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Literate pervert, Cat weirdo, Prospective Beachbum. Purveyor of Dirty Dirty Porno. Specializing in: Most of the minor sins.

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Plug Your Ass and Beat Off for Me video by Mrs Mischief

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Plug Your Ass and Beat Off for Me

I know you wanna do it…And I wanna watch you do it…But let’s play a little game…Let’s pretend you’re only allowed to do what I tell you, when I say, and how I like it done…Can you be a good boy? Can you do as you’re told?Mmm, that’s right…slowly slowly, I’ll tell you exactly what I want to see you do, and you can make my pussy super wet by carrying out my wishes. Whispering instructions to you while you tap your cock hard on my ass while I encourage you to shove something fun in your asshole…find a plug, a dildo, the handle of a hairbrush…whatever…and shove it into your asshole. I love it when you plug your ass and jerk for me…hurry.Good boy. Now let me see your face, while you grind your ass down on whatever you’ve shoved in there…yeah, that’s fucking sexy. You’d probably like to touch your cock again, wouldn’t you? Your cock is dripping with precum while that asshole is stuffed all full now…mmm fuck, I like watching you struggle…don’t you dare touch that cock yet.Watch me first…watch me rub my throbbing clit through these paper thin panties…teasing you mercilessly while your cock stands at attention….finally…do it. Do it…spit in your hand…asshole wrapped tight around that plug…do it fast. Jerk that cock right in front of me…come closer…right here on the crotch of my panties…aim it right here. Mmm yeah, tap your cock right on my bush…I’ll count down for you…yeah, do it…cum. Right now.

Your Worst Gradeschool Nightmare video by Mrs Mischief

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Your Worst Gradeschool Nightmare

Your teacher is so mean…she’s always doing things to embarrass you in front of the other students. It’s so bad that you’ve started having horrible nightmares…Good morning, students. Did everyone do their homework assignments? All you boys…did you go home and measure your penises like teacher told you to? And did you all masturbate first, to make sure that your penis was as stiff and long as it could possibly be? Good boys!Girls, you’ll all stay seated while the boys ‘turn in their homework’. I’m going to show the class three examples of penis sizes - one very large, one smaller, and one very small. After each penis size example is shown, any boys whose penis was larger and longer and fatter after masturbating must raise his hand. All boys who measured larger than the example will then be allowed to leave the room, leaving only the ‘smaller’ boys and all the girls. Then I’ll show the next size, and then the next. Any boys left after all three penis size examples have been shown must have teeny tiny little penises, so the girls left in the room will be instructed to point and laugh at those remaining boys. Now…let’s begin..You know the sad truth from the moment this nightmare begins - you’ll be the only boy left in the classroom, mortified and humiliated at the tiny size of your dick, and there’s nothing you can do about it…unless you lie. So as your cruel and sexy teacher demonstrates each of the penis size examples (all of which are so much bigger than yours!), you’re steeling yourself for what you know you must do…raise your hand when she shows the smallest one…you have to lie, or be totally humiliated in front of the whole school and all these giggling girls.You raised your hand late, little boy…are you sure your penis is bigger than this smallest example? You wouldn’t lie to teacher would you? Hmm….I bet you are lying, you little punk. I’m going to make you stand up in front of the classroom full of girls and prove exactly what I suspect…that you have a teensy-weensy little wiener. I’ve suspected it all year, and now the proof is right in front of me…looking terrified. Pull down your pants, little boy…or I’ll do it for you.And then she does - yanks your pants down right there in front of the girls! Your tiny little pecker is exposed for all to see, and the teacher immediately begins to point and laugh and mock your little penis. She encourages the girls to point and laugh and humiliate you too, and before long they’re circling you and chanting awful things in your ears. Your cruel teacher tells you that it’s just begun as you desperately try to shake yourself awake from this nightmare.

