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Literate pervert, Cat weirdo, Prospective Beachbum. Purveyor of Dirty Dirty Porno. Specializing in: Most of the minor sins.

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Gradeschool Teacher Admits Playing Dirty Games with You in Class video by Mrs Mischief

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Gradeschool Teacher Admits Playing Dirty Games with You in Class

Hi sorry, but parent-teacher night has ended…wait…you’re not old enough to be a parent. Can I help you, young man? Oh I know who you are…! You’re that sweet boy who used to be in my gradeschool class - you sat right in front of my desk….didn’t you, dear? Mm-hmm…I remember. What are you doing here? About to graduate…come to reminisce a bit with your favorite old teacher? Hmm…you want to make a confession, hmm…? I like the sound of that.. Come confess to me, baby. Tell teacher everything. In fact, why don’t you come and sit right at your same desk, right in front of teacher, just like old times…and talk about it. You want to talk about things that happened in class, when you were in gradeschool? You want ask me if I really was showing you myself under my desk? If you’re remembering correctly that Teacher would spread her legs, pull her panties aside, and finger her pussy so that only you could see? Of course it happened, baby. And it also happened that you took your little cock out and pulled it so that teacher could see, too….we both showed each other under our desks, all year long…I fingered and you jerked, little boy…you came in your pants while teacher orgasmed over and over right in front of your eyes, your eyes only. And I LOVED every minute of it. I know what you came back for, now…you want to relive that, don’t you?.. You want to pretend you’re back in gradeschool… ..sitting across from your nasty young teacher, with your little pud in your fist…you want to beat off in your pants like you did so many years ago while I furiously finger my dripping cunt in the shadows beneath my teacher’s desk…pretend we’re surrounded by the other boys and girls again…mmmmm, yes baby. I always knew exactly what I was doing to you, little boy, and I know exactly what I’m doing today. Now sit there like a good student and come in your pants again for Teacher. Do I while I finger my wet, dripping pussy and come so hard, right up close, in front of your face for the first time ever….do it for me, baby. Do it now!

Cum Fill Your Mother's Empty Nest video by Mrs Mischief

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Cum Fill Your Mother's Empty Nest

Your mother has been acting really weird lately, and today she’s asked you into her bedroom for one of her ‘Mom Talks’. You can’t imagine what’s going on with your sweet, pretty Mom, but you love her more than anything and would do anything for her, always…Son, Mom wants to talk to you about something…but I’m really nervous, and embarrassed…and well, I’m afraid to say anything…Well…you’re getting older, sweetheart. You’re not my baby anymore, and I’m thinking about being alone someday and maybe how you can help Mom not be so lonely, after all…come sit down, baby. I want to ask you something…Well, I guess I want to tell you something…Mom wants a baby. Like…a real baby. Mom wants to get pregnant again. I want you to have a little brother or sister, baby. Do you understand? I’m not asking for your approval, son…Don’t you understand? Mom doesn’t have a boyfriend, and in vitro is expensive…so, Mom needs your help….getting pregnant.I want you to impregnate me, son.I’ll even pay you if you want money, son. You’ll be just like a sperm donor for Mom. We’ll just do it right here, once, in Mom’s bed. I’m sure I’ll get pregnant from your young, virile sperm, sweetheart…please…please, baby. Don’t make Mom beg anymore….you’re going to give me a baby, son.Whether you want to or not, son. I mean it.You’ll do as you’re told, young man…get over here and make your mother happy. Give me a baby, right now. Climb on top of Mom and fuck me until you cum…and you’d better make it deep. I want this baby, son…and I want it from you. My son. My only chance. Get me pregnant.If you can’t get hard, I’m going to have to make you hard…lie down. Lie down, son…I’m going to get your dick hard and you’re going to lie still and let me. Shh…quiet, baby…let me get your cock hard so you can do a good job for Mommy. Mmm, that’s my good boy…look how hard you’re getting already, just from Mom’s hand. Look at Mom’s breasts, baby…it feels good, doesn’t it? Aren’t you at least a little interested? Mm-hmm…yes, you are…you’re interested in Mom’s pussy aren’t you? Yes, baby…the harder you are, the deeper you can fuck me….and hopefully you’ll get Mom pregnant the very first time. If not, we’ll just have to do it, again and again. Now look at these big titties shake in your face….mm-hmm, that’s Mommy’s little sperm machine…look how fat your cock is now, baby. Mmm….I’m ready for all that sperm now, sweet boy….Now climb on top of Mother, baby…it’s the best way for me to get pregnant….It doesn’t have to take long, baby…just make sure to get it in there really deep. Now stop arguing…and don’t stall anymore, and take that beautiful hard, twitching cock (you must want me, baby, look at your cock)…and fuck me. Don’t waste anymore of that pre-cum…stick it inside Mom now. Do a good job, and you’ll have a new little brother or sister in nine months…fuck me. Now. Stick it in me, baby…fuck your mother’s pussy hard and fast and make your young cock twitch and burn until you just can’t take it anymore. It’s okay if it takes you a few minutes, baby…Mommy hasn’t had sex in a very long time and you feel so good pumping in and out of me right now.Fuck me. Fuck your Mother. Please….do it good, son. Make it cum, baby. Get it as deep as you can in there, son…all those little babies deep inside Mommy’s cunt. Give me all that sperm….yessssss….Mommy’s cumming…impregnate me, son…if feels soooo fucking good….right now!Don’t pull out yet, son…just lie there on top of Mom for a few minutes. Let your cum soak in…rub your cock back and forth a little…really shove it all in there. Yesssss…..oooh son…fuck me a little more….yes, rub those little brothers and sisters back and forth a little in Mommy’s pussy….mmmm, yes…you’ll always be my favorite baby. Thank you, son. I love you.

