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*ALL VIDEOS ARE $5 FOR MY BIRTHDAY FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH. TIP 1/2 PRICE FOR OTHER GOODIES LIKE SNAPCHAT AND PANTIES* Clip model, kinky little sweetheart, cat obsessed, a lover ~ not a fighter, nature admirer, fitness zealot. You can call me Kit! I enjoy exploring my sexuality and indulging in a good orgasm (or ten). Thanks for visiting my page and taking the time to find out a little more about me!

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Amateur Porn Video : Getting Naughty for Daddy on Cam

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Getting Naughty for Daddy on Cam

I read that it's important to keep things interesting, so I've decided to turn on my webcam and be naughty for Daddy. I want to make a sweet and sexy little video so, I strip out of my cute outfit, plug myself with a sparkly butt plug, and use my glass dildo to make myself cum. I cum hard while thinking about Daddy stroking his cock to me, watching me tease, and seeing my pussy get nice and creamy.

Amateur Porn Video : GFE Mutual Masturbation and Encouragement

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GFE Mutual Masturbation and Encouragement

Wake up next to me. Cum with me. I quietly ask and encourage you to stroke yourself while we get off together. I rub my pink little pussy in several different positions, slowly and shyly teasing you with my body until we've both had a good morning orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Light Pulse Valentine's Vibe

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Light Pulse Valentine's Vibe

Watch me cum for you in cupless, crotchless lingerie. I use my heart vibrator with lighted pulsations to the different speeds and settings so you can see the vibrator's pulsating patterns I'm reacting to.

Amateur Porn Video : Quick Hitachi Cum in Black Pantyhose

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Quick Hitachi Cum in Black Pantyhose

I gradually increase the speed of my hitachi until I have a shaking orgasm while wearing sheer pantyhose.

Amateur Porn Video : Lazy Morning Cum

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Lazy Morning Cum

After waking up in the morning, I play and bring myself to orgasm using only my fingers.

Amateur Porn Video : Golden: glass dildo masturbation & squirting

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Golden: glass dildo masturbation & squirting

In soft lighting, wearing silky lingerie and pretty, golden temporary tattoos, I start by touching my body and sucking on my dildo, playing with mouth because that really turns me on. I lead up to the main event with plenty of teasing and touching my body through my panties. Once I peel away my lingerie, I tease my clit and my slit with my dildo for a bit before slipping it inside my wet pussy. Watch me begin to get creamy after I cum almost right away, until I start to squirt. You can hear the sloppy, wet sound as I fuck myself and soak my sheets. I keep going back for more because it feels so good. I gush a lot and end with a shy smile as I show you my squirt.

Amateur Porn Video : Casting Spells (Crystal Wand Masturbation)

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Casting Spells (Crystal Wand Masturbation)

My new Halloween video ~ I pulled inspiration from the TV show Salem and created this witch-y video. This is my most artistically shot video to date and I'm so happy with the way it turned out and with the story line it follows! I cast a spell and use a crystal wand to bring myself to orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Take Me Home and Fuck Me Roleplay & Dirty Talking

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Take Me Home and Fuck Me Roleplay & Dirty Talking

This is a long, audio only roleplay style dirty talking video, recorded while I touched myself and played with my clit and nipples. Slight D/s tones, roleplay, and creampie dirty talking fantasy. After a date you take me home, watch me strip for you, and then give me a hot creampie.

Amateur Porn Video : Sensations

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In this video, I play with different sensations ~ stingy/thuddy, soft/tickly, hot and cold. I use my flogger, feather tickler, ice, and hot wax before having an intense, pulsating orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Bound to Cum

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Bound to Cum

I cum three times while bound with a chest harness, wearing nipple clamps for a portion of this video until I can no longer take the distracting tug of them on my sensitive nipples. I really let go and cum hard in black and white. Afterwards, I'm left breathless, tired, and still soaking wet.

