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Amateur Porn Video : Casual Encounter Massage Fuck *Highlights*

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Casual Encounter Massage Fuck *Highlights*

There is no end to the dirty, naughty things a girl can find herself involved in after just a short search of the personal ads..This morning, I asked hubby to arrange a massage for me - a simple, innocent request, made in the genuine interest of having a nice, relaxing rubdown. I had no idea he’d found some nameless, big-cock stranger in the personal ads and told him that he’d let him fuck me in exchange for a back massage.It was pretty apparent, when the doorbell rang, and the young and very handsome guy who walked through gave me a sly half-grin while he checked my body out. I thought, “This might just be interesting…let’s see what happens.”I led the ‘massage therapist’ upstairs, followed closely by my lucky cuckold hubby…where I dropped my robe and lay nude across the bed. He immediately oiled my body from tip to tip, working my muscles but concentrating most of his energy on my ass. It was obvious that he was eager to get past the massage and onto fucking, but I lay there, relaxed and knowing, while he fingered me from behind…letting orgasm after orgasm wash over my body…before finally rolling over, sucking his cock, then fucking him right then and there while hubby filmed.** These are a few of the highlights from today’s hour-long stranger massage fuck. **

Amateur Porn Video : I Dream of...Mom

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I Dream of...Mom

Long story short : You went out with your girlfriend tonight. You were making out at her house…it was getting really hot…she reached out and grabbed your dick through your jeans…and you came. Fuck! Humiliating!!So now you’re at home, in your bed, still un-fucked…embarrassed…blue balls…and falling asleep. You just want to talk to your Mom about it - she’s so helpful and understanding…and beautiful - but you’re way too embarrassed to ask your mom how to keep from cumming in your pants every time a girl touches your dick. You drift off with confusing thoughts of girls, humiliation, fucking, and your mom’s sweet face, all swirling in your head……there’s your sexy-dreamy Mom, hovering above you…it’s an out-of-body experience…and the best thing you’ve ever felt.Sweetheart, you’re never going to keep a girlfriend if you can’t control your cock and balls; girls want a boy who can make them cum over and over again before he does. Lie still, baby…let Mom teach you how to control yourself…Let Mom stroke your big, beautiful cock…the cock I gave you, after all..and show you how to keep that yummy cum in your balls until it’s time to pop. Mm-hmm, that’s it, son…slow and easy…Now listen closely to Mom - when you start feeling your balls tighten and your young cock throb…stop what you’re doing, just like this…see how Mom alternately strokes and stops, strokes and stops? Feels good, doesn’t it, babyboy? Mm-hmm…I see you twitching and humping…Mom knows what that means. I’m going to just massage the head of your cock now, baby…it won’t make you cum, but it’ll feel SO good. I’m going to edge your cock until you’ve learned some control.That’s Mom’s good boy…keep that big load of cum in your balls til Mom’s finished playing with your cock, son…let Mommy get all the pleasure she needs from your dick before I jerk it out of you with my expert and loving touch. Explode now, baby…it’s time.Some dreams you never want to end…

Amateur Porn Video : Single Neighbor Needs a Favor

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Single Neighbor Needs a Favor

Thanks so much for coming by! I’m sure you’re busy at home but I could sure use some help…you see, I have a leak. Well, more like a drip. It’s down in a very tight spot and I can’t seem to get to it myself. Do you think you could take a look? Maybe take a minute and see if you can stop that annoying drip?…You’re handy - and cute, too - I’ll be your wife just worships the ground you walk on. She doesn’t? Hmm…if I had a handy man like you around the house…well…he’d be very happy.Oops - did I just accidentally touch your tool? Mmm, why don’t you let me help you - hand you things - while you search out my leaky spot? Oops, there I go again, touching your tool. Maybe you’ll let me play with it a little while you work under my sink? I won’t tell your wife…I won’t tell anyone.That’s it, you deserve it; working hard to help a single neighbor in distress while your wife waits for you at home. You should at least get your dick sucked, right? And she’s not going to do it, is she? Mm-hmm, that’s what I thought…and it’s been so long since I sucked a nice dick like yours. Just relax and enjoy it - that drip can surely wait a little longer.I can’t take it anymore; I’m going to fuck you. Shhh, just lie there and let me climb on. I’ll slide your cock inside me and ride you like I know you haven’t been ridden in years; I’ll do things with my pussy that your wife’s never done, and you’ll love it. Ooh fuck, I’m going to cum..I guess that means it’s your turn now - it’s only fair - you fix my drip and I fix yours…neighborly. Yes, fuck me…fuck me more…but don’t cum inside me! I’ll suck you off, make you cum hard, all over my face…when does your wife do that, huh? Yeah, never….but I will.** My first ever Virtual Sex / Simulated Cumshot - INSANE, messy, all-over-my-face cum splatter. Your pipes must’ve been clogged, too! **