A Cuckold's Wedding Night Gangbang Fantasy Comes True video by Mrs Mischief

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A Cuckold's Wedding Night Gangbang Fantasy Comes True

Oh baby, I can’t believe how many there were…oh my god! How many were there?….five?…six?Fuck! I can’t believe you had a bunch of guys run a train on me on our wedding night…my pussy’s never been so sore, baby…I love you so fucking much, you nasty fucking cuckold, you…And now you want to lick it all up, don’t you? Mmm…fuck yes, you’re dripping…can’t wait to shove your face against my sore cunt - smell, taste, swallow all this spunk…dirty fucker.Was it strangers, baby? With the blindfold I couldn’t tell….strangers again, honey? Did you let a bunch of strangers come inside your new bride? Tell me…!What? You let your groomsmen….your best man….you let your friends fuck me tonight? On our wedding night? Fuck yeah, baby…oh god, yes. I can’t believe you let all your best friends run a gangbang train on me…and they’ve all fucked me raw, baby. They’ve all left their loads in my sore, stretched cunt, too…just for you, my dirty cum-licking cuckold husband.Come suck it all out, baby…right now…oh god yes…mmmm, fuck…I’m dripping with it…sticky with it…I’m covered in cum from all those cocks…your WIFE’s cunt is sloppy. Suck it dry. Now.Tell me which of your friends made me squirt tonight, cuck hubby…while you’re licking my cunt clean of their cum…tell me which of them had the huge cock, the one that’s so much bigger than yours. Then tell me which of them stuck his cock in your wife’s tight asshole and pumped it hard into me while I almost screamed in ecstasy, baby…which of them came in my asshole, like you never do? Lick me clean and remember while your cock stands at attention between your legs……wedding night cuckolds never get to fuck their wives. They only get to clean up after everyone else has. Now nuzzle your face up against my fucked-raw-by-your-friends ass and pussy, cuck husband…use that newly-married tongue to lick your slutwife’s fuckholes clean.

Make Me Bi - What a Joke! video by Mrs Mischief

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Make Me Bi - What a Joke!

Wait…tell me again what you want me to do…? You want me to ‘make you bi’? Haha!! Like you need me to force you to suck a cock….okay baby…I’ll ‘make’ you bi…Get over here right now, on your knees…suck this cock.Come on. I mean it….get over here right now…I’m going to force you to suck some cock. Some big fat cock. Because you don’t really want to tongue this cock, do you? You don’t really want to pretend it’s a real cock, do you? Haha….no…not you. You need to be ‘forced’.Fine. Get on your knees…I’m going to make you a cocksucker. I’m going to make you take it in the ass. That’s right…I’m going to force you to spread your cheeks really fucking wide and take this cock…and eventually some stranger’s cock…all the way up your asshole.You don’t want that.Not at all.I’m forcing you. Forcing your cock to drip and throb, too, aren’t I? The idea of feeling my big fucking black cock in the back of your throat right now makes you horny as hell, but I’m going to ‘make you’ do it, right now…open your mouth. I’m forcing you to suck me off. Do it!Suck me off, cocksucker. Make it feel good for my cock…slide your tongue, slowly, back and forth…up and down…underneath the shaft of my cock. Make it feel good with your mouth. Mmm…maybe you don’t need to be forced after all…maybe you need to be asked, nicely…like this…Hey, super horny boy…with the drippy cock and the tight little asshole teasing me on your knees right now….want some cock, baby? Mm-hmm…that’s right, you do….yessssss….nobody needs to force you, my little cocksucker. Because you love it. You want it.Get over here….suck my cock from the back…I’ll ‘force’ you…haha!Time to bend you over now, and make you my ass puppet…I’m going to fuck you so deep with my big black dildo that you’re going to say whatever I want. You’re going to say, ‘Mmm…thank you for making me bi’…But first, drain your cock for me…drain your dick while you lick the head of my cock. I’m going to fuck you…after you pump your cum out onto the floor, right between your knees. You may as well start getting used to the taste of cum, so bend right over and lick that up before I ‘force’ my cock into your puppet hole.

Show Babysitter Your Wiener, Fat Boy video by Mrs Mischief

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Show Babysitter Your Wiener, Fat Boy

