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Mrs Mischief

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Joined Jul.03, 2016
Height 5'8"
Body Type Slender
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brunette

Mrs Mischief

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Literate pervert, Cat weirdo, Prospective Beachbum. Purveyor of Dirty Dirty Porno. Specializing in: Most of the minor sins.

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Bottom Boy Follows Ass Worship Orders video by Mrs Mischief

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Bottom Boy Follows Ass Worship Orders

He’s a prospective new bottom boy, and his job is simple: he’s to kiss, lick, and please my ass until I’m satisfied. Beginning first with his hands exploring my hips and fishnet-clad ass cheeks, I tell him to place gentle kisses all over my soft, pale skin - his excitement escalates quickly when I let him touch the tip of his tongue to my asshole, so once I’ve made him slide down my panties he’s also to keep his hands behind his back the entire time.Touching me only with his tongue, I direct him to tickle my tight little asshole with the tip of his very long tongue…then to flick it harder…then to lick with his tongue wide and in lashing motions up and down my entire asscrack.Moaning in pleasure, I finally put my fingers on my clit and tell him to stick his face as deeply as he can into my ass…shove his long dextrous tongue into my tight bud while I finger my clit to orgasm. He’s learning, quickly, and I’m pleased with his progress. Next time I’ll expect him to go more slowly while he services my asshole, since I almost couldn’t control myself once his tongue went to work.

You Will Swallow Every Drop video by Mrs Mischief

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You Will Swallow Every Drop

Men always say they’ll do ‘anything’…but will you really? Will you prove your loyalty…show me how badly you want me…by doing whatever I tell you?..I like a man who does what he’s told.I don’t let just anyone lick my pussy…and especially not boys who don’t prove themselves. Do you even know how? Can you flick my clit hard with your tongue, bathe my pussy with your mouth…make me cum so very hard?..You’ll get your chance to prove yourself - if you complete this little challenge, that is. But you should be very happy, because you’re going to get to jerk off…right now. That’s right, take out your cock…we both know it’s already hard. Stroke it. Pump it….make it…Wait - almost forgot! You’re going to have to wear this rubber while you jerk off…put it on…right now.That’s it, now get to jerking….mm-hmm…fill that rubber up.Good boy…what a big load you’ve dropped for me! Now…I’ll just go and put this in the sun - for an hour - let it get hot…spunky…nasty. After it’s baked in the hot summer sun, you’re going to stick out your tongue while I drip this spoiled, curdled cum right into your open mouth. And you will swallow every drop…if you ever want to get your tongue in my pussy.Say ahh, you dirty fucker…

Mercy, Mistress video by Mrs Mischief

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Mercy, Mistress

I need a new foot slave, but not just anyone will do. Can you take your place…on the floor…at my feet?I expect a good foot slave to endure whatever tests he’s given; grinding the heel of my patent stiletto into your flesh…twisting my heel until you whisper, ‘Mercy, Mistress’.Sliding my shoes off…allowing you to capture the scent of my stockinged foot for just a moment before pressing the full weight of my body down on you; stepping on you over and over…my own personal rug. You’ll make sure that my feet never touch the floor…only your soft, willing body…on which I will step until you gasp, ‘Mercy, Mistress’.That’s right, and you’ll do it all willingly, because the rewards are so very attractive to you…the chance to massage my feet every day, fingers between my toes…licking and kissing the soles of my feet…sucking my toes…mmm, that’s what good foot slaves get to do. Do you want that?…Do you?…Then open your mouth, my new foot slave, because your Mistress is about to shove her toes so deep down your throat that you won’t even be able to say, ‘Mercy, Mistress’…

Pantyhose Thigh Fuck Cumshot video by Mrs Mischief

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Pantyhose Thigh Fuck Cumshot

An ‘anonymous’ model ends up on her knees, sucking the producer’s cock. When he’s ready to come, he positions her, bent over in front of him, and shoves his cock between her stockings-over-pantyhose thighs, pumping away.He quickly pushes a vibrator into her hand, making it clear that she’s to hold it against the head of his cock while he continues to stroke. Soon he’s shooting an enormous, spouting load all over her legs.

