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Literate pervert, Cat weirdo, Prospective Beachbum. Purveyor of Dirty Dirty Porno. Specializing in: Most of the minor sins.

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Trapped in Wonderland video by Mrs Mischief

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Trapped in Wonderland

A custom film, based on the customer’s written request, below: You would play my mother who has quite a surprise for me. I find you in the living room wearing your old Alice costume. You haven’t worn it in some time as it went missing from your closet. Strange enough, you ended up finding it in my room, under my bed, along with a couple of your petticoats. Isn’t that just the silliest thing! You’ve noticed I’ve gone beet red. Am I getting a fever? Or maybe it’s the dress. You remember how I loved watching that Alice in Wonderland movie as a boy. I watched it so often, you were hearing it in your sleep. I’d get to the part where Alice was in the rabbit’s house, getting bigger and bigger, and then I’d rewind the tape to watch it over and over. Just Alice growing and growing and growing. But that was all just a phase of mine right?Oh my, am I shrinking? I must be really unwell. Is it the dress? The apron? Your fluffy petticoats? “Curiouser and Curiouser!” you say. Oop! Maybe you shouldn’t be saying that? My gosh, I’m shrinking right out of my clothes. And right there is all the proof you need. A little erection peeking out from the clothes that once fit me. Your son, defeated by a dress. What’s a mother to do with a tiny sissy boy? At this rate you could simply lift your foot up and pop me like a cockroach. Or maybe if you eat me, you might shoot up just like Alice. Or maybe, just maybe you should just tuck me away, right into your petticoats, and let the dress finish it’s work on me. I’ll be in my own wonderland, shrinking away until I’m lost in your petticoats. It’s a sissy son’s dream come true, right? To be gobbled up in skirts? “Oh dear” at this rate I’ll go out like a candle! Better hurry up and let your dress do it’s work. You put me on the couch. You’re going to sit on me. Maybe if I’m fast enough, I could escape from your dress before I shrink to nothing, but that might be awfully hard in a sea of petticoats. You let me get one last good look before you turn around and take a seat. The camera at this point would switch from pov to you sitting on the couch. You can kind of feel me wiggling around under there. You think I must have ender up right between your legs. Am I actually going to reach the opening of your dress and escape? You can’t have that, so you hold down the front of your dress, sealing me in. After a while you don’t feel me anymore. You riffle through your skirts to see if you can find me, but at this point I must be invisible to the naked eye.The clip ends there.

Join Me in the Tub video by Mrs Mischief

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Join Me in the Tub

I know how much you love to watch me in the bathtub… ..but it’s such a big tub… ..there’s definitely room for us both in here. Just going to stand there and stare at me while I smoke?… Is this turning you on…watching me puff away in the tub? Okay, dirty boy…but you’ll have so much more fun with me… …in the tub.

Short-Term Parking video by Mrs Mischief

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Short-Term Parking

All those times you’ve walked through the parking garage, and you’ve never paid any attention to what’s going on in all those cars you pass…have you? It’s lucky you looked my way when you did, or you might have missed me, sitting here waiting for you - a stranger - to pass. My panties are already soaked at the thought of showing my pussy to some strange man in public, and you’ve come along just in time to watch. I get so turned on, knowing that there’s a perfect stranger standing outside my open car window, with people passing all around, while I pull my panties aside, spread my long legs wide, and plunge my fingers - first one, then two, then three - deep in my dripping pussy. Pull out your cock…let me watch you, too…we probably only have a few minutes before someone sees, and I want to see you jerk and stare and cum to my pussy while I pump my fingers in my wet cunt and moan loudly, knowing that I’m only increasing the risk of being seen fucking myself in public by even more strangers. Splash your cum on the floor of this filthy parking I can go home to my husband.

