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Amateur Porn Video : Orion feat. Xoe Nova & Jalbxxx

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Orion feat. Xoe Nova & Jalbxxx

In this clip, Jason and Xoe hook up for the first time. Under the dim room light, Jason starts by kissing Xoe’s soft lips, and then moving down to her exposed neck. She tips her head back, taking in the sweet sensation of his kisses on her skin. He continues down her body, slipping her breasts out of her dress and holding them in his hands. He sucks on her large breasts, squeezing and burying his face in them. She can’t handle the tease, and suggests they take off her underwear. After her trimmed bushy vulva is exposed, he begins to rub it with his hands. Her clit becomes engorged and full, and he begins to suck on it with his mouth. She squirms in the armchair while the street lights reflect on the windows behind them. He puts his fingers inside her, stimulating her G-spot and filling her tight pussy. With Jalbxxx’s hands on her throat, the intensity grows and grows until Xoe comes all over Jalbxxx’s face. As she comes down from her elated state, he rubs his fingers gently on her bush. She smiles and he puts his fingers in her mouth, letting her taste her orgasm. They kiss, and they laugh together. (8:32HD) More at &

Amateur Porn Video : The Cling Wrap Gift feat. Miss Velvet & Cruel Valentine

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The Cling Wrap Gift feat. Miss Velvet & Cruel Valentine

Cruel and Miss Velvet have never met, but Cruel has something they've been wanting to try and a Dominatrix is the perfect person to ask. Miss Velvet agrees to play with Cruel, and Cruel dishes about their bondage fantasy. They discuss the scene together before Miss Velvet begins to wrap Cruel's entire body with cling wrap. Like a true professional, Miss Velvet is thorough and firm, but it's aparent that she has a soft spot for kinky queer folx like Cruel. Miss Velvet caresses Cruel's bound body, teasing them with her fingers. She begins to spank them, bent over in front of her, until she can't resist using her paddle on their cute ass. Cruel winces at the pain, and they smile together playfully, as Miss Velvet decides to use a Cat-o'-Nine Tails for even more sensation. Cruel takes the flogging like a true submissive, and Miss Velvet rewards them with an orgasm on a Hitachi. After Cruel comes, bound and beat, Miss Velvet unwraps them, feeling the sweat that's formed on their skin. Cruel giggles, enjoying the sensation of air on their skin and then rests their head on Miss Velvet's lap to rest. (23:07HD) More at &

Amateur Porn Video : My Muddy Valentine feat. Cruel Valentine

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My Muddy Valentine feat. Cruel Valentine

Cruel loves to play in the woods! In this clip, they strip off their sexy lingerie in a sensual tease. Getting turned on from being naked in nature, they pour water down their body, showing off every curve. A tiny puddle forms beneath their feet and they begin playfully squishing the mud between their toes. The mud puddle grows and grows until Cruel’s ankles are completely submerged. Cruel pulls themself out of the sinking hole and sits in the grass nearby. The feeling of the mud on their legs and toes makes them crave a wet and dirty orgasm. They start masturbating with a vibrator until they have a shaking orgasm, after which they play with their toes more by washing them with water. 12:06 HD. Music by Noise Witch.

Amateur Porn Video : Pretty in Pink

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Pretty in Pink

Rococo goes for a hike in her cute pink dress and leather boots. She loves the feeling of the fall air on her skin, and strips out of her clothes into her white lace lingerie. She finds a secluded spot off the path and decides to have a quicky. She's close enough that people walking by can see her, and that gets her even more excited. She takes off her panties and shoves them in her mouth to keep quiet while she rubs her hairy pussy. She comes with her feet in the air and her boots still on, smiling deviously with success. 9:40 HD. Music by Noise Witch.

Amateur Porn Video : Prairie Perversions

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Prairie Perversions

Nicki is feeling frisky and decides to go on a nature walk. She loves taking in the sun, seeing all the beautiful flowers, and hearing the birds chirp. After exploring the prarie for a bit, she gets pretty turned on. She considers playing with herself and eventually the idea of being naked and masturbating in public gets her so wet she can't resist. After a lot of tease, she gets off next to the pond, not even trying to quiet her elated moans. 6:16 HD. Music by Noise Witch.

Amateur Porn Video : The Lust Garden Teaser

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The Lust Garden Teaser

Some clips from the Lust Garden's 2016 tours!

