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26. Mostly this is just me doing what I do, but if there is something you would like to see feel free to let me know. Feedback appreciated too. Check out tumblr for more of my interests. Follow me on twitter to know when I upload new videos. P. S. All profits from videos go towards making future videos better - new toys, new outfits, new equipment, etc.

  • Amateur Porn Model Luna Luin
  • Amateur Porn Model Luna Luin
  • Amateur Porn Model Luna Luin
  • Amateur Porn Model Luna Luin
Amateur Porn Video : Dildo Plus Plug Equals Gape and Cum

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Dildo Plus Plug Equals Gape and Cum

I got a new butt plug! Its cute and orange so of course, gotta put it in my butt. See me put it in and push it out a couple times before seeing how it leaves my butt. Then I move on to my medium Tyson the Water Buffalo dildo (Bennniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii) and I fuck my pussy with it while the plug is snug inside my ass. See how both holes get gaped, how the dildo tastes, I tease my pussy and eventually rub my clit until I cum. (1920 x 1080 cell phone footage, .mp4, h264, 7:40)

Amateur Porn Video : DP & Large Dildo Anal

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DP & Large Dildo Anal

Of course I'm in the shower, where else would I be? But this time I'm on the floor. Toys involved: Medium Tyson the Water Buffalo, Large Tyson the Water Buffalo, Medium Cole the Dane. Holes involved: Pussy, ass. Some toys alone, some toys at the same time, either way both holes gape at the end and my ass even gapes some more from fingers in it. (14:59, .mp4, h264, cell phone video, filmed 1080x1920 but it doesn't make you miss any of the gape

Amateur Porn Video : Dane & Buffalo DP

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Dane & Buffalo DP

In the shower warming up for game day with mediums Cole the Dane & Tyson the Water Buffalo, I start off with stroking the dildos with cum lube before taking one in my ass and the other in my pussy. Show off the small gape in both holes. Straight forward - cell phone quality - short. (3:38, cell phone footage, h.264)

Amateur Porn Video : Tyson the Water Buffalo DP

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Tyson the Water Buffalo DP

While in the shower, I played with my toys for a little bit. Small Tyson the Water Buffalo ended up in my ass while the medium stretched my pussy. (1920 x 1080 .h264, cell phone video, 4:39)

Amateur Porn Video : Anal Gape w/ Multiple Large Dildos

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Anal Gape w/ Multiple Large Dildos

While in the shower, I realized I haven't fucked my ass in a while, so I did with toys and fingers. Toys featured: Chance the Stallion (small & sheath), Tyson the Water Buffalo (medium & XL!!!), Echo the SnowStrider (small & large), Roland the Rattleyote (medium), Nox the Night Drake (medium & large) & BumbleHooves the Unicorn (medium). Gape, gape & more gape with a cum lube finish. (1920x1080, .mp4, h264, dslr camera, 16:50)

Amateur Porn Video : 1st Anal Speculum

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1st Anal Speculum

My first try with a speculum! I used it to see how much I could spread my ass hole and see what nearby would fit in it (hair brush, sharpies, etc.). I also tried it in my pussy and was able to shine a light down there. (1920 x 1080, dslr camera, .mp4, h264, 8:44)

Amateur Porn Video : Largest Dildos in my Pussy

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Largest Dildos in my Pussy

I start off with medium Tyson the Water Buffalo, move up to my new Roland the Rattleyote (fun knot!), then continue to warm up with 'small' Sleipnir, medium Nox the Night Drake, and small Stan the T-rex before lubing up my XL Tyson - see how much of a 12" dick I can take! Apparently a lot as my medium Bumble Hooves goes in quite easy... Length is one thing, but width is another so up last to stretch my cunt is my large Nox, which is a little thicker than I'm used to. At the end, I cum and you get to see how my pussy spams. (1920 x 1080, dslr camera, .mp4, h264, 14:19)

Amateur Porn Video : Pussy & Anal Gapes, Large Dildo

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Pussy & Anal Gapes, Large Dildo

I got a new toy - large Nox the Night Drake dildo. First I have to warm up though. I start in the shower with my small Chance the Stallion dildo in my ass, then progressing to my medium Tyson the Water Buffalo. Sadly, my butt won't take my medium Nox, as hard as I do try, but Tyson works well to give me a little ass gape. There's a nice view as I spread my ass for you and lube dribbles out. Now to focus on my pussy - small Nox, medium Nox, medium Echo the Snowstrider, then the main show - large Nox! Out of the shower, I start whining/gasping as I ride Tyson and add a little double penetration with Chance in my butt. Some more warmup Echo/medium Nox before once again attempting large Nox from different angles. (1920 x 1080 cell phone footage, 20:21, .mp4, h264)

Amateur Porn Video : Edging & Close Up Creamy Orgasm

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Edging & Close Up Creamy Orgasm

I edge for the better part of 14 minutes, using my tiny bullet vibrator to get going before straight out rubbing my clit. Any time I come close, I pull my hands away or ruin my orgasm by holding open my pussy. Close ups at the end of an orgasm and creamy pussy. (14:02, dslr camera footage, .mp4, h.264)

Amateur Porn Video : Forest BlowJob

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Forest BlowJob

We take a break from hiking and I pull out my small pierced tits before starting to suck his cock. Hands, tongue, tongue piercing, ball licking, gagging, etc. (1920 x 1080 (scaled down from 4k so it looks pretty damn nice), cell phone camera footage, 2:47, .mp4, h.264)