Mom Saw You Jerking to Taboo Porn video by Mrs Mischief

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Mom Saw You Jerking to Taboo Porn

Hi baby, did you sleep well…hmm? What’s that? Why’s Mom acting weird this morning?… Mmm baby…Mom saw what you did last night. I watched you. I saw what was on your computer, and I just couldn’t help myself…You were masturbating to incestporn last night, son. You were rubbing your dick while you watched videos where young guys fuck, lick, kiss, and cum inside their mothers…Mommy saw you watching, baby. And guess what?..My panties were soaked watching you rub your young hard cock while you obviously fantasized that you were the boy in the video…you were the one licking your mother’s mature pussy…you were the one sticking your virgin dick into your mother’s hole. Mmm son, I’ve been watching your cock grow since you were born, and it’s so fucking big now…Mom fantasized about it deep inside me last night. And I’ve decided…I want you to do what you saw in the porn videos, son…I want you to fuck me, right here in the dining room, before any of the rest of the family wakes up. Get on your knees, baby. Lick your mother’s pussy now. You want to, don’t you baby? Yes, you do…you’ve been peeking on me for a long time - watching me shower, watching me finger my pussy in the bathroom, in the bed, everywhere you could…my dirty little son, peeking on his Mom. Do you want to do it in real life, baby? Mm-hmm you do…that’s right son, lick mommy’s pussy good…you’re so very good at that, baby. Fuck yes! Mmm, Mom can’t wait another minute, my son…my love…my big, hard wet cock…stick it in me, baby. Stick that cock in mommy and fuck me like you saw in the movies last night, fuck me hard and long and deep my babyboy…yes! Get you cock in there and pound Mom’s pussy…make me cum…mmmm yes, baby. I want you to cum inside me it…cum inside mommy…just like in the movies.Now go get dressed for school son…Mom’s gotta get all your cum out of me, quick.

My Son Has a Panty Fetish video by Mrs Mischief

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My Son Has a Panty Fetish

It’s okay, son…tell Mom what happened at school today.Don’t be embarrassed - and don’t lie! - I’ve already spoken to both your teacher and guidance counselor. They’re both very concerned, but I want to hear it from you. What happened at school today?..Mm-hmm…you were in the bathroom…mm-hmm…masturbating…mm-hmm…and you got caught. I know that, baby. And I also know what you had in your hand when you were caught…can you look Mom in the eye and tell me what you had?Panties. Yes. You’d taken some girls panties from the gym and used them to masturbate with, hadn’t you? Some poor innocent girl at your school, and there you are…penis in your hand, sniffing her dirty panties from the gym…and caught by the teacher.This isn’t the first time, is it son? No…I know you’ve done it with Mom’s panties, too. Don’t deny it! You, my sweet boy, have a panty fetish. It’s obvious. How do I know?…because you’ve been peeking at my panties since we started talking, son. And now you have an erection…from looking at your own mother’s crotch. You’re a naughty, nasty little boy, aren’t you? Aren’t you, son?Don’t deny it…look what happens when I open my legs a little…show you a little more of Mom’s pink lace panties…your erection throbs, son. I can see it from here. What if Mom touches you right there…where it’s hard and tingly right now? Mmm…that feels good baby. Do you want to touch Mom there, too? Do you want to feel Mom’s panties right now? Rub your hand against them….rub your face against them….sniff Mom’s panties while I help you rub your cock?Mom’s little boy has a panty fetish…and now it’s time to cum all over the crotch of Mom’s panties, baby. That’s right, son…I’m going to let you do it. I’m going to grind my panties against your immature dick til you spurt your hot juice all over your mother’s panties. Mm-hmm….do it baby…I love you son…Mom loves you so much baby…now do it…cum!

Your Asshole is Mine video by Mrs Mischief

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Your Asshole is Mine

Let’s get down to business, okay? We both know what you want…and we both know I want it too…so let’s get you naked and bent over for my cock. Because your asshole is MINE, and I’m fucking you long and hard tonight.First though…get on your knees and beg. Beg me to let you lick my asshole before I fuck you…beg me to let you tongue my ass crack and worship my body before I pull you down onto my stiff dick and fuck straight up into your waiting hole until you cry with pain and pleasure.Mmm baby, yes…lick my ass…good boy. Now come over here, straddle me, and sit on my cock. That’s it..fuck yes….watch me pump my hips up against your hungry asshole while you press the weight of your body down…down…down…harder and deeper onto my fat cock. Talking dirty to you…encouraging you to stroke your rock-hard dick while you ride my cock…mmm yes baby…let me stroke it for you. Pump my dick with your asshole while I pump yours with my hand. Yeah, your balls are tight baby…you’re going to spurt, aren’t you? All over both of us…shoot your cum straight into the air while you sit down hard on my cock.But you’re not finished yet, are you, nasty boy? Mm-mm…nope. You’re going to get yourself right up off my cock and lick my asshole some more…aren’t you? Mmm…good boy.

