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Hello I am Huxley! I am a GodsGirl model as well as sexy cosplay lady. I love Homestuck & enjoy being part of the nudestuck cosplaying community. I got into videos by making commissions for nudestuck & am excited to branch out from there. My favorite part of amateur porn is all the creative potential to express myself & my sexuality. Aside from being naked on the internet I am an artist & avid outdoorswoman. Thanks for stopping by & enjoy!

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Amateur Porn Video : Jade Misses Dave

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Jade Misses Dave

Jade hates being far away from Dave & she wishes he were there playing with her body & plowing her with his hard cock. She pours body oil all over her body as if Dave was massaging her. Rubbing her hands all over her body makes her horny so she starts fingering herself & talking dirty to Dave. She fucks herself with a glass dildo & rubs her clit with a vibrator. She gives you lots of close ups in many positions, switching it up between the glass dildo & the vibrator. After orgasming she’s still really horny so she goes again for another orgasm, telling Dave how badly she wants him to cum in her.

Amateur Porn Video : GodsGirls Get Down

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GodsGirls Get Down

Let Huxley show you a good time in this sexy video. She strips down to her thigh highs then spanks herself with a wooden paddle. She gets so wet & horny from spanking her ass that she starts fingering herself. Then she takes out a candle & dribbles hot wax on her tits & nipples, down her stomach, & on top of her thighs. She’s really horny & needs to get off so she fucks herself from front & behind with a ceramic dildo, talking dirty to you & begging you to cum with her.

Amateur Porn Video : Jades Doggystyle DP

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Jades Doggystyle DP

Jade is down to show you how she likes to have fun. She starts off by spanking herself to get her cheeks cherry red then makes them even redder with some hot wax. Then she takes off her bra & pours hot wax all over her tits too. She’s so hot & horny that she starts fingering her asshole. She loves it so much that she fucks her asshole with a dildo & fucks her pussy with a vibrator at the same time. The double penetration feels so good that she moans & moans until she cums.

Amateur Porn Video : Ladybug Strips to Running My Head

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Ladybug Strips to Running My Head

Ladybug is more like a jitterbug in this sexy striptease to “Running My Head” by Shirobon. Watch as she dances & grooves with the same confidence she uses to fight crime. The only crime here is how hot she is.

Amateur Porn Video : Jade Takes Dick Noir

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Jade Takes Dick Noir

Jade wants to show you a good time. She’s really horny & wants nothing more than to get off in front of you while you get off too. She teases herself through her lingerie then strips down to play with her breasts & pluck her nipples. She then rides a big black cock on her mirror so you can see the reflection. After she’s had her fun riding Dick Noir she pulls it off the mirror, bends over from behind, & gives you the full view as she plows herself.

Amateur Porn Video : Daddys Bad Lil Puppy

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Daddys Bad Lil Puppy

I’ve been a bad girl for going through Daddy’s porn collection & he won’t let me get away with it so easily. I take the punishment I deserve like a good girl, spankings & all. After my cheeks are cherry red I ask Daddy what else I can do to make it up to him. He lets me suck his cock under the condition that I play like a puppy while I do so. I become so wet that I beg Daddy to fuck me hard. He treats me to a rough fucking & after I cum I thank him, telling him that I’ll be the sweetest girl he knows from now on.

Amateur Porn Video : Playtime with Jade

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Playtime with Jade

Jade wants to play with you & she wants to play dirty. She strips out of her clothes & touches herself, asking you to touch yourself with her. She wants you there with her, holding her & grinding her. She sucks a vibrator while touching herself, wishing it were you. She then inserts it & tells you how good it feels, but how much better it would feel if it were you. She fucks herself from front & behind, encouraging you to get closer & closer to cumming with her, until you cum together as if you were never apart.

Amateur Porn Video : Aradia Strips to High For This

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Aradia Strips to High For This

Aradia is livelier than ever in this sexy striptease video! Watch as she sways her hips to Ellie Goulding’s “High For This” & slowly undresses, dancing & touching herself along the way.

Amateur Porn Video : Rose Tease

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Rose Tease

What sorcery is Rose up to in this new saucy video? She twirls her nipple tassels & feels herself up to the beat of Alt J, then strips out of her corset & pasties to show you the goods.