Nannycam : Hump in the Night video by Mrs Mischief

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Nannycam : Hump in the Night

It was just too tempting…There was no one else there…She could see him on the nanny cam from her bedroom. Sound asleep…so sweet when he’s sleeping...But she couldn’t get it off her mind: He’s lying just in the other room, wrapped up snug in his diaper, as happy as a boy could be…and she’s so wet, so turned on by the thought of him lying there, of the beautiful things hidden inside that big, puffy, crinkly diaper…mmm…She sneaks into his bedroom quietly, squeezing his diaper through the sheet, rubbing herself as she gets steadily wetter…knowing that she’s going to do it tonight. Finally, after all this time wanting..she’s going to do it.She climbs on top of him, slowly, sniffing his diaper first, then straddling it, pressing her crotch against his diaper, not even caring anymore that she wakes him in the process. Grinding on top of him as he startles awake, she presses the pillow over his head, whispers ‘shhhh’, and reaches into his diaper to free his cock. He’s surprised…a little scared…but it feels so good, what she’s doing to him down there in his diaper. He’s never felt anything like it before - it feels squishy but good. He does what he’s told and lies still while she does all the things she’s been dreaming of…quietly, moaning against his cock as she strokes, licks, and diaper-jerks him until he’s stiff as a board. She can’t stop now…even knowing that the eye of the nanny cam is there - watching…she wants it so bad.When he moans, pumps his hips, and spurts cum into the air, she can’t help but taste a little…'mmm…good boy’, she whispers.

Soft Spoken 2 : Cuddle and Sigh video by Mrs Mischief

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Soft Spoken 2 : Cuddle and Sigh

I like that we’re going really slowly…learning things about each other…taking our time to notice things like the sound of someone’s voice spoken softly, or a feather-light touch on the face or arm. It’s those kinds of experiences I want to have with you…close, intimate…but not ‘all the way’. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet, and I don’t think you are either. But I want to be close to you..want companionship and touch and sensation.. ..don’t you? Mmm…good. Let’s lie here and cuddle. We’ll talk a little…learn more about each other. Maybe I’ll rub your arm a little…maybe you’ll touch my hand, my face. We’ll flirt and sigh and spoon together, the soft satin of my robe another sensation against your body as I speak gently and softly to you. Always interested, always present…you are my focus, and I like you a lot. Let’s just lie here a little more…let me look into your eyes.

Soft Spoken 1 : Flirting with You video by Mrs Mischief

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Soft Spoken 1 : Flirting with You

Companionship. Sometimes, that’s all you really want. It’s all you need. Yes, the sex stuff is great…and we’ll get to that, eventually. Maybe. But let’s take our time…get to know each other…flirt. Like people used to do, before the internet and dating websites and speed dating and all that other bs. Let’s just sit here, and talk. I’ll ask you questions and be interested in your answers. I’ll smile and look happily into your eyes while telling you how kind you seem, and how well I think our first meeting is going. Maybe I’ll even reach out and touch your leg - invite you to sit closer to me - because I can tell that you’re too shy to make the first move. It’s okay. I like shy guys. I’m a little soft spoken, too, but I know what I like. I like you. Sit closer. Let me touch your thigh. (We won’t be doing anything dirty tonight, it’s our first meeting and I - well, I am a lady.) Besides, we have plenty of time for all that stuff. Later. I just want to run my fingers through your hair…it looks soft. I’d like to see if the edge of your ear is ticklish. Or the side of your neck. I’d like you to rub my leg, too…a little. This is nice. Maybe you’d like to come back tomorrow evening? We could cuddle. Mmm, I know you’re aroused. I am, too. And we both know that each of us will masturbate after our date ends. But we won’t touch each other ‘there’, just yet. I’m enjoying your companionship. I’m enjoying flirting. I’m enjoying teasing you…let me.