Loving Mother video by Mrs Mischief

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Loving Mother

Hi sweetie, how was your shower? Hmm…? Oh, nothing…I just thought I’d come and hang out in your room, wait for you to get out of the bathroom…how was your day son? I’m not being weird, I just want to spend a little time with my son. There’s nothing wrong with that. Besides, Mom’s had a long stressful day…I was hoping maybe you’d give me a shoulder massage like you used to when you were little..I also want to talk to you about something, sweetheart. Come over here onto your bed with Mom, rub my shoulders a little…we’ll have a nice talk. Don’t be bashful…I’ll give you a massage too. It’ll be fun, just like we used to do.Mmm…that feels nice baby, Mom’s shoulders are so tense, can’t you tell? It’s because…well, it’s because I need to talk to you about something. Baby…I know you’ve been going through my old things and looking at the naked pictures of me. I know you’ve been looking at those pictures of your mother and touching yourself…masturbating…having orgasms while staring at pictures of my spread pussy..It’s okay, son. Really. I’m not mad at you…in fact, I understand completely. You’re a healthy sexual young man and those pictures are very, very dirty…your mother used to be a very dirty girl. As a matter of fact, your mother is still a very dirty girl, son. A very…..very dirty girl. Take your pajamas off, baby…Mom’s going to show you what happens to sons who jerk off to their mother’s pictures……they get to see the real thing. That’s right, baby…I know you want to see my pussy..touch my pussy….fuck your mother’s pussy. The truth is that I want it, too. I want you to stick your cock in me son…right now. Look how drippy and hard your dick is, baby…and look how wet and open and ready mom’s pussy is…fuck! Hurry baby, stick it in me…fuck me hard, son..fuck your mother’s hot cunt until we come together in loud moaning ecstasy. I love you so much, my lover.

His Loads Left for You video by Mrs Mischief

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His Loads Left for You

Aww, did someone have a bad day? You look so grouchy baby…but I bet I can cheer you up…guess what I did today?Yes, I’ve had quite a lot to drink…ha! And no…I’m not wearing a bra…haha! Funny you should notice that, because…mmm baby, I did something so fucking dirty today while you were at work.Mm-hmm, now I have your attention. That’s right, baby..I did exactly what we talked about…I invited a perfect stranger over here - to our home - to fuck me today. He just left. And now…mmm, now baby you’re going to do your part.You know what your job is now, don’t you? Mm-hmm…look how eager you are…cumsucker. Ha! That’s right…I told that guy that you’re going to eat his cum out of my pussy and he said you sound like a faggot to him…are you a faggot baby? Or are you just a good cumsucking cuckold who knows his place? Hmm?…Yes, baby…look at my pussy…it’s still so red and raw from getting pounded by that big strange cock today. He just left…not twenty minutes ago. Can you guess *what* he left baby…what he left just for you? That’s right, you dirty fucker…he left his loads - two big, thick bull cum loads - deep in my cunt. And now it’s your job to suck them out…both those loads of cum…every single slippery thick drop.Look how fast you get on your knees in front of my pussy…all you can see is my wide wet hole, as I slip my fingers in and feed you cum…mmm, look at you slurp that up. Cum drinker…my good little cuck. I’m spreading my just-fucked hole right in front of your eyes….showing you how red and raw I am from the stranger’s big cock….pushing his cum out onto your waiting tongue while you lap and slurp and lick and suck my pussy until you’ve swallowed every trace of stranger cum from my hole. Maybe…just maybe…I’ll let you fuck me now.

Moms Morning Wood video by Mrs Mischief

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Moms Morning Wood

Mmm, good morning baby…did my sweet little boy sleep well? Mm-hmm…and my sweet son wandered straight into Mom’s bedroom because it’s time for his morning mommy time, isn’t it? That’s right, baby…look at your little hard-on inside your pajama pants already, and mom hasn’t even taken her cock out yet.That’s what my little boy wants this morning, isn’t it? You want your mother’s cock, I can tell by the way your little dick keeps twitching. Take off your clothes, baby, and show mommy your little hard on…and I’ll show you mine.Aren’t you a lucky boy to have a mommy who has both a pussy and a cock? Mm-hmm you are…and you’re even luckier to have a Mom who’s shown you what to do with both a wet, sticky pussy *and* a hard, drippy cock. And you’re such a dirty little boy that you love it all, don’t you? Mmm, yes baby…come here and show me what it looks like when my son sucks his mother’s cock..You’re such a handsome little boy, and mommy loves you so very much…but I don’t want your mouth this morning, son..I want your asshole. Mommy wants you to sit right down on my huge hard mommy cock and bounce your little body up and down until I cum way up inside you, son….mmm…yes baby…climb on my dick. Let me stretch that tight little butthole out before you go off to school, full of mommy’s girlcum..Ooh yes, baby…work your little asshole on my cock head like that. You know just what Mom’s dick needs, and I’m going to fill you up any second now. Pump my cock with your ass son….mommy’s going to finger her pussy while you work my dick. Fuck! Yes….mommy’s cumming in your asshole son….bounce, baby…bounce! Oh…look at you spurting with me..yes, fuck yes, son…cum with mommy!

