Interactive Neighbor custom version 2

Interactive Neighbor custom version 2

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She is wearing a summer dress or shirt with no bra and shorts

Scene opens with model off screen. She calls out "Hey...Its Rebecca from across the street. I needed to borrow some cream and your door was unlocked. She enters camera view and is shocked to see him masturbating. She turns her back to him and asks him to stop. She turns around with one hand covering her eyes and when she moves her hand, she sees he hasn't stopped jerking off.

She says "You're not going to stop are you? I wish you would because its really making me hot." She then starts to rub herself through her dress and takes off her top. Then she gives jerk off encouragement while she plays with her breasts. She says she knows he watches her when she's cutting the grass or watering the flowers, that's why she wears her bikini. She finally begs him to come on her tits/ass/or in mouth. This version ends with me begging you to cum in my mouth

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