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Joined Nov.02, 2015
Height 5'6"
Weight 103 lbs
Body Type Slender
Bra Size 30A
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red

Lucie Sparkle

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A bit like that cute transgirl next door. My favourite things are being whistled at, playing with bubbles, and trapping. Cherry pies are the best pie. They're even yummier than apple pie if you can believe that!! * Sparkle gets lost easily, it's advised to fix a bell on Her collar so you can easily find Her as well as hear Her sneaking up on you. Ask me questions on Curious Cat (in the links at the side), answer get auto tweeted.

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Amateur Porn Video : Real Sex with a Real Client

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Real Sex with a Real Client

After some fun oral sex to get warmed up, Lucie rides this guys cock until he cums!!

Amateur Porn Video : When Christian Came To Call

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When Christian Came To Call

Lucie and her girlfriend fool about while they wait for their boyfriend to turn up. When he gets there things hot up with tons of hardcore threesome action that ends in Christian cumming into Lucie's mouth and shared between her and Katie while they kiss and swallow down all the hot spunk!!

Amateur Porn Video : TS Breeding Season

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TS Breeding Season

Katie Fox decides She wants to start breeding Lucie Sparkle so she invites a couple of her slave boys around. After getting them excited, katie and both the guys take it in turns to fuck Lucie then turn the tides and let the guys know what theyre really there for... Milking their cum

Amateur Porn Video : A Lucie Trifle

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A Lucie Trifle

Katie Fox Lures Lucie into preparing food in the kitchen not knowing that She's going to end up covered in Jelly, Fruit, Custard and Chocolate Mousse then masturbated for Katie's amusement!!

Amateur Porn Video : A Levels - Lesson 1

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A Levels - Lesson 1

In this exciting video, Lucie Sparkle meets up with Katie Fox to produce this trans on trans, teacher/student themed video. Some basic lessons are taught to Lucie as She gets involved in BJ's, 69's, doggy and banged nice and hard on her back until Katie pulls out her cock and Shoots a massive load on Lucie's stomach

Amateur Porn Video : Princess To Slut

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Princess To Slut

Watch Lucie get turned from a cute little princess into a cock hungry slut in just over 20 minutes, He starts off nice and gentle luring Her in then fucks her hard until she's moaning like a little slut and finishes off shooting his load all over her tiny boobs and face!

Amateur Porn Video : Twice the Cum, Twice the Yum

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Twice the Cum, Twice the Yum

Not content in having one cumload shot on Her face, Lucie carries on sucking this guys cock until he gets hard and shoots a 2nd load all over her.

Amateur Porn Video : Lucie Does A BJ

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Lucie Does A BJ

Me sucking some guys cock at home, Im practicing for being throat fucked in an upcoming video

Amateur Porn Video : Lend Me A Hand

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Lend Me A Hand

This is something I've wanted to try for a while, and now is as good a time as any! Watch me see how much of my hand I can fit into my own ass, it was lots of fun and I took it one stop further by squirting some cold honey yogurt in there near the end. The sensation of ice cold yogurt was to die for. A must for anybody to try in their lifetime (trust me, you wont be sorry).

Amateur Porn Video : Losing Lucie's Innocence

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Losing Lucie's Innocence

This is my first self produced full hardcore video, watch me doing some oral, doing a bit of throat fucking on someone and getting banged in a few different positions! I loved every minute of it, stay tuned for more!!

Amateur Porn Video : Stretch It Out - Vol I

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Stretch It Out - Vol I

Come watch me doing some stretches and excercises after my morning run! Lots of jiggling about and finishing with a morning masturbation session!

Amateur Porn Video : Make Mine A Dildo

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Make Mine A Dildo

A few people asked me to make a scene where I fuck myself with a dildo. So here it is!! Me getting passionate with a dildo and doing some gaping, orgasming and stuff there's probly a little cumshot at the end too. Enjoy :)

Amateur Porn Video : Come Wank With Me

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Come Wank With Me

Fancy having a sexy, redheaded Fapping Friend to help get your happy ending? Never fear!! Lucie is here, come wank along with me for 10 minutes but no finishing first, you need to learn how to edge! Somebody recently mentioned that theres no audio after 5mins, unfortunately the main video on my computer does the same so im unable to fix it xx

Amateur Porn Video : Five Pees a Day

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Five Pees a Day

This is for all my kinksters out there. 5 individual peeing scenes, a bonus Cum scene and a bonus shower scene all rolled into 1 25min movie. Scene 5 is extra specially dedicated to my extra kinky Foot Worshipers combining foot worship and pee into 1 scene. Enjoy and don't be afraid to give me ideas for future productions!

Amateur Porn Video : Sugar Lips and Cum

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Sugar Lips and Cum

Nobody gave me any cum today so I played with my girly cock until I got my own to come out. It was onto my own pretty lips aswell. And I got a lolly to suck while I did it!!

Amateur Porn Video : Hotel Suck Job

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Hotel Suck Job

Mainly me just sucking some guys cock in a hotel near Euston Station. There's a 70's style cheesy porn soundtrack aswell

Amateur Porn Video : My super sloppy Dildo Trick

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My super sloppy Dildo Trick

Playing at been a CatGirl and Deepthroating my yummy black dildo gets me all wet and sloppery. this version with short intro ummm.... I mite masturbate a bit too.

79 Photos

New Latex Outfit

Trying on my new latex outfit that I bought to go to a party in, it's awesome!

40 Photos

Nothin' But Jeans

My photographer said He was into the style when people wore nothing but jeans so I decided to indulge him! It soon just changed into the wearing nothing at all look when I started getting my cute little cock hard and pulling balls out of my tight little hole!

58 Photos

Check out my wonder woman shorts

Just me posing about in my new wonder woman shorts, there might be some yoghurt at the end too. (if anyone knows where I can get a matching top, I'd love you to message me so I can get one!)

148 Photos

Zombie Killer Moves

This is me practicing my techniques when I go out zombie hunting, I show them a bit of flesh, wave my juicy girlcock about to bait them into my trap then blast them to zombie hell with my nerf gun!

69 Photos

My Little Posy

I made a posy of wild grass then found out they made a great tickle stick, then forgot about the wild grass and played with my girlcock til it got hard and sticky

54 Photos

Sparkle By Nature - in a buttercup meadow

Just me getting naked outdoors and sticking buttercups down my girlcock cos I got bored..

34 Photos

Denim Jacket and Dildo

This is themed around me wearing a denim jacket and playing with my brown belt. There's a bit of dildo play at the end too :)

24 Photos

My Smart Black Skirt

An older picture set of me doing a bit of teasing in my smart black skirt till I get carried away and I end up with a cummy tummy.