Learn to Love Your Average Dick video by Mrs Mischief

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Learn to Love Your Average Dick

Your problem isn’t your dick, it’s your brain. Your dick’s not even *that* small…it’s probably average…but you have some kind of complex because you don’t have this monster 10-inch cock.Get over yourself. Better yet, get over your little-ish dick and learn to work with what you have - learn to fuck me like there’s no tomorrow…learn to talk so dirty that I’ll be convinced you have a monster in your pants…learn to make me cum, no matter what size you are down there. Can you? Can you understand that we don’t *need* your dick to be a foot long - girls like to suck a dick that we can get all the way down our throats…and we like to get hard-pounded like dirty little whores…you can do that with your average dick. You just have to try. Have you ever really tried? It’s a confidence problem you have - not a cock problem…Watch…It’s a shame you hate your dick so much….because I love it. It fits perfectly in my mouth, and dips perfectly into my pussy…hits me in all the right spots. Hear that sound I’m making baby?….If it didn’t feel good, I wouldn’t be making that sound….mmm, yes…fuck me with that cock!

Look What Your Friends Did to Mommy video by Mrs Mischief

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Look What Your Friends Did to Mommy

Mmm, hi son…you’re just in time baby. The rest of the neighborhood boys just left, and Mommy’s more full of cum than I’ve ever been before.Oh baby, you should have seen how many boys showed up this morning - the boy from the end of the street brought both his brothers…virgins!…and your best friend…and so many more I couldn’t even count. They just kept coming…and cumming…and cumming, son…filling up Mom’s pussyhole with their young dicks over and over again. Mommy’s Saturday morning gangbang was the biggest and best yet…..and now it’s time for you to listen to me tell you all about it, baby…in dirty dirty detail…while you stroke Mommy’s favorite little cock right in front of my tender, dripping pussy. While you’re getting hotter and hotter listening to me tell you all about the pounding I took from your friends this morning, I know you’re fantasizing….dreaming…waiting for your turn to stick your drippy, wet, red dick in Mommy’s warm wet hole. You’re always the last load, aren’t you, son? You’re always the last boy to fuck Mommy on Saturday morning, and this one’s no exception. Get on top of Mother now, baby…stick that hard little dick in me and pump away in my over-fucked, cum-soaked pussy, son. Oh, but don’t cum yet. Pull your cock out and stroke it right over my cunthole babyboy - while I shove my fingers in my cunt and beg you to splash your load all over Mommy’s wide-open pussy. See how red and raw it is from your friends’ little cocks, son?….mmm….that’s my good boy….cum all over your mother now, baby.