(Your mom had to go out of town on short notice, and she’s gone and left you with the meanest, most cruel babysitter ever! She sent you to bed with no dinner last night, and now it’s morning and you’re just starving. Poor boy! What are you going to do? The only thing you can hope is that babysitter’s in a much better mood, this morning…)Good morning, piggy….your mommy didn’t tell me I was coming to babysit such a fat boy - you’re a real piggy! Haha!! Keep crying fatty - and go ahead and tell your mother - I couldn’t possibly care less. And I don’t like your attitude, piggy. I think I’ll eat your breakfast. Ha! Yes, fat little boys don’t need to eat breakfast…they need to get more exercise.Aww, are you starving to death piggy? Did you miss your dinner last night because babysitter decided that fat little boys don’t need all those extra calories before bed? Ha! Yes, I’ll just bet your hungry…almost hungry enough to do what babysitter says…?Good - strip! Haha! You heard me…strip. Take those clothes off and let me see what a fat little naked piggy you are. Do you want to eat, or not? Take off your clothes, mister…right now.Hahaa!! I knew it! You have the teeny tiniest wiener I’ve ever seen! Babysitter has seen a lot of pee-pees, but I’ve never seen one as little as yours. What a cute little fat boy you are…and what a teeny little weenie. You’re just going to get fatter, little boy…and your dick is only going to get smaller. By the time you’re grown, you won’t even be able to find it anymore.What’s wrong piggy? Feeling embarrassed? Starving? Maybe you should get some exercise…do some piggy jumping jacks for babysitter. Right now! Haha!! Look at your fat little belly and titties jiggle when you jump up and down! Babysitter likes seeing your body wobble while you jump, fatty…You must like it too, piggy…your little wiener is hard. Mmm….babysitter likes seeing your pee-pee hard like that from exercise…touch it. You heard me, piggy - touch your wiener for babysitter right now! Do it, or no breakfast for you. Touch your wiener and maybe I’ll let you eat…Mmmm…good piggy….just like that…mmm, that makes me hot piggy. Rub your little wiener until the sticky stuff comes out of your teeny little pecker and I’ll give you some cereal. Rub it! Stop crying and rub it, piggy…mm-hmm…just like that. Babysitter’s going to rub herself while you jerk your little wiener. Yes, just like that piggy…if you can make it squirt sticky stuff, I’ll give you cereal. Hurry, piggy….hurry! Haha! Look at your short little dick spurt all over…you must really be starving, piggy.

Mom Caught Fucking Her Secret Dildo video by Mrs Mischief

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Mom Caught Fucking Her Secret Dildo

It feels like all I do is keep up the house and take care of my boys..sometimes I just need to relax..sometimes I just need to cum.As soon as I can get the boys to go downstairs and play while I’m ‘making my bed’, I pull out my dildo-strapped-pillow…yank my panties aside…and shove my throbbing pussy down onto it hard…so fucking relieved to be full of cock, I moan aloud and clench my cunt around the shaft now buried to the balls inside me.Even when I’m trying to get off, I still have to constantly check the doorway to make sure my sons haven’t come back upstairs…they always do…and a couple times one of them walks right in while I’m trying to fuck myself. They’re not paying any attention to their mom and don’t even realize what I’m doing, thank goodness, so I rush them off back downstairs before they start asking too many questions. I won’t stop, though…I need to cum so bad. My pussy has been aching all day…I’ve been fingering myself at work…in the car…keeping my cunt wet all day long. But the truth is that I need cock, in the worst way, so I’m always trying to sneak away from the boys and ride my pillow cock.It knows just what my pussy likes, and I cum so fucking hard on it every time…always more than once. It’s a long, thick, slightly curved cock that makes me cum so hard that it’s always slippery with my pussy juice by the time I’ve exhausted myself on it. I do my best to pretend it’s a real cock buried to the hilt…stuffing me fuller than my fingers ever could…fucking up into me passionately as I ride hard and slam down as forcefully as I can onto it. I cum so hard it rolls right out of my clenching pussy and down the shaft of the cock…so fucking hot.Always watching the doorway for my sons, I finally throw a little caution to the wind…take off my panties…and bounce my slobbering pussy up and down on that big stiff fucking dick like it’s a real one…like it’s going to fucking fill me up with cum…if only it could. First fucking it with my ass out, then turning around to bounce up and down ‘reverse cowgirl’, before spinning myself back around to give my pillowcock the fucking I need. I ride my tight, clenching pussyhole up and down, back and forth, on my pillowcock until I’m cumming hard for the third time….when all the noise from my fucking brings one of my sons back upstairs….just in time to see his mother bouncing wildly on a huge cock and having a loud squirting orgasm right in front of his eyes, cum dripping out of my gaping pussyhole as the cock stands fat and sloppy between my widespread thighs…”I’m sorry, son…Mommy couldn’t help it…”

Why are you on the floor son? video by Mrs Mischief

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Why are you on the floor son?

What are you doing down there, son? Mom’s had a long day and I’m trying to read my book in peace - what do you want? Well stop bothering me and go play. No, you cannot play with my shoe, strange boy…go find something age appropriate to do, and behave yourself!Son, you’re getting on mom’s nerves right now…go find something to do, I mean it.Hey, what are you doing? Are you peeking at mom right now, young man? Are you looking at my panties? Son, you’d better stop that silly stuff and act right or you’re going to get yourself in trouble.What the hell are you doing?! Did I just see you touching yourself down there? Right in front of me? Son, this is unacceptable behavior! Show mom your penis, right now! If you have an erection you’re going to be in BiG trouble, mister. You’ll spend the rest of the day on the floor if….aha! Just as I suspected, my son is a dirty little boy. You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to teach you not to peek naughty at mom once and for all. I’m going to show you all the things under mom’s skirt…I’m going to make you keep peeking at my panties all day long, son, and I promise you that by the end of it all you’ll no longer be interested in looking up my skirt. I’m sure that you’ll get tired and bored of looking at your mother’s silly old panties really fast. In fact, I think you should take off those pajama pants right now…in front of your mother…and touch your boner. You heard me right, young man…that’s what you get. I’m going to embarrass and humiliate you, with my panties in your little face while you masturbate right in front of me. Maybe if you’re humiliated enough you’ll never peek up mom’s skirt again.Don’t you dare stop, until you have an orgasm right there on the floor. That’s what dirty boys who look up mom’s skirts get! And if you don’t hurry….mom’s taking off these panties…and showing you your mother’s pussy. It’ll scar you for life, son, seeing your mother’s vagina. I’m going to count back from ten and if you haven’t cum before I get to zero…I’m taking off my panties right in front of your eyes. You’d better hurry..Ten, nine, eight…

