck yes, baby…now let’s lick each other clean.

Amateur Porn Video : The Devil in My Sons Dick

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The Devil in My Sons Dick

Of course I’ll say your night-night prayers with you tonight, son…that makes Mom’s heart so happy! You’re such a good boy, still saying your prayers after all these years, on your knees with your hands clasped beside the bed…you look so sweet down there, baby.You have a special prayer you want Mom to help you with tonight? Sure son…but you know that jesus doesn’t need you to do it any special way, right? As long as you have goodness in your heart…what’s your special prayer, baby?What’s that? Son….did you just say that you need god to bless your penis? Why would you be praying for your penis, baby…did something awful happen to your penis?.. Show Mommy right now!.. Oh, you’re not hurt…so why would you want Mom to help you pray for it, son? It’s inappropriate for you and me to be talking about your penis…jesus doesn’t like it, really, for Mom’s and sons to talk about penises..You think what? That the Devil is in your penis? Oh baby…that’s just silly! You can’t possibly have the Devil in your penis, son. God wouldn’t let that happen, and neither would Mom. What? You have the Devil in your penis right now? Right this very minute? Stand up and show me your penis, son….let’s see what the Devil wants with it…Young man, you have an erection! Right in front of your mother! And you get them all the time?…and always when you think about me? Oh no, baby…you really DO have the Devil in your penis! Let’s pray right now for god to come down and get that dirty old Devil right out of you….come on, baby…pray with Mommy..Dear god, please help me…please come down and give me your divine wisdom, lord. My son is standing in front of me with a raging hard cock, lord, and I just don’t know what to do to help him. God, give me strength to do the right thing, right now with my sweet young son, because help me lord….all I want to do is reach out and grab his cock and squeeze it. God help me, but I must have the Devil in my pussy too…because it’s dripping wet at the sight of my son’s hard dick.Mmm, baby…Mommy’s going to have to help you get the Devil out….it’s okay, god said so. I prayed to him and he said that the only way for you to get the Devil out of your dick is to shove it deep inside Mom’s pussy and hump it back and forth, in and out, until all the Devil shoots out. Hopefully you can fuck the Devil out of Mommy’s pussy, too, because it’s dripping, drooling, devil-wet at the thought of fucking my own son.Come stand by the edge of the bed, baby…Mommy will show you how to do it…just slide your Devil dick into Mommy’s pussy and stand still…I’ll work my pussy back and forth on your cock….like that, baby? Mom’s drooling pussy feels good wrapped around your hard little dick right now, doesn’t it? Does it tingle, baby? Does it burn in your balls? That’s the Devil trying to get out baby…let him out, son. Let that Devil cum out into your mother’s cunt…right now. Mmmm….good boy…look at all your spunk dripping out of Mommy’s cunt, baby…you surely got the Devil all out of us both….now clean up your mess, or jesus will be mad at you..

Amateur Porn Video : You Cumdrinking Cocksucking Dirty Boy

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You Cumdrinking Cocksucking Dirty Boy

It’s time, baby…tonight’s the night…I’ve been fingering your asshole…milking your prostate…saving your cum; tonight, you’re going to swallow every drop of it, just like you promised.Looks like more than you thought in this glass, doesn’t it baby? Twelve times you came into this glass while I fingered your ass…and tonight I’m going to watch you suck, swallow, and gag on every single one. Mmm…look at your cock twitch…you like eating cum, don’t you? You sick fucker…cocksucker…cumdrinker…get on back.I’m going to milk you one more time…lucky thirteen, before I make you drink it all up. Mm-hmm, it won’t take long, baby…you know how much you love to have your asshole fingered. You’ll pop in no time, and we can get on with the cumdrinking that you’re just dying to do.Get back on your knees, you dirty cum whore you…it’s time to drink up…but not from the glass. Oh no, baby…you’re going to suck all of your cum right out of my giant cumming dildo - just like it’s a real cock.You’re not going to let a drop hit the floor as I drip….drizzle…and eventually shoot load after load of cum down your slut throat while you choke and moan for more. Cumslut. Cocksucker. Fanboy.Mmm, baby…there’s so much of your cum from all the prostate fingering….I could fill my cock back up and blast several loads right up your ass. Get over here….ride my cock, slut. You know you’re dying to feel my cum splash deep up into your asshole…come on, baby….take it all. Every fucking drop. And when you’re done, get back on your knees, cumslut…and suck me clean.

