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Layla Cherrie

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Joined May.27, 2015
Height 5'0"
Weight 80 lbs
Body Type Slender
Bra Size 8B
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Multiple

Layla Cherrie

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Hi there! I'm a Layla Cherrie - a petite Aussie nymphet who loves smoking green, sex, listening to ska & having orgasms!

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Desktop Edging video by Layla Cherrie

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Desktop Edging

I start off using my little black wand on my clit; after about 2 minutes I can feel an orgasm starting so I quickly turn my wand off before lying back and running my hands over my body for a bit. Then I grab a large, ridgy dildo and start rubbing it on my pussy and licking it before I fuck myself. I change positions a few times, but the bumps feel soooo good it doesn't take me long before I feel like cumming again. Licking the dildo clean, I grab my wand to finish off. I have a super intense orgasm, you can see my whole body shaking & twitching!

GirlGirl Big Balloon Fun video by Layla Cherrie

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GirlGirl Big Balloon Fun

Watch Amai and I giggle as we bounce around on the two big balloons and try to pop them!

Big Balloon Pop Attempt video by Layla Cherrie

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Big Balloon Pop Attempt

Once I'm done blowing the balloon up & have tied it off, I lie back and rub the balloon all over my pussy; but it doesn't take me long to decide that what I want to do is pop it. It's been ages since I've done any balloon sitting, and the latex on this one feels so thin I get scared that it's going to pop straight away. I lower myself on it, and gently bounce and rock around before realising that it can take my weight. I roll around on it, bounce on it and have a lot of fun - I do my best to make it pop with just my weight alone but nothing works!

Big Balloon Blowing video by Layla Cherrie

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Big Balloon Blowing

I start off playing around with two un-inflated balloons; I roll the latex up and down my tits and legs before choosing the purple one to inflate. I find it a lot harder to inflate this big balloon compared to the ones I normally blow up, I huff & puff and do my best to not let the air escape.

Gamer Girl video by Layla Cherrie

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Gamer Girl

Amai seems to be very distracted by Skyrim, so I decide to see if I can get her to pay attention to me instead. I crawl under the table and start to finger her before moving on to eating her out... even mid-orgasm Amai seemed to have problems taking her eyes off the game

Peeing On You video by Layla Cherrie

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Peeing On You

I start off standing over you in just my teddy, and begin to play with myself. Before I long I take my teddy off and continue to finger myself then squat down and start to pee all over you! It feels so good I keep playing with myself while peeing

Thick Dildo Tryout video by Layla Cherrie

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Thick Dildo Tryout

I went sex toy shopping the other day, and got myself a new dildo - it's the thickest toy I've ever owned! I decided to film my first tryout of the big toy; I start off slowly licking and kissing it before seeing how much I can get in my mouth... it's so thick it barely fits between my lips! It doesn't take long for me to take my panties off and climb on my new toy - I slowly ride it, letting it stretch my little pussy until I cum hard

Bored Housewife video by Layla Cherrie

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Bored Housewife

After sweeping the kitchen floor, this housewives pours herself some red wine and sits up on the bench. As she sips her wine, she starts slowly playing with her breasts and nipples, before pulling a vibrator our of her breast pocket. Turing it on, she runs it over her nipples and also pours wine over them before she starts playing with her pussy. Using a combination of fingers and the vibrator, she brings herself to orgasm

Airplane Masturbation video by Layla Cherrie

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Airplane Masturbation

A few months ago when travelling, I decided to try and film a mile high masturbation vid! Unfortunately I didn't get to orgasm; as soon as the buzzer went I exited the stall as I was worried about the staff checking on me - but I still managed to have some fun :)

Hotel Sink Wank & Pee video by Layla Cherrie

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Hotel Sink Wank & Pee

I start off showing you my sexy body and cute panties, and gently finger myself through the material. It doesn't take long for me to slip them off... I have a little sniff before rubbing my panties on my breasts as I keep fingering myself. I then shove my panties in my mouth as I start fucking myself with a glass dido. It feels so good that I moan until my panties fall out of my mouth before I have an intense orgasm and clean the dildo off with my mouth. I then squat over the sink and slowly empty my bladder, doing my best to make sure you can see it all!