So Much Better Than Your Fatass Wife video by Mrs Mischief

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So Much Better Than Your Fatass Wife

Your wife’s fat as hell, isn’t she? Not anywhere near the size she was when you married her…fat belly, fat ass…big floppy, pendulous titties…yuck. I don’t blame you for not wanting to fuck her anymore…but she still acts like she’s doing you a favor every time you fuck her. What a fatass bitch..But I’m the exact same size I was in high school baby…natural tits still right where the belong…tight pussy that’s never pushed out a bunch of fatass kids…nothing like your wife’s loose cunt. I’ll fuck you better than you’ve ever been fucked before, baby…I’ll suck your dick from the back, daddy.Does your fatass wife do that? Ha! Of course she doesn’t. You can’t even tell when your dick’s in her cunt can you? Mmm baby…my pussy’s tighter than you can possibly imagine. Let me hear you say, “fuck that fat bitch”…mm-hmm…tell me how much you hate your fatass bitch of a wife…Mmm…that turns me on…come slip your cock inside me and tell me just how much you hate her.

Wrist Deep in Mommy video by Mrs Mischief

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Wrist Deep in Mommy

Hi, baby…I didn’t realize you were standing there. What? Mom was just having a dream, baby…I was napping, and just having a little dream. Why was I touching myself? Oh sweetheart, let’s talk about that later, okay? Mom wants to nap. Son - why are you peeking at Mom now? Are you curious? Okay…come sit down. I’ll explain. It’s about time you understand some things.What did you see Mom doing baby? Asleep, yes. Moaning, yes. Touching myself…right here and right here. Yes…that’s right, baby. Do you ever have dreams that make your thingy tingle? This one right…oh son…your little turtle is stiff right now, isn’t it? Let Mamma feel it, baby. My my…that’s very hard. Does it tingle? That’s why people touch themselves there…because it tingles, and touching it makes it feel better. It’s perfectly normal.Well no, son. That doesn’t mean that Mom can do it in front of you…I can’t really show you how it’s done. I’m your’s a little inappropriate for me to show you my things, baby. Sigh…okay son, but it’s our secret. We can’t tell anyone…but I’ll show you, just this once, so you know what the other boys are talking about….okay my sweet boy?Mom’s just going to put this nap mask back on, because I can’t see you watching me…looking at your mothers parts with your hard wiener…so I’m going to use this blindfold to be a little less embarrassed. I’m going to show you Mom’s breasts first…..carressing them a little to show you how hard the nipples get when you tease them…This is really embarrassing to Mom son. Your penis is really, really hard baby. You shouldn’t touch it while you’re looking at Mommy though. Please son, don’t touch yourself…while I show you what a pussy looks like. Mom’s vagina and clit are sensitive and like to be touched when they tingle. Get a good look at Mom’s vagina hole while I wear this blindfold and embarrassingly describe how it all works. Mmm…son…wait! Why are your pants off?! Don’t touch yourself that way, baby…please. Please stop stroking your hard penis in front of Mommy…oooh baby, look how hard and drippy you are. Mmm….Mommy’s wet and drippy too, baby. This isn’t what we are supposed to be doing. You stay over there…I’ll show you what it looks like up close but you have to promise not to touch.See sweetheart? This is Mom’s clitoris…and this is my vagina. This is where the penis goes, son. Right where Mommy’s finger is poking. Be quiet baby…don’t ask Mommy to look…oh god, baby…Mommy has to fuck her pussy right now baby, it just feels too good and it’s too wet. Go ahead and touch yourself if you have to, baby…Mommy’s going to cum. What baby? No, sweetheart…I told you it’s not okay for you to touch Mom……well, okay…but just one little finger, okay? And you can never tell a soul. Shh…Stick your finger out like this…stick it right there, baby. You feel that? That’s the inside of Mom’s vagina, son…and it feels so good right now. Thats it, son…just pull your finger in and out of there, slowly…good boy. You’re good at that, son…put one more finger inside Mommy….…like this. For Mom. Yeah baby, finger me with two fingers….fuck! Go ahead and rub your cock, son…there’s no denying now what we’re doing. And stick another finger in Mommy’s pussy, son…three of your little fingers in Mom…like this……do it real hard, son. Make Mommy’s thighs shake….now four of your fingers, baby…fuck Mom with four of your little fingers….yes! Let Mom show you….if Mom can get four fingers in, then you can probably get your whole little hand in there. Let’s try baby…try to get your whole f*st into your Mommy’s vagina…….mmmm, fuck son! That looks like a giant cock inside me. Pump it back and forth in Mommy’s sloppy stretched vagina…F*st Fuck Mommy! Yes! Make me fucking cum on your f*st! Jerk yourself hard til you cum too, baby…fuck My pussy harder with your little hand…yes, baby…squirt that little cock while you’re all the way inside me. What a dirty little boy you are! Mommy’s good boy.