Amateur Porn Video : WakeandBake

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You didn’t think I’d quit smoking *everything*….did you?Wake and bake with me. ~~~

Amateur Porn Video : Pull Those Panties Aside for Mommy

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Pull Those Panties Aside for Mommy

Hi there, baby…Mom’s had a long, rough day…want to help me feel better?Are you wearing them? The red panties I laid out for you? Have you been wearing them all day long, like Mom asked? Mmm, good boy…Take off your pants, baby…show Mommy your panties. Show me how they fit you, how your cock swells and drips inside them when you have them on all day…show mommy those wet panties, son.Mm-hmm, just as I suspected…you’re already ready to pop. I bet if I squeezed your balls right now you’d cum all inside your panties, wouldn’t you? Mmm…not yet, baby. Mommy wants to play a little first…pull those wet panties aside baby, let me slide the tip of my finger inside you and wiggle it a little…make you drip even harder…even stickier…even closer to cumming in your panties.Mommy can’t take it anymore, son…can you? I’m going to rub your cock…your, mmmm….fuck baby!…hard dripping-wet cock until you squirt right into those panties.Look at me while I stroke you, son…tell Mommy they’re your panties….tell Mommy you love how they feel….tell Mommy you want to cum in your panties….right now. For me. Do it….cum for Mommy, son. Now let me slide those sticky-wet, cum-filled panties off you, baby…let me taste your cum…rub your panties against my lips while I tease myself in my own now-dripping panties…mmmm, baby…what a good boy you are.

Amateur Porn Video : I Got Your Wifes Big Package

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I Got Your Wifes Big Package

Sorry to bother you, but I think your mail came to my place by mistake…is your wife home? No? Well, this is a little embarrassing - I opened the package that came to my house and didn’t realize that it wasn’t for me until I saw what was in the box.This is a pretty big dildo - you two must be more wild than you look! What do you mean it’s not yours? Of course it’s yours; says so right on the packing slip. Well, if you don’t know about it, maybe this is your wife’s not-so-little secret. I can’t imagine needing a fake cock with such a good looking man in the house, but maybe she’s just insatiable or something…  No? She says she doesn’t like sex toys at all? And your sex life is almost non-existent? That’s really fucked up that she would lie to you like that.If you were my man I’d fuck you all the time… Hey, wanna get back at your wife for lying and not fucking you and (probably) cheating on you, too? Let’s get this dildo all dirty then put it back in the box! That’ll teach that bitch a lesson. Mmm…I have an even better idea…I’m going to spit on it, rub it on my pussy, and then put it back in the box.Your wife sure has good taste in cocks…this one feels great in my cunt…but probably not as good as yours would. Come here, let me suck your cock…it tastes so much better than this dildo your stupid wife ordered. Mmm, I haven’t seen a dick that hard in a long time - it’s lonely being the single girl in the neighborhood. Come on….just fuck me..I need it. You know you want to. That’s it, baby, stuff that big cock in me…fuck me hard. Make your neighbor cum on your poor neglected cock. Mmm, yeah…give me that fat load right in my pussy…What? You don’t want to get me pregnant? Fine…cum on my tits while I jack your cock off. I’ll kneel in front of your beautiful dick, stroke you hard and fast…make you explode all that pent-up cum right onto my tits…** Enormous virtual cumshot plasters my tits and chin - I’m coming back soon to drain you again, neighbor.  **

