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22-year-old cam girl and video-maker. Professional masturbator. Kink enthusiast. Video game addict and general nerd. Okay at chess. Tip 75 tks for clean or worn panties!

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POV Sex with Beetlejuice video by Jessica Starling

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POV Sex with Beetlejuice

You've summoned the ghost with the most, and boy has it been a LONG time since she's gotten laid. Beetlejuice promptly propositions you, and promises she'll "take real good care of you". How could you refuse? She gets on top and mounts your cock, her huge tits swaying in your face. Beetlejuice dirty talks, asking you how her pussy feels, telling you how much she loves your cock. You fuck her doggy, and watch her ass bounce with every thrust. Then, you get on top in missionary and pound her until you both cum simultaneously. You then watch your warm cum drip out from her tight pussy. Having been thoroughly satisfied, Beetlejuice waits no time to leave, telling you she has a whole world to make chaos in.

Vampire Owns and Rides Your Cock video by Jessica Starling

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Vampire Owns and Rides Your Cock

You've stumbled upon the lair of a powerful vampiress -- and now she's looking at you like you're her next meal. She mesmerizes you with her eyes, rendering you placid and vulnerable. Then, she sinks her teeth in and tastes you. She loves the way you taste. She has to have more of you. She needs to own you. The vampiress strips for you, and she tells you that she's going to own you. You can't resist her, she's far too powerful. She strokes your hard cock, teasing you, telling you it's hers. She gets on top and starts to ride you with her creamy pussy. She's going to use your cock to cum, and she's going to use it whenever she wants from now on. You belong to her. You're not allowed to cum until she says so -- after she does. The vampiress counts down from 10 while she rides you and allows you to cum inside her.

Creampied and Impregnated by Satan video by Jessica Starling

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Creampied and Impregnated by Satan

Tonight, I am conceiving the Anti-Christ. I recite a prayer to Satan and summon him, asking him to impregnate me so I can bring about his devil-spawn. Satan eagerly agrees, and he fucks my pussy with his fat demon cock. I ride him, telling him he needs to cum inside of me and fill me up so he can get me pregnant. He cums while I bounce on his cock, and it drips out from my pussy. I show him, but tell him it's not enough -- I need more of his cum. I need to make SURE he impregnates me. Satan fucks me on my back until he fills me up with his cum again. I show him his creampie again, but beg him to cum inside me one more time. Satan then pounds me from behind in doggy. He cums inside me again, and it drips out as he pulls out his fat cock. I tell him I can already feel something growing inside of me.

Cursed Doll Wants to Play (and Fuck) video by Jessica Starling

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Cursed Doll Wants to Play (and Fuck)

You knew something wasn't right about that life-size doll you got from that garage sale. It's cursed, and it comes to life before your eyes. The doll wants to play with you. Forever. And also fuck, apparently. She takes out her tits and tells you to touch them, that they're soft and as real as you are. She takes out your cock, spits on it, and starts to stroke it, making you tell her how good it feels. She lets you fuck her big tits before she takes off her panties and begs you to fuck her. You're hesitant -- are you really going to fuck a cursed doll? She spreads her pussy so you can see how wet she is and starts to rub her clit while she pleads you to put your cock inside her. You finally give in and fuck her while she lays on her back, still rubbing her clit. She tells you that you need to cum inside her, and that she wants to cum at the same time. She tells you when she's close, and you two cum hard. She spreads her pussy for you again so you can see all the cum inside her. And, like that, she turns back into a normal doll again. Until next time.

Morticia Fingers and Fucks to Poe video by Jessica Starling

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Morticia Fingers and Fucks to Poe

Morticia Addams is a BIG fan of Edgar Allan Poe. She finds horror stories romantic -- arousing, even. Morticia begins to read the story "Berenice" to Gomez, and finds herself getting progressively more turned on with each sentence. She begins to grope her tits, taking them out and playing with her nipples. Morticia gets so aroused a few paragraphs in she rubs her clit and encourages Gomez to touch himself with her. She fingers her wet pussy in different positions while reading, giving Gomez the perfect views of her body, trying to push words through her lips between her soft moans. As she nears the end of the story, Morticia fucks her pussy with a dildo, climaxing with Gomez at the gruesome finale.