Make Me Your Slut video by Layla Cherrie

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Make Me Your Slut

I have a confession to make... I want to be your slut. In this video I talk about how I want you to use me for your own needs; you can spank me when I'm bad and use my mouth to make you feel better. You can even use my little pussy, and gag my mouth so I don't annoy you with my screams. I want to be a good little slut for you, just tell me what to do!

Barbe Girl video by Layla Cherrie

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Barbe Girl

Watch me tease you in my long blonde wig and big pink wedges, before slipping my panties off and using my vibrator for an intense orgasm!

POV Public Suck & Fuck video by Layla Cherrie

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POV Public Suck & Fuck

I start off flashing my cute tits, then turn around and show you that I have no panties on before coming over to you and getting on my knees. I pull your cock out & start licking and sucking it, making sure it's nice and wet before standing up & turing around so you can fuck me for a bit. It doesn't take long before I cum, then get back to sucking you off, making sure it's super sloppy; you even grab my head and face fuck me a bit before cumming down my throat. *Sex scene was edited down due to shakiness of filming

Pee Compiation video by Layla Cherrie

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Pee Compiation

Cut from six different videos; watch me pee again & again! It feels so good to get it all out

Amai's Revenge video by Layla Cherrie

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Amai's Revenge

I'd all but forgotten the time I tied Amai up & instead of eating her out like she expected, tickled her until she couldn't take anymore... turns out Amai hadn't. I'm lying in bed, taking selfies & mucking around on my phone when Amai comes in & starts tickling & blowing raspberries all over me! She totally overpowers me, and no matter how much I squirm & scream she keeps going.

Up Close video by Layla Cherrie

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Up Close

Watch from up close as I play with my pussy! I start off in plain black panties, touching myself through them before slipping them off & grabbing one of my favourite toys. I use it to fuck myself & stimulate my clit; ends with a loud leg-shaking orgasm - you can even see the contraptions!

Pain Slut video by Layla Cherrie

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Pain Slut

This little pain slut is feeling horny! She starts of spanking her arse with her hands, then tapes a wand so it's sitting on her clit before turning it up full speed. She brings herself to two massive orgasms while spanking her ass and breasts, pulling and twisting her nipples and pouring hot wax all over herself.

Classmate JOI video by Layla Cherrie

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Classmate JOI

Your teacher has put your class into pairs for your latest assignment; you're pretty happy about this as they've put you with the cute geeky girl in your grade. She's invited you over to hers to work on the assignment; she's pretty keen to get down to work and pretty much instantly starts her part of the assignment as you sit across the table and stare. She tells you to do your part, but you can't take your eyes off her. Annoyed, she puts her book down and closes her laptop; before lying back and saying that she thinks it'll be best if you 'take care' of yourself so you can both concentrate on getting the homework done. You ask her to help out, she seems a bit grossed out and says that you'd better actually put some serious effort into this assignment if you want to jerk it to her. While teasing you with her body, she says that you'd better get your little cock out and start getting it hard... that's when she looks down and realises that you aren't so little after all. She seems impressed, and is a lot more happy to help you out.

Sensual Looner Masturbation video by Layla Cherrie

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Sensual Looner Masturbation

I start of slowly caressing & licking two big balloons, running my fingers along them and enjoying the sensation before pulling out a vibrator. I sit on one of the big balloons and slowly caress the other while bringing myself to orgasm!

Dildo BlowBang video by Layla Cherrie

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Dildo BlowBang

I'm craving cock & have three big dicks lined up in front of me. I start of slowly kissing, licking & sucking them but it doesn't take long for me to get into it; ruining my makeup and making spit go everywhere

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