Amateur Porn Video : Bring a Friend Son

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Bring a Friend Son

It’s finally that day, son…it’s Mom’s birthday today. Thank you, baby…I love you too.What? You have a big surprise for me for my birthday? Haha! Baby, you don’t have a job and you don’t have any money…how could you have a surprise for me?Oh, you’re going to lick Mommy’s pussy all night long, are you?… Baby, you do that almost every night…ha! My dirty little fucker….but today’s Mom’s birthday, and I want something even more special than your tongue in my cunthole.Mommy wants a gangbang. Well, I guess technically it’s a threesome, but gangbang sounds so much dirtier…and hotter.I want you to bring that friend of yours over - you know the one - the big one. I want the two of you to gangfuck your Mommy tonight for my birthday, son. You like that idea don’t you, baby? I see your dick twitching…take it out, let Mom suck you a little while I show you exactly how I want you and your friend to fuck me tonight.I want his cock in my pussy while I’m sucking your cock…want him to pound me with his dick you stand in front of me and press my head down onto your throbbing dick. And then I want to ride your cock while he shoves his hard, young, new dick down my throat….pumping all the way into my throat over and over while you thrust up into your mother’s pussy and watch me suck the cum right out of your best friend’s cock. I want you to blow your load up into my pussy at the same second,son…filled with cum from both ends, for my birthday.Say yes, baby….mmmmm, Mommy’s so turned on just thinking about it….fuck.

Amateur Porn Video : Ice Cold Chastity Training

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Ice Cold Chastity Training

Chastity is a fantasy for you…you crave handing over control of your most intimate acts to a woman who will tease and torment your mind and body, before allowing you - maybe - to have a moment of pleasure.The thought of having your cock locked up 24/7…being told over and over again that your every orgasm is mine for the taking… makes you hard, doesn’t it?But you don’t get everything you want…you have to prove yourself worthy of time and effort....can you prove yourself?Chastity is the ultimate glorious torture, but it’s not for everyone. Weak-willed men need not apply. Before you get any chance to be under lock and key…..spend a week playing this ice edging game with me. If you can handle it…the pain…the denial…the teasing…..maybe - just maybe - you’re worthy. Now get your cock out…and prove yourself.

Amateur Porn Video : Sharing a Bed with Mom

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Sharing a Bed with Mom

Hi baby, still awake? Good…scoot over, Mom’s so sleepy…I know, son. I hate this tiny apartment, too, and I hate that we have to share the only bed. You’re nearly grown - you should have your own room. And Mom certainly should, too…but this is all we can afford right now, so let’s just make the best of it, okay? Now..scoot over. Let Mom get in bed.See, that’s not so bad is it? Practically snug! Now be a good boy…close your eyes and go to sleep.Really, baby…close your eyes. Well, if you must know…Mom needs to relax. And there’s no other place for me to, umm, do it. So just lie still, close your eyes, and don’t pay any attention to what I’m doing on my side of the bed. Really, son - Mom needs this bad…please just go to sleep.Son, I’m going to have to do this - even if you’re going to lie there and watch me. Mom’s body aches from loneliness, and sometimes this is the only thing that helps…do you understand? Can you lie there and watch quietly? Watch me squeeze my nipples hard between my fingers…mmm, baby…that always makes my pussy so very wet…I can feel it clinching.Go ahead, son..I know you do it, too. Do it with Mommy - squeeze your nipples, too, baby. Take out your beautiful young cock and rub it while Mom plays with her wet, wet pussy, baby…mmm…let’s do it together.That’s Mommy’s good boy…rub that hard dick while I get myself off next to you in this tiny little bed. Oh, baby, Mom could watch you do that forever! Your cock is so beautiful…I love you so much, baby…Mommy’s going to cum…

Amateur Porn Video : Stocking Love

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Stocking Love

Why do we love stockings so much? What it is about pantyhose, stockings….nylons…that we find so irresistible?We women can’t help but wear them, and you men just can’t help but stare. Because they’re sexy, and sensual, and they feel…so fucking good on my body, and against your skin.But the main reason I love stockings? The main reason I wear them? Because I know that you love them…that they turn you on….and that you’ll do just about anything to watch me unbutton my garter…slide these stockings down a little and…well…you know..