Grinding One Out video by Mrs Mischief

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Grinding One Out

He’s to do what he’s told - just lie there and let me grind, smother, and hump his face.I don’t care whether he can breathe or not - in fact, it’s more fun when I know he’s struggling for air. Watching his hands and feet flail around while I sit on his face…nothing but a thin layer of nylon between his tongue and my pussy…mmm, always makes me wet.I switch positions from front to back-facing, humping his nose and face, grinding my ass down on his tongue…ordering him to remain still and take it…hold his breath as long as he can. When I’m done toying with him, stroking his cock a little while he struggles, I get down to business and grind out a hard clit orgasm on his face before slapping his poor throbbing cock and leaving him lying there, panting, with no relief.

Filthy Cuckold Gangbang Tasks video by Mrs Mischief

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Filthy Cuckold Gangbang Tasks

Tonight’s the big night, babe…three strange, hung men coming to fuck your wife. You have several filthy jobs tonight, my dirty little cuckold....waiter, fluffer, cum-sucker…piss bucket.How bad do you really want it?

Sneaky Sockjob from Big Sister for Old Times Sake video by Mrs Mischief

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Sneaky Sockjob from Big Sister for Old Times Sake

Get off the floor right now and put your cock away - what if your wife comes out? What if Mom and Dad come out? We’re too old to play those games anymore, little brother, and you’re going to get us busted, lying there with your dick out…begging me to touch it with my feet.You blame me - you say that I’m obviously trying to tease you, walking around the family home all day in my over-the-knee fuzzy socks and not much else. You say it’s my fault that your dick’s been throbbing for hours and I should help you by playing the game we used to play.I laugh, teasing you…it’s not much of a game we played, really, so much as it was me jerking you off with my feet…with my socks.We spent a lot of sneaky times playing and giggling and jerking your big stiff cock until my socks were sticky. It was a dirty game, and we both knew it.We both know it now.But that doesn’t stop me from touching my toe to your cock…feeling how hard it still gets after all these years…giggling and admitting that I did wear the socks to tease you, after all. Admitting that I want to put my feet on your ‘wiener’ like we used to play…and wanting so bad to show you my titties while you squirt your sticky cum all over my feet.It’s always turned me on to have this kind of power over you, little brother, and now that we’re much older…I think we’re going to have even more dirty fun than ever before. Tomorrow I’m going to wear my socks all day then take them off and jerk your dick off inside them…mmmm, yes brother…that makes you squirt, doesn’t it? Mm-hmm…make my socks sticky just like you used to. (Realistic simulated cock and cumshot)

Let's Play Burst Your Bladder video by Mrs Mischief

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Let's Play Burst Your Bladder

You already have to go, right? We can’t start playing until you already have to go - until you’re already a little uncomfortable. Then we’ll begin - playing “Burst Your Bladder” - although it won’t really burst…it’ll just feel like it’s going to.. So I’m going to sit here, right in front of you, and you’re going to do exactly what I say. You’re going to drink a LOT more water - eight more very full glasses, with only a couple minutes to down each glass - and then you and I are going to….sit here for a bit. I’m going to sit here and laugh as I watch you suffer painful desperation and the fullest bladder you’ve ever experienced. I’m going to sit here and *almost* let you go, before keeping the game going even longer, by explaining… ..that even when you’re allowed to ‘go’, well….you won’t be allowed to ‘go anywhere’. You have to sit right there where you are, wearing whatever you’re wearing right now…and just let it go. Empty your bladder sitting wherever you are when I say you’re allowed. I make you rub your distended abdomen and tease you almost endlessly about both your need to pee and the embarrassment - humiliation! - of having to empty your bladder, to piss all over yourself, and then sit in it. I know! Let’s end the game by counting back from one - the pressure to go mounting every time - until finally I reach the golden number…ONE.. …and you’re allowed to release it all. **Time-lapse sensual self-control bladder holding/ incontinence game in which I’m the only player allowed to cheat…and I will, when it hurts the most. **

