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Joined May.10, 2016
Height 5'7"
Weight 100 lbs
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♫ ♪ My name is Jillian :) If you love seductive eye-contact, long legs, and 100% real orgasms, you've come to the right place ;) → Visit my OFFICIAL WEBSITE at - JillianDrake.com → If you need to reach me - message me here, on Twitter, or via my website :)

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Amateur Porn Video : An Intro Video Version 2

4 Loves

An Intro Video Version 2

This video is a good introduction to what I'd rather not do in my BTO videos and has a few preview clips of my already available videos. Enjoy my silliness! :)

Amateur Porn Video : Baby, it's Cold Outside

1 Loves

Baby, it's Cold Outside

Time to cool things off with a little play time in the snow...snow boots and gloves included. Not much sound, but I promise, you will know when I cum! Not fully nude...it's below zero out there, I'm not THAT crazy, but I've got the best view...just for you ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Morning Shower

1 Loves

Morning Shower

Good morning, join me for a shower? I give you a little strip tease out of my pjs...then watch as I lather up and touch myself ;) I tease you until I can't help it any longer and cum for you using my fingers.

Amateur Porn Video : Quick Stop

4 Loves

Quick Stop

A late-night road trip leads to a quickie in the back seat at a rest stop. You can see me look around in a few spots throughout, making sure no one's watching ;)

Amateur Porn Video : OMG, I'm Gonna Cum!

7 Loves

OMG, I'm Gonna Cum!

Get wet with Jillian! ;) Enjoy as I wet down my white panties and touch myself leading up to a very intense orgasm that just snuck up on me...and it shows in this video. Some nice eye-contact shots :)

Amateur Porn Video : Sensual Sex Session

9 Loves

Sensual Sex Session

Sweet, sensual sex session with Tai on our couch with the window/door wide open ;) We start out in cowgirl: touching, kissing. A quick fade to an up-close view of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy, then we end with doggy style to a cumshot on my back. Enjoy; we did!

Amateur Porn Video : Limited: Frisky & Risky

3 Loves

Limited: Frisky & Risky

This will be the only video I make like this, I'm not typically into exhibitionism :) A shorter video of me feeling a little frisky. I set up my dildo on my front screen door and ride it until I cum (which didn't take long ;)). Many outside and inside views of me enjoying myself :)

Amateur Porn Video : Limited: Frisky & Risky - Balcony Edition

2 Loves

Limited: Frisky & Risky - Balcony Edition

The only video I will make like this, another shorter exhibitionist video ;) Watch as I enjoy myself in various angles on my hotel balcony in the daylight! Great pussy views!

Amateur Porn Video : The Vault: Teaser

3 Loves

The Vault: Teaser

An older video! A bit of a sex teaser ;) Tai gives me a nice massage, leading to some fingering, and sex. No cumshots were captured during the making of this video.

Amateur Porn Video : Upside Down Ecstasy

2 Loves

Upside Down Ecstasy

Upside down, finger fucking, couch fun with an intense orgasm close :)

Amateur Porn Video : Bare It All

2 Loves

Bare It All

Great view of my ass and pussy! Join Tai and I in our bed and watch as I ride his cock until he cums! Some booty shaking, pussy fingering, and ass grabbing for your viewing pleasure ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Mystery Video 1

3 Loves

Mystery Video 1

Bit of a gambler, are ya? Like surprises? This one is for you ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Gaming Distraction

1 Loves

Gaming Distraction

A typical Saturday for ya ;) Feeling rather horny while doing some fishing in WoW, I just had to touch myself. I try to keep fishing, but I just can't help it.

Amateur Porn Video : Sunlit Enjoyment

1 Loves

Sunlit Enjoyment

Watch and enjoy as I touch myself in the warm sun light and fuck myself with my black vibrator :) I make myself so wet, I leave quite a creamy mess! Semi-nude.

Amateur Porn Video : Hairbrush

2 Loves


Simply put, a little play time with my hairbrush :) I don't have my typical glasses on in this video.

Amateur Porn Video : Limited: R&R

1 Loves

Limited: R&R

Our first 100% Raw and Real video! No staging, no editing...you get it ALL in this video, nothing is edited out! This is our 3am blow-jobbing, kissing, fingering, condom placing, reverse cowgirling experience! A full-on, intense orgasm from both of us to close out with :) We hope you enjoy this 100% raw video!

Amateur Porn Video : The Red TuTu & an Ice Pop ;)

4 Loves

The Red TuTu & an Ice Pop ;)

Watch me as I slowly rub my nipples and pussy with an ice popsicle. Enjoy close-up views of me fucking myself with the very cold popsicle (and licking it), then I intensely cum with my bullet vibrator on my clit and the popsicle inside me. Seven minutes of cold, red tutu fun!

Amateur Porn Video : The Vault: Peep Show

0 Loves

The Vault: Peep Show

One of our older videos! While I was reading one evening, Tai had set up a camera outside and I had no idea. Here's little preview of what happened ;) No penetration or cumshots were captured during the making of this film.

Amateur Porn Video : Shower Dildo Fun :)

2 Loves

Shower Dildo Fun :)

Five minutes of me in my shower teasing my pussy and nipples, lathering myself with soap, then riding my suction dildo until I cum loudly in front of my open window ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Naked Stretches

1 Loves

Naked Stretches

The perfect setting for my yoga/stretch routine, just enough warmth and a slight breeze for my wind chimes. Join me while I soak in the wonderful day! A little playful touching at the end :)

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November '16

My Fall 2016 photoset

20 Photos

October '16

Jillian as a demonic temptress :)

10 Photos

Orange Lights

My naked body wrapped in orange lights :) Not great quality, but fun photos!

10 Photos

The Vault: Pussy Collection

Random pussy photos! Many older shots including; hairbrush, ice, up skirt, spread lips, and a wonderful up-close shot of two dildos!

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The Vault: Le Love

VERY old photos of Tai and I. Black and white art.

16 Photos

The Vault: Random Body Shots

A few various body shots when I had shorter hair :) Butt, arms, legs, feet, boobs. More artful than sexual. Raw, not edited.

10 Photos

Outdoor Fun w/ Tai

I started playing in our backyard and Tai just couldn't stay away! Some shots of him and I for your viewing pleasure ;) Raw, not edited.

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