Amateur Porn Video : The Libertine with Rococo Royalle

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The Libertine with Rococo Royalle

Rococo is enjoying a book of erotic photos. She begins to hold onto certain pages longer than others. Her clit start to swell as blood rushes to her pussy. Her hands wander and she plays with her nipples and bush while gazing at the photographs. She realizes how improper it all is and swiftly begins to punish herself. She begins by spanking her own ass with the book until her cheeks are bright red. She can't believe it, but she's still turned on! She decides to pour some wax from the candle next to her on her ass for even more severe discipline. She squeals and her ass clenches as the hot wax hits her and cools. Even worse than before, she gets more turned on. She knows this is unacceptable, so for the third and final punishment she flogs herself on her ass and pussy until her throat is dry from moaning, in pleasure and pain. Sure enough, she's more turned on than ever by the end of it. She decides that she must be a deviant at heart and that it's better to accept her fate as a libertine. Then, she celebrates embracing her hedonism by popping a bottle of champagne! She pours it on herself and lets it fizzle down her bush. After she's gone through the whole bottle she shoves it in her pussy and jerks off until she orgasms! What a day for this victorian pervert. 28:04 HD. More at

Amateur Porn Video : Kisses and Suds with Nicki and Jalisa

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Kisses and Suds with Nicki and Jalisa

Nicki and Jalisa start off relaxing in a nice bubble bath. It's not long though until Nicki can't resist Jalisa's huge breasts and buries her face in them. She softly kisses them and Jalisa kisses her on the lips. After some romantic teasing, Jalisa kisses Nicki's body, starting at her breasts and moving down to her plump ass, leaving a pink kiss mark trail. Nicki loves to be teased and gets so turned on the she flips Jalisa over and starts rubbing her clit underwater. Jalisa's head falls back in ectasy as she rubs Nicki's clit back. Jalisa comes softly, and places her soft lips on Nicki's vulva, running her tongue across her labia and clit. Nicki comes all over Jalisa's face, and they giggle and kiss again gleefully. 16:15 HD.

Amateur Porn Video : Afternoon Cocoon with Nicki Sunshine & Talia Satania

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Afternoon Cocoon with Nicki Sunshine & Talia Satania

Nicki has been curious about trying mummification and decides Talia would be the perfect domme to wrap her. Talia, dressed in her latex lingerie and high heels, starts at Nicki's wrists, binding them together with cling wrap. Talia wraps Nicki's hands around her Hitachi, and begins binding her chest and arms. Nicki starts to sweat, and loves the way the cling wrap sticks to her skin. Talia continues wrapping her body, moving down to her belly and trapping the Hitachi under the bind. Talia wraps her tight until she is completely entombed. Nicki can't move or escape no matter how hard she tries. Talia teases her with her fingers across the shiny material, her nails scraping the noisy wrap. She tells Nicki to turn on the Hitachi and masturbate, and Nicki, not seeing any other option than to behave for her domme, complies. Nicki comes twice beneath the wrap, her body compressed and hot. Talia cuts her out of the wrap and frees her from her cocoon. 18:08 HD.

Amateur Porn Video : Double Double Oil & Trouble Nicki Sunshine Ember Burns

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Double Double Oil & Trouble Nicki Sunshine Ember Burns

Nicki and Ember have had a lovely day together and want to relax. Nicki oils up Ember's body and rubs her soft skin and butt. Ember purrs with a large grin on her face. Nicki gets so turned on that she can't help herself! She pulls Ember up on her knees and buries her face in her vulva. Ember comes quick, and they kiss and cuddle on the bed. 8:09 HD.

Amateur Porn Video : The Devil Wears Snakeskin Nicki & Rococo

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The Devil Wears Snakeskin Nicki & Rococo

Nicki is Rococo's intern at the fashion magazine. Rococo has been away for business meetings and comes back to her desk to find Nicki sitting at it, on her phone, with it covered in food and trash. Rococo is furious. She scolds the bratty intern and threatens to fire her from her free internship, saying she regrets even hiring her. She yells at Nicki to clean the desk and watches her while she does it. Still dissatisfied with Nicki's lazy millennial indifference, she disciplines her by spanking her ass while bending her over the desk. She berates Nicki's lackluster performance at work, flogging and whipping her until she promises to write the already late editorial with extra words. Finally convinced that Nicki will work harder to impress her, Rococo rewards Nicki for her submission by giving her a shaking orgasm on her hitachi. Rococo holds Nicki, reassuring her that if she does her work with flying colors and on time, that she'll treat her like a princess. Nicki finally understands how things work at the office and quickly returns to work. 17:33 HD.

Amateur Porn Video : Belly Kisses with Nicki Sunshine & Rococo Royalle

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Belly Kisses with Nicki Sunshine & Rococo Royalle

Another from the roadtrip vault; Nicki and Rococo break in the bed at a hotel they stay at while traveling. They're all dolled up and discover they have quite a fetish for femme things, which in this case is lipstick kisses on soft bodies. Nicki sensually kisses Rococo with her face in her hands until Rococo is grinning sweetly from ear to ear. Rococo wants to treat Nicki with something as well, moving down her body and worshiping her curves gently. Rococo moves down to Nicki's pussy and eats her out until she comes hard in her face. They kiss and cuddle some more, admiring Nicki's kiss spotted body. 14:33 HD.