Aunt Where You Want Her video by Mrs Mischief

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Aunt Where You Want Her

This is not happening again, nephew. No! I refuse to keep giving you money, young man…it’s ridiculous. You’re not going to tell a single soul, and we both know it - because you’d be in just as much trouble as me.Okay, you wouldn’t be. I’d be in really big trouble….sigh. Look, you can’t keep blackmailing me for something that happened so long ago - it was an accident - a mistake. I can’t keep giving you money all the time, nephew, and you can’t keep holding one drunken mistake on auntie’s part over my head forever..your mother, my sister, would be horrified if she knew what we did…what I did. To you.Fine, take the money…this is all I have…and get the hell out of my house. Right now. What? No silly….ha!…you’re so fucking cute, nephew, even when you’re being a little asshole…what? Don’t you DARE do that, young man!Nephew, it’s not okay for you to touch yourself in front of me, no matter what’s happened between us in the past - put your penis away right now. Please baby…mmm…please for auntie put it away so I can’t see it anymore. Fine, at least stay over there if you’re going to do it…don’t come over here…Oh no baby, don’t shove your cock right in my face nephew…I can’t…I shouldn’t…again…you’re way too young, and you’re my sister’s son. Mmm..auntie’s pussy is so wet. I can’t help touching myself while you play with that big dick in front of me…teasing me with it, telling me to play with my pussy while you jerk. Finally I can’t take it anymore…jamming my hand inside my panties…shoving my fingers inside my wet waiting pussy…fuck baby. Fingering myself like crazy while you tell me to suck your cock, finally I can’t resist and take my own nephew’s cock into my mouth…for the second time in my life…and suck the sweetest young dick I’ve ever tasted. You want to cum in auntie’s mouth, baby? While I finger my pussy and suck you hard and fast and deep? Yes! Do it! Cum down auntie’s throat, baby…I’ll swallow every little drop. Yes baby…you taste so good…now auntie’s going to cum….come stick your finger in my pussy…finger me…mmm, nephew….fuck auntie now…baby…hmmm…?What? You little bastard! You got yours and now you’re not going to help me get off? Leaving me wet and embarrassed and now you’re laughing?! Get out! Take the money! And don’t come back…you’ve hurt auntie’s feelings.

This Stuff Makes Me Horny video by Mrs Mischief

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This Stuff Makes Me Horny

Every time I smoke this stuff….it makes me super horny.. I just can’t help myself, it happens almost immediately. I just have to touch myself…feel how wet I get, so fast… I just have to shove my fingers inside myself while I puff away on this crazy stuff that makes me so horny every time. I’m going to come…hard…

Moms Panty Pervert video by Mrs Mischief

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Moms Panty Pervert

Busted again, son….haha!…you just can’t keep your little nose out of my dirty panties, can you? Hmm…I’ve caught you over and over again, sniffing the crotch of my panties, and every single time I catch you, your little cock is hard as a rock. You’re a dirty little panty pervert…aren’t you, son?I’ve known you sniff my panties for years…and it’s always turned me on. You do know what you’re smelling there, right son? You’re sniffing your mother’s pussy when you put my panties up to your face and inhale…that’s mommy’s cunt you’re smelling baby. And you like it a lot, don’t you? Mmm….you’d probably like to sniff mommy’s panties while I’m still wearing them…wouldn’t you? Say ‘yes, mommy’….say, ‘please mommy’…that’s my good boy.Come closer, baby…come sit right between mommy’s knees on the floor here….lean in…that’s my good boy…put your nose right up against the crotch of mommy’s wet panties……ahh, yes baby…smell mommy’s pussy…deep breaths. You love that smell, don’t you? Mmm…and I love to watch your little cock twitch every time you inhale. Touch yourself, baby…play with your wiener while you sniff mommy’s pussy…that’s my good son…mmm…feels so good, baby. Mommy’s going to pull these panties aside and let you sniff and lick my pussy now baby…don’t be bashful, it’s okay, son. Mommy’s pussy tastes even better than it smells, and if you put your tongue in it you’ll make your mommy cum all over your little mouth while you’re jerking your stiff cock. Do it now, son…lick mommy’s pussy hole just like you licked the crotch of my panties…get your tongue in there…fuck, son…yes! You’re making your mommy cum all over your sweet little tongue, baby…and look at your cock spurting as you do…mmm…mommy’s good little pussy licking panty pervert. I love you baby.

Overtime Under Her Desk video by Mrs Mischief

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Overtime Under Her Desk

It’s been a very long day and, although it’s after 5pm, I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to stay late…do some overtime.I still have several things to review, and I’d like you to help me with something - something that needs your attention, right now..Get down on your knees in front of my desk…strip…completely naked in front of me, kneeling, looking up at me…mmm, that’s right. Now, look under the desk - see my legs right there in front of you? Your bosses long, bare legs? Mm-hmm, kiss them…be a good boy and kiss my legs all over…right up to the edge of my lacy panties. Don’t you dare touch my panties!….yet….and don’t you dare touch yourself, either. You’re here to service me, not your dick.That’s right…kisses everywhere…you’re doing a very good job so far. Slide farther under the desk…and lick the crotch of my panties. You heard me…stick out your tongue and press it hard against the wet crotch of my panties…make me feel your tongue through the fabric…see if you can taste me. Yes…lick my crotch…just like that…fuck, yes. You’re going such a good job…keep that up and I’m going to let you stick your tongue in my pussy……once. Just once. I’m going to pull my panties aside….pull my pussy open wide for you to see…and you’re going to plunge your tongue as far and as hard and as deep into your bosses pussy hole as you possibly can…stuff it deep in there and taste me while you can……now get out from under my desk. No, you may not do it again. Ha! Look at you all horny and hard in front of me…you need to cum bad, don’t you? Mmm…maybe it’ll make me happy to see you jerk off in front of my desk while I finger myself. Okay…you have one minute. Cum for me. Right now.

