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Icy Winters

About Me

Joined Apr.16, 2016
Height 5'9"
Weight 150 lbs
Body Type About Average
Bra Size 38B
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black

Icy Winters

My Bio

Hi guys! My name's Ithica but you can call me Icy! I’m a silly, kinky, nerdy trans girl who likes to play and this comes through a lot in my videos! I love to role-play, and you'll find a lot of my content revolves around story/situational stuff. Have fun and thanks for visiting me!

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The Bully and the Teacher video by Icy Winters

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The Bully and the Teacher

Schoolgirl Icy has been bullying other students, and her teacher Salt Jizney is going to punish her for it! Miss Jizney takes the naughty schoolgirl into her office, sits her down, and lectures her on her bad behaviour, but when Icy talks back, Miss Jizney, who is much bigger and stronger than Icy, bends her over the desk, pulls up her skirt, and spanks her hard for her bad behaviour. Soon Miss Jizney is asking Icy to take off her clothes, and makes her piss herself through her white cotton panties.

The Bully video by Icy Winters

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The Bully

In this POV domination scene, Icy's the school bully, and you're a hopeless nerd who does her homework to keep yourself from getting beat up after class. One day, you don't get her homework done on time, and she decides to teach you a lesson, verbally degrading you, making you suck her cock, and finally pissing all over you to make sure you remember your place at her feet.

Do What I Tell You Little Brother video by Icy Winters

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Do What I Tell You Little Brother

In this POV blowjob video, you are my little brother, who wants to play N64, but you're too small and weak to take the controller away from me. I make you a deal: if you can suck me off and make me cum hard in your mouth, I'll show you my tits and let you play video games! Think you're up to the task?

No Homo video by Icy Winters

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No Homo

Imagine if I made a hardcore sex video! Wow that sure would be nuts. You wanna see me put my dick in a hot girl, don't you? There's like a 5 minute POV blowjob scene that's really hot in here, plus a whole bunch of me fucking Salt Jizney. Sounds pretty gay to be honest, but it's totally straight as long as you say "no homo" while you're cumming inside her.

Icy's Bootleg Porn video by Icy Winters

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Icy's Bootleg Porn

When Icy realizes that someone is pirating her porn, she gets really angry and decides to pirate it back! This video is the result. Please enjoy a recorded camshow of Icy circa early 2016 where she strokes and cums for you, plus a newly recorded comedic intro!

Daddy's Little Pup video by Icy Winters

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Daddy's Little Pup

Icy is Daddy's little pup, and she just wants to play!!! Fortunately for her, Daddy Wolf does too, but not in the way she's used to.... In this POV video, Icy learns about breeding from you, her Daddy. She plays with your cock with her little paws, sucks on it, and eventually takes all of it inside her. It feels so good that eventually she can't help but cum all over you. You've trained her well!

Daddy's Baby Brat video by Icy Winters

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Daddy's Baby Brat

In this POV video, your daughter Icy's rude behaviour is getting out of control! She thinks she's is a big girl but you know better. Maybe putting her in a cute onesie and diapers will change her tone, and if that's not enough, you might have to put your cock inside her, just to remind her of her place!

The Talk video by Icy Winters

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The Talk

Mommy Icy has noticed that you're getting to the age now where you are curious about adult things, so she sits you down to have a little talk.. You were sure that this was going to be a talk about sex but instead, its about breeding... your mommy wants to put her cock inside you and breed you every day, she needs it more than anything, and you're just going to have to get used to it!

Piss Slut video by Icy Winters

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Piss Slut

Did you know Icy Winters is a piss slut? This dirty girl puts on a bikini for you and pisses herself in the bathtub, then plays with it for you, bathing in her own piss, rubbing it on herself, and masturbating in it, until she cums hard for you

Wet Vibrations video by Icy Winters

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Wet Vibrations

Little Icy wakes up in the middle of the night to find her diaper is all wet! She tries to change herself, but once her diaper is off, she can't help but play with herself a little. She finds her vibrator and attachment and fucks it with her cock until she cums hard, then changes into a clean diaper and goes back to bed

Honest Fucking video by Icy Winters

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Honest Fucking

Icy was supposed to follow the porn script but she got distracted by how horny she was. Instead of acting, she ends up just talking directly to the camera, breaking the fourth wall by talking directly to the viewer about how horny and distracted she is. She masturbates for you, then gets out her fleshlight and fucks it as hard as she can until she cums all over for you

Morning Sex video by Icy Winters

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Morning Sex

In this POV domination video, Icy's boyfriend wakes up horny and wants to fuck, but doesn't realize how dominant Icy will get once he gets her dick hard

Icy's Obedient Toy video by Icy Winters

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Icy's Obedient Toy

In this POV domination video, Icy gets a new toy in the mail, you! She picks you up, puts you down on your knees where you belong, and trains you to do all of the things a sex toy needs to learn how to do, licking, sucking, and pleasing your new owner until she cums all over your you. *this is sort of a spiritual sequel to my very first video "Icy's Obedient Sub", so if you enjoyed that, you will enjoy this a lot*

Wet Babysitter video by Icy Winters

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Wet Babysitter

When little Icy gets home from school to find her parents have hired a new babysitter, she insists she's a big girl and doesn't need a sitter, but is quickly proven wrong as she wets her panties without realizing it. Eventually she gives up and lets her new babysitter put a thick diaper on her to prevent any more accidents

After Class video by Icy Winters

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After Class

Schoolgirl Icy is in big trouble! When she cheats on a test on her teacher finds out, he asks her to stay after class. At first she thinks she's in for a punishment, but soon, things get a lot more interesting... her teacher offers to ignore her misbehaviour and give her an A+ on the test, if she's willing to do a few things for him first...

Our First Date video by Icy Winters

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Our First Date

When you are dropping me off after our first date, I invite you up to my apartment. We start out cuddling on the couch, but soon we are giving each other blow jobs, and end up fucking on the couch. I ride your cock until i orgasm, cumming all over you.

Icy Cums for Daddy video by Icy Winters

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Icy Cums for Daddy

Little Icy wakes up from her nap to find that Daddy is a bit horny. She is shy but eventually shows off her hot young puffy nipples and smooth girl cock for daddy, playing with herself until she eventually cums hard, squirting out her girl juice the way Daddy likes!

Top Ten Cumshots of 2016 video by Icy Winters

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Top Ten Cumshots of 2016

Ever get bored with the foreplay? Just wanna watch me cum 10 times in varying positions? Here's a compilation video of 10 different closeups of me cumming. Watch my dick squirt in 10 different positions, some are from other videos, some are new footage that have never been online before!

Succubus video by Icy Winters

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Foolish sorcerer. You've summoned a demon for your pleasure, and bound her with a magical collar, but for how long will it hold her? She gives you the pleasure you seek, but will you go all the way? If you cum before she does, your soul will belong to her.

Puppy Play video by Icy Winters

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Puppy Play

Icy's playing puppy today. She's wearing her ears and tail plug, and she's working very hard to please you, her owner. With your help, she sucks your cock and gets stuck with her hard cock inside a vibrating sleeve. She thrusts back and forth, fucking the toy for you until she is allowed to finally cum!

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