PeePants video by Mrs Mischief

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You’re soundly snoozing the night away, when suddenly a vivid dream begins playing behind your eyes… There’s Mrs. Peppence, your gradeschool teacher, sitting on your bed…looking just as hot as she did when you were young. Mrs. Peppence tells you that your subconscious has brought her here, to your deep dream state, because of the things you did in her class, so long ago. Because you made up a terrible nickname for your sweet, sexy schoolteacher… …because she’s come to finally exact her revenge on you, after all these years. She’s going to make you pay for that nickname - Mrs. PeePants. Mrs. PeePants. That’s what you called me, and that’s what all the other students began calling me, too. Because of you. I became Mrs. PeePants for the whole of my teaching career. So tonight, here in this dream, Mrs PeePants has come to even the score. Tonight, *you* will be PeePants. You’ll lie in your bed tonight, bladder full and desperate to urinate…and pee yourself right where you lay. Just like when you were little and dreamed that you’d gotten up to pee, but only realized you were still in bed when you woke up surrounded by warm pee… …tonight, you’ll wet the bed. PeePants. Revenge your sweet, hard-working, sexy gradeschool teacher Mrs. Peppence… …revenge me by wetting the bed tonight. You know you deserve it - clear your conscience for making up that terrible nickname…empty your bladder and show you’re sorry, for Mrs. PeePants.

Food Foreplay : 1 for Me, 10 for You video by Mrs Mischief

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Food Foreplay : 1 for Me, 10 for You

You’re a big, sexy motherfucker, aren’t you? Wanna play a little eating game before we fuck? Come on baby…I like to watch fat boys eat, and it makes me wet to see you get all dirty and messy when you really put it away. So let’s do this…I’ll eat this ONE banana…and you eat ten. Ha! Yes, I’m serious…you eat all ten of your bananas in the time it takes me to eat this one…and I’ll take you upstairs and fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. I like big fat bellies, and I love men who can really put away the groceries…so prove to me that you’re a real eater and I’ll fuck you real hard AND real good, baby. Mm-hmm…just watching you shove that food in your face makes my panties wet - I can’t wait to sit on your cock. Make a mess, baby…yeah!…get that stuff everywhere! Come on, now…you don’t want me to finish first, do you? Eat up, big boy…then let’s go fuck.

Teacher Coerces You into First-Time S.E.X. video by Mrs Mischief

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Teacher Coerces You into First-Time S.E.X.

This teacher has been hitting on you all year. You know it’s not cool to fuck around with teachers, but she’s practically throwing it at you, even in the middle of class. It’d be stupid not to see what she’ll do, right?You do just what she tells you, and start meeting with her in her classroom between bells. She practically pounces on you every time you walk in…the first time showing you her big titties and letting you squeeze and manipulate them. Then the bell rings, but you’re back after the next class. And the next, and at the end of the day….this teacher is nasty and so hot for you that she ends up having you finger her snatch! She sucks on your dick and jerks you while she’s on her knees in front of you - at school! She calls you ‘little boy’ and stuff like that which seems weird, but whatever…it fucking feels good.Then you come in - and she’s on her fucking knees on her teacher’s desk. Her panties are wet, and she’s begging you to fuck her. She wants your dick, and you can’t even believe it. You told her before that you haven’t ever had sex, so she knows what she’s doing….…she knows she’s popping your cherry, and her pussy is practically dripping with desire. Soon as you plunge your cock into your much-older teacher’s slit, she starts to moan and grind and cums so much cream onto your dick that you almost fucking explode right then and there. It’s not much longer, and her pussy starts clenching on your shaft again - this bitch is horny and nasty, you can’t believe your luck - when you feel your balls tighten and threaten to splash her uterus hard. You pull out just in time to spurt your jizz all over teacher’s girdle, which really pisses her off, but you don’t care…you just lost your virginity - to a teacher! *Shot with GoPro Camera*