Amateur Porn Video : Tied & Fucked

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Tied & Fucked

I get to spend time with him wearing just glasses, pigtails, a collar, my Nike sneakers, and soon to be rope and chain. He ties up my hands and attaches the chain around my feet to the rope around my hands. For a while he uses the cordless hitachi magic wand on my clit and uses a couple fingers in me, before giving me his cock to suck on. My sneakers come off and my feet are untied so I can take his cock in my pussy and get cum on my tits and face (no close up of that) (1920 x 1080, cell phone footage, .mp4, h.264, 9:28)

Amateur Porn Video : Close Up of Toys in Pussy, Double Vaginal, Ball

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Close Up of Toys in Pussy, Double Vaginal, Ball

Short close up video of him inserting/shoving a medium Nox the Night Drake dildo, two small Chance the Stallion dildos at the same time, attempting a lacrosse ball, and his hand fingering my pussy. (1920 x 1080, cell phone footage, .mp4, h.264, 2:22)

Amateur Porn Video : Anal Gape & Double Penetration w/ Cum Finish

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Anal Gape & Double Penetration w/ Cum Finish

Tailstretcher, Moko the Liger, Tyson the Water Buffalo, Echo the Snowstrider, and Stan the T-Rex dildos make appearances. See me fuck my ass from a couple different perspectives and which toys I use at the same time (hint hint, T-rex and water buffalo go good together). Also enjoy seeing how these toys gape my holes and even how one leaves a cum lube mess in my ass. (1920 x 1080, dslr camera, 9:52, .mp4 (h.264), quiet audio if any)

Amateur Porn Video : Double Penetration and Gape in Shower

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Double Penetration and Gape in Shower

I start out trying two new toys - small Tailstretcher and Moko the Liger - in my pussy before moving on to my ass. Small Sleipnir is the first toy lubed up, Tailstretcher, Moko... then medium Tyson the Water Buffalo feels really good as I ride it and see how it tastes after being in my bum. Medium Echo the Snowstrider stretches my ass - it might be my new favorite anal toy. Small Stan the T-Rex doesn't feel small at all and I'm surprised it went in as far as it did, but if I can take that in my ass, of course I can take Tyson in my pussy at the same time, right? Right. All these toys leave my holes gaping and drippy. (1920 x 1080, .mp4 (h.264), cell phone video, 10:45, quiet audio - if any)

Amateur Porn Video : Mirror BlowJob on Dildo

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Mirror BlowJob on Dildo

I stick my small Nox the Night Drake dildo to a mirror and give it quite the experience with my mouth. It all includes licking, sucking, using my tongue piercing in all the right ways, spit/drool and more as I gag and whimper on it. (1920 x 1080 cell phone video, 5:29, mp4)

Amateur Porn Video : Boy/Girl Anal and Plug

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Boy/Girl Anal and Plug

Sometimes you just need a good bumming right after getting out of the shower. Hear me say that I'm ready for cock up my butt! The camera slides a couple times as he lubes up my ass, but then steadies once we get into it. You get to watch me getting fucked from the front, hair pulled and tiny tits bouncing as much as they can, and hear my little whimpers and begs. Obviously I need to be plugged when he cums and he puts a big glass one in ever so nicely. Always happy to be used, I wiggle my bum around and show off the plug. (1920 x 1080, 4:58, mp4, cell phone)

Amateur Porn Video : Study, Spank & Dildo

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Study, Spank & Dildo

I have to study for my test, but what fun is that? Its a lot more fun to spank my plugged ass with my ruler, but doing that makes my pussy wet. Obviously I need a study buddy and I find that my small nox dildo sticks perfectly to the cover of my textbook. It feels great having both holes filled. I have to take the dildo in my mouth a couple of times to see how it tastes before I use it to fuck myself to orgasm. Pigtails, converse, over the knee socks, etc. (1920 x 1080, DSLR camera, 12:45, mp4)

Amateur Porn Video : Gagged Hitachi Orgasm

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Gagged Hitachi Orgasm

Ball gag in, body written on, hands behind my back, hitachi magic wand vibrator at my clit... its fun grinding against it, changing the speeds, and drooling on myself before I cum (3:59, mp4, cell phone camera)

Amateur Porn Video : Gaping Ass & Pussy with DP & Double Vag

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Gaping Ass & Pussy with DP & Double Vag

Over the course of 10 toys, I gape my ass and pussy. I start with an inflatable plug in my ass and get up to around 6-8 pumps before I pop it out. Then come the dildos. First up is my medium Kage the Anamoly, followed by medium Rex the German Shepard and they both go easily in my ass after the plug. Then things start getting interesting with my mini Sleipnir in my ass and my mini Stan the T-Rex in my pussy - feels so weird, but so good. Next up is small Nox the Night Drake in my ass and small Chance the Stallion in my cunt. Some toys make repeat appearances and some are just more fun when they're stuck to the wall. Eventually, two toys fit quite comfortably in my pussy and even my medium Apollo the Chimera goes in with no issues - now that's something to see. Amazingly, my medium Bumble Hooves the Unicorn fits easily in both of my holes, even with a toy in the other! Throughout the video, check out some ass to mouth, frequent updates on the progress of the gapes, oozy holes, and various angles and views. (1920 x 1080, cell phone camera, 25:15, mp4)

Amateur Porn Video : Inflatable Plug Stretches My Pussy

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Inflatable Plug Stretches My Pussy

I play with my inflatable plug in my pussy and even get up to 7 pumps at one point! That's bigger than my fist... Watch me push it out and push it back in multiple times, its kinda cool to see how my pussy stretches around it. (1920 x 1080, 5:03, mp4)

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