Amateur Porn Video : Sophies Mom

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Sophies Mom

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bite you. I just want to have a little talk, since you’re my daughter’s new boyfriend. You know…my Sophie has had lots of boyfriends - did she tell you that? Did she tell you that you are nowhere near her ‘first’? You seem like a nice boy so I’m just going to be honest with you..My daughter is a slut. I don’t know where she gets it…why don’t you come and sit a little closer? Let’s get to know each other better.See, isn’t this nice? And you’re such a handsome young man…what are your intentions with my daughter? You know that there’s no chance of a real relationship with Sophie..don’t you? I mean, she’s just a stupid young woman, anyway? You look like someone who’d rather have a real woman, not a girl. I’ll just bet that you have a nice, long……just as I suspected…What? You’re in love with my daughter? Don’t want me to touch you like that? Well I’ve got news for you, baby…if you’re so in love with my daughter, your cock doesn’t know it, because it’s hard as a rock right now. know she’s not home right now…why don’t we play around a little? Let me show you what you’re missing by fucking my daughter instead of me.Pull out that hard young cock - let me see you jerk off while I show you Sophie’s mom’s pussy.That’s right, jerk your cock while I finger my wet pussy…tell me I’m hotter than her.Tell me I’m sexier than Sophie.Tell me you’d rather fuck me than my daughter.Yeah? You want this mom pussy? Good - go dump my little slut daughter and I’ll fuck you…right here, right now.

Amateur Porn Video : The Truth Hurts

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The Truth Hurts

Okay, here we are….we’ve gotten past the flirting and the dirty talk, and now you’re sitting there in front of me…and I just have to know one very important thing…How big is your cock?I mean, let’s be honest…you can be sweet and smart…have nice teeth and eyes…maybe even pretty deep pockets. But…and this is a BIG but…If your cock is small, we can only be friends.Yes, really. I’m not interested in even an average-sized cock, much less anything smaller. So let’s make this simple…strip. Take off all your clothes. Let me see your dick…right now.Haha! Well, it’s a good thing that isn’t hard, or you’d be on your way home already…it DOES get bigger, doesn’t it? I mean…tell me it gets bigger…Go ahead, rub on your cock a little while I sit here and watch - because I am not unbuttoning another single button on my blouse until you prove to me that your cock is bigger than I think it is.You can’t, can you? You can’t prove that it’s bigger than it looks…because it isn’t, is it?You have a tiny little micro-cock that won’t even get hard in front of me….and you knew that going into this. How could you have possibly thought for even an instant that I’d actually let you try to fuck me with that little thing?Get out. Take your little bitty cock and get the fuck out of my house.

Amateur Porn Video : Tongue Your New Boss Pussy

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Tongue Your New Boss Pussy

You’re cute, young, and going to make an excellent new employee…mainly because I don’t expect too much from you. You simply have to be able to get on your knees and service me with your tongue…lips…mouth…every day. Your job is to keep your boss’s pussy happy…and look how very wet you’ve made me already. Just the thought of you stripping naked, kneeling in front of me…pressing your tongue against my pussy again and again…mmmm, come here, get down here…it’s time to get to work. I’ll spread my legs…spread my pussy lips….show you exactly where to shove your eager tongue, just how I want you to work that hot young, skilled mouth on me. Take a close look at this wet pussy, because it’s jut become your job, every weekday, from 7 to 4.Mm-hmm, that’s the way…I knew you’d make a good worker…just keep licking my dripping slit, probing with your tongue between my lips, forcing it as deep into me as you can…As long as you keep your horny, mature boss’s pussy happy with your young mouth, you’ll go far; now get back to work…I want to cum before 5.