We Cant Believe How Tiny Your Cock Is video by Mrs Mischief

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We Cant Believe How Tiny Your Cock Is

You were dumb enough to chat me up at the bar, make me think you were going to be a great lay…and when I get you back to my place I discover you have a teeny little dick. I mean, a really little one…like a little boy. It’s fucking hilarious that you thought I’d let you fuck me with that little thing - and I’ve even brought my roommate into the living room to help me point and laugh at your ridiculously tiny cock.But she’s nicer than me, and even though she can barely look at you, she keeps trying to tell me that smaller dicks aren’t so bad…she even tries to encourage you about your teeny little member, but I’m not having any of that. I am totally disgusted by your shriveled wiener and continuously say things to make my roommate laugh along with me, even though she’s trying so hard to helpWhen she suggests that maybe your dick would be bigger if it was hard…and that maybe you should masturbate a little while we watch…you gulp loudly and pull out your little thing, only for me to instantly laugh uproariously at your feeble attempts at a man-size boner. I tell you that you have one minute to impress me with that boner, and the clock starts immediately. The next sixty seconds are spent making you so embarrassed and nervous that you could never really get hard, not now. Roomie cheers you on though, smiling and encouraging you to be confident even in spite of her constant giggling. But when I offer you to her…she isn’t interested. That proves it - if my nice roommate thinks you’re too small, you’re WAY TOO SMALL. I tell you that I’m keeping your car keys - you have to walk home…the real walk of shame you deserve. Go! We can’t help laughing hard and teasing you as you dress and leave, never to pull your embarrassing little dickie out in front of another woman as long as you live. You’ll hear our laughter ringing in your ears forever.

Sissy Cocksucking Faggot video by Mrs Mischief

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Sissy Cocksucking Faggot

Mmm…let me guess…you want to get on your knees and…bury your face in my pussy, right? No? Haha! Mmm, I know then…you must want to kneel down and…stick your tongue in my ass…yes? Still no…? Haha! You’re going to have to spell it out, then…tell me exactly what you want. Don’t be shy - tell me….and maybe I’ll let you have it…That’s really what you want? Say it again…and again…and again…I want to suck another man’s cock.You do, huh? You want to suck cock? Are you a faggot? Do you dream at night about getting fucked by other men? Men with great big hard cocks in your throat and your asshole? You’re a sissy faggot - I knew it! Don’t deny it…don’t lie. You’re a cock-craving whore.I’ve known all along, you know…you leave your laptop open all the time…gay porn tabs open…faggots fucking each other. That’s exactly what I’m going to give you then, baby..I’m gonna loan you out to every man I know. You just became my slave. You’ll do exactly what I tell you…or I’ll tell your family and friends and coworkers what I see on your computer. Don’t argue with me - we both know you want it. Now get on your knees…right now.Good boy…practice on your knees, for all the cock you’ll be sucking soon. Earn that cock, right now, by eating my pussy out with everything you have. Make your whole face wet with my cum…and then I’ll let you have some stiff cock in your throat. Look at you take deep breaths….feel your cock twitch right this second while you think about that big, long, hard cock…that big stiff, throbbing dick forced between your lips…makes my pussy wet. I’m going to tell you exactly what I want to see when you’re sucking the stranger’s cock I’ve chosen for you…tell you how to be an ideal sissy faggot slave for my pleasure. And you’ll do exactly what I say…or no more cock for you. Lick my pussy while you think about his dick in your mouth..I’m going to let him fuck your asshole. Don’t look surprised…you know you want it. Lick my asshole, cocksucker…you know you want to take his cock in your ass, faggot..your dick is hard as a rock and I can hear you panting with desire. Admit it! You belong to me and you do what I say. Now repeat after me: I’m a sissy little cocksucking faggot, and I want to get fucked in my ass by a big hard cock.Say it again. Again. Again.Good slave. Now put these panties on, because the big hard stranger cock I promised you is about to arrive. It’s time. You’re getting fucked, right now. Say it again…I’m a sissy cocksucking faggot… Say it again and again until he arrives to plug your holes, and drop his load in your tight ass.

Stocking Denial video by Mrs Mischief

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Stocking Denial

Mmmm, I think I’ll spend the evening teasing you….making you beg for the chance to leave tiny little butterfly kisses up my legs…fluttering your undeserving lips against my stockings, the insides of my thighs…Making you beg for things you’ll never be allowed. And you know it. Kneel in front of me, watch me peel my sexy shoes off…exposing my bare feet, clad in gorgeous deep purple, lace-top stockings I’ve been wearing all day. Love the scent of the soles of my feet, don’t you? Hmm…how could you now? You live to worship my feet…sniff them…massage them…if only I’d let you cum. But I won’t.And you know it. But I’m going to really enjoy teasing you…touching your throbbing cock with my feet…sliding the soles of my nylon-encased feet back and forth and up and down on the shaft of your twitching dick…only to pull away. Laugh. Deny you.I’m going to press my feet together and force you to pump your dripping shaft between them a couple times before reminding you again that you do NOT deserve to release.Come kiss my foot…kiss it while it’s pressed so close to my panties that you can smell my pussy…feel yourself twitching even harder…before I make you move back again. Out of reach…kneeling there in agony, just as you should be. Get your hands off your cock, right now. You didn’t think you’d be allowed to cum…did you?