Amateur Porn Video : I Wanna Cum SO Bad: Hitachi Edging & Anal Beads

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I Wanna Cum SO Bad: Hitachi Edging & Anal Beads

I am absolutely not allowed to cum ~ I’ll be punished if I do. I begin edging through my lingerie before peeling it away, gradually turning up the speed on my hitachi and inserting my glass anal beads, which just make my desire to cum more intense and difficult to hold back. I edge myself close to orgasm many times over almost 30 minutes of video, ending up wet, pink, and very swollen just wishing for release.

Amateur Porn Video : Cozy in My Fall Flannel

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Cozy in My Fall Flannel

It’s finally Fall and all I want to do is wear some cozy flannel and stay in bed all day (& fuck myself). A simple masturbation video with some slight teasing in my flannel button-down and plenty of fucking. Shot in 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Wave Light Blowjob

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Wave Light Blowjob

While ocean wave lights project over my body, I start with some sensual touching and fingering my mouth. Then I move on to sucking ~ slowly at first and then picking up speed. I enthusiastically suck and gag a little as I deep throat and then slow down again for a calm, relaxing ending. | Set to sounds of ocean waves and ambient music|Shot in 1080p |Video preview cuts off bottom of the shot ~ more of my face/dildo is in the actual download!

Amateur Porn Video : Sweet & Intimate Beautiful Agony

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Sweet & Intimate Beautiful Agony

I'm in the mood to touch myself for you while laying in my bed. I'm a little shy at first, but quickly let myself go. Watch my expressions as I play with my tits and cum multiple times from toying with my vibrator on my clit, as well as fucking my little pussy with both it and my fingers. A sweet, softcore beautiful agony style video, still featuring some intense build-up and shaking orgasms.

Amateur Porn Video : Holiday Pin-up Girl Spanking and Dildo Fucking

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Holiday Pin-up Girl Spanking and Dildo Fucking

Festive enough for the holidays, but good enough to watch anytime of the year ~ 10 minutes of spanking until my butt is nice and red, and warm. Then another 10 minutes spent fucking my dildo and cumming hard after slowly stripping out of my sexy, red lingerie.

Amateur Porn Video : Lazy Morning Cum 2.0

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Lazy Morning Cum 2.0

A companion to my Lazy Morning Cum video. I decide to play after slipping into a morning bath, teasing and fucking myself with my favorite vibrator while you watch. I enjoyed myself so much I even manage to squirt a little at the end - but you can't really tell, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Amateur Porn Video : Absolute Agony

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Absolute Agony

Gagged with my ball gag, I exhaust myself mentally and physically from making myself cum multiple times in this beautiful agony video. I even lost track of how many times I orgasmed while using my vibrator on high. I whine and squirm while using my nipple clamps for a short while (I'm a baby about my nipples!), drooling all the while from my gag. Lots of whining, moaning, and twitching from some agonizingly strong orgasms. Shot in 1080p.

Amateur Porn Video : Creamy Little Kitten

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Creamy Little Kitten

Kitten hides away in her bedroom late at night and plays with her glass toy, quietly moaning and making herself nice and creamy. Includes close-ups of my orgasms, creamy pussy, and spreading | 1080p

Amateur Porn Video : Outdoor Fuck

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Outdoor Fuck

It finally feels like Spring, so I’ve taken to the outdoors with this one! My first outdoor video features semi-nudity, lots of touching, and fucking myself both slow and fast with my dildo.I cum long and hard, turning myself into a cum-drunk mess as the end.

Amateur Porn Video : Stuffed with my Panties

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Stuffed with my Panties

I stuff my pussy with my black, lacy thong and edge myself to several orgasms. Watch my pussy pulse around my panties close up while I moan in pleasure. |Close-ups only ~ no face.|

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Holiday Baking

25 HD photos taken while baking sugar plum thumbprint cookies in lingerie and in the nude. Happy holidays!

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A playful and sultry photo set of me in a cute, pink outfit playing with my vibrator.

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