Possessed Nun Gets Anal Creampie video by Jessica Starling

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Possessed Nun Gets Anal Creampie

There's something evil inside Sister Jessica, and it wants nothing more than to seduce and fuck the priest. The demon has a nasty mouth, telling the priest it knows how much he wants to put his throbbing cock inside Sister Jessica's filthy whore cunt. The demon shows the priest Jessica's pussy, and begs him to fuck her. The priest is hard and throbbing, but hesitant, which the demon mocks. The demon takes a crucifix and rubs it against Jessica's pussy, putting it inside her and crying "let Jesus fuck you". The demon takes hold of a bible and caresses it against Jessica's tits and brings it down to her pussy, which it makes her hump. The demon exposes Jessica's tits for the priest, her tits bouncing as she rides against the embossed surface of the bible. The demon then spanks Jessica with the bible, telling the priest she needs to be punished, and that she must be punished with his cock. The priest gives in to the demon and lets it mount his hard cock, riding him while telling him dirty obscenities. The demon then commands the priest to put his cock in Jessica's ass and to fill it up with his cum. The demon rides the priest's cock until he cums, and it lets the cum drip out of Jessica's asshole. But, then, the demon leaves the body of Sister Jessica. She looks to the priest, horrified. "What have you done?"

Good Morning: Pillow Humping, Fingering video by Jessica Starling

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Good Morning: Pillow Humping, Fingering

I woke up horny this morning. Maybe it was the dream I had. I'm still tired but I start to finger my pussy before rolling over onto one of my pillows. I start to hump it, and the soft material feels so good against my clit. It turns me on so much, I can't stop. I hump it in various positions around my bed, facing different ways, sometimes sitting on the pillow to hump it and other times lying on top of it. After a while of humping I decide I need to cum. I lie down on my back, open my legs and work my pussy. I also play with and suck on my tits. I finger my pussy until I cum. It was exactly what I needed. Maybe I'll rest again for a few more hours...

Daddy Spanks, Fucks and Creampies video by Jessica Starling

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Daddy Spanks, Fucks and Creampies

(Daddy's dialogue is shown as text on screen) Daddy isn't happy when he finds out Jessica hasn't been going to her classes. He makes her spank her ass with a wooden paddle until her cheeks are cherry red, but Daddy isn't satisfied just yet. He makes her wear a ballgag, take off her shirt and spank her tits as well. Daddy still doesn't think Jessica learned her lesson, however, and makes her spank her little pussy with the paddle. Jessica's been punished, but she still needs to properly apologize to Daddy. She shows off her body for him, spit dripping from her ballgag and rubbing it over her tits. Then, she lets him fuck her doggystyle. Daddy makes her take off the ballgag after so he can hear her dirty talk to him, telling him how much she loves his cock and to cum inside of her. Daddy fills up Jessica's pussy with his cum and watches as it drips out. He forgives Jessica, and Jessica promises to never disobey him again.

Cheating Slut Double Blowjob and Facials video by Jessica Starling

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Cheating Slut Double Blowjob and Facials

Jessica and her boyfriend are at a party, but she leaves him to satisfy her filthy addiction to cock. Her boyfriend is just in the other room as she sucks another guy's cock and greedily makes him cum into her mouth. Another guy walks in on them and catches Jessica naked with cum covering her mouth, face and tits. She tells him that if he doesn't tell her boyfriend she'll suck his cock, too. She then starts sucking both of the guys cocks, deepthroating and getting her spit everywhere. She confesses how much she loves sucking cock to them, and how much she loves men cumming on her face and body. She greedily makes them both cum into her mouth and on her face. She can't get enough of their cum -- until her boyfriend walks in.