Amateur Porn Video : Mommy's the Only Girl for You

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Mommy's the Only Girl for You

You’re lying in your bed, minding your own business, when someone pounds on your door…then Mom bursts in..I want an explanation right now…I want the truth! I am so disappointed in you, son…if what your brother told me is true…I just can’t believe it! Is it true? Is it?!Don’t play dumb with me, young man - you know exactly what I’m talking about. Your little brother said…he said…he said he saw you at school today. You were…you were kissing a girl!Well? Tell me it’s not true…tell me you’re not fucking some girl at school, son… Tell Mommy you’re not fucking anyone but me.I can’t believe you’d betray me like this, baby…we’ve been lovers for so long. I never thought you’d go and fuck some little slut…never. Do you love her? Do you love her more than you love Mommy? I bet she doesn’t fuck you like Mommy does…does she, son?Mm-hmm, I see your cock throbbing in your pants…Mommy knows what you like, baby. Mommy’s the only girl for you, and nobody can make your cock feel the way I do. Come on, son…let Mommy fuck you a little…you’ll forget all about that girl at school.Lie still, baby…I’m going to slide my pussy right down onto your hard young cock and ride you like Mommy knows how…like I’ve done for so long…since the first time I touched you ‘down there’…remember baby? Mmm, fuck son…Mommy’s going to cum - I’m going to cum so hard on you, baby. And then….well, just because Mommy loves you so much…and because you’re going to break up with that girl first thing Monday, right…?…mm-hmm, that’s right….I’m going to let you cum inside me. Yes, baby…Mommy’s going to let you empty those tight young balls right into my cunt. Because Mommy loves you…never forget that.

Amateur Porn Video : Black Widow Mommy

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Black Widow Mommy

You look so grown and handsome in your suit, son…Dad would be proud of you..As soon as I hear from the funeral home we’ll drive over for the service, but Mom wants to talk to you first, okay? I know this is a very sad and confusing time, so come sit next to Mommy and let’s make sure that there’s nothing you need to ask before all the people show up.Remember what we talked about? How it’ll just be you and me from now on…remember, baby? And remember how Mommy said that when people ask you questions, just cry because you’re sad about dad…what happened is just between us now. And you’re never going to tell anyone, right? Because if you do, I won’t rub your cock for you ever again. And you know how much you love it when I rub your cock…don’t you, son? Yes, that’s right. And you’d do anything for Mommy to let you look at my pussy again, right babyboy? Now let’s hear you say it, “It was an accident. I didn’t see anything”…say it baby, and I’ll show you Mommy’s pussy…Good boy.From now on, you and Mom can be together…we can fuck anytime we want, and we never have to worry again about dad taking you away from me. We can fuck right now, baby…right before daddy’s funeral. Wouldn’t you like to prove to Mommy how much you love me right now? That’s my good boy…come lie down and let Mommy bounce on your cock.Mmm, fuck son…you feel so good up inside my pussy. So much better than your dad. Tell Mommy again about that day, baby, while I ride your cock til I cum. Tell me how you did it…how it felt…tell me if he screamed on the way down…fuck yes, baby…mm-hmm, Mommy’s cumming!Now be a good boy and squirt your load up into your mother’s pussy. I want to feel your spunk inside me when we say goodbye to Daddy.

Amateur Porn Video : Crushing Your Young Wife's Dreams

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Crushing Your Young Wife's Dreams

I knew you’d be here…I could tell by the look in your eye. You’re sick of that little wife of yours, aren’t you? She’s so young and pretty - well, she used to be prettier, didn’t she? - but she’s never been very confident in bed. Never fucked you like you need to be fucked…But I will. Oh baby, like you’ve never been fucked before. You thought that young wife of yours would be wild in bed, but instead she’s too busy turning down sex, every chance she gets, and for the dumbest reasons. So you’re going to help me destroy her - ruin her self-esteem. Start with insulting her looks in subtle ways. Tell her those jeans look a little tight, or to maybe tone down the slutty makeup…hurt her feelings…make me giggle.She’d never suck your cock every day…But I will. I’ll jump on your dick every day, baby…and suck you off like you never thought you could be. Make her cry…insult her cooking, her housekeeping skills…tell her that she spends too much time on the phone with her friends and not enough being a good wife. Show me you’re willing to hurt her.She’s never let you pound her ass, and she never will…But I will. I’ll let you fuck my asshole, baby…wrap your hands around my throat…cum inside me over and over again. Beg you for more…tell you how much I love getting fucked by you, baby. Destroy her. Stop asking for sex. Turn her down when she asks…tell her sex doesn’t really do it for you, anymore.Break her. Make her cheat. Devastate her belief in a happy future.I’ll show you how a real woman treats a man.

