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Glowsticks 1 - Pt 3 FULL VIDEO

Glowsticks 1 - Pt 3 FULL VIDEO

13:57 min | Added 14 days ago

A fan sent me a box of glow sticks with a creative challenge!! I couldnt wait to take the challenge, so I went into the darkest room, and got comfortable in my bathtub to put it to the test....

How many glow sticks can I fit in my pussy? Lets find out!
Inserting the glowsticks turned me on so much, I just had to use my bodywand vibrator on my clit while I fuck myself with the inserted bundle of glowsticks.
Notice: This is the full length version of a two-part video. I broke the video in half and am uploading the parts individually and as a full length video (three videos total) to appease different interests. THIS clip contains the insertion and masturbation in a full video.

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