Punishing My Sissy Son video by Mrs Mischief

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Punishing My Sissy Son

You have some explaining to do, young man, and it’s best that we discuss this bright and early in the morning…I found my panties someplace they shouldn’t be - can you guess where, son? Don’t you lie to me, you little pervert! I know for a fact that you’ve been taking…and wearing…and masturbating in my panties! What are you, some little sissy boy? Hmm? You like dressing up in my panties and playing with your little wiener, don’t you? You’ve ejaculated in Mom’s panties haven’t you, son? These smell like semen - and that means you’re going to put them back on right now…let Mom see what you look like wearing them. You heard me, son - strip! Put these panties on right now, or you’re going to be in even bigger trouble than you already are!That’s better. Now you’re starting to look like the little sissy girl that you are…but you’re not a girl, are you? Because you don’t have a vagina…do you? Look, son…look at Mom’s vagina. Do it right now! Do you have one of these? Do you have a pussy you can finger inside your panties like Mom’s doing right now? No you don’t…sissy boy.But you DO have an asshole, don’t you, dirty boy? Yes…and Mom has this big rubber plug that I’m going to shove in your sissy-puss just as soon as I dress you in my pink checkered apron. That’s right, sissy boy! Wearing Mom’s panties, with my apron on and your little panty-covered ass sticking out the back. And now I’m going to make you stand, and spread your little sissy legs, while Mom shoves this big scary black plug in your asshole…in your sissy-puss…because that’s what sissies like…to have their assholes stretched. Isn’t that right, son? Hmm?.. Feels good inside you, doesn’t it? Good boy…now come and kiss Mom’s titties a little…be a good little sissy and do what you’re told! Kiss Mom’s titties a little….mmmmm, that feels good baby…do it a little more…good sissy slut. Now, go and clean the kitchen with that big black plug in your tight little sissy hole - and when you’re done maybe Mom will replace that plug with an even bigger one….for special little sluts.

My Eager Cum-Slurping Cuckold video by Mrs Mischief

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My Eager Cum-Slurping Cuckold

This is a custom film, made to order from the customer’s written request, below :You are back from your sex date and find me home waiting for you. You start toying with me, asking if I have been eager for you to return home. You tell me how thoroughly satisfied you are after having been fucked properly by a real man with a big cock, and start taking off your dress.Have I imagined you with your lover? What you were up to? Have I thought about all the things I would like to do to my wife? About another man fucking my wife? You can see my excitement from watching you in lingerie, pantyhose and heels. Or is my excitement coming from knowing how another man has just fucked my wife? I have been waiting patiently at home, while me wife has been filled by a real man's big cock, and it makes me hard to think about it?You can see my throbbing erection, and tell me to take off my underwear and kneel on the floor. Have I thought about fucking you? I know better. I am not allowed to fuck you. I am a cuckold. Other men fuck their wives. Other men's wives suck their cocks. But you only fuck men who can satsify you, make you cum as you need to cum. My sex life is my hand. Am I horny? Has it been a week since you allowed me relief? Would I like to jerk off?You might take pity on me. How horny am I? Does it turn me on to know how much pleasure you had from getting fucked by a real man tonight? You describe how you kneeled and sucked his cock. You would never pleasure my cock with your mouth. But you were happy to service him on your knees, letting him push you onto his cock with his hand on your head. And you begged him to fill your sopping wet, horny pussy with his huge manhood. You let him push you on your back onto the bed, and slide his shaft into your aching pussy. You moaned and begged him to fuck you. You kissed him while he pumped your pussy. It didn't take long before you sceamed out your first orgasm, with your cramping pussy making him cum and ejaculate a massive load of sperm into you.Would I have liked to watch you get fucked? My quivering erection tells you I would have. What if I had been there, by the bed with my hands tied behind my back? What if you would have made me suck his cock, lick all your pussy juices and his cum off it, and making him hard again to fuck you until you came again? Would I have liked that?He spooned you, sliding his huge cock into you while lifting your thigh. You were both still excited and horny, and he quickly picked up the pace and fucked your sopping wet pussy while you kissed. The room was filled with the sound of your moans and the squishy sounds from his massive cock sliding into and out of your pussy. You could not hold back, and as you came again, he emptied his aching balls into your pussy a second time, making it overflow with his warm sperm.You can tell I am desperate for a climax. But I will have to earn it. I will now have to clean your well-fucked pussy from your lover's sperm. You make me kiss your pantyhosed and pantied pussy, then pull down pantyhose and panties to your thighs. You tell me to kiss your sore pussy and grab my dick. Can I smell your juices? Can I smell your lover's sperm? It has been sipping out of your pussy all the way home from your date. Your panties are drenched.You tell me to start licking your pussy. I can stroke my cock, start to masturbate slowly, careful not to cum until you give me permission, while licking up your lover's cum. You tell me to keep jerking off slowly and carefully, while continuing to clean your pussy with my tongue. When I have licked up the sticky cum covering your pussy, you tell me to stick my tongue into your slit, deep inside, so I can lick and swallow your horny pussy juices. You tell me to stroke my cock faster, as you push out the sperm deposited inside your pussy by your lover. You make it dribble out onto my eager tongue.Other men fuck their women. Not me. I only get to jerk off while my wife squeezes out two huge loads of sperm which another man shot into her pussy onto my tongue servicing her freshly fucked pussy. This is how it should be. You with your lovers, whose cocks can satisfy you. Me with my hand on my own cock, jerking off and taking pleasure from the pleasure you have had with real men.You are satisfied that I have cleaned your pussy of all sperm, but tell me to keep licking you while I can now pick up the pace and jerk off to orgasm. You want me to cum with your pussy in my face, and my mouth filled with taste of your lover's sperm. This brings me over the edge, and I ejaculate uncontrollably all over the floor.You smile at me and tell me that I know what to do next. I need to lick up my own cum from the floor.