Amateur Porn Video : You Shouldn't Touch Mommy's Things

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You Shouldn't Touch Mommy's Things

What is it, son? Mom’s getting ready for a date…what do you have behind your back?…You found something weird in Mom’s room…what were you doing in my room?… Let me see what you have behind your back, right now!Oh, son…that’s Mom’s personal thing. You shouldn’t be messing with that - let me have it. What do you mean, ‘what is it’? Can’t you tell what it is? It’s Mom’s dildo, son…..and I use it to have sex with my dates sometimes. No, I use it on them. NO - that does not mean that the men are gay! Lots of men like to have things stuck in their butts…you’ll see one day.Young man, you will stop talking that way right now…just watch…look at your Mommy wearing this big cock…see it waving in your face…imagine it pumping in and out of your butthole while Mom humps against your ass…Oh look, my boy’s dick is hard - see, it’s not gay, baby…it’s fucking hot.Want to see your Mommy fuck a man in the ass, baby? I’ll put you in my closet before my date gets here so you can see it all. You can watch the man suck Mommy’s big strap-on cock, watch me shove it down his throat before I tell him to bend over and spread his ass for your Mommy’s dick…watch me make him cum while I fuck his ass…oh, look at your little dick twitch at that…Mommy’s nasty little boy.And guess what, son….? Mommy’s going to fuck you, next.

Amateur Porn Video : Fuck for Your Allowance

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Fuck for Your Allowance

It’s that time of year again, son…winter chores. I know how much you hate the cold - shoveling snow, splitting wood - but you’re the man of the house, so to speak, so it falls to you. Besides, in spite of how much you protest when it’s time to earn your allowance, I know for a fact that you’re a very energetic boy. Aren’t you tired? You fucked that little slut girlfriend of yours for hours last night…That’s right, I saw it all…I saw you going down on that girl for over forty minutes…you fucked her for hours, son. Hours! So don’t try to convince mom that you have no energy.I’m going to make this really simple for you, baby…your new winter chore is going to be keeping mom satisfied…sexually. You’ll be inside, where it’s all warm and toasty, and all you have to do to earn you allowance is make mommy cum like you did that girl, last night.I can tell you’re shocked, son…but your dick is straining against your pants…so get down here in front of mommy, and lick my pussy.Mm-hmm, baby…lick mommy’s pussy through my pantyhose…feel the nylon on your tongue. Let mom take these off, so you can slide your tongue over my lace panties…just one layer of fabric between me and my son’s mouth. Now I’ll slide off my panties, so you can bury your tongue deep in my wet, waiting pussyhole…taste mommy’s wetness…lick it up.I can’t take it anymore, son…get over here and fuck your mother! Plunge your cock into mommy’s pussy…mmm, yes…fuck me doggystyle, son. Make your mother cum…! That’s it, baby….fuck me just like that…I can feel you getting harder…throbbing…do it, baby! Cum inside your mommy’s pussy….mm-hmm….fuck yes, baby…fill mommy up!What a hard worker you are, baby…bring me my wallet and I’ll give you your allowance. But don’t go far - your winter chore will be waiting for more.

Amateur Porn Video : Sole-Sucking Stocking Seduction

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Sole-Sucking Stocking Seduction

Are you watching me again? Staring at my legs?… You’ve always loved me in thigh-high stockings…seams up the backs…lace top. Are you just going to sit there and stare? Stare at my long legs, unblinking as I tease you with my stockinged-feet, right in your face…make you kiss and lick the soles of my feet. Just a thin layer of nylon between your tongue and the flesh of my feet.Watch me peel off my stockings, tossing them into your lap where they snag on your growing bulge…showing you my bare legs, bare toes…daring you to dart your tongue between them, leaving no crevice untouched.Suck my toes…stroke your cock while I tease you with the soles of my bare feet in your face,…licking my heels while you get closer and closer to the edge.Look into my eyes as I smile, stretch out my feet, and tell you to cum right on my toes…right where I know you want to. Go ahead….do it.