You Always Cum WAY Too Fast video by Mrs Mischief

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You Always Cum WAY Too Fast

My dear, sweet man…you know that I love you. You know that I love your cock.But we have a major problem…and you know it. You’re a premature ejaculator. You come way too damn fast, baby, and I don’t get the chance to get off before your cock goes soft.It’s a problem.I’m going to teach you, starting tonight, how to control yourself. I’ve spent lots of time catering to your fantasies, dressing up, roleplaying things that get you hot….all to end up with three-to-five thrust fuck sessions that end as soon as they begin. You know I’m not satisfied…how can that be okay with you? You’re hard right now aren’t you? Are you even listening to me? This is exactly what I’m talking about…you’re going to yank out that big hard cock and NOT cum tonight while I scold and tease you, finger myself, spread my pussy apart so that you can see how pink and wet it is….wink my tight little asshole at you to make your cock twitch extra fucking hard…yeah baby, I know what you like.And tonight…I’m going to do it all - but you don’t get to cum.You don’t get to come anywhere near emptying your balls. Stop stroking it so hard or you’ll cum right now…Hold your cock out for me to see - hold it up hard and straight but don’t jerk it - I want to look at it while I finger myself…dip my fingers deep into my slurping cunthole while you show me that beautiful cock…If only you didn’t cum so damn fast.Because of that, you’re banned for cumming until you can control yourself in a sexual situation. You have to control yourself right now, watching me closely with your throbbing dick……aww, what’s the matter honey? Does your cock need a little attention? Mmm-hmm…let me lick it a little, suck it a little, swish it around my tongue a few times and watch it spring right back to attention…..ready to cum.Stop stroking! Pace yourself. You are NOT going to cum tonight. You’re going to watch me, tonight and every other night this week, get off in all kinds of ways; you’re going to hold your cock, stroking it when I tell you and stopping when I say….for an entire week. Learn to control your cum, baby…it’ll be the best nut you ever had.But not tonight….now shut up and watch me.

A Giant Miscalculation in Wonderland video by Mrs Mischief

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A Giant Miscalculation in Wonderland

It’s *so* nice to have my favorite Alice in Wonderland dress back…I still can’t believe my naughty son had it hidden under his bed, the little pervert..and all my petticoats, too! He deserved it when I shrunk him to the size of a flea.. ..but now he’s managed to grow just a little taller - a few inches - and is living in the old dollhouse my daughters still play with sometimes. He’s in there….a teeny, tiny little sissy son - dressed all in over-sized dolly dresses now, and re-named Mary Anne. Today, I’ve finally managed to shrink myself down small enough to visit him in the dollhouse…tease him and play with my sissy son dolly, since he’s still nearly half my size. It’s fun being inside the dollhouse, and I try to teach my sissy doll to curtsy like a good girl, but my shrunken and crossdressed son is too clumsy to get it right. Just as I’m losing my temper with him….something happens…I can feel myself growing again. Wait, it’s not time yet! I’ll get stuck in the dollhouse if I don’t get out soon. The larger I grow, the more crowded the dollhouse room becomes, and before long my tiny son is pressed between my gigantic, ever-growing thighs…he’s nearly suffocated by my petticoats which are now taking up nearly all the space in the room, and we can both hear the roof creaking as the old dollhouse begins to give way as I continue to grow. His face pressed embarrassingly close to his giant mother’s crotch, there’s not much my tiny son can do but scoot back against the wall and hope to survive both his mothers ever-growing body *and* the destruction of his dollhouse.

While You're in Bed with Her video by Mrs Mischief

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While You're in Bed with Her

I can’t believe you’re still awake - lying there….unsatisfied…while she sleeps beside you. What a bitch. When was the last time she sucked you off before bed, or fucked you good and hard, hmm…? Instead, that lazy bitch has hairy legs and is either sound asleep beside you, or engrossed in some stupid television show, or (most likely) is staring at her cellphone and Facebook. Why do you put up with it? Why don’t you take your cock out, right here and now, while she’s asleep (or otherwise occupied) right next to you…and jerk off with me? Mmm, that’s right…while she’s *right there*….that turns me on.Go ahead, slowly….quietly…reach down and wrap your hand around your dick. Stroke it slowly and gently while I tell you how much Id love to be there with you, instead of that sexless lump lying next to you. Showing you my tits, ass, and pussy…telling you all the nasty things we’d do while fucking…spreading my pussy lips so you can get a good view of how wet I am for you, deep inside..Yeah, stroke that throbbing cock while I beg you to fuck me right next to your wife. While we both imagine what it’d feel like if you were thrusting your cock into my wet gash with abandon…Mm-hmm….fuck, yes…keep doing that…keep stroking it….I’m going to cum….let’s do it together…fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Yes! Drain your balls for me, right now, while you’re in bed with her.