Auntie's Drunk and Horny video by Mrs Mischief

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Auntie's Drunk and Horny

What are you doing in my room, nephew? It’s late - you should be in bed. You heard a noise? It was nothing…Auntie just stumbled a little. Go back to bed…what? Why did Auntie stumble? Because I’m having cocktails and may be a little tipsy, nephew. You want to know why I’m drinking baby? Because my boyfriend broke up with me…right after he fucked me…and now I’m sad and horny and drunk, little boy…that’s why. Do you want to help Auntie feel better…hmm?How old are you anyway?Come closer, nephew…have a sip of Auntie’s drink…play a game with me, little boy… you want to play a ‘man game’ with your aunt? Do you want to see my titties, baby? Want to look at my panties up close? Come closer….stick your face in aunties crotch…rub your fingers all over my panties, between Auntie’s asscheeks…mmm-hmmm, little boy…look at your hard-on twitch while you rub my panties! Grinding my ass in your face, teasing you relentlessly with ‘what’s under Auntie’s panties’…Don’t tell anyone…promise? Can you keep a secret with Auntie, even though we’re a little tipsy? You can’t tell anyone, especially your parents, that Auntie showed you her pussy. It’s not okay for us to have sex, but I’ll let you rub your hard little cock right up against the crotch of my panties…just a thin layer of lace between your wiener and my pussy. You’ll shoot your cum right up against my panties, and it’ll soak right through to Auntie’s pussy…mmm, yes little boy….pull down your pajama pants. Let Auntie see it now…show it to me. Rub it for Auntie, baby, rub that little dick. Mmm….fuck! This is so nasty, nephew…rub that cock for me while I rub my clit….Auntie’s going to cum right in front of you, little boy….I’m going to give you a little peek of my wet pussy, baby, just this once…please don’t tell…here’s my pussy baby….look at it, nephew. Jerk that little cock…fuck it…Auntie’s going to rub it for you…yes! It’s dripping, baby…your little cock is dripping….jerk it now…jerk it right onto my pussy baby…shoot it onto Auntie’s wet, waiting slit. Fuck yes! Let’s cum together, baby!…mmm…look at you shoot all that cum out of your little cock…mmmm…Auntie’s going to suck it right off of you. Don’t tell, little boy…don’t tell I ate your cum right off your cock. Fuck, your Auntie feels SO dirty right now…and you’re STILL hard! Get out. Get out now, nephew, before Auntie does something really wrong…

You're a Filthy Fucking Cocksucker video by Mrs Mischief

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You're a Filthy Fucking Cocksucker

Of course I know what you want; I can see it in your eyes. But I want to hear you say it…go ahead, say, “I want to suck cock.” Say it…tell me that you’re a dirty little cocksucking faggot and there’s nothing you want more than to be forced to choke on a big hard cock.Mm…yeah baby, that’s what I like to hear. I’m going to make you get on your knees, lick his hairy fucking balls…beg for it…stretch your lips around that fat cock…some stranger, some straight guy who’s willing to let you suck him off. Because that’s what you are, right? A dirty fucking cocksucker…a cumdrinker. A fairy little faggot dick licker who wants to get throat fucked while I watch. Tell me…tell me that’s what you are.Yeah, you know what I want to see. I want to see you bent over…groveling…begging for him to drop that big fucking dick between your lips. You want to suck his balls, don’t you? You want to feel how full of cum they are…feel how much he’s going to spill down your throat while I watch and tell you what a slutty little cocksucker you are. Greedy cumdrinker. Faggot. Do it…get on your knees…get ready…he’s on his way….…and I’m ready to watch.

Plug Your Ass and Beat Off for Me video by Mrs Mischief

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Plug Your Ass and Beat Off for Me

I know you wanna do it…And I wanna watch you do it…But let’s play a little game…Let’s pretend you’re only allowed to do what I tell you, when I say, and how I like it done…Can you be a good boy? Can you do as you’re told?Mmm, that’s right…slowly slowly, I’ll tell you exactly what I want to see you do, and you can make my pussy super wet by carrying out my wishes. Whispering instructions to you while you tap your cock hard on my ass while I encourage you to shove something fun in your asshole…find a plug, a dildo, the handle of a hairbrush…whatever…and shove it into your asshole. I love it when you plug your ass and jerk for me…hurry.Good boy. Now let me see your face, while you grind your ass down on whatever you’ve shoved in there…yeah, that’s fucking sexy. You’d probably like to touch your cock again, wouldn’t you? Your cock is dripping with precum while that asshole is stuffed all full now…mmm fuck, I like watching you struggle…don’t you dare touch that cock yet.Watch me first…watch me rub my throbbing clit through these paper thin panties…teasing you mercilessly while your cock stands at attention….finally…do it. Do it…spit in your hand…asshole wrapped tight around that plug…do it fast. Jerk that cock right in front of me…come closer…right here on the crotch of my panties…aim it right here. Mmm yeah, tap your cock right on my bush…I’ll count down for you…yeah, do it…cum. Right now.