Amateur Porn Video : Sensual Smear with Nicki Sunshine and Rococo Royalle

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Sensual Smear with Nicki Sunshine and Rococo Royalle

Nicki and Rococo have been driving across the East Coast on a roadtrip. After a long day of driving they draw a hot bath to relax. They chat a bit and begin to play, kissing each other and touching their bodies. They smear each others makeup between moments of lip lock. Rococo gets so turned on that she tells Nicki to sit on a dildo against the tub. Nicki fucks the cock so hard that water spills from the side of the tub. Nicki eats Rococo's pussy as the water gets lower and lower. Rococo comes on Nicki's face and they finish with more sensual kisses. 28:22 HD.

Amateur Porn Video : Sugar, Spice, & Everything Thrice with Nicki, Ember, and Talia

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Sugar, Spice, & Everything Thrice with Nicki, Ember, and Talia

Talia, Ember, and Nicki are in for sticky mess. Talia has a rainbow dick pop to share with her two friends. She unravels it slowly and wets it with her tongue before sharing it with them. They all go down on the sticky cock, giggling and kissing each other in the process. Talia rubs the wet cock on her chest and lets Nicki and Ember lick off the sticky mess. Talia, high on all the sugar and cuteness, begins an epic pillow fight. The women go at it together before Ember discovers that there are three more cocks hiding beneath them. They sword fight with the cocks before deciding they deserve to be wet as well. After sucking on the cocks, they sit back next to each other and insert them simultaneously. They moan in unison, and a playful threesome symphony of cum erupts. 14:09 HD.

Amateur Porn Video : Do Not Disturb: Nicki Sunshine in the Bath

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Do Not Disturb: Nicki Sunshine in the Bath

Nicki suds up in a luscious bathroom, covering her body in soap and letting her hands wander. After she's nice and clean she decides to move to the tub to enjoy a glass to drink. All relaxed and taking in the way the light dances over her body, she begins to play with herself. She discovers that the bath has a handheld showerhead, and uses it to her advantage. She aims it on her labia, letting the water drip down her ass, thighs, and clit. Turning around, she lets the water grace her soft skin before she can't take it anymore, and cums with her fingers on her clit. Still turned on my the romantic time spent with herself, she gets on a towel and admires herself in the mirror. 16:06 HD.

Amateur Porn Video : First Kiss with Ember Burns and Nicki Sunshine

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First Kiss with Ember Burns and Nicki Sunshine

Ember and Nicki share their first kiss in this sweet video. After a long and sensual makeout and exploring each others soft bodies, Ember and Nicki roll around in the sheets caressing each other. Ember flips Nicki over and eats her out while she's in doggie. After Nicki orgasms they sit down together and start masturbating with their Hitachi's. Nicki comes fast after the long tease, and Ember squirts next to her. They kiss and cuddle some more. 16:15 HD.

Amateur Porn Video : HIde & Seek with Nicki Sunshine & Cruel Valentine

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HIde & Seek with Nicki Sunshine & Cruel Valentine

Nicki and Cruel are playing a game of erotic hide and seek in the woods. Nicki gets distracted while trying to find a good place to hide and starts to masturbate. Cruel catches Nicki breaking the rules of the game by starting without them and swiftly punishes her by binding her against a tree. Teasing Nicki with a leather paddle, Cruel begins to discipline their naughty sub. Nicki is bratty and can't behave, so Cruel continues the lesson with a whip and wood clapper. Nicki finally gives in and submits, and Cruel rewards her by letting her out of her binds. Nicki quickly disobeys again and Cruel spanks her bottom. Again, Nicki is broken into submission. Cruel decides to grace her with a good strap-on fuck. Cruel decides to let Nicki come, but Nicki begs to kiss Cruel instead. Normally against the rules, Cruel allows Nicki to kiss them as she's been a good little sub. 21:16 HD.

Amateur Porn Video : Gold & Rust with Byron DuBois

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Gold & Rust with Byron DuBois

Bryon's at it again! They couldn't get enough of the adrenaline rush from their last public adventure. They decide to do it again, this time finding an abandoned car to crawl over and masturbate on. Starting with a coy strip-tease, Byron teases their hairy bush and uses a vibe inside their panties. Trying to keep quiet so people around can't hear, they come fast while smiling with their fingers still inside them. 6:06 HD.

Amateur Porn Video : GLASS with Byron DuBois

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GLASS with Byron DuBois

Byron has been exploring an old abandoned neighborhood. Something is just so exciting and naughty about it all. They get so turned on by the rush that they pull out their vibrator and start using it right on the steps of the building! They come fast, giggling and bearing their signature smile, as the wind blows through their hair. 4:39 HD.

Amateur Porn Video : Wet In White with Byron DuBois & Lindsay Cin

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Wet In White with Byron DuBois & Lindsay Cin

In their third and final video together (for now), Lindsay and Byron kiss in their white clothes in the shower. They run their fingers across each other's bodies until the water soaks through, making them transparent. Bryon uses a metal dildo on Lindsay, and she comes quickly from the warmth of the toy under the water. Steam fogs the room as they kiss some more. 4:54 HD.

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