Amateur Porn Video : No Fucking Way

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No Fucking Way

You have to be fucking kidding me. Did you really think that you could take me out for a nice date, wine and dine me, then bring me home and fuck me with that?! That tiny little dick? Never in a million years I let you stick that teeny weenie in me. You must be stupid - did you really think that you stood any chance at all…with that? You have practically no dick at all, how do you even fuck?Have you ever fucked a woman with that thing before? Really?…How ugly was she? Hahaa! I can’t imagine a hot woman ever giving you the time of day once your pants are down.You deserve to be humiliated for trying to fool me into thinking you don’t have a baby dick - let me see you jerk off, right now, right there on your knees. It’s that or compete public humiliation, because I’ll snap a pic of your tiny dick and share it with the entire fucking internet - now do it. Wank that little pecker for all it’s worth…Your dick sure is hard for a guy who knows he’s not getting laid - wait a minute - are you enjoying this? Are you actually getting off to me humiliating your little cock? You fucking pervert…you knew exactly what would happen, and you did it anyway hoping that I’d tell you just what a miserable tiny prick you have. Well you got your wish, mister, because this is the first and last time - so show me what you got…jerk that little cock off right onto my tits…if your little mini-balls can shoot this far.

Amateur Porn Video : Blatant Sexual Harassment

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Blatant Sexual Harassment

The final test of my intern Belle’s office abilities - she has to be able to help me relax…and the only way to do that is to be shown how. Lucky for her, my boss taught me - she used to be the best, but now I’m the boss..and the best.Poor Belle has been put through hell for this job, and she’s obviously frightened of what will happen next - naked and fully exposed on my desk. I immediately begin to touch, tickle and fondle my little intern, touching her in places that no woman’s ever touched her before. Although she is practically quaking with fear and discomfort, Belle’s wet little pussy proves that she’s enjoying her employment evaluation.Soon, I slip my fingers into her tight pussy, massaging her inside and out…using my vibrator on her little clit as she winces and moans in pleasure and terror. I tell little Belle that the only way she’s going to stand a chance in hell of getting this job is if she shows me that she can cum like a greedy little girl…”This isn’t sexual harassment….is it, Belle?”, I ask her while she jerks and orgasms beneath me.

Amateur Porn Video : MILF Fantasy Fuck

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MILF Fantasy Fuck

Hmm….you look lost. The party’s down the hall, young man…this is my home, and you’re in my bedroom…and my son probably wouldn’t like to know that one of his handsome young friends is hanging out with me. What’s that? The party’s boring? And the girls are boring? You don’t say…well, why don’t you just stay here in with me. Take your dick out, stay for a little while.You heard me right, sweetheart…take that young cock out and let me see it - you know you want to. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Ever see a real woman’s pussy before baby? Mmm…that’s what I suspected, hard as a rock already. I love how fast you young ones get stiff. Come here, relax…let me show you what a real woman’s pussy feels like, wrapped around that fat young cock of yours…riding you…pumping up and down. Mm-hmm, baby…I’m going to fuck you up for every young woman at that party, and for the rest of your life - you’re never going to want to fuck those young girls again, not after you’ve felt my cum slide down your balls..not after you’ve been drained dry. Now be a good boy and give me that cum…right up inside my pussy.

Amateur Porn Video : Cockstroking to My Fishnets

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Cockstroking to My Fishnets

I don’t know what it is about my nude fishnet stockings, but he can’t keep his hands off when I wear them. His cock’s already hard when he begins stroking my fishnets, rubbing his fingers against the wet crotch of my black panties. I pull out my titties, rubbing pink nipples against the head of his dick, before leaning back….lifting my long stocking-clad legs, and giving him full view of my well-protected little pussy.Exquisite frustration as he rubs the head of his cock against the crotch of my fishnets - no way around them - and strokes longingly. Knowing it’ll make him explode, I reach down, pull aside my panties, and spread my pussy lips beneath the stockings. A wet, pink target for  a huge load.