Im Fucking My Bitch Tonight video by Mrs Mischief

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Im Fucking My Bitch Tonight

You look so handsome and manly standing there, naked, with your cock standing at attention. So masculine…If I was at all interested in fucking a man tonight…well, I’d fuck you baby. But I’m not. Nope. Tonight, I want to fuck a woman……so I’m going to make you my bitch.I’ve laid out my sexiest red lace panties and push-up bra for you to wear, so you’ll feel just as sexy and feminine as you should before getting fucked tonight. I’m going to tuck your cock down into my too-tight panties for you, and just as soon as it’s tucked…it’s no longer a cock. Nope. It’s now your big, fat clit…throbbing inside your pretty panties. Isn’t that right, my little slut? My sissy whore?…Mmm…yes.And don’t act like you don’t want to wear the bra - you’re always so bashful about this part, but it really is necessary if you’re going to play the part of my dirty little slut tonight…if you’re going to let me strap on my big fat cock and fuck your pussy…you have to be my bitch.You have to look me in the eye, standing there in my bra and panties…big fat clit straining against the front of those red lace panties…you have to tell me you want me to fuck your pussy. Tell me you want me to pound your cunt with my cock…mmm, yes baby, tell me you want to be my sissy and have your man-pussy fucked deep and hard.Be a good slut now and start fingering that pussy for me…get it ready for my cock…that’s right, push those panties aside and finger your man-pussy for me while I stroke my cock and tell you that once you get it loose enough…two fingers now….good whore…loosen that asshole up for daddy…you’re going to sit yourself right down on my cock. Ride me with that sweet sissy puss…three fingers…do it. Stick three fingers in your asshole, right now…finger that hole til it’s loose enough for my fat cock to *pop* right in. I don’t want to wait - I want to fuck you hard…right now. Fuck it…I can’t wait. Bend over.

Terrible Babysitter video by Mrs Mischief

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Terrible Babysitter

Come on in…are you just going to stand there? You could sit down or something…Well, I don’t really have anything for you to do - I’m not really much of a babysitter. If I hadn’t been getting home from work at the exact same time you came outside with your mom, you’d probably be sitting in some other neighbors house right now. But no…I’m the ‘lucky’ one, I guess. So….what do you want to do, kiddo? Talk or something? I mean, you seam a little old to need a babysitter anyway..Why are you looking at me all funny? Are you one of those weird kids? Ugh..just what I need. A weird kid in my house…I’ve had a long day at work, you know. My feet are killing me. I’d love to take these shoes off and relax.You like my shoes? Well, thank you, neighbor boy…they’re called stilettos. They’re very pretty but they make my feet very sore…wow, you’re really staring at my shoes. You like them a lot, huh? How old are you again?… Hmm….shame…want to watch me take my shoes off…really slowly?You do, don’t you, neighbor boy? Mmm…yes…this is going to be fun… Come here. Kneel down right in front of me and I’ll let you rub them. That’s what you want, isn’t it? To rub my feet?I can see your wiener twitching in your pants from here, neighbor boy - it’s okay. Come get really close to my feet…I’ll pay you to give your neighbor lady a foot massage…and we won’t tell anyone at all, will we? No we won’t. Now go ahead…rub them…mmmm, yes, that feels so good. Do you like the way my feet feel in your hands, the way the stockings slide against your fingers while you rub my feet?Go ahead, take out your dick and show me…I know you want to…mmm…yes, rub it a little…good boy.Why don’t you stick your tongue out and lick my feet just a little, neighbor boy…while you rub yourself. But be careful you don’t….Oh!…too late. You’ve squirted all over yourself right in front of me and are still there, jacking yourself, all covered in cum and still staring at my feet.Well, don’t stop now…keep rubbing…keep sniffing…keep licking….I’m going to finger my pussy inside my panties while I rub my stocking-clad feet all over your cum-covered little cock until you shoot your load again…all over your new babysitter’s feet.