Amateur Porn Video : Auntie Makes You Cream Your Jeans

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Auntie Makes You Cream Your Jeans

You’re in my room first thing in the morning, telling me you had a bad night because you had an embarrassing dream…come on, nephew…tell Auntie all about it…Auntie sits in front of you, sexy in her long white lace nightie…smoking her morning cigarette and asking you lots of personal questions. Before you know it, you have a raging boner and your aunt is rubbing her bare foot against the tent you’ve pitched in your pjs.Auntie’s going to help you, sweetheart…just sit right there…and you can help Auntie, too…let’s make sure that we both sleep well tonight.Your aunt reaches out her long bare leg, pressing and rubbing harder and faster against your hard-on…you can feel it throbbing, burning…wanting to jizz right there in your pajama pants. But Auntie’s talking so dirty, smoking that cigarette and rubbing your cock…next thing you know she’s spread her legs to expose her wet shaved pussy…That’s it, nephew, let Auntie get you off with my foot while I show you how a woman gets off. I’m going to rub my clit while pressing against that big hard bulge…don’t cum in your pants, baby…

Amateur Porn Video : Cuck Clinic - Cum Eating is your JOB

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Cuck Clinic - Cum Eating is your JOB

You think that being a cuckold is all about watching a guy with a cock bigger than yours fucking your’re a voyeur…but you haven’t thought it all the way through, have you?Your wife sent you here to learn what it’s really like to be a cuckold. And that means that you have to acquire a taste for cum.After that big-cock stud has fucked your wife and shot his load deeper inside her pussy than you ever could…she’s going to be wet…drippy…sticky. It’s your job as a cuck to press your face between your wife’s swollen pussy lips, stick out your tongue, and suck out all that hot, thick bull cum. Are you really prepared to swallow another man’s cum?We’re going to find out today, because your wife made a date for tomorrow night…and you can’t embarrass her by being a bad cum eating cuckold, can you? You have to prove, right now, right here with me, that you’re willing and able to eat cum…as much as is necessary…to do your job properly.I’ve collected four large cum specimens, from men you’ve never met - big, hung bulls with huge cocks and full balls ready to fill your wife’s pussy - and saved them…just for you. Now cucky…open wide…and swallow.

Amateur Porn Video : Sick Mommy

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Sick Mommy

Come in here, son. Mom needs you…You’re getting ready for school when Mom calls you into her bedroom. She says she’s sick…but she sure doesn’t look sick. Mom’s beautiful, and you love her so very much, so you want to help when she says she’s not feeling well. Mom asks if you’ll help her feel better, like she does when you’re sick. She wants you to rub some medicine on her chest, which embarrasses you, but your mother explains that it’s not weird because you’re her good boy and it’s completely normal to want to help Mom feel better.You start to rub the menthol medicine into her chest and Mom starts to moan - it must be feeling better already - exposing more of her breasts and telling you that good boys who love their mothers do what they’re asked.Then Mom (who really doesn’t seem sick at all) tells you that her tummy hurts, too, and that good boys also rub Mommy’s tummy. She closes her eyes and guides your tentative hand to her stomach….lower and lower….until you’re caressing the edge of your mom’s writhing mound while she tells you how good it feels. You’re beginning to think that something’s going on with your mother, but you want to please her…she’s been such a loving mom, and must be really feeling bad.Even though you love your mother desperately, you’re shocked when she tells you that next you have to take her temperature...and she wants you to put the thermometer in her butt, the way she does for you when you’re really really sick. You’re sure that something’s going on with your mother now - she’s never done anything like this before - but you still don’t want to make her feel worse, so you take the thermometer from her and follow her directions, slowly inserting the thermometer into Mom's buttonhole when she pulls her legs apart to show you where. You can’t believe that you’re seeing your mom’s pussy and asshole up close; this is so strange. The whole time you’re holding the thermometer in Mom’s butt, she’s squirming and moaning…maybe she really is sick…After mom tells you to pull the thermometer out of her butt and hand it to her, you’re hoping that she’s going to let you leave now - Mom’s being super weird - but then she asks you to give her a massage, to help her relax.Mom says that if you rub her just right that she’ll feel all better.Again, your mother takes your hand and makes you touch her in a place you’ve never touched any girl before…right on the crotch of her panties. Telling you that it’s okay, and that as long as neither of you tell anyone else it’ll be fine, she shows you just how she wants her son to rub her pussy. You do what your mom tells you, rubbing your hand back and forth across her soaking wet panties while your mother moans and encourages her boy’s touch. Unable to control herself any longer, Mom pulls aside her panties and orders you to rub her right on her wet spot…right on her pussy hole. “Stick your finger in Mommy’s wet hole, son. Stick it all the way in….that’s my good boy. Now push it in and out of Mommy’s pussy, baby. Mmm, yes. Faster, baby….faster and harder…rub Mommy’s pussy as hard as you can. Shove another finger in there, baby, stretch Mommy’s pussy. You’re going to make your mother yell, baby, and it’s okay…Mommy’s going to feel much better soon."** Mommy cums especially hard with your fingers buried in her pussy - watch my cream squirt out when you do it just right. **