Amateur Porn Video : Cum Sit on Santa's Lap

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Cum Sit on Santa's Lap

What a cute little boy you are…why don’t you come and sit on Santa’s lap?Aw, are you bashful? Well then, you can just whisper it in Santa’s ear…no? Okay, how about if we both close our eyes, and, at the count of three you can think your wish for Santa. I’ll bet you just about anything it’ll come true, if you believe hard enough. One, two, three…Why, you naughty, naughty little boy! Your Christmas wish was for Santa to have a huge throbbing cock? What a dirty boy you are…do you want to come sit on Santa’s lap now? Mm-hmm…I’ll just bet you do.And I know exactly what you want for Christmas…you want my cock buried in your ass. You want to come over here and wrap your legs around Santa’s waist…slide your tight little asshole right down onto my hard-candy cock. What a nasty little boy…well, Santa’s right here…with my cock in my hand…mmm, that’s right, sit right down here and let Santa fuck your asshole.And guess what, little boy? Santa has a *special* surprise for you, since you’ve been so very good - I’m going to shoot my load right up your ass while you ride me. Mmm, yeah baby boy, Santa has a white Christmas load, just for you.

Amateur Porn Video : Hiding in Mommy's Closet

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Hiding in Mommy's Closet

You’re a sneaky little pervert who’s stationed himself in mom’s closet, hoping to catch a peek of her changing clothes. You have the little videocamera mom bought you for your birthday last month and are going to film her naked, then show it to your friends.When mom comes in, it sounds like she’s on the phone…wait, is that dad she’s talking to? Or someone else? Just when you think you’ve wasted the morning hiding in mommy’s closet, things start getting really interesting.Whoever she’s talking to, she’s saying how much she misses him. Now she’s giggling and taking off her robe…reaching down, into her panties…mommy’s masturbating!You can’t help but pull out your cock and stroke it, watching through the viewfinder as your mom reaches down and pulls out a huge dildo and starts pumping in into her tight little pussy, moaning into the telephone and squeezing her nipples between her fingers.This is so much hotter than you ever imagined, and you never realized how much you want to fuck your mom, until right now. Better hope she doesn’t catch you, hiding in mommy’s closet...

Amateur Porn Video : Obsessed with Auntie

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Obsessed with Auntie

You’re going to have to explain this, nephew…why did I find a stack of old photos of me under your guest bed? Have you been masturbating to auntie’s old photos? That’s not appropriate, sweetheart…we’re related. Well…thank you dear, I’m flattered to know that you think I was so attractive back then, but you still shouldn’t touch yourself while thinking of auntie. You think I’m even prettier now? Silly boy…you’re just trying to get yourself out of trouble now. I know you’ve always loved me, and watched me, and smiled every time I look at you…I know you have a crush on auntie, sweetheart, but nothing can happen. Ever.You should be looking at girls your own age, now, not fantasizing about me - you could be masturbating to cheerleader’s titties, instead of your aunt’s grown-lady tits. You’d probably immediately be turned off if I showed you mine…old lady boobs aren’t for young boys, after all. Okay, I’m going to show them to you, but only to show you how much you’ll hate them. It’ll completely kill your obsession with auntie. See? Now, aren’t you totally turned off at the sight of your aunt’s breasts? No? You have an enormous boner, nephew! Don’t you dare touch yourself - you’re supposed to be getting turned off right now, not begging auntie to show you her pussy. I will not! It’s very hairy, sweetheart…auntie’s sure you don’t want to see it. I’m sure it’ll turn you right off, even if my breasts didn’t…okay, I’m going to show you a quick peek. But that’s all - and no touching yourself!Nephew, close your mouth…it’s just auntie’s pussy. I know you’ve never seen one like this, but that’s just because you’re used to seeing girl’s pussies, and not grown women. I’m sure you’d rather go back to those young girls now…right baby?Oh sweetheart…I can’t believe it…auntie’s pussy is SO wet! Dripping…at the thought of you looking at me down there. This is so wrong! Nephew, put your penis away - stop masturbating - and never, ever tell your mother. My sister would kill me.

Amateur Porn Video : Cuckold Cocksucking Lesson

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Cuckold Cocksucking Lesson

I told my cuckold husband that the only way he’s going to get to watch me fuck another man is if he’s willing to clean up afterward…BOTH of us….me and my bull…He says he’s willing, and his cock starts to swell so I know he’s dying to suck my pussy after I’ve been well-fucked by a hung stranger.But is he willing to suck cock?There’s only one way to find out whether cuck hubby can really handle a cock in his mouth…so I strap on my new, fat cock, put him on his knees, and fuck his mouth…reminding him that when it’s a real cock that it’ll be covered with cum - mine and the stranger’s. Just when he starts to think he can handle it, I tell him that if he’s ever cleaning up a bull who decides to cum in his mouth, he’s to take it - ALL of it. While I’m fucking away at his mouth with my cock, I bury it deep down his throat, telling him I’m cumming hard, while he sucks for all he’s worth.Is cuck hubby ready for a real cock now? 

