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I'm a kinky butt slut who is ready to please! My videos have a lot of anal play, squirting, and fetishes.

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Amateur Porn Video : Long Farts while I Orgasm

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Long Farts while I Orgasm

I am feeling nasty and horny for you. I start out nude, teasing you... spreading my legs, showing off my purple toenails, and spreading my holes. I do several hustler-style poses. My pussy is so wet. I get myself off multiple times with my Hitachi and my fingers. The vibrations against my hot, wet, clit are making me feel lose and relaxed. As I orgasm, long & loud farts are bursting out of my asshole. My pussy juices run down my asshole, creating hot, wet farts.

Amateur Porn Video : super pisser super squirter

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super pisser super squirter

I have held my pee as long as I can! Now I am all sexy and whiny, talking about how much I need to go… All the piss is making my bladder bloated, and pushing against my pussy, making it tingle with pleasure. I use a container to go in, squatting over it and pissing… I moan with pleasure for the super long piss! It is splashy and has a pretty color and sweet scent. I fill the container until it is almost to the rim! So much pee! The sweet relief of my pee has made me really excited, my pussy is super wet. Next it’s time to lay back, and buzz my clit like crazy with my Hitachi wand! I put it on full blast right away and rub my pussy until I squirt! I squirm and moan like crazy; The pleasure is so intense. I almost want to stop, but I make myself keep masturbating. I have the biggest squirting orgasm of my life right into your face!

Amateur Porn Video : Velma is under a Kinky Sex Curse

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Velma is under a Kinky Sex Curse

It is mystery solving time again with kinky Velma! This time, I am put under a curse that is making me do naughty things to myself.. All of a sudden, I desire to have my face and pussy played with, slobbered on, and cum all over! I start out with a slow tease, showing you my pussy, fingering myself and spreading my ass... Then I grab a nice big dildo and start playing with my face, slapping my face and mouth. I rub the big, thick cock all over my lips, smearing my lipstick everywhere, letting slobber run all over my face. Then I fuck my pussy with it, then back in my mouth, more slapping and smearing and sucking, then back in my pussy... over and over until I am moaning with pleasure. Then the kinkiness kicks in and I want to play with pantyhose. I grap my light tan nylons and pull them over my face and keep sucking on the big dildo. I spit, slobber, suck and moan. Smacking my face, letting the lipstick and drool leak through the pantyhose and onto the cock... I switch to some black pantyhouse that are REALLY tight, smushing my face. I struggle to keep sucking and playing while my facial features are being crushed. My eyes are half open, my nose is smushed, I suck as my as I can craving your cum!

Amateur Porn Video : Trim Shave and Squirt

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Trim Shave and Squirt

Another nice, long film of me shaving my pussy for you! I start out by trimming the long hairs with a small pair of scissors. I grab as many hairs as I can between fingers, pull the hairs, and trim as close to my skin as I can. I collect all of my pubs on seran wrap and show them to you!!! Then I lather myself up with hot water and shaving cream, and make my pussy smooth!! I shave all the way down to my asshole, giving you close ups of my exposed pussy. Once I am all cleaned up, I start touching myself. I am so smooth, fresh, and wet. So, I decide to grab some toys ;) I fuck my pussy and rub my clit with my glass G-spot dildo until my juices are gushing out of me. Then I rub my wet pussy with my Hitachi until I am squirting. OMG, shaving turns me on.

Amateur Porn Video : Squirt and Double Speculum Examination

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Squirt and Double Speculum Examination

I start out with my big red ass toy, shoving it deep inside my ass and making myself GAPE. I fuck my ass really good as a warm up, and stretch my asshole open with my fingers... Then, I lie back and put my pussy and asshole close up in your face! I insert the speculum, anally, and open up wide! My open ass turns me on, I love my pink asshole exposed. So, I begin fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit, spreading my pussy lips open. I use a dildo and my fingers to pleasure my pussy until I CUM. I don't want to break anymore lamps or computers... so I gently let out my pussy juices by getting myself to the point of orgasm, and then lightly smacking my pussy while the cum flows out. My juices are running down my ass, and into my spread open asshole. After I am done squirting, I put another speculum into my pussy. I push up against the camera, giving you close ups of the insides of both of my holes, teasing you, letting you examine me like an OBGYN ;) I touch and tease my open holes through the speculums. Then I slowly remove the speculums from my holes, keeping the devices in their open position, letting you watch my holes expand, so you the see the most stretched out asshole and pussy lips you have ever seen in your life...

Amateur Porn Video : Belly Button Fetish JOI Class

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Belly Button Fetish JOI Class

You are just in time for class, Brad,. It is a special, one on one class, where we are going to learn and follow instructions. Your own private, sexy JOI class with Mistress Lindzy... You must examine my body, worship my belly button and breasts, and most importantly, CUM at the end of class with me ;) We start the lesson on my desk, and I show you how I like my breasts played with, and belly button teased. I finger my belly button, and pull on my areolas. I give you instructions on how to play with me, and your cock. I get on the floor and lie back and pleasure my breasts and belly and get very horny. Then the class gets intense when I show you my spread open cunt. I have you worship my wet pussy before I start fucking myself with a dildo. I explain that you don't actually deserve to fuck me. You are just a student who still has to learn by watching me. I vigorously fuck my pussy and moan in pleasure! Then I stand up above you, revealing my wet, open pussy, fat ass, belly button, and breasts... As class cums to an end, so must you ;) I give you a cum countdown while you fuck me in my belly button! Good job, Brad. You passed the class!