Smooth Handjob video by Mrs Mischief

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Smooth Handjob

I don’t understand men’s fascination lately with beards, mustaches, and all-over body hair, so I’ve decided to shave MY man smooth…starting with his cock and balls. As soon as I start touching him, his dick begins to swell - before long I’m buzzing the hair around his hard-on, alternately stroking his dick and sensually teasing his balls with the vibration from the clippers. Once all that fuzz is gone, it’s time to get out the razor and shave him smooth…totally hairless…even better for sucking, licking, and stroking, as I demonstrate, giggling, while rubbing my tits on his leg. After he’s completely shaved, I tell him that there’s no better time for a handjob than when he’s all slick and smooth…sliding my hands, slowly at first, back and forth up and down his big, swollen cock…pulling at his hairless tightening balls…flicking my tongue, teasing, before finally taking the fat head of his cock into my mouth. I didn’t think that shaving his balls would turn me on so much, but I’m dying to make him cum. Sucking, licking, vibrating the clippers on his sensitive cock…stroking more firmly…faster…finally dropping my mouth onto his dick and teasing out his massive load. All over my face.

Demoted to Doormat video by Mrs Mischief

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Demoted to Doormat

What’s that son? I can’t hear you…speak up! Oh…you’ve been shrunk and don’t know why? Bull! I know *exactly* why you’re so teeny tiny, and I know who did it.I did it! And you deserved it after being caught sniffing your sister’s petticoat. Now you’re in for it - you’ve been demoted, from son to doormat.You’ll stay that size, and you’ll live in the foyer by the front door. Every time someone comes in, you’ll lie down and let her wipe all the nasty dirty filth from her pretty shoes all over your perverted little body. That ought to please you, doormat, as you’ll have the perfect perspective for peeking up our full skirts now..You’ll do a Good Job as the new family doormat, or you’ll be demoted even further…to bug!

Buttslut Challenge : Pics or it Didn't Happen video by Mrs Mischief

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Buttslut Challenge : Pics or it Didn't Happen

I’m sure you think you’re ready - ready to bend over and get fucked like the sissy slut you are…but you’re not.What makes you think you deserve to get fucked? What makes you think you can handle it?Before I strap on my nine-inch cock, lube it up, and fuck the living hell out of you…you have to prove that you’re willing and able to take it..all of it.So you’re going to do a simple task - a little challenge to see if you really have what it takes to be a slut sissy bottom to a woman who not only knows how to fuck you, but will love every second of it. Ready? It’s simple, really…Slip on your sluttiest panties (if you don’t have any of your own you’ll just have to sneak in and steal a pair of your wife’s when she’s not looking)……get out your biggest dildo…and shove it as deep into your asshole as you can…ALL the way in. (If you don’t have a dildo…get creative.)Then get out your trusty little camera phone and snap a pic of you looking like a little whore…asshole spread open, impaled on a big hard cock…panties pushed to the side to show your willingness to be humiliated and fucked like a little sissy girl.Send it to me, if you’re not afraid. Prove you can take it…maybe you’ll be next.

Mindfuck: Your Wallet AND Your Wife video by Mrs Mischief

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Mindfuck: Your Wallet AND Your Wife

I can tell by the look in your eyes; don’t try to deny it. You’re here to cheat on your wife…dying to fuck someone new…someone different…someone fun.But it’s never that easy, is it? If you want to fuck me, you’re going to have to work for it…in more ways than one. I want to have some fun, with you…your wife…and your wallet first.How much do you hate having to fuck her? She’s boring, isn’t she? A dead fuck? Ha!….Of course she is. And you’re so tired of having to have sex with her…you’d do just about anything to get a taste of some new pussy…my pussy.It’s simple…you’re going to have to fuck your wife - a LOT - if you want to fuck me. And you’re going to pay me, every single time you stick your dick in your boring wife’s snatch. You’re going to fuck her well, too…make your stupid wife cum over and over again…then pay me for the privilege. Once you’ve built up enough equity in my bank account…you’ll get to make your deposit…in my pussy.By then boring little wifey will be all fucked out, and you’ll be a LOT lighter in the bank account…and I’ll be better, and wetter, than she’s ever been.I can see your cock straining against your pants - I can tell you need to fuck me in the worst way. Are you willing to prove it? Willing to do the most fucked-up thing ever to wreck your own marriage? Pay me to fuck your own wife…now.