Amateur Porn Video : Mom's Homemade Valentine

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Mom's Homemade Valentine

Son, I know you don’t feel very happy at all, and I’m so sorry that awful girl broke up with you the day before Valentine’s Day, but I just hate to see you moping around in your room. It’s supposed to be a happy day, and I want my boy to smile…so mom made you a special Valentine card. Don’t laugh, silly - you know mom’s not good at arts and crafts - just open it.Get it? There’s a hole in the card because I know my baby’s feeling a hole in his heart today, and mom wants to fix that hole. Mom wants to make you feel better, baby, and help heal your broken heart on Valentine’s Day.I know you planned on having sex with  your girlfriend today - the little hussy - and I certainly would be, if I had someone special…maybe you and mom can help heal each other’s holes together, baby….let me show you what this special card is really for.Mommy’s going to take your shorts off and put your sweet, shy young dick through the hole…see? Now all you have to do is lie there while mom makes it feel good…mmm, just like this, baby. Let me suck your dick like your girlfriend would. It’s okay, son, don’t be shy - today is Valentine’s Day, and even though I’m your mother…we’re going to make love. You’re going to love the way your mom sucks your dick…better than any little girlfriend could.Let’s put the card over mom’s hole now, son…you like that baby? Mm-hmm, come here and finger Mommy until my hole feels better, too…that’s Mommy’s good Valentine…make love to me with your finger, baby.Now be a good son and put your cock in mom’s wet, waiting pussy…mmm, yes, just like that…show me how you would do it with your girlfriend. Make love to your mother’s pussy hole, baby, fill Mommy’s hole all the way…yes! Make love to your mother…fuck your mother…do it, baby! Make your mother come, son…make me come hard on my boy’s thrusting cock. Oh baby, nothing has ever felt as good in my pussy as you do. But don’t cum inside Mommy, please baby…it would be so wrong to get pregnant…let me get on my knees in front of my big, strong boy and suck your cock until those young balls spill all over your mother’s face. Splash Mommy’s tongue…let me taste you, son.I love you so much…Happy Valentine’s Day..from Mom.

Amateur Porn Video : You Took Your Dad's Viagra

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You Took Your Dad's Viagra

What is it, son…what’s the panic? What?! You need to go to the emergency room - what the hell did you do? No, I will not call 911 until you tell me what’s going on…calm down, son! Tell mom what happened…You took your dad’s viagra? Four of them? Ohmygod, son…I’m calling poison control. Why in heaven’s name would you do that, son?Son, the man on the phone says that as soon as you ejaculate it’ll go down, so stop panicking, go back to your room and…masturbate. You already did and nothing came out? Oh son…the man says you must ejaculate…if you don’t cum you’ll have to go to the hospital. Stop crying! Come over here, son…come closer. Let mom help you - don’t you dare try to cover yourself, young man - it’s just like taking out a splinter…hold still. Mom’s going to make you cum then you’ll feel all better…okay?..Sweetheart, you have to relax or it’s not going to happen - focus on something else…do you have any dirty magazines you can look at? No? Okay, fine…look at mom’s breasts. Stop being silly, they’re breasts…and boys are visually stimulated…so I’m going to press my tits into your face, rubbing them, caressing them…mm-hmm…see, it’s working already. Those balls are getting tighter…let mom keep jerking you off, baby.Son, mom’s getting aroused, and I’m so sorry…but it’s been a long time since I saw a cock this big and hard…What baby? No! We couldn’t…we shouldn’t…Okay, son…just this once. It’s a medical emergency after all. Come lie down baby, and mom will ride the cum out of you…it’s the only way.Promise not to tell your dad? Cum inside mom’s pussy, baby…mm-hmm…that feels so fucking good.

Amateur Porn Video : Beg Me to Pound Your Ass

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Beg Me to Pound Your Ass

You look pretty comfortable on your knees…not your first time? Good. I don’t like to fuck amateurs, or boys who start crying and begging the minute I get the head of my dick stuffed in their asses….I want to fuck a man who can take my biggest, fattest cock - a man who loves to be deep-dick pounded…balls deep baby. Can you?Can you take a hard ass fucking? Because I LOVE to fuck men in the ass…but I won’t be gentle. Come on…let me hear you say ‘please…please fuck the sh*t out of me’…Mmm, yeah baby…just like that.

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