CFNM Outdoor Punishment and Pussy Worship video by Mrs Mischief

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CFNM Outdoor Punishment and Pussy Worship

He’s breaking things already!We just moved into the new house and already Bobby’s breaking things - this time it’s a lovely little wooden bench outside in the garden area that I just loved. But now, after just a few days, it sits in a pile like kindling. Bobby swears he sat down lightly on the bench but I know him - he’s like a bull in a china shop. That little bench didn’t stand a chance.And now he’s going to pay for it. I order bobby to strip to his underpants and go cut me a switch, then watch as he disconsolately walks down the driveway. I yell that he’d better cut a nice, long switch this time or I’ll come out there and do it myself, and eventually he comes back with an acceptable switch, stripped of all its leaves.Now I order Bobby to strip, bend over, and accept his punishment for destroying such a nice piece of garden furniture with his carelessness. I lay into his bare backside with the switch, landing dozens of switch-smacks across his butt, hips, and thighs. He wails in pain and tries to twist his body but he can’t avoid the sting of the switch landing over and over on him; he also can’t avoid the fact that he stands here, bent over and punished, naked in the front yard. If any of the neighbors are passing, they’re sure to see his striped and swollen ass on display for all to see. Another part of the punishment that he deserves…When I’ve satisfied my anger on his ass, I tell him to turn around, get on his knees, and apologize properly…with his tongue on my clit.Bobby kneels in front of me on the hard flagstones and immediately buries his face in my bush, eager to show his contrition by slurping on my pussy in the sunshine - again, for anyone passing to see.I decide to risk it and sit on the bench he’s just broken, so I can pull down my pants to give him full tongue access to my clit. Yanking his head back hard to slow down his work and enjoy the feeling of his mouth buried in my lap for a few minutes, eventually I let him do what he’s so very good at, and in just moments he’s bringing me to a tickling, stinging clitoral orgasm, right there in the garden. He’s forgiven…this time.

Daddy's Girl Forever video by Mrs Mischief

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Daddy's Girl Forever

It’s such a shame that mom couldn’t come with you, dad. I’ve missed you both so much, and I’ve been looking forward to your visit for a long time…but it’s still really great to see you - just let me get the bed made up and we can sit down, relax and catch up.Yeah, I missed you too dad. It seems like forever since we’ve spent any really father-daughter time together, doesn’t it? Gosh, seems like so long ago now that we used to play together all the time… Remember, daddy?… Do you remember all the things you taught me all those years ago? All the time we spent away from mom…just you and me…your ‘favorite little lady of all time’….do you remember, daddy? I remember.You called it our ‘flower game’.We’d go on walks outside, just the two of us, and you’d teach me the names of all the flowers and what they were good for. One day you told me that you had three favorite flowers, and asked if I wanted you to show them to me. Of course, I wanted to see anything that was daddy’s favorite…because I was always daddy’s girl and wanted to love whatever you did.Daddy….! Don’t make me blush…of course I remember the names of your three favorite flowers…they’re still my favorites too, daddy.You told me that day that your favorites were ‘rosebuds, buttercups, and water lilies’…Then you showed me, daddy. You showed me my rosebuds….and then my buttercups…and finally my water lily, daddy.Our flower game was my favorite thing ever, daddy…do you want to play it again with your little girl, now?…

First Date Pity Fuck video by Mrs Mischief

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First Date Pity Fuck

Wow, I’m so turned on right now…maybe a little surprised at myself - I don’t usually come back to a guy’s place the first time we go out. But you’re hot, and the making out has been really great…and I think I want to fuck you.Right now, on our first date. I want to ride you right here on your sofa. Mmmm, I’m just going to reach down and….grab your throbbing…hmm……it’s around here someplace. Where’s your cock? THAT it?!?Your dick is tiny! Did you really think I was going to fuck you with that little thing?It’s a shame…you’re a great kisser, and so hot…and I’m here, and so fucking horny…fuck it. I’m going to fuck you anyway…even though you have a little dick.I’m sure you can still get me off, right?Right?…

