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The petite, tattooed porn goddess of your dreams. Or your nightmares. Open to your fetishes. I love money, food, and cumming. -tip 75 tokens for lifetime premium snapchat (nudes and solo play! screencaps! no dick pics allowed) -send gift cards and dwolla cash tributes to godsgirlshera@gmail.com

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Amateur Porn Video : My First Sex Tape

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My First Sex Tape

It's all in the title. Starts with a blowjob, fingering, and then I get fucked in multiple positions. Mostly POV, lots of moaning, and I get covered in cum. Enjoy :)

Amateur Porn Video : I've been thinking of you

5 Loves

I've been thinking of you

Lots of dirty talk about what I want you to do to me and how badly I want your cock. I get naked and touch my entire body and finger myself while moaning and talking dirty to you.

Amateur Porn Video : Blowing you while you play GTA

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Blowing you while you play GTA

Just being an awesome girlfriend and blowing you in my glasses and without the heavy makeup. Who doesn't want to unwind like this? (Even if it might be tricky to finish your mission when I'm licking and slobbering all over your cock and recording myself selfie-style)

Amateur Porn Video : Red Silk Panty Stuffing

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Red Silk Panty Stuffing

I stuff my silky red thong into my tight, pink pussy and use my hitachi to cum with them inside me. I pull them out and show you my wet cum all over the panties! *CONTACT ME TO BUY THESE PANTIES OR OTHER USED PANTIES*

Amateur Porn Video : Quid Pro Quo

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Quid Pro Quo

I've had my eye on that promotion, and I like to go the extra mile. To show you my dedication, I send you a video in hopes to earn your consideration for the new position. I spank my round ass and pale thighs with a crop until you can see red marks. I let down my hair and fuck myself with a dildo. I expect to hear back from you about that promotion! ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Pussy and anal play by the window

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Pussy and anal play by the window

Soft natural light illuminates my curves as I tease my body with my njoy dildo. I warm up by fucking my pussy until I cum, then I try to squeeze the smaller end of my dildo into my tight little asshole. It's a tight fit, but I do love fucking my ass.

Amateur Porn Video : POV Slobbery Blow Job

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POV Slobbery Blow Job

This is raw, unedited footage of my boyfriend and I playing. I'm excited and giggly and slobbering. I love sucking dick. Like, a lot.

Amateur Porn Video : Schoolgirl Uniform Findom and Oral Fixation

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Schoolgirl Uniform Findom and Oral Fixation

This was a the first custom I filmed for a finsub with an oral fixation fetish. Licking a lollipop and telling you to give me money for a day of spending while wearing dark makeup and a schoolgirl outfit. Worship me. I deserve it. Gift cards can go to godsgirlshera@gmail.com (sephora and amazon preffered) Cash can be sent via Dwolla.com to godsgirlshera@gmail.com or as a tip here on amateurporn. -financial domination -schoolgirl outfit -oral fixation -spit -mouth & tongue fetish -domme

Amateur Porn Video : Super Wet Student (Hitachi and Njoy Dildo)

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Super Wet Student (Hitachi and Njoy Dildo)

Hera is in her uniform and some rebellious makeup. She got sent to her dorm for breaking dress code, and her room mates are still in class-- so of course she's going to play. She stifles her moans with her necktie so she doesn't get caught, but you can still hear her super wet pussy as she uses her hitachi and fucks herself with a dildo at the same time.

Amateur Porn Video : Semi-public car masturbation

2 Loves

Semi-public car masturbation

Sometimes you're just so horny that you have to pull over to the side of the road and satisfy yourself, you know? TThere's clit rubbing, dildo fucking, and orgasms followed by getting scared because cars kept driving by. Yeah, I left in the parts where I get a bit spooked because... thrilling.

Amateur Porn Video : Sucking on my Toes

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Sucking on my Toes

Licking and slobbering all over my cute little toes. :)

Amateur Porn Video : POV Walking in on girlfriend (BJ and fingering)

2 Loves

POV Walking in on girlfriend (BJ and fingering)

You get home from work to find me masturbating naked on the bed! I act shy at first but really, I was just waiting for you to get home so I could suck your dick while I touch myself.

Amateur Porn Video : Sucking a popsicle while I masturbate

2 Loves

Sucking a popsicle while I masturbate

Livin' the dream. Also shout out to AP for these super cute panties.

Amateur Porn Video : Getting Dirty In The Shower

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Getting Dirty In The Shower

Lathering up my tits is always exciting. One thing leads to another, and I think you know what happens ;)

Amateur Porn Video : Misa Amane fucks herself (Shinigami made me do it!)

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Misa Amane fucks herself (Shinigami made me do it!)

Misa is adorable and sexy--with a dash of scary--in her blonde pigtails and goth clothes; and shows you from two different camera angles how she makes herself cum with her red dildo. Her perky boobs bounce as she fucks herself under her leather skirt until she cums hard. So THAT's what she's doing when she's not being corrupted by the Death Note. (audio is a bit weird since two mics were involved)

Amateur Porn Video : POV: Quirky Girl Girlfriend Experience

12 Loves

POV: Quirky Girl Girlfriend Experience

I look cute and innocent with my glasses on and hair in a bun, but I love looking into your eyes while I lick and stroke your cock and balls. I'm actually just cock hungry and want your cum on my face and glasses.

Amateur Porn Video : Bouncy Ass Cock Riding

4 Loves

Bouncy Ass Cock Riding

No time for foreplay! I want to fuck. Now. I jiggle my ass around for you, lifting up my dress and rubbing your lubed up cock between my big round butt cheeks. This cock is huge, but I'm just so horny so I squeeze it into my tight pussy, bouncing on it deeper and deeper until we're both lubed up enough to ride hard until you cum all over my ass and I rub it all over my pussy. This is shot at a from-behind view for all you ass-lovers who want to see my big bubbly butt bouncing on your dick.

Amateur Porn Video : Hump Day Heaven

3 Loves

Hump Day Heaven

Happy Hump Day! It's my first time fucking my super tight pussy with this huge realistic dildo. I have to use a ton of lube and start really slow... But I start to love the feeling of it filling me up. -clit rubbing -thigh highs -glasses -dildo fucking -masturbation -big dildo -realistic dildo

Amateur Porn Video : My First Foot Job.

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My First Foot Job.

The day has finally come. It's my first time giving a foot job and I'm giving it my best for you. I stroke your cock and balls with my pretty toes and rub the soles of my feet along your shaft. I'm fully nude and you see my full, perky tits bounce and hear the slick lube all over my feet and your dick. I learned that foot jobs are tiring work, but I keep going until the cum squirts out and I play with it between my toes and keep rubbing it all over your dick. -foot job -realistic dildo -squirting dildo -cum lube -small feet -fully nude *sorry the preview is being weird I'm trying to fix it*

Amateur Porn Video : Getting my feet ready for you

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Getting my feet ready for you

I know you've been wanting to see my feet in action, and tonight I'll finally let you-- but first I need to get them nice and pretty for you. I'm wearing a robe with nothing under it and I wash my feet under running water with soap, shaving my legs and using a pumice stone to buff my little size five feet silky smooth. I dry them off and lotion them up (don't forget between the toes!) and remove my old nail polish. I paint my toenails and blow on them... are you ready? -foot fetish -feet washing -toenail painting -brief nudity -leg shaving

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