Fingering My Bloody Pussy, All Dressed Up in Lavender Lace

by MeredithTourmaline

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Join me as I spread my body across a fuchsia rug and pose for you in pigtails, glasses, violet lipstick, and pale lavender lace lingerie. With shots of my luscious, delectable ass, and my cute, small breasts, I twirl and stretch with affection as my pristine underwear (little ribbon bow & all!) slowly becomes stained with fresh menstrual blood. As I touch myself, I get more and more wet.

In celebration of my final period pre-hysterectomy, I dress up in lavender lace and finger my sensitive, bloody pussy one last time. Blood is so sensuous, mysterious, and sexy... Don't you agree? Then again, I've always been a cheerfully morbid goth at heart.

Not only do I show off my pale, lithe, tattooed figure, letting shadows and fingers dance along the skin of my wide hips, narrow core, and fleshy thighs... I give you close-ups, too! Follow my painted fingertips to the edge of my lace bra and underwear, imagine my flesh against yours as I masturbate in dappled sunlight, exposing my perky nipples and soft, trimmed pubic hair. Imagine yourself under me as I stand and spread my legs for the camera, almost dripping, and tracing the edges of the soft, welcoming lips of my cunt.

I dig my fingers deeper, and the blood spreads across my lingerie and my hands as I cavort around the carpet, frolicking and wiggling with pleasure.