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About Me

Joined Jun.20, 2016
Height 5'7"
Weight 125 lbs
Body Type Athletic
Bra Size 34B
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Red


My Bio

ALL VIDEOS ON SALE. MOST 2016/2017 VIDEOS ARE BEING REMOVED JAN 1ST 2018. hi there! I'm not too good at these things, but I hope you enjoy watching my porn! All videos and photosets are fully HD! Don't forget to click that lil heart if you enjoy! |All my pictures below are from my snapchat! If you want to see more DAILY, Tip me 50 tokens for my snapchat for life! (Please leave me your snapchat name in the note or in a follow-up message!)

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2017 Highlights Snapchat Compilation video by Em

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2017 Highlights Snapchat Compilation

My favorite moments, sexy and sweet, saved from my members only snapchat! Take a sneak peak at what members get to enjoy daily. To join in on the fun, my snapchat can be purchased for a tip of 50 tokens!

Daylight video by Em

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A video dedicated to worshiping my hairy pussy and ass. Extreme close ups, teasing and fingering in the sun.

Egg video by Em

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Masturbating with my black obsidian egg. Intensely hot, slightly weird.

Foxey Lady video by Em

1 Loves

Foxey Lady

Starting with Jimi Hendrix's "Foxey Lady," and ending with a beautiful orgasm, this video will leave you enticed and mesmerized.

Happy Birthday video by Em

2 Loves

Happy Birthday

If squirt & birthday balloons are your thing then this is the video for you! Seriously, this is one of my best videos ever, don't miss out!

Monster Cock Attempt no 1 video by Em

4 Loves

Monster Cock Attempt no 1

Monster cock wants to fuck my teeny, tiny pussy. Will it fit? Find out how much I successfully and eagerly fuck this giant toy and watch monster cock give me my biggest, wettest, best squirt yet! The video ends with me licking my delicious cum off the floor.

Glitter Cherry video by Em

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Glitter Cherry

For the first time ever, watch me in a camgirl classic: pouring and rubbing glittery oil all over my body. Set to the tune of, "Go Robot," by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Live NYE '16 Buttplug Cumshow video by Em

2 Loves

Live NYE '16 Buttplug Cumshow

Recording from my New Year's Eve 2016 live camshow. Thousands of people joined in to celebrate the new year by watching me ride one of my favorite dildos while wearing my sparkly green buttplug. Everyone knows the best way to ring in the new year is by cumming!

GoPro Underwater Bathbomb 4K HD video by Em

3 Loves

GoPro Underwater Bathbomb 4K HD

Set to the beautiful tune of Debussy's Clair de Lune, enjoy spying on my bath from underwater! Naked feet and pussy shots as I introduce a colorful bathbomb explosion to my bath. Voyeur feel, shots of me getting in, sitting in the clear water for a little bit. Video ends after complete demo of bath bomb.

Anon Squirt video by Em

6 Loves

Anon Squirt

Frisky girl watches hentai, fucks a purple dildo, and enjoys a lovely squirt.

PB&J video by Em

2 Loves


Naked me makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and eats it for you.

Good Morning video by Em

2 Loves

Good Morning

Nude tease in the morning sunlight. Set to an instrumental version of West Coast by Lana Del Rey.

Popsicle Fucksicle video by Em

3 Loves

Popsicle Fucksicle

This is my favorite toy, you have no idea. Watch me suck my dildo that looks just like a popsicle for you, then fuck myself. My favorite purple vibrator also makes an appearance as I makes myself cum.

Nerdy Finger Fuck video by Em

6 Loves

Nerdy Finger Fuck

It's the morning. No makeup, glasses on, I'm horny! Time to finger fuck myself to a wonderful, gooey orgasm to start my day.

Lights Out video by Em

1 Loves

Lights Out

shh be quiet, in the dark it's time to hush. soft moans as cool glass and warm body intertwine into one. vibrations break the silence.

Equidistant Self Love video by Em

5 Loves

Equidistant Self Love

Watch in complete HD, DUAL shots: bird's eye and, "right in front of all the action!", as I thoroughly enjoy sucking my realistic dildo that's attached to my mirror. Then riding it to a super creamy, wet orgasm. (it's such a good one, I give you both shots of the orgasm so you can choose which angle you prefer!)

Parallel Squirts video by Em

2 Loves

Parallel Squirts

Watch me in full HD as I masturbate with two of my favorite toys until I reach an amazing, squirty orgasm. This all happened AFTER my super naughty video, "Equidistant Self Love."

GoPro Shower Voyeur video by Em

2 Loves

GoPro Shower Voyeur

Watch me in brilliant Go Pro waterproof HD as I take my morning shower that ends with a little sudsy surprise! ;) True VOYEUR

Choco Feet video by Em

0 Loves

Choco Feet

In my messiest private yet, watch me pour chocolate syrup all over my feet, rubbing it in, and licking/sucking it off. Such a yummy chocolate foot adventure!

Surprise Squirt video by Em

3 Loves

Surprise Squirt

Testing out my new toy someone gifted me with (Mini Black Lelo Wand!) ends in an orgasm way better (and wetter) than I expected.

48 PhotosWildfire photo gallery by Em


Inspired by the song, "Uhn Tiss," by the Bloodhound Gang. Listen to it while scrolling through the pictures, a peak into my thoughts.

82 PhotosThe Joker photo gallery by Em

The Joker

“It’s not about the money. It’s about sending a message. Everything burns.”

24 PhotosTeen Nudes photo gallery by Em

Teen Nudes

24 HD photos of 19 year old me showing you all my goodies.

40 PhotosPity Party photo gallery by Em

Pity Party

It's a slow day on cam. So, live in front of thousands of viewers, I decided to take this beautiful, fully nude photoset underneath my rainbow lights. 40 photos.

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