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Upskirt and Fishnet video by Jasper

1 Loves

Upskirt and Fishnet

watch me play with myself up my skirt while wearing a crotchless fishnet bodysuit

Tentacle in the Tub video by Jasper

1 Loves

Tentacle in the Tub

what's a good bath without sticking some tentacle in my mouth and pussy?

Foot Worship Lotion and Paint video by Jasper

1 Loves

Foot Worship Lotion and Paint

This one is for the lovers of toes, soles, and just feet in general. In this video I lotion up my feet and paint my toe nails

Beetlejuice video by Jasper

5 Loves


A strange thing happens when Jas tries to summon Beetlejuice

Powering Down video by Jasper

10 Loves

Powering Down

Year: 3005 It's been 5 years since the internet became self-aware and self destructed in retaliation to multiple governments across the globe trying to control it. Modern society, primarily in first world countries that had social and economic systems relying on the internet, began to crumble. Wars of both civil and international varieties broke out as a result of fear and the desire to maintain the lifestyle we all once knew. Of course, these fights were fruitless as corruption and crime only grew more prominent. In five years, most everything has been destroyed. You have survived, and seen the deaths of many. You decide to walk west in search of a place you used to know, hoping to find anything familiar to comfort you in your dystopian reality. On your way, you find camera. On it, you see the following footage. There's no date on the footage, and you wonder: who is this girl? Where has she gone? When was this recorded? More importantly, will you continue your journey west in attempt to find some hope, or will you search for the girl in the footage, who could be hundreds of miles away by now.... or dead.

The Bite video by Jasper

10 Loves

The Bite

While out with friends one halloween night, you decide to go sneaking through an old church. It's not long before you end up separated from everyone. You walk down a spiral staircase after you hear enchanting music call to you. You push against a large wooden door that reaches up to the ceiling, and it creaks as it opens slowly. Inside you see candles are lit on what appears to be an alter. Next to it, a wooden coffin. You hear someone inside of it, and it opens. You see a girl, and she starts speaking in a way you don't comprehend. After seeing your confused face, she decides to communicate in a way you might be able to understand.

Five Nights at Jasper's video by Jasper

5 Loves

Five Nights at Jasper's

It looks like Jasper has acquired some cool animatronics at an estate sale! Although it seems she's gotten oddly protective of them and has set up a security camera system and put an ad in the paper for a security guard for when she's not home. Times are tough so you apply and get the job! The screens are little hard to see... and it's a little spooky at night but luckily once the clock strikes 6am you get to clock out and escape.... I mean not escape, that's the wrong word. No need to escape, everything's fine! Everything's totally fine!!

Womanizer pt. 2 video by Jasper

2 Loves

Womanizer pt. 2

Intro of a strip tease in a tight skirt and no undies that leads to a pulsing orgasm with my Womanizer toy

Summer Daydream Orgasm video by Jasper

2 Loves

Summer Daydream Orgasm

I am but a warm simple vagina on a summer day. Are you getting sleepy? Go on ahead and rest upon my butt cheeks

Cumming on a Schoolgirl video by Jasper

1 Loves

Cumming on a Schoolgirl

After failing English, you're made to join a study group to try and get up those grades. You end up being assigned partners.... you're paired with the weird girl you've seen sitting in the back of the room in art class. You decide to study together in the library after school, but the only table left is the secluded one way in the back with a reputation for being the make out corner. You get a little nervous but she walks towards the empty table without hesitation. You sit down and open up your book, but when you can't stop catching glances up her skirt and it isn't long before she notices where your eyes keep falling. How much can you get away with in a library, anyway

Arc of Time video by Jasper

3 Loves

Arc of Time

twist like sheets until you fall asleep

Misty Sucks Your Cock video by Jasper

4 Loves

Misty Sucks Your Cock

Whip it out and Misty goes to town! But she might have taken on more than she can handle...

Glasses BJ Clip video by Jasper

11 Loves

Glasses BJ Clip

watch me get lipstick all over your cock while I wear my giant glasses

La Croix video by Jasper

1 Loves

La Croix

Forced refreshment never looked so good

Post Heist BJ video by Jasper

9 Loves

Post Heist BJ

Have you ever robbed a bank with a chick only to be left with the overwhelming desire to receive a blow job? Well don't worry, no banks were harmed in the filming of this 9 minute 39 second film but with the POV angle and my very convincing ski mask and dildo, you won't even know the difference. I do reveal my face so I guess it turns out that I'm not all that great at hiding my identity.

Bad Girls Club (smoking/bj) video by Jasper

9 Loves

Bad Girls Club (smoking/bj)

5:40 minutes of me squishing my boobs around to some cheesy tunes, smoking a bowl, and getting a little sloppy with a dildo. Topless but not full nude.

The Fishnet Cum Video video by Jasper

10 Loves

The Fishnet Cum Video

if I'm ur punk rock princess will u b my garage band king??????

Noir Kitty  video by Jasper

8 Loves

Noir Kitty

20:54 minutes of noir kitty! teasing, hand play, oral teasing, and an orgasm too. This is one of my personal favorites!

Button Bottom video by Jasper

8 Loves

Button Bottom

How convenient, a one piece that unsnaps from the bottom! Best I put this to good use.

Flashback: Extra Credit video by Jasper

7 Loves

Flashback: Extra Credit

Another flashback of me as a blonde school girl! 19:06 minutes of teasing and touching. Watch me use a tentacle toy that's almost too thick to fit! Oral teasing, tiny vibrator, and an orgasm.

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Bathtime Photos

pictures of me enjoying a bath!

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check out all the wet t-shirt competition photos that didn't quite make the cut.

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Nakie Holiday Photos 2016

15 photos of me trying to do the sexy by my xmas tree

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A Dirty Feetz Xmas

damn Jas what happen. ok so they're not THAT dirty but they've seen cleaner days. 9 high quality photos of my toes and soles, no pesky photoshop.

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