Amateur Porn Video : Ramona Tease

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Ramona Tease

Ramona Flowers wants to give you a show so she playfully teases her body for you, running her hands all over herself & slowly stripping out of her clothes. She fondles her breasts & fingers herself, giving you a full view of her beautiful naked body as she cums.

Amateur Porn Video : Happy Birthday John

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Happy Birthday John

It's John's birthday and Dave wants to give a little something extra special. He professes his love for his best bro and proceeds to give him the show of his life. Watch Dave as he pours oil all over his body, slathering it on and getting hotter by the second. He becomes so frisky that he plays like a puppy, wanting to hump John. After he lubes up and fingers himself he takes out a dildo and fucks himself from front and behind until he cums.

Amateur Porn Video : Ramona Shows Scott Who's Boss

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Ramona Shows Scott Who's Boss

Ramona decides to spice up her relationship with Scott by domming him in bed. She tells him all about how she would play with him & how she used to play with her evil ex Roxy. Then she makes Scott watch as she rubs oil all over her body. She is so turned on that she takes out a big, black dildo & pretends it's Scott. She gives it a handjob then fucks herself with it, allowing Scott to cum with her.

Amateur Porn Video : No Restrictions

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No Restrictions

Let me show you how to get hot in this sensual video. I start by dancing to some music by Portishead & feeling myself up. I take off my bra & play with my boobs for you. Then I drip hot candle wax all over my chest & take off my panties to drip more on my clit. I use my new Shibari wand to massage my clit & become aroused. As I become more turned on I moan louder & louder until I have a screaming orgasm. Even after I cum I continue playing with my wand to my heart's content.

Amateur Porn Video : Damara Gets You Off

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Damara Gets You Off

Just imagine that you're with Damara, touching her and holding her in your arms. Imagine that you're giving her a rimjob and getting her hotter. She rubs her feet all over your cock and lets you suck her toes. Then she begins to touch herself and masturbates with a dildo. She likes you to touch yourself with her but she won't let you cum until she's through with you. After she cums she pours hot wax on her ass and tits. Then she rides your face and lets you eat her out, finally letting you cum.

Amateur Porn Video : Aradia Strips to Coolkid

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Aradia Strips to Coolkid

Watch Aradia wriggle and writhe as she strips out of her clothes and touches herself to Cookid from coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B.

Amateur Porn Video : Dirk Denial

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Dirk Denial

Roxy has been filled with jealousy and lust ever since Dirk started dating Jake English. She needs to let out her horny feelings by touching herself and talking dirty to you. She strips out of her clothes to reveal her cute princess plug then teases her clit with a vibrator. Then she releases all the tension built over Dirk with an orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Peeping Dave

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Peeping Dave

Dave isn't used to having an audience, but he'll make an exception for you so long as you touch yourself along with him. Watch Dave as he strips down and masturbates for you, using his favorite vibrator from front and behind until he cums.

Amateur Porn Video : Feferi Takes a Splash

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Feferi Takes a Splash

This sexy sea dweller says filthy fish puns to get you as turned on as she is. Feferi rubs oil all over her body to get aroused. After fingering herself a bit she sucks her glass tentabulge and fucks herself with it. She vividly describes how good it feels inside her, then has wave after wave of pleasure until she has a screaming orgasm.

Amateur Porn Video : Maid of Time

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Maid of Time

Aradia takes a break from being maid of time to show you how to get dirty. As I play with my boobs I talk dirty to you. I strip out of my clothes & begin sucking a dildo. I rub it all over myself and between my legs. Then I spank myself until my cheeks are cherry red. After that I use my dildo to masturbate and moan louder and louder until I cum.

Amateur Porn Video : Jade's Romp in the Sack

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Jade's Romp in the Sack

Jade Harley wants to show you a good time! I start by talking dirty as I rub my ass and present myself from behind. Then I reveal my tits and fondle them, plucking my nipples as I tease myself . I start to finger myself and moan as I masturbate. Then I fuck my pussy with my glass dildo and suck it off afterwards.

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