Get Out of the Bathroom Son! video by Mrs Mischief

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Get Out of the Bathroom Son!

*knock knock*Son, are you in there?Um…could you hurry…Mom really needs to pee.*knock knock* Really, baby…hurry up. I’ve been holding it for hours.Sweetheart, are you doing anything in here or just sitting there? You’re going to have to get off the toilet, son…I’ve gotta pee really, really bad!Why are you laughing? Do you think it’s funny that Mom’s dancing around the bathroom about to pee her pants? Young man, get up and out of here right now…I mean it, son. This isn’t funny! Mom’s really needing to go…hurry!Damn it, you rotten boy - look what you’ve done now…you’ve made me wet my pants. Get the hell out of here before I pee all over myself….oh no!…it’s too late…

Mom's New Girlfriend Wants Your Dick video by Mrs Mischief

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Mom's New Girlfriend Wants Your Dick

Your mom’s crazy new girlfriend comes wandering into your room at midnight, talking all kinds of crazy stuff about her sex life with your mom and how even lesbians like to get a little dick every now and then. She offers you some booze and, when you turn it down, picks on you for being such a ‘good boy’.What’s the matter, kiddo? Don’t like me? You got a problem with your mom fucking another chick? We should be friends, you and me. I can be really nice…just ask your mom.Don’t pretend like you can’t hear her screaming from her bedroom when I fuck her - you know I fuck the living hell out of your mother, right? Yeah, that’s right…I get all up in your mom’s hairy pussy…three fingers in that wet fucking Ha! What? You too young to hear about your mom’s sex life? Just a little boy, aren’t you?Part of you is horrified that this hot butch is standing there, rubbing her crotch and talking about your mom that way - but another part of you is turned on as hell. You can just picture the two of them, rubbing their pussies against each other…licking each other’s slits..fuck! The next thing you know, she’s climbed on top of you and is fondling your dick - it’s obvious to her that your cock’s hard as a rock and throbbing like a motherfucker, so she takes that as an invitation to wrestle your pants down and straddle your body. Pinning you down, she tells you exactly what she’s going to do to you…for the first time ever…because you’re a virgin.Ha! A virgin, huh? With a cock like this? Fuck…not for long, little man. I’m going to pop your little cherry tonight while your mom sleeps off the fucking I gave her earlier. Yeah, I slapped your mother’s fat titties around and slurped on her cunt…smell her pussy on my breath, little man? You like that, don’t you, you dirty little fucker? Be quiet now…we don’t want to wake your mother.She’s on your cock in a flash - sucking away at it and saying the dirtiest things you’ve ever heard in your life…about you and your mom! Oh man, now she’s stripping…she’s climbing on top of you again…she’s going to fuck you. Your mom’s new girlfriend sits down on your cock and starts riding you hard…fuck, that feels good…you can’t believe your cock is buried in her pussy. Your first-ever fuck, and it’s with a lesbian! And now she’s coming…Fuck yeah, just like that, little boy…that’s the best cock I’ve ever had. I’m going to teach you to fuck like a man, so I can get this cock whenever I get tired of sucking your mom’s pussy.Come on, get behind me, little boy…shove that big fucking cock in my pussy doggystyle. Fuck me like a man…like I fuck your mother with my strap-on cock. Yeah…mm-hmm…pound this forbidden pussy…make me cum on that young dick again. Fuck yeah!Before you can stop yourself, you feel the cum welling up in your balls. The feel of your mom’s girlfriend’s wet, clinching cunt slamming back on your inexperienced dick is too much for you…you pull out just in the nick of time, spurting your first-ever real fuckload all over her twitching pussy. As she massages your spunk into her still wide-open pussy, you can’t imagine what’s going to happen tomorrow - when your mom finds out..