Taking Your Religion video by Mrs Mischief

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Taking Your Religion

I open my door to see a nicely-dressed young man nervously holding a pamphlet, his arm outstretched. As soon as he sees me, he begins telling me that he’s here to tell me ‘the good news’ and do I know someone named Jesus?…Well, I’m not at all interested in meeting any new men, except maybe this yummy little morsel standing on my doorstep. I’ll just bet he’s a virgin…I’m all hot and sweaty from my workout, and I know exactly what I want next - grabbing your tie and dragging you into my home, you quickly begin backing away from me.You may be a good boy, and definitely are a virgin, but even you know what that look in my eye means…you bump into the room divider. Gotcha.While you’re paralyzed with attraction and fear at what’s happening to you so quickly, before you know it I’ve pulled a piece of rope or something from a drawer and tied you to the pillar in my den. You can’t move, and then I’m sliding down your leg to the floor, opening your fly…unbuttoning your crisp white shirt as your pamphlet falls, un-noticed, to the floor.I’m a lonely, horny heathen woman living alone and can’t wait to sink my cougar claws into your young, inexperienced flesh…yanking down your underwear to reveal your big, beautiful cock…and seeing that in spite of your embarrassment and protestations…you’re getting hard.I wrap my devilishly hot mouth around your innocent dick and suck it like I’ve never sucked a cock before - I won’t stop until you’ve cum in my mouth - until you’ve broken your vow to your god, your virgin fiancé, and to yourself…until I’ve taken you to heaven and back while sucking your cock like a demon. Almost overcome by the amount of virgin seed you drop into my mouth, I pause before defiling my body with your cum further while you watch in horror.

Diagnosis : Micropenis video by Mrs Mischief

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Diagnosis : Micropenis

Welcome to the penis size study, please make yourself comfortable.This is a quick, painless study which will determine the length of your penis, both flaccid and erect. After I’ve recorded your measurements, you’ll give me a quick semen sample. Then you’ll receive your $50 and be on your way.First, I’ll ask you to remove your pants and underwear, exposing your penis so that I can measure it in it’s natural state..…oh my goodness…that’s quite possibly the smallest dick I’ve ever seen - it’s hilariously small! Forgive me, I know that laughing is unprofessional…but come on - you must know how comically small it is.Now I’ll ask you to stimulate your tiny penis so that I may measure it fully erect - maybe you’re a grower?..No, you do not need a magazine! Just pump that little thing…what? You do not need stimulation… Oh fine, I’ll give you a peek at my panties if it’ll speed the process…Wow - it’s not getting ANY bigger at all, is it? I’m going to have to call the other girls in to see this. Sir, I hate to tell you…but that’s the smallest penis I’ve ever measured…let me get out my magnifying glass…I mean, just look at the little thing! I see that you’re masturbating there with just your thumb and forefinger - I guess that’s all you need. Haha! Oh, come on…you didn’t really expect to come here with that microscopic dick and not be laughed at…did you?I’m sorry, sir…I don’t care how embarrassed you are. If you don’t give me the semen sample, you don’t get paid.

He Takes Me Every Day video by Mrs Mischief

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He Takes Me Every Day

My stepson moved out last year; got married to some girl almost immediately. Of course, I hate her…she took my boy away. But not completely. Because he comes to visit me, every day, no matter what. He doesn’t usually stay long, because he’s so busy with his new wife and the baby coming and you never know when his dad will come home in the middle of the day from work… So he comes in, shoves his cock down my throat a few times, fingers my already-wet pussy for a minute, pulls my panties to the side and shoves his long hard cock into me. My stepson licks my asshole, sending shivers up my spine. He fucks me hard. Fast. Deep. He knows his cock is too big for me…that it hurts every time. He doesn’t care, especially on days when he’s in a hurry, like today. He hardly speaks a word while he’s fucking me, finally pulling out just in time to shoot across my ass. He doesn’t want to get me pregnant, but I think I might not mind.

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Bed Spread

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