Jealous Mommy Squirts and Gets Creampie video by Jessica Starling

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Jealous Mommy Squirts and Gets Creampie

You've got a hot date tonight with a pretty girl -- but mommy doesn't like that. She wants her baby boy all to herself. That girl is going to try to have sex with you, but mommy wants you to know fucking her will be better than fucking any other girl. She'll do anything to show you she's better. She strips for you, and by the time she's only in her lingerie you're rock hard. Seeing your mommy naked drives you insane. You fuck her while she guides you and says dirty things to you. Then, she gets on top and rides you cock until she squirts and you cum inside her. Mommy shows you the creampie you gave her, and you both agree that you won't be seeing any other girls.

Samus Sucks, Fucks and Does Anal video by Jessica Starling

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Samus Sucks, Fucks and Does Anal

After getting her suit destroyed in a fight with Ridley, Samus manages to crawl back to her ship to recover. As she rests, Ridley finds her, but doesn't finish her. The Xenodragon didn't realize he was trying to get rid of such a babe. Samus wakes up and sees Ridley standing over her, staring, his huge alien cock fully erect. Samus sees an opportunity to defeat her opponent. She proposes that the fuck before Ridley comes back to his senses and disposes of her, to which he happily agrees. Samus tells him she's experienced with alien cock -- hell, she's a god damn space bounty hunter, she's done all kinds of stuff. She sucks his cock a bit before slipping it inside her. Ridley fucks her pussy hard until Samus starts to ride him. Then, Samus begs for Ridley to put his dragonic cock inside her asshole. Ridley pounds her ass and Samus takes it like a champ, being able to fit nearly all of his massive girth inside her. Finally, Samus has a powerful anal orgasm. Ridley is then worn out and closes his eyes. Samus immediately takes advantage of this opportunity and disposes of him with her laser pistol. "Too easy," she says.

Custom: Just Tit Play video by Jessica Starling

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Custom: Just Tit Play

"Two angles, up close and in good lighting (first looking straight on at your breasts, then looking up at your underboob). Deep squeezing, kneading, and massaging your boobs, like in the gifs that I linked in the message. Really grab your boobs hard, pressing them between your thumb and fingers and squeezing deeply. (But only as hard as youre comfortable with!). No oil or lotion."

School Girl Blackmailed into Anal video by Jessica Starling

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School Girl Blackmailed into Anal

Consider this the sequel to "Slutty School Girl Anal". Jessica's college professor asks to see her after class and shows her "Slutty School Girl Anal" on his laptop -- but no one was supposed to see that video. Jessica is horribly embarrassed and asks if she's gotten into any sort of trouble. However, she quickly figures out her professor's intentions are to blackmail her with the video he found. Jessica reluctantly strips and puts on a slutty school girl outfit to appease her professor. Next, he makes her put in a butt plug and spank herself with a wooden paddle. Jessica is combative at first, but realizes she must submit to her professor in order to save her academic career. Then, she gets on her knees and sucks her professor's cock, telling him she's his cock sucking whore in between deepthroating. Her professor titty fucks her as well, but he's not yet satiated. He wants to fuck Jessica in the ass, just like he saw in the video. Jessica protests, but is convinced otherwise. Her professor pound her ass until he fills it up wit his cum. Jessica then shows him his cum leaking out from her asshole.

Birthday Whipped Cream Hitachi Cum video by Jessica Starling

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Birthday Whipped Cream Hitachi Cum

What's better than birthday cake? Licking whipped cream off of my body, of course. I rub (vegan) whipped cream all over my body with close-ups of my tits and ass, sucking and licking whipped cream off my fingers. Then, when I'm all covered in sticky cream, I use my hitachi on my pussy while I invite you to lick the sweetness off of me. My skin tastes so good from the whipped cream still I can't help but licking and sucking my tits while I use my hitachi. I cum hard, and suck my fingers clean one last time.

Bathtub Birthday Fuck GFE video by Jessica Starling

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Bathtub Birthday Fuck GFE

It's your girlfriend's birthday. She spent the whole day at work, so you decide to draw her a romantic bath -- candles, bubbles, smooth jazz, the whole nine yards. Your girlfriends loves it and says she desperately needed something to help her relax. Of course, you can't help but stare at her gorgeous body as she bathes. She notices you and tells you that she'd been thinking about you all day. She shows off her body for you and rubs her clit before taking out your cock and eagerly sucking it. Then, she tells you to come in the bath with her to fuck her. You pound her pussy until she cums on your hard cock. She tells you she thinks that was the most perfect birthday present she's ever received.