Cuck Hubby Eats Humiliating Creampie video by Mrs Mischief

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Cuck Hubby Eats Humiliating Creampie

It’s late night, and I’m home from another date - with another big, hung bull - while my cuck hubby lies on the bed, waiting for me to get home…so he can do his job.He knows his job, and he loves it…he always loves sucking out his slutty little hotwife’s pussy after I’ve been creampie’d by some dirty stranger. Tonight is no exception, and he moans and pumps his hips in the air as I crawl over him, telling him about how this ‘new guy’ fucked me better than I’ve ever been fucked before…how he stuck his fingers in my pussy in the middle of a restaurant….how he fucked me like an animal and came deep in my cunt…twice.Cuck hubby is happy to dive into my wet pussy when I shove it down onto his face - he’s moaning in pleasure at the taste of a stranger’s saliva, sweat, and cum on my body. I make him lick out my asshole thoroughly while grinding on his face, making sure that the bull cum is flowing, and that cuck hubby is getting a mouthful.Just when his cuckold pleasure seems like it can’t get any higher…I ask him if the cum tastes familiar…or if he learned his pussy-eating technique from anyone I know…   He’s confused, but continues to do his job like a good little cumsucker, until I tell him…that I fucked his little brother.He immediately begins gagging, writhing, and retching in horror as he realizes that it’s his own flesh and blood’s load he just licked out of my cunt - and when I tell him that this is exactly what he gets for flirting with his brother’s young wife at the reunion two weeks ago, he tries his best to remove his face from my dripping, deceitful pussy. But he can’t. I have him trapped, right under me, and won’t get off him until every last bit of little brother’s spunk rolls down his throat. I’ve told him before not to piss me off, and flirting with some 29 year-old bitch qualifies…so I went out and fucked his brother…laughing my head off while I recount every filthy detail...and it was so damn good…I’ll probably go back tomorrow….and then I’ll tell his wife, too.

Loving Mother Teaches You to Ejaculate video by Mrs Mischief

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Loving Mother Teaches You to Ejaculate

What’s the matter, son? Who called you what at school? Slow down…what happened? Oh, you got a boner in the shower after pe and some of the other boys called you - oh, I understand now. No sweetheart, getting boners in the shower doesn’t make you gay, although it’d be fine if you were, but son…you know you like girls. Don’t be silly. You like breasts, right? Like mom’s big ones? Do you get boners when you look at breasts…like these? Look at mom’s breasts uncovered…see what they look like, son? Do you like to look at my nipples? Like seeing my cleavage….seeing me slowly touch my breasts, like this? It does, doesn’t it? Mm-hmm….I thought so. You like that, don’t you? Does that give you a boner, son? Right now….is your wiener hard? Don’t be shy….tell momma. It’s perfectly natural to get hard when you’re looking at big titties, even your mom’s. What do you mean you don’t like the boners? Why? They hurt? Son…don’t you know you’re supposed to masturbate when you have boners? It hurts because you’re supposed to rub your boner until stuff comes out and then it’ll feel better. Well, I don’t know if I should help you with this part, son. Yes, you’re right…I guess…it’s like showing you my titties…mom’s going to help you. But you cannot tell a single person about this. What? No sweetheart, I’ll show you my titties again but you cannot see your mom’s vagina. I don’t know if that’s appropriate…yes, I know you need to learn, and I know you love me and are tired of the boys picking on you, but…well… Okay baby. I’ll show you what a vagina looks like, and show you how to masturbate properly. Just this once. Just so you know how. Come closer… Now spit in your hand a little, wrap your fingers around your boner, and rub it back and forth. Does that feel good? Okay….keep doing that and look at mom’s vagina. In just a minute it’ll get all tingly and stuff will come out - then you’ll have ejaculated and it’ll go down. I’m going to spread it wide for you, baby, get down here and look closely at what a woman’s vagina looks like. Keep rubbing yourself baby….that’s right…good boy.. …it’s getting very hard…your balls are very tight…keep rubbing baby.. Mom’s going to rub herself…right here where it feels good, while you rub yourself. We’ll make it feel better together. Mm-hmm…look closely at mom’s pink vagina…go a little faster now… Why did you stop, baby? You have to keep rubbing it until it cums, son…don’t stop now! Oh baby…don’t be silly. You have to finish. It’ll feel good, I promise. Here, just this once…mommy will do it for you. Stand right there, look at my vagina….and I’ll rub if for you until you ejaculate. It’ll feel SO much better then. See? I can tell that feels good, oh my…look how hard you’re getting…it’ll only be a second, now baby… Wow!! Gosh, son! That’s….umm…that’s a lot of cum. You’ve been saving up for a very long time, haven’t you? It’s splashed all over mom’s pussy and thighs and skirt…it’s even all over the floor in front of you and dripping from your already-shrinking dick. What a good boy you are!