Amateur Porn Video : Feeding my face for a Bloated Belly

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Feeding my face for a Bloated Belly

Another stuffing clip! This time, I have walnuts, blackberries, black grapes on top of butter milk waffles with a touch of maple syrup :) I get up and show off my belly before I start eating, prancing around my kitchen and getting my waffles. Then I assemble my meal, point the camera at my tits, and start stuffing my face! I eat 4 loaded waffles in exactly 10 minutes. After all the food is in, I down a glass of almond milk. Then I get up again to reveal my sexy bloated belly!

Amateur Porn Video : Upskirt Squirt and lick up my Cum

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Upskirt Squirt and lick up my Cum

I'm a naughty girl who likes to tease you on your desk. I love to distract you so you can't get any work done. I take off my tiny white thong and reveal my hairy pussy for you to worship. I squirm around and take different poses, forcing you to pay attention to every detail of my body. I keep hiking my skirt up, higher and higher, until my ass and cunt are completely sticking out! Being so exposed makes me very horny. I beg for your cock to enter me, but then I turn the tables once again and deny you! I finger and rub my pussy until I squirt all over and my pussy juices gush out of my pussy and are all over my desk. I then proceed to lick up my sweet juices.

Amateur Porn Video : Oh Jinkies! Time to Fuck Velma

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Oh Jinkies! Time to Fuck Velma

Cute and kinky cosplay as Velma from Scooby-doo, The mystery solving nerd you always fantasied about. Today we are going to solve the mystery of how I am going to make myself cum for you. I have my best toys: my fucking machine and Hitachi magic wand. I think about you shagging me under my little red skirt, with no panties on... my pussy is so wet as I finger myself. I quickly begin teasing myself with my vibrator, moaning and begging for you to shag me! I suck on your thick cock while pleasuring myself. While fantasizing about being in the back of your van... I get in the doggystyle position and back my ass up onto your dick... my lingerie is already coming apart as I prepare to get fucked. I take your cock like a good little girl and rub my clit while I get pummeled in my tight pussy. Then I flip over and take it in my pussy while I use my vibrator on myself. I finger my asshole and put your dick in my ass until I feel like I am going to cum! I take it hard and fast in my asshole, intensely pleasuring my clit, and your dick accidently slips out of my asshole and back into my pussy... When I can't take it anymore, I back out of all my toys, and let my self squirt all over you!!! My Juices drip down your cock!

Amateur Porn Video : POV Foot Job in Office Chair

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POV Foot Job in Office Chair

I begin by teasing your hard, throbbing cock. I stick my feet in your face, and around your dick, showing you my pretty pink toes, and my arches... I gently graze you with my soles, and my toes. Light touches make you suffer in anticipation and crave my feet. I wrap my big around you and start pumping up and down, dripping lube down your shaft. I get more and more aggressive, rubbing harder and faster, moaning and holding onto my furniture. I can feel your dick getting harder in between my arches. You want to take charge so bad! You want to fuck my feet, but I keep on pleasuring you... making you stay still until you can't take it anymore. So you start fucking my feet vigorously until you cum on them! I rub the cum around my feet and give you a final tease with my wet, cummy soles ;)

Amateur Porn Video : BBC needs to fuck this white slut

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BBC needs to fuck this white slut

It is time to get nasty with your favorite little slut... I am craving your big black cock. I twerk my big white ass and tease you until you are very hard. Then I strip down to nothing and beg you to pleasure my pussy. I want your cock so bad, I just can't stop talking about it. It feels so good inside me that you make me moan and squirt!

Amateur Porn Video : First Time Cumming with Fucking Machine

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First Time Cumming with Fucking Machine

I just set up my new toy.. A brand new -HEAVY DUTY- fucking machine. At first I'm a little intimidated, so I take it slow, stroking it, licking and sucking. I get the tip of the cock lubed up with my spit and rub my clit. I then turn on the lowest setting and ease myself onto it, gently, taking it... I am surprised by how much I enjoy it, as I struggle to change my positions in front of the camera. Then I turn up the BPM and let it ravage my pussy! My wet pussy is pummeled so hard, I am loving it as I moan, and cum, cum squirts and gushes out of me! Nothing left to do but smile :)

Amateur Porn Video : Horny Wife Ass to Mouth and Gapes

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Horny Wife Ass to Mouth and Gapes