Your Worst Gradeschool Nightmare video by Mrs Mischief

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Your Worst Gradeschool Nightmare

Your teacher is so mean…she’s always doing things to embarrass you in front of the other students. It’s so bad that you’ve started having horrible nightmares…Good morning, students. Did everyone do their homework assignments? All you boys…did you go home and measure your penises like teacher told you to? And did you all masturbate first, to make sure that your penis was as stiff and long as it could possibly be? Good boys!Girls, you’ll all stay seated while the boys ‘turn in their homework’. I’m going to show the class three examples of penis sizes - one very large, one smaller, and one very small. After each penis size example is shown, any boys whose penis was larger and longer and fatter after masturbating must raise his hand. All boys who measured larger than the example will then be allowed to leave the room, leaving only the ‘smaller’ boys and all the girls. Then I’ll show the next size, and then the next. Any boys left after all three penis size examples have been shown must have teeny tiny little penises, so the girls left in the room will be instructed to point and laugh at those remaining boys. Now…let’s begin..You know the sad truth from the moment this nightmare begins - you’ll be the only boy left in the classroom, mortified and humiliated at the tiny size of your dick, and there’s nothing you can do about it…unless you lie. So as your cruel and sexy teacher demonstrates each of the penis size examples (all of which are so much bigger than yours!), you’re steeling yourself for what you know you must do…raise your hand when she shows the smallest one…you have to lie, or be totally humiliated in front of the whole school and all these giggling girls.You raised your hand late, little boy…are you sure your penis is bigger than this smallest example? You wouldn’t lie to teacher would you? Hmm….I bet you are lying, you little punk. I’m going to make you stand up in front of the classroom full of girls and prove exactly what I suspect…that you have a teensy-weensy little wiener. I’ve suspected it all year, and now the proof is right in front of me…looking terrified. Pull down your pants, little boy…or I’ll do it for you.And then she does - yanks your pants down right there in front of the girls! Your tiny little pecker is exposed for all to see, and the teacher immediately begins to point and laugh and mock your little penis. She encourages the girls to point and laugh and humiliate you too, and before long they’re circling you and chanting awful things in your ears. Your cruel teacher tells you that it’s just begun as you desperately try to shake yourself awake from this nightmare.

Mom Saw You Jerking to Taboo Porn video by Mrs Mischief

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Mom Saw You Jerking to Taboo Porn

Hi baby, did you sleep well…hmm? What’s that? Why’s Mom acting weird this morning?… Mmm baby…Mom saw what you did last night. I watched you. I saw what was on your computer, and I just couldn’t help myself…You were masturbating to incestporn last night, son. You were rubbing your dick while you watched videos where young guys fuck, lick, kiss, and cum inside their mothers…Mommy saw you watching, baby. And guess what?..My panties were soaked watching you rub your young hard cock while you obviously fantasized that you were the boy in the video…you were the one licking your mother’s mature pussy…you were the one sticking your virgin dick into your mother’s hole. Mmm son, I’ve been watching your cock grow since you were born, and it’s so fucking big now…Mom fantasized about it deep inside me last night. And I’ve decided…I want you to do what you saw in the porn videos, son…I want you to fuck me, right here in the dining room, before any of the rest of the family wakes up. Get on your knees, baby. Lick your mother’s pussy now. You want to, don’t you baby? Yes, you do…you’ve been peeking on me for a long time - watching me shower, watching me finger my pussy in the bathroom, in the bed, everywhere you could…my dirty little son, peeking on his Mom. Do you want to do it in real life, baby? Mm-hmm you do…that’s right son, lick mommy’s pussy good…you’re so very good at that, baby. Fuck yes! Mmm, Mom can’t wait another minute, my son…my love…my big, hard wet cock…stick it in me, baby. Stick that cock in mommy and fuck me like you saw in the movies last night, fuck me hard and long and deep my babyboy…yes! Get you cock in there and pound Mom’s pussy…make me cum…mmmm yes, baby. I want you to cum inside me it…cum inside mommy…just like in the movies.Now go get dressed for school son…Mom’s gotta get all your cum out of me, quick.

My Son Has a Panty Fetish video by Mrs Mischief

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My Son Has a Panty Fetish

It’s okay, son…tell Mom what happened at school today.Don’t be embarrassed - and don’t lie! - I’ve already spoken to both your teacher and guidance counselor. They’re both very concerned, but I want to hear it from you. What happened at school today?..Mm-hmm…you were in the bathroom…mm-hmm…masturbating…mm-hmm…and you got caught. I know that, baby. And I also know what you had in your hand when you were caught…can you look Mom in the eye and tell me what you had?Panties. Yes. You’d taken some girls panties from the gym and used them to masturbate with, hadn’t you? Some poor innocent girl at your school, and there you are…penis in your hand, sniffing her dirty panties from the gym…and caught by the teacher.This isn’t the first time, is it son? No…I know you’ve done it with Mom’s panties, too. Don’t deny it! You, my sweet boy, have a panty fetish. It’s obvious. How do I know?…because you’ve been peeking at my panties since we started talking, son. And now you have an erection…from looking at your own mother’s crotch. You’re a naughty, nasty little boy, aren’t you? Aren’t you, son?Don’t deny it…look what happens when I open my legs a little…show you a little more of Mom’s pink lace panties…your erection throbs, son. I can see it from here. What if Mom touches you right there…where it’s hard and tingly right now? Mmm…that feels good baby. Do you want to touch Mom there, too? Do you want to feel Mom’s panties right now? Rub your hand against them….rub your face against them….sniff Mom’s panties while I help you rub your cock?Mom’s little boy has a panty fetish…and now it’s time to cum all over the crotch of Mom’s panties, baby. That’s right, son…I’m going to let you do it. I’m going to grind my panties against your immature dick til you spurt your hot juice all over your mother’s panties. Mm-hmm….do it baby…I love you son…Mom loves you so much baby…now do it…cum!

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