Your Nasty Southern Auntie video by Mrs Mischief

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Your Nasty Southern Auntie

You’ve heard about your Auntie who still lives down South where your mom’s from, but you never imagined you’d be sent to stay with her. She’s HOT…man, way hotter than your mom’s friends or even any of the girls you know…and almost as soon as you come in the door, your Auntie starts talking about some really crazy stuff....about all the ‘games’ that family members play together, and how it’s an Auntie’s job to teach a nephew things.Sex things. But you’re a virgin…and you don’t talk about stuff like that at your house, ever.In front of your eyes, your Auntie starts stroking her cleavage…asking you dirty questions....she reaches out to touch your dick and asks whether your Mommy ever touches you there. You can’t believe this is happening, and your little pecker starts to get stiff in spite of your terror.Auntie tells you that she thinks her sister sent you here on purpose…so she could do sex stuff to you…because your Mommy knows how much Auntie likes to touch little boys.She makes you play a stripping game with her…she pulls out one of her big grown breasts and then tells you to take off your shirt. She tells you that you’ve been left here on purpose…to learn to fuck…and that there’s only one way she’s letting you go. Strip!Now Auntie says she’s going to show you her ‘tummy…down really low’, but before you know it she’s pulled her skirt down lower, and lower…and lower…until you can see her, well….her grown-woman pussy. It’s all covered in hair and wet-looking and Auntie spreads it wide to show you where she wants you to put your dick.She pulls down your pants and tells you to rub it, right there in front of her, while she’s rubbing her pussy in your face. Aunties reaches out and strokes your little cock, telling you to do it ‘just like that’ for her….it feels good, so you do it. The more you look at your Auntie’s up-close hole the harder you get, and your little balls start to twitch.Auntie fingers her pussy and feeds you the wetness off her fingers while telling you what it means to cum and why your little dick is dripping right now.Then your aunt bends right over and puts her mouth on your dick…It feels so fucking good that you’re not even afraid when, next, Auntie leans back, spreads her legs, and tells you to stick your dick in.Saying, ‘your Mamma wants you to, baby…your Mamma wants you to’, your aunt guides your little pecker to her pussy, and helps you stick it right in. It feels so good in there….so wet and squishy inside your Auntie’s cunt…you can’t help but rub back and forth, fucking in and out of it…making your little cock feel better than you ever thought it could. She reaches around and pulls you into her, grinding against your dick until you get the rhythm and start fucking her like a big boy. She tells you to pump your little ass faster and faster until you make her cum, but that you’re probably not old enough so there’s nothing to worry about. Just in case though, Auntie makes you take your cock out right after she’s done cumming…so you don’t cum, for the very first time, into your nasty Auntie’s cunt. You have all summer, after all, and there’s a LOT to learn.

Gradeschool Masturbation Fantasy video by Mrs Mischief

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Gradeschool Masturbation Fantasy

Can you remember how old you were when you started having erections you couldn’t control?Remember sitting in class and hoping so hard that you wouldn’t get a boner because the cute girl smiled at you or because the teacher’s legs were pretty….Remember?Looking back now, wouldn’t it have been great to be able to slide your hand down under the desk…with nobody noticing…and rubbing your throbbing dick through your pants a little? Mmm…what if that hot-as-fuck older teacher kept giving you peeks of her panties…would you have reached down and unzipped your pants…pulled your hard as a rock dick out and touched it, right there in the classroom?It’s like you’re there again, and that teacher is pulling her panties aside and fingering herself right there at her desk while you whack away furiously under your desk…you can hear the wetness of teacher’s cunt from your desk as she plunges her fingers into her pussy again and again, encouraging you to rub yourself hard and fast while none of the others can see…She wants you to cum….right there in the middle of class….while she fingers her cunt with those pink panties pressed aside, and all the girls are right behind you, and…..fuck….you’re going to cum. Right there at your desk in gradeschool.