Long-Distance Love Letter video by Mrs Mischief

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Long-Distance Love Letter

I wrote you a letter…I hate that you’re so far away.. I’d much rather be licking you right now, doing all the things I love to do to you with my mouth and tongue, ..but I’ll have to settle for licking the envelope. Imagining I’m making you sticky with my mouth, instead of this piece of paper. I can’t wait to kiss you. I can’t wait to press tongue into your mouth.. ..but tonight, I just have these stamps. You’re so far away. I’ll have to cover the envelope - lick SO many stamps - to get it to you. Pressing my tongue again and again on collectible stamps, my love for you outweighs my love of philately, and I wantonly lick stamps over and over again. Sticking them to the envelope. Sending a letter to my lover. It’s worth every lick. Wishing you could be here, the focus of my tongue…my mouth. And finally, when all the licking is finally complete.. ..a kiss on the back, for you. My lover.

Fuck You and Your Slut Wife too video by Mrs Mischief

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Fuck You and Your Slut Wife too

Wow, I can’t believe you showed up…and you even brought wifey along. Some husband you are, letting some random internet stranger fuck your wife right in front of you - even if it is a woman. I’m looking forward to getting my eight-inch black cock in your little wife…she looks like she can really take the dick. I’m gonna stuff it in her pussy…pound the fuck out of her….right in front of you. And when I’m bored with her cunt, I’m gonna roll your slut wife over and stick my big fat fucking cock right in her tight little asshole. She’s going to squeal when I shove it all the way in and start fucking away at her butthole, sliding it all the way in and out, making her feel the full thickness and length of my cock…so much bigger than yours…and I’m going to love the sounds she makes. I’m going to love seeing you sitting there…watching me fuck your wife’s holes til she cums over and over again, knowing you could never make her cum like this, not with your dick…while you also know that you’re not going to touch her. Or me, for that matter. No, you won’t be fucking anyone tonight. Your dick is as useless as it can possibly be tonight. You’re here to watch me pound the fuck out of your slutty little wife… …and to take your turn under my cock. Yeah, I know…I can tell by the look on your face. You’d like to get down and suck me right now, wouldn’t you? You almost can’t wait your turn. But you’re going to wait….wait til I’ve fucked your wife’s pussy - and plowed her ass til it’s gaping - and THEN you can get on your knees and suck me off. As soon as I pull out of your wife’s asshole. Ass to mouth for you tonight, cuck…my cock, from your wife’s gaping ass right into your waiting mouth. Suck me clean, and do a good job. Because as soon as you’re done, I’m going to spit on my cock, spread your cheeks, and plunge into you like you can’t possibly imagine. I know that by then your asshole will be quivering with desire….seeing me destroy your wife’s body while you sit there useless and unable to participate…I know you’ll be climbing the walls with desire by then. I’m going to fuck you so hard. So long. Right in front of your wife, I’m going to bend you over and make you my bitch. Both of you, my bitches. You and your little slut wife, too.