Amateur Porn Video : Trust Your Mother

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Trust Your Mother

Hi baby…how was your night? Wait…what’s the matter? Why are you crying, son? Come sit down and tell Mom everything..Hmm, just as I suspected…I knew that little slut was no good. Broke up with you, did she? Oh sweetheart, I know how awful it can feel, and you seem so very upset. Why don’t you let me give you one of Mom’s special things that I take when I’m feeling upset and nervous and need to calm down. Here…swallow this….trust your mother.It’s probably a little strong for you, but they make mom woozy too…lie down son, and I’ll rub your chest until you stop crying, like I did when you were little..Starting to feel a little more relaxed now, baby..? Mmmm…you look relaxed…most of you, anyway. What a nice big cock my son grew up to have…don’t resist me, son…trust your mother. Just let the nice thing Mom gave you take effect….lie there and enjoy how good it feels when Mom kisses your chest…down, down, down your woozy body to your cock. It’s hard, son…your cock is hard in spite of what you took, and this stuff makes me horny, doesn’t it you?Let Mom help you get over that awful girl, son…let me and my little woozy-making helper take away all your cares. Mm-hmm, just like this, baby…Mom’s just going to slide my soaking wet, dripping pussy right down onto your cock while you lie there, practically helpless to resist, and ride you baby.Did you hear me, son? Are you able to pay attention to what Mom’s saying right now? I’m going to fuck you until I cum on your cock, and then I’m going to keep fucking you until you shoot your big load of cum right up into your mother’s pussyhole. Do you like mom’s medicine now, baby? Yes….of course you do. Now, trust your mother, baby….give Mommy all your cum…good boy. Now, go to sleep sweetheart…you probably won’t even remember this, tomorrow.

Amateur Porn Video : Say yes maam

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Say yes maam

You’re going to do exactly what I tell you, and no matter what I say, your reply will be, “yes, ma’am”…Understood?yes, ma’am…Do you like my cock?yes, ma’am…Do you want my cock in your asshole?yes, ma’am…Think you can handle it?Don’t lie - you’ve never been fucked really…really hard before. Mmm, baby…I’m not good at being gentle. Maybe I’ll just stick the tip in…right here. Just the head of my cock…can you handle that?yes, ma’am…Before long, I’ll be balls deep in your asshole and you’ll be yelling my name, but I’m going to start with…one…little…finger.yes, ma’am…Then two…deeper, harder…til your tight little asshole is ready for my cock. You’re going to beg me to stop, then beg me to fuck you harder…you’re going to do exactly what I say - bend over, spread your asscheeks, say….please.yes, ma’am…

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