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Hi there! I'm a feisty fat femme who loves directing and performing in all sorts of filth on film! With an emphasis on working with my real lovers and friends, you can expect diversity, heart, and lots of just hot fucking. All proceeds from this clip store goes directly to fighting fascism.

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  • Amateur Porn Model Kitty Stryker
  • Amateur Porn Model Kitty Stryker
Amateur Porn Video : Banned in the UK: Part 1

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Banned in the UK: Part 1

I'm an anglophile who wants to move to the UK, land of Doctor Who and the Smiths. My friends tell me about the porn bans in the UK, and how I won't be able to do a lot of the things I like anymore if I move there! In Part 1, Courtney spanks, canes, and whips me to remind me that as much as I might like impact play, the censorship rules forbid this kind of porn in Britain now! Am I willing to miss out on spankings for the rest of my porn career...?

Amateur Porn Video : PORNO ROCKS! A XXX Mix Tape

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This collection of hardcore music videos sample some of my best scenes mixed with some rad music. Some are comedy, some are sexy, all are bright, body positive and beautiful. Enjoy this mix tape of pervy pleasures!

Amateur Porn Video : Take Me To The Church of Your Cunt

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Take Me To The Church of Your Cunt

I made this artsy erotic music video with "Take Me To Church" as covered by celloist and sexy person Unwoman! It's me worshipping my fat body, masturbating with my fingers and hitachi, squirting all over my hands, and showing you the pulsing inside of my cunt. I'm making it cheap, because really, buying this is mainly to encourage me to make porn artsy porno music videos! Footage is from "Here Kitty Kitty" and will be available sans music.

Amateur Porn Video : Pink POV Blow Job

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Pink POV Blow Job

A pink-haired Kitty wants you to watch her give a slow, sexy blowjob. Keeping her glasses on for the whole clip, she licks and sucks on your balls before wrapping her mouth around your thick uncut cock. Switching between using her hands and her lips, she makes it hard for you not to cum - but you have things to do, so you'll have to wait til later!

Amateur Porn Video : Damsel NOT In Distress: A Bondage Love Story

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Damsel NOT In Distress: A Bondage Love Story

Ms. Tytania isn't often for tying up women, but when Ashlee comes along, she can't wait to get her ropes on the tattooed beauty! Ashlee may moan a bit but you can see from the smile on her face that she's loving every minute of Ms. Tytania's shibari seduction.

Amateur Porn Video : BBW Kitty Stryker Shares Cock with Ned Would

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BBW Kitty Stryker Shares Cock with Ned Would

Kitty's been really enjoying having one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth... but as she's blowing both at the same time, she has the idea to have them put on a show and make out with each other. Ned Would and Ruckus are happy to comply, sharing passionate kisses while Kitty enthusiastically sucks them both off. Soon Ned's fucking Kitty while this tattooed cutie's hard dick thrusts in his mouth.

Amateur Porn Video : Squish, Part 1

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Squish, Part 1

The curvy Busty Cookie invites slender Jessica Jensen over to meet her friend, Kitty Stryker, another beautiful BBW. The two plus size women offer to show Jessica the pleasures of being slowly, sensuously squished by their big breasts! Jessica is unsure at first, but soon finds herself warming to the sensation of such massive tits in her face.

Amateur Porn Video : Blath's First Blowjob

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Blath's First Blowjob

I was so excited when I found out Blath hadn't worn a strapon before! I wanted to show her what it was like to receive a blowjob, which is one of my favourite things to do. We kissed a bunch, very sweetly, before I go to town and show her my skills. This is a very cute scene with lots of moans and gasps!

Amateur Porn Video : Closed Eyes, Heavy Breathing

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Closed Eyes, Heavy Breathing

This was a trial for Beautiful Agony, though I ended up changing my setup a bit for my final one. In this one, though, I'm wearing just a bra, keeping my glasses on but closing my eyes from shyness as I use my hitachi to have a really big orgasm. You can see my skin flush and sweat begin to form on my cheeks as I get closer and closer to climax!

Amateur Porn Video : British VS American Masturbation Marathon

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British VS American Masturbation Marathon

Kitty Stryker is hanging out with two Brits, BBW babe Busty Cookie and slender sexpot Jessica Jensen, when they have the idea to have a masturbation marathon. Who will come first? Does it matter? Everyone's a winner as these women see as they giggle and gasp to orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Kitty Gets the Cream(pie)

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Kitty Gets the Cream(pie)

After having her breasts played with, Kitty's ready for something a bit stiffer! She nuzzles into Ned Would's jockstrap before sucking his hard cock. Ned fingers her while she puts her hand down Ruckus's underwear. She gets to work licking and sucking the tattooed cutie's penis while Ned fucks her from behind. Kitty's belly, breasts, ass and thighs jiggle as she's pushed from one cock to the other. Then Ned leaves her with a nice wet creampie, before he eats it out of her hairy cunt.

Amateur Porn Video : Nipple Play Makeout Session

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Nipple Play Makeout Session

Kitty's having a hot hookup with Ned Would, when cutie Ruckus comes in and joins the fun! Expect lots of making out, breast fondling and nipple sucking, and even some playful clothes ripping.

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