Making You My Bottom Bitch video by Mrs Mischief

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Making You My Bottom Bitch

If you’re going to be my bottom bitch… the one I fuck with my biggest cock… the one I fuck the hardest… then you’re going to have to prove… that you’re a true blue… dyed-in-the-wool… cock-loving, bottom bitch faggot. Get on your knees… kneel down right in front of me… take my cock in your mouth… until I shove it in your ass. Are you an enthusiastic little faggot? Is your cock throbbing? Good, because I will literally grudge fuck the sh*t out of you… make you cry… scream… beg me to stop…. beg me not to stop… Can you be my bottom bitch? Degrade yourself. Beg me to call you my whore. Earn it.

Cruel Teacher Mindfucks Your Boner for LIFE video by Mrs Mischief

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Cruel Teacher Mindfucks Your Boner for LIFE

You’ve spent the entire class (again) staring at the girl in the skintight jeans in front of you…and as always, you think you’ve been super stealthy about it. As always, you’re wrong. Teacher asks you to stay after class and, once the girls have left and closed the classroom door behind them, she immediately begins interrogating you about the girl. Why do you stare so intently at her bottom? Why do you think you have a chance with that girl, anyway? She’s clearly out of your league? But there you sit, day in and day out, staring at that poor, unsuspecting girl’s ass. Then you go to the boys’ room and masturbate after class. Don’t ask Teacher how I know these things….I just do. I know that you sit there with your throbbing little erection, imagining all the things you’d like to do, as if you ever could. I know that you jerk your penis furiously between classes while you fantasize about that girl and her jeans. And I know about the day she bent over in front of you in the hallway….I know what went through your head that day…you dirty dirty boy. From here on out you will *never* stare at that girl’s ass again; you will not fantasize about her, nor will you masturbate to thoughts of her, her ass, or her pale, peachy teen ass in those jeans. …. …But there is another girl…in another of my classes - about whom you are allowed to fantasize…to masturbate. In fact, it’s not even a choice. You’re *going* to fantasize about this girl in her skintight jeans (hers are even tighter)…you’re going to masturbate to her. And you’re going to do it right now. That’s right, right now, in front of Teacher. And there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. Look at me….you have no choice. You couldn’t stand up and leave the room now if you wanted, and besides…you still have a boner. So start rubbing your dick through your pants, young man…right now. You will rub your ever-harder young cock inside your pants, sitting there at your desk while I describe this other girl to you…how tight her jeans are…how hot her ass is…how much you’ll enjoy jerking and fantasizing about her. While you’re stroking your throbbing young cock in your pants, I begin a countdown. Starting at twenty, I tell you that when I reach the number 1…you’ll cum. You’ll have no’ll jizz in your pants, right here in front of me, while fantasizing about the new girl in her jeans. As I count down, I describe fantasy situations that would allow you to bump….grab….dry hump…even get your fingers down inside those skintight jeans on the girl I’ve chosen to be your new fantasy… …and as I get closer to the end, the excruciating, agonizingly humiliating end that sees your pants filled with your cum….I tell you who she is. And even though you’re mortified….even though you want to stop…you can’t. You’re too turned on. You’re too close to cumming. You’re too under Teacher’s spell. When she says ‘One’….you cum to the thought of your sister’s ass in those skintight jeans. It feels better than anything ever has, just for a second. Then you’re humiliated beyond belief as Teacher laughs at you and the spreading stain on your pants and orders you, the pervert, out of her classroom. How will you ever look your sister in the eye again? And now, how will you ever masturbate to anyone else? (incl. cum countdown, mind control, jeans fetish, teacher fetish, mesmerize)

Squeezed Between Your Angry Mother’s Thighs video by Mrs Mischief

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Squeezed Between Your Angry Mother’s Thighs

