You Have To Ruin It To Earn It

You Have To Ruin It To Earn It

6:56 min | Added 7 days ago

I get it. You think because you asked me out over and over and I finally said yes, and now it's our third date, that you have a reward coming to you for your persistence. You think you should get to have sex with me tonight.

I have to say. You are a very persistent guy. I don’t just let anyone fuck me though. You have to work at it to get me to let you in. First I have to know that you’re willing to be driven wild by me. I really, really like to make a guy wait, make the build-up unbearable, then, and only then, will I let him have me.

So tonight I’m going to ruin your orgasm for the first time. Then I’m going to deny and ruin you again and again. And you’re going to hate/love every minute of it.

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