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Kittengirl that loves to cam. I adore spankings, collars, and cute lingerie.

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Amateur Porn Video : Hair Combing After Shower

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Hair Combing After Shower

With my hair freshly washed, it's time to comb it out! I carefully work the knots out of my damp hair with a wide toothed comb until my hair is tangle free!

Amateur Porn Video : Shhh; Sneaky Blowjob

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Shhh; Sneaky Blowjob

"If we're going to do this, you have to be quiet. What if my parents hear?" Your girlfriend grins deviously before beginning to suck your cock, warning you to be quiet so her parents won't hear. She licks and sucks, gagging lightly on you and smiling as she teases you.

Amateur Porn Video : Girlfriend Brushing Teeth

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Girlfriend Brushing Teeth

You come to the bathroom to find your girlfriend getting ready for bed. She chats with you as she brushes her teeth, making sure to thoroughly get them clean.

Amateur Porn Video : Pay up, pantyhose perv

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Pay up, pantyhose perv

You're such a dumb little perv. I know you're weak for pantyhose. I know you get weak at the sight of me flaunting my legs, my ass encased perfectly in a gorgeous pair of pantyhose. I know you're hard and I know you want to wank. You can't do that, though. Not until you pay up. You have to pay for that privilege.

Amateur Porn Video : Tired Yawns

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Tired Yawns

After a day of hard work, I can't help but yawn. I'm so sleepy and the yawns just slip out of me as I sit and relax. Little yawns and big yawns, I just can't stop!

Amateur Porn Video : The Not So Good Girl

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The Not So Good Girl

She's so cute, so preppy. She looks like such a good girl. It's a surprise when a smirk crosses her face when you take out your dick. She teases you playfully, showing off the fact that she's not as good as everyone seems to think. Watch as she licks at your cock and gives you a blowjob, dirty talk spilling out as she teases you.

Amateur Porn Video : Blowing up Black Balloons

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Blowing up Black Balloons

Blowing up Balloons is just so fun! Watch as I blow up three big, black balloons in just my bra. Cleavage and shiny balloons- what more could you want?

Amateur Porn Video : Thigh Highs and Panty Fap

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Thigh Highs and Panty Fap

All comfy and cozy and horny in thigh high socks, panties, and a comfy shirt! I pull my panties down to mid thigh before fingering myself and then using a glass dildo to bring myself to orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Hair Brushing Before Bed

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Hair Brushing Before Bed

It's bed time! And that means it's time to brush my hair! I take my hair out of my bun and shake it out before combing it. I untangle it with a comb and then run a brush through it. Once it's free of tangles, I brush it again with a boar's hair brush so it's nice and smooth.

Amateur Porn Video : Putting on Deodorant

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Putting on Deodorant

I love the sweet, clean scent of my deodorant. And I love how it glides so smoothly against my shaved pits. Watch as I put it on in my pretty purple bra.

Amateur Porn Video : You May Not Cum

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You May Not Cum

No, you may not cum. I know you're thinking about it again, focusing on your own pleasure. Have you been a good pet and begged for permission? Do you think you own your body? No, that belongs to Me, doesn't it? Princess owns you. And being Princess's little toy, little bitch means not focusing on your own pleasure. You can come begging if you would like. I get pleasure from watching you crumble and break. I get pleasure from seeing you put your pride to the side to come crawling on your hands and knees and begging like a bitch for permission to orgasm. You want to cum? Beg. Beg like a dog.

Amateur Porn Video : A Vaguely Festive Blowjob

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A Vaguely Festive Blowjob

A vaguely festive blowjob for the Christmas season! Watch as I lick and suck on my dildo, lightly smearing my pretty red lipstick. I go down on the toy with cute little moans and giggles, enjoying practicing my blowjob technique.

Amateur Porn Video : Afternoon Smoke

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Afternoon Smoke

A quiet smoke during a quiet afternoon. I enjoy a cigarette while half naked, softly silhouetted by the sun flittering in from the window. After I finish it, show off my cute breasts and toss a kiss to the camera.

Amateur Porn Video : Red Bra Tit Tease

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Red Bra Tit Tease

A tease in my pretty red bra. Watch as I run my hands up my chest and pinch at my nipples through my bra. I show off my cleavage and tease by slowly taking my bra off before flashing and playing with my breasts a bit.

Amateur Porn Video : Dirty Boot Sole Worship and Ignore

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Dirty Boot Sole Worship and Ignore

It's HILARIOUS that there are gross perverts in this world who will beg to worship my dirty boots. How pathetic can you get? You can sit there and lick up all the dirt and grime if you want. You can even jerk off. I couldn't care less. It's no difference to me. Whatever you do the fact remains that you're a pervert.

Amateur Porn Video : Soft Lewd Cum

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Soft Lewd Cum

Lewd but not full on lewd. It's been a long time since I've got off. Watch as I flip up my skirt and grind against my Hitachi. I end up sucking on my dildo as I grind and let out plenty of nice moans! I end up taking my panties off and fucking myself until I have a nice orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Gummy Bear Eating and Swallowing

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Gummy Bear Eating and Swallowing

Yummy! Watch as I tear into a bag of gummy bears! I devour the entire bag greedily and eagerly. I slowly bite into the sweet bears and gnash and gnaw on them. Some of them I swallow whole and others I eat quickly.

Amateur Porn Video : After

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After everything is done, it's nice to lay in bed. Princess tells you comforting things in soft voice. How you're such a good pet, what a good boy you are. You did so well.

Amateur Porn Video : Open your Mouth

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Open your Mouth

You're so cute like this. How does it feel? Does it feel good to be down on your knees, naked and hard as Princess stands over you? You're such a little slut. My slut. My good boy, my little deviant. You just love to be used by me, don't you? I could do anything to you and you would be grateful. such a good, good boy. Open your mouth for Princess. Open up and taste my spit. Is it good? Of course it is. You're thankful for this, aren't you?

Amateur Porn Video : Tan Pantyhose Ignore

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Tan Pantyhose Ignore

Ignoring you in the early hours of the morning. You get a glimpse of my perfect feet stacked together and encased in tan pantyhose, though. How generous of me to offer you such a view!

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