You keep having this recurring fantasy….maybe it’s a nightmare…you can’t be sure, because every time you wake up afterward you’re terrified…but your cock is rock-hard. Why do you keep dreaming about your mom, dressed like Alice in Wonderland, punishing you by teasing, talking dirty, and eventually sitting on your face…pressing her crotch repeatedly into your mouth and nose. Your mom tells you to sniff deep, inhale her scent..she squeezes her thighs tightly around your face and tells you over and over that you’ve been a very dirty boy, peeking up her skirts and the skirts of your sisters. Then she says that she sees you trying to sniff your sister’s panties - and hers too! - when they walk by, and that’s why you’re always lying on the ground. She says she’s going to punish you by doing exactly what you want…making you look up her skirt. Making you stare at her pantyhose, her panties….her crotch. Your mother’s crotch. She’s going to scold you while she presses herself ever closer and closer to you, where you lie prone on the floor. Your dream-nightmare mom knows exactly what you’re really up to in your waking hours, as you have always been very obsessed with your mom’s skirts, panties….and if you have to admit it…your sister’s too. You’d love to really be able to smell them when they walk by, but never really can. Even in your dream state you can’t help but wonder…why Alice in Wonderland? It must me something about the dress…about her getting bigger and bigger…about feeling small under your mother’s body. You can smell her, now. You can smell your mother’s crotch because it’s right there…a fraction of an inch from your nose…she’s grinding it against your face and telling you to breathe deep….sniff her panties hard…maybe she’ll keep you there till you smother. She won’t let you touch yourself though, even though it’s obvious that on some level you’re enjoying your dream-nightmare-fantasy-punishment, because your cock is rock-hard. Your mom just keeps you pinned there, under her skirt and petticoats, between her thighs….and shoved right up against her crotch - she’s telling you again and again how dirty you’ve been and how this is going to cure your bad behavior, but all you can do is wonder if she tastes as good as she smells. Even in this deep dreamlike state, you take a moment to hope you never, ever wake up…before taking another deep sniff of your mother’s panties.

Gradeschool Teacher Admits Playing Dirty Games with You in Class video by Mrs Mischief

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Gradeschool Teacher Admits Playing Dirty Games with You in Class

Hi sorry, but parent-teacher night has ended…wait…you’re not old enough to be a parent. Can I help you, young man? Oh I know who you are…! You’re that sweet boy who used to be in my gradeschool class - you sat right in front of my desk….didn’t you, dear? Mm-hmm…I remember. What are you doing here? About to graduate…come to reminisce a bit with your favorite old teacher? Hmm…you want to make a confession, hmm…? I like the sound of that.. Come confess to me, baby. Tell teacher everything. In fact, why don’t you come and sit right at your same desk, right in front of teacher, just like old times…and talk about it. You want to talk about things that happened in class, when you were in gradeschool? You want ask me if I really was showing you myself under my desk? If you’re remembering correctly that Teacher would spread her legs, pull her panties aside, and finger her pussy so that only you could see? Of course it happened, baby. And it also happened that you took your little cock out and pulled it so that teacher could see, too….we both showed each other under our desks, all year long…I fingered and you jerked, little boy…you came in your pants while teacher orgasmed over and over right in front of your eyes, your eyes only. And I LOVED every minute of it. I know what you came back for, now…you want to relive that, don’t you?.. You want to pretend you’re back in gradeschool… ..sitting across from your nasty young teacher, with your little pud in your fist…you want to beat off in your pants like you did so many years ago while I furiously finger my dripping cunt in the shadows beneath my teacher’s desk…pretend we’re surrounded by the other boys and girls again…mmmmm, yes baby. I always knew exactly what I was doing to you, little boy, and I know exactly what I’m doing today. Now sit there like a good student and come in your pants again for Teacher. Do I while I finger my wet, dripping pussy and come so hard, right up close, in front of your face for the first time ever….do it for me, baby. Do it now!

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