So, I was going to leave you a quick message while I was waiting for you to come home from work... and then I couldn't stop thinking about you, and how HOT you are, and the amazing things you do to my asshole. All of a sudden, I can't stop touching myself. I just reach down the back of my sexy panties, and start finger fucking my tight asshole. I immediately crave the sensation of my asshole being stretched open, so I get into a sexy pose, and start pumping up my inflatable plug. I gape my asshole nice and wide, and show off to you! This feeling makes me reminisce upon my first anal experiences... the thought of a HUGE thick dick entering my tight virgin ass, and how good it felt to be stretched out and fucked really hard in public. I grab more toys, each one going in and out of my ass several times, and in my mouth, licking my anal scents and fluids off of my dildos and butt plugs... it turns me on soo much! I use my favorite new toy, The BIG cock and I fuck myself vigorously in the doggystyle position. Fucking, gaping, licking and sucking and wishing it was your cock. I finally need to CUM so I beg for you to fuck my ass while I lay down on my back. I take your cock nice and deep while I rub my clit, and then I squirt all over you with your cock in my ass!!!

Amateur Porn Video : Kitty Cat Pees and Cums

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Kitty Cat Pees and Cums

Little naughty kitty is a big tease in my cute film where I play with my pussy over panties, pee, and then squirt!!! I begin with a sensual tease, purring and making cat noises, playing over panties, and using my Hitachi vibrator... Then I rub my panties on my pussy to make them nice and creamy, and sniff them! I then squat over a clear plastic cup and pee! After I pee, I place on hand on my wet pussy, and lap up the hot piss. This makes me even more excited, as I get on all fours, and grind my pussy on the Hitachi, purring, meowing, moaning. My soft tail is wagging behind me as I wiggle, squirm, and get very horny. I then fuck my pussy with my dildo until I need to squirt! I make my best attempts to collect my pussy juices in a nearby container. Again, I rub my pussy with my hand and lick off and taste my sweet juices, purring to you.

Amateur Porn Video : Kitty Cat Role Play purrrr

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Kitty Cat Role Play purrrr

Super kinky role play dressed up like a cute little kitty: I flaunt around the room on all fours, wiggling my butt, and wagging my fluffy tail. I only make cat noises as I tease you and undress until I'm wearing nothing but my nylons. I'm a spoiled little kitty who spends my time purring, lapping cream out of my fancy dish, licking myself, and petting and stroking my tail. I'm coy, but I also tease Master to get his attention... Bending over, flashing my ass and pussy.

Amateur Porn Video : Body Bondage Slut

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Body Bondage Slut

Kinky full body bondage tease fetish film, Simon said to do it... So I must... Slip into a sexy big nylon bondage suit and tease and please, slapping my face and sucking on my dildos, wishing it was your wonderful cock! I use two different nylons to drive you crazy, skin toned, and sheer black. I keep rubbing, touching my pussy, playing, titty fuck and face tease!

Amateur Porn Video : Foxy Cum

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Foxy Cum

I am all dressed up like a naughty little animal who aims to please my master. I tease you by shaking my cute little booty around in your face, while my fluffy tail flips back and forth. My tail is so soft and tickly that just the brush against my skin makes me horny and wet. Nipple clamps are then attached to my hard nipples, which I shake about while playing. I use my Hitachi vibrator against my wet clit, over my panties, moaning and making cute animal noises. I then ride my toy, grinding against it, turning myself on until I must take down my panties. I rub, play, and fuck my wet, pink pussy with my toys until I squirt all over! Then I stick my fingers in my wet pussy, and lap the cum off of my hand.

Amateur Porn Video : Erotic Eating Fruits and Cream

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Erotic Eating Fruits and Cream

Stuffing my face with fruits, berries, waffles and yummy cream while talking dirty... Feederism Fetish done seductively!

Amateur Porn Video : Masturbate and collect Juices while Squirting

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Masturbate and collect Juices while Squirting

Just fulfilling a simple request of a HARD squirting orgasm while a full bladder of sweet piss.  My bladder is swollen and pressing against my pussy, and my pussy is soaking wet with pussy juice already.  I hold it in, while I fuck my wet pussy with my favorite dildo, and use my fingers and Hitachi on my pussy.  When I feel like I need to squirt, I place the container under my pussy, and let loose.  I let out a big orgasm that is followed by lots of pee and cum!  It smells amazing, and tastes sooo good, too. I wrap up the yummy pee squirting cum mixture of my hot, tasty juices and get them ready to be shipped to your house so you can taste me!  Halfway through packaging, I make myself cum again just to make sure I got all the juices out!!! I orgasm sooo hard that I can’t possibly cum anymore.  Filming the packaging process requested by customer :)

Amateur Porn Video : Cumming in my Camo Panties

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Cumming in my Camo Panties

I wake up horny this morning, ready to cum, still in my pajamas.  I take off my pants and rub my clit over my panties until I start gush.  I stick my fingers underneath my panties and into my hot, creamy, WET pussy and I need more! I'm so wet, as I turn on my Hitachi vibrator and rub myself off over my cute camo panties.  I cum, squirting and gushing my sweet pussy juices, over and over, until I can't take it anymore!!! I'm sitting in a puddle of my own cum, and my panties are soaked... The only thing left to do is wrap them up and mail them to your house ;) (Message me to buy my panties.)

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