Dont Cum Yet Baby video by Mrs Mischief

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Dont Cum Yet Baby

You keep saying that you need help…you need to control your orgasm…not cum so fast.But you always jerk off the same way. You know what makes your dick feel good and you never lose any time getting to it. I’m going to help you learn to play new games with your cock…and with me…that’ll keep your balls full and tight so much longer, baby. Let’s touch ourselves together…I’ll show you what I’m talking about….see? Mmm…that’s it, just like that, baby….now take your hand off your cock before you cum. And just watch me….listen to me…get ready for your next chance to cum…Maybe you weren’t able to wait, and your cock’s spurting into the air right this’re not getting out of it that easily, baby. Spit on that dick and get hard again…you’re going all the way to the end with me, baby.Mm-hmm…wrap your finger and thumb around the base of your balls…squeeze them while you stroke yourself and watch me slide my hand inside my lace panties to finger my dripping-wet pussy while you try so hard not to cum.Stop right before you do, baby…don’t let it cum yet…don’t miss this. You’re going to want to be hard when I take these panties off, lick them, and wrap them around the base of your cock to keep you from popping instantly…to the sloppy, wet sounds of me fingering my pussy. You can hear that, can’t you?…see my slippery fingers plunging in and out while my pussy smacks and slurps away, eventually having my own intense, creamy orgasm while ordering you to unclench your balls and cum with me, baby…finally. Mmm…fuck yes, baby…now let’s lick each other clean.

The Devil in My Sons Dick video by Mrs Mischief

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The Devil in My Sons Dick

Of course I’ll say your night-night prayers with you tonight, son…that makes Mom’s heart so happy! You’re such a good boy, still saying your prayers after all these years, on your knees with your hands clasped beside the bed…you look so sweet down there, baby.You have a special prayer you want Mom to help you with tonight? Sure son…but you know that jesus doesn’t need you to do it any special way, right? As long as you have goodness in your heart…what’s your special prayer, baby?What’s that? Son….did you just say that you need god to bless your penis? Why would you be praying for your penis, baby…did something awful happen to your penis?.. Show Mommy right now!.. Oh, you’re not hurt…so why would you want Mom to help you pray for it, son? It’s inappropriate for you and me to be talking about your penis…jesus doesn’t like it, really, for Mom’s and sons to talk about penises..You think what? That the Devil is in your penis? Oh baby…that’s just silly! You can’t possibly have the Devil in your penis, son. God wouldn’t let that happen, and neither would Mom. What? You have the Devil in your penis right now? Right this very minute? Stand up and show me your penis, son….let’s see what the Devil wants with it…Young man, you have an erection! Right in front of your mother! And you get them all the time?…and always when you think about me? Oh no, baby…you really DO have the Devil in your penis! Let’s pray right now for god to come down and get that dirty old Devil right out of you….come on, baby…pray with Mommy..Dear god, please help me…please come down and give me your divine wisdom, lord. My son is standing in front of me with a raging hard cock, lord, and I just don’t know what to do to help him. God, give me strength to do the right thing, right now with my sweet young son, because help me lord….all I want to do is reach out and grab his cock and squeeze it. God help me, but I must have the Devil in my pussy too…because it’s dripping wet at the sight of my son’s hard dick.Mmm, baby…Mommy’s going to have to help you get the Devil out….it’s okay, god said so. I prayed to him and he said that the only way for you to get the Devil out of your dick is to shove it deep inside Mom’s pussy and hump it back and forth, in and out, until all the Devil shoots out. Hopefully you can fuck the Devil out of Mommy’s pussy, too, because it’s dripping, drooling, devil-wet at the thought of fucking my own son.Come stand by the edge of the bed, baby…Mommy will show you how to do it…just slide your Devil dick into Mommy’s pussy and stand still…I’ll work my pussy back and forth on your cock….like that, baby? Mom’s drooling pussy feels good wrapped around your hard little dick right now, doesn’t it? Does it tingle, baby? Does it burn in your balls? That’s the Devil trying to get out baby…let him out, son. Let that Devil cum out into your mother’s cunt…right now. Mmmm….good boy…look at all your spunk dripping out of Mommy’s cunt, baby…you surely got the Devil all out of us both….now clean up your mess, or jesus will be mad at you..

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12 PhotosBed Spread photo gallery by Mrs Mischief

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40 PhotosBrooks Brothers photo gallery by Mrs Mischief

Brooks Brothers

40 thematic, highly stylized professional photos. Fully dressed in a Custom Brooks Brothers suit to full nude, with gorgeous lingerie in between. Gorgeous photoset.

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23 PhotosPearl Necklace photo gallery by Mrs Mischief

Pearl Necklace

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The Heist

PVC Latex Boot Fetish photoset. 16 highly stylized professional photo images featuring two models dressed in head to toe shiny pvc and thigh high boots. They're sexy bank robbers...if they can just get the vault open..

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