Little Birthday Girl Cums for Daddy video by Jessica Starling

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Little Birthday Girl Cums for Daddy

(Daddy's dialogue is shown as text on screen.) It's little Jessica's birthday and daddy has a special "cumming of age" present for her. He's going to teach her to cum for him, the way he likes. Little Jessica is wearing a special Hello Kitty bathing suit for daddy, and shows it off for him before stripping out of it, showing daddy her big tits and her pretty pussy. Daddy then tells her to get on her back and start to rub her pussy for him, giving her instructions on what to do and in what positions to be in. Then, daddy gives little Jessica a butt plug and instructs her how to put it in her ass. Jessica loves the way it feels in her ass and she rubs her pussy harder for her daddy. She gets up close so daddy can see her pink pussy cum.

My First B/G POV Sex Tape - HD video by Jessica Starling

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My First B/G POV Sex Tape - HD

I suck and fuck real dick in my first ever B/G sex tape, compete with: a super sloppy blowjob, doggy style with a perfect view of my rippling ass, and finishes off with cowgirl so you can watch my tits bounce as I ride. Everything is seen from your POV in HD 1080p.

Rough Fuck B/G Sex Tape - HD video by Jessica Starling

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Rough Fuck B/G Sex Tape - HD

My second B/G sex tape is here! Watch me get fucked in HD, complete with: sloppy POV BJ, riding, doggie, and even more sexy positions. I'm treated more rough this time around and have my face fucked, slapped, my hair pulled, and have his hands wrapped around my neck. The video ends with a cum shot on my tits, and I greedily lick all of it up.

Custom: More Than Friends: Anal, Riding video by Jessica Starling

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Custom: More Than Friends: Anal, Riding

"The Wonder Years Reboot: Kevin Arnold grows up with the tom-boy next door, Winnie Cooper. They are best friends and he has never seen her in a romantic a way. Over the years she has become a beautiful woman but he still sees her as a friend. She is assertive and decisive. She sees their connection and she has a very kinky side. She wants to do something to completely change their dynamic. She knows if she confronts him face to face he will probably not hear her out due to the nature of their friendship. She decides to seduce him through a video. She quickly explains her feelings and shows him that she has been harboring kinky thoughts for a long time. Now that they are adults on their own she decided to make a move. She sets up her camera and decides to send a seductive message.She wants to express her feelings through the video. She is in no make-up and in her regular clothes, as he normally sees her. She explains how she feels and wants to be more than friends. (1min) She shows off her body head to toe, front and back, every inch. Spreading her pussy and ass. She brings out a dildo and demonstrates what she would like to do. She sticks it on the floor and mounts it while she plays with her tits. She uses her spit as she would oil to glisten her tits, drooling over each one. She rides the dildo slowly then ramping up aggressively. (5 mins) She periodically removes it and places it in her mouth to taste herself. (4 min) She replaces the dildo and rides it anally. During the riding she rubs her spit covered tits and places her nipples in her mouth, sucking on them slowly. (4 min) She rides the dildo to orgasm while continuingly rubbing her tits and drooling copious amounts on them. She removes the dildo and she deep throats it. (1 min) The shot closes with a wink and blowing a kiss."

Mommy Teaches You About Sex video by Jessica Starling

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Mommy Teaches You About Sex

You've been curious about some thing lately -- curious about sex. You go to your mom to give you the ol' "birds and the bees" talk, but you start to get hard while she's explaining everything to you. She notices, and assures you it's perfectly natural. You've been having some dirty thoughts about her for a while. She tells you she wants your experience with sex to be one that you're comfortable with, and so she offers to teach you first-hand. Your mommy sucks your cock before slowly stripping and riding you, frontwards and backwards, on the couch until you both cum.

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18 sexy high-res photos of me playing around with strawberries and whipped cream. Includes both lingerie and explicit nude photos. Someone should probably tell me how to eat these properly.

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