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Joined Apr.16, 2016
Height 5'9"
Weight 150 lbs
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 38B
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Icy Winters

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Hi guys! My name's Ithica but you can call me Icy! I’m a silly, kinky, nerdy trans girl who likes to play and this comes through a lot in my videos! I love to role-play, and you'll find a lot of my content revolves around story/situational stuff. Have fun and thanks for visiting me!

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After Class video by Icy Winters

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After Class

Schoolgirl Icy is in big trouble! When she cheats on a test on her teacher finds out, he asks her to stay after class. At first she thinks she's in for a punishment, but soon, things get a lot more interesting... her teacher offers to ignore her misbehaviour and give her an A+ on the test, if she's willing to do a few things for him first...

Our First Date video by Icy Winters

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Our First Date

When you are dropping me off after our first date, I invite you up to my apartment. We start out cuddling on the couch, but soon we are giving each other blow jobs, and end up fucking on the couch. I ride your cock until i orgasm, cumming all over you.

Icy Cums for Daddy video by Icy Winters

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Icy Cums for Daddy

Little Icy wakes up from her nap to find that Daddy is a bit horny. She is shy but eventually shows off her hot young puffy nipples and smooth girl cock for daddy, playing with herself until she eventually cums hard, squirting out her girl juice the way Daddy likes!

Top Ten Cumshots of 2016 video by Icy Winters

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Top Ten Cumshots of 2016

Ever get bored with the foreplay? Just wanna watch me cum 10 times in varying positions? Here's a compilation video of 10 different closeups of me cumming. Watch my dick squirt in 10 different positions, some are from other videos, some are new footage that have never been online before!

Freya's Little Slut video by Icy Winters

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Freya's Little Slut

Icy's been a bad girl this week, so Freya has decided to punish her little slut. In this video, Icy is subjected to all manner of punishments, including tit torture, face slapping, being bitten, and of course lots and lots of spankings. After punishment, it's time to service Freya by eating out her cunt, sucking her cock, and finally getting fucked in the ass. This is our longest and most hardcore video yet, and Freya's film debut! Freya is Icy's real life lover and domme and you can really see their chemistry in this scene, it's like being a fly on the wall during one of their dom/sub sessions. Music used in this video is clips from "Dark Matter" by Trillion Catz: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Trillion_Catz Available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Succubus video by Icy Winters

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Foolish sorcerer. You've summoned a demon for your pleasure, and bound her with a magical collar, but for how long will it hold her? She gives you the pleasure you seek, but will you go all the way? If you cum before she does, your soul will belong to her.

Puppy Play video by Icy Winters

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Puppy Play

Icy's playing puppy today. She's wearing her ears and tail plug, and she's working very hard to please you, her owner. With your help, she sucks your cock and gets stuck with her hard cock inside a vibrating sleeve. She thrusts back and forth, fucking the toy for you until she is allowed to finally cum!

Shaving Uncut video by Icy Winters

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Shaving Uncut

Icy was going to shave her legs anyway, so she lets you perverts watch her do it while she taunts and teases you for your disgusting shaving fetish in a 17 minute long video with no editing. Watch her as she takes a bath, shaves, and tries to keep the camera from fogging up too much!

Messy Cum Play video by Icy Winters

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Messy Cum Play

In this video, Icy gets creative with some lube that looks like cum and a syringe, shooting it all over her body, her tits, her face, until she is completely sticky and drenched in cum. Then in her cum hungry state she shoots her own load for you.

Face Worship: Femdom Jerk Off Instruction video by Icy Winters

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Face Worship: Femdom Jerk Off Instruction

Mistress Winters knows you've been jerking off to her pics online. Don't think she hasn't noticed. In this video, she puts you through your paces, starting off gentle and getting increasingly mean and dominant, forcing you to cum with her voice and body

Nurse Winters Jerk off Instruction Video video by Icy Winters

9 Loves

Nurse Winters Jerk off Instruction Video

It’s Nurse Winters first day on duty at the Sperm Bank, and she’s been assigned to help you cum as much as possible. She’s very eager to help you in any way you need, showing you exactly how to stroke and letting you use her body to help get you off. And if it’s not too much of a bother… maybe you could help her cum when you’re done?

Icy's Sex Toybox Episode One: Icy Fucks the Tenga 3D New Concept Hole video by Icy Winters

3 Loves

Icy's Sex Toybox Episode One: Icy Fucks the Tenga 3D New Concept Hole

In her longest video yet, Icy plays with and gives a very thorough review of the "Tenga 3D New Concept Hole", trying out all the different ways she can pleasure herself with it. After playing with her new toy and giving you descriptions of all the sensations it's giving her, she adds a butt plug and a vibrator into the mix and cums for you!

Mommy's Room (POV Roleplay Video) video by Icy Winters

6 Loves

Mommy's Room (POV Roleplay Video)

Mommy Icy catches her little boy stealing her panties, and after giving him a stern talking to, decides it's best if she takes his sexual education into her own hands. She breastfeeds her boy, then strokes his cock gently and gives him a blowjob before showing him her big girl cock and what it can do, masturbating for him and cumming all over her bed.

Icy Cumshow video by Icy Winters

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Icy Cumshow

It's been a long night and Icy really needs a cock in her tight hole. She fucks herself with a dildo while jerking off. Then, when she is finally allowed to cum, she is forced to ruin her orgasm, letting it leak out all over, before licking it up like a good girl. *note: this video is a "camrip" and features footage from Icy's May 10th 2016 cam show*

Icy's Obedient Sub video by Icy Winters

8 Loves

Icy's Obedient Sub

In this POV scene, soft, loving dominant Icy makes you first suck her off, taunts you